Saturday, August 21, 2010

Almost a month later, and I'm posting.. good for me!
The Gin Blossoms show was fun. They are going to need a lot of help though for any sort of comeback. My husband's band had as many people there for them, as the Gin Blossoms did.
It's been a busy month.. and I can't believe that my kids are going  back to school a week from Monday. Like every school year, I'm excited for them to get back, but along with that, comes the sincere truth, that I will miss having them home with me all day. I'll miss our lazy summer schedule..nothing to get up for besides my sister and her kids. But sleeping in til almost 8 in the morning has been a huge treat.
What else, what else?? Oh, my girls are FINALLY sleeping in their own room!! Seriously..they are 4, and I know that a huge reason they were still sleeping with me, was because of me. I couldn't help it though. It was just easier, and honestly, I miss them a bit. They were totally trained to sleep in my bed in the sense that they didn't move, not one bit. We each had our own space, and no one deviated from the invisible line in my modest queen sized bed. I miss them pinching my hands (which has left irreversible scar tissue on both my hands) and I miss waking up with them snuggling next to me.. but on the bright side, I have more time to myself, and at some point, I'm hoping my husband might join me in our bed.. Yes, that's right... he's still sleeping on the couch! Apparently, he has gotten so accustomed to the soft feel of our couch, that he can't tolerate the stiff feel of our mattress.. Nice.. but really, I'm enjoying being able to stretch out!!
In other news, I got tickets to another Mumford and Son's show.. they're going to the House of Blues in November, and I can't wait.. I'm still totally hooked, and have successfully hooked my sister and a couple of my best friends.. Most of them will be going to the show too.. It should be a lot of fun..
So, I guess I'm going to head to bed.. although, right now that's where I'm blogging.. Everyone else is asleep.. and I'm watching an HGTV repeat.. lame.. Later!!