Friday, February 12, 2010

Looking Smart..

I made an appoinment to get my eyes tested. I've never had an eye exam before, but earlier this week, I tried on a coworkers glasses, and couldn't believe how much better I could see. My twin sister wears glasses, but she is nearsighted. I think I'm farsighted. I have no problem seeing things far away, but up close is difficult. It's fitting too that I would be the opposite of her (we are mirror twins after all!)
I'm actually excited about getting some glasses.. I've secretly always wanted them..I guess I'm looking forward to looking smart! I'll be sure to post a pic if in fact I do need some specs! Happy Friday!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Another Exciting Saturday Night..

It's Saturday night. My husband has gone out with some friends, and I am home. With our kids, and my niece (my sister and her husband are off for the night to NY, and my  mom is at their home with her boys)
Currently, 5 kids are in my boys room, watching a movie, and playing their ninendo's. I'm watching HGTV.. Candace Olson's Divine Design.  I never would have thought that this would be what I considered a perfect night, but it is.. well almost perfect, I would love to have my husband's company, but it's early, and I don't suspect he'll be too late.
When on Earth, did I get so grown up?? So content with a quiet evening at home watching home improvement shows? I did get more than one thing accomplished tonight, including coloring my hair the fabulous shade "ginger ale" and having a long hot shower.. it's the small things..
Today I dragged my husband, and the five kids to Target. And when I say I dragged my husband, it's quite literal. He was content staying home (duh) but I insisted that he join me. The boys have had some money they wanted to spend, and have been begging me for weeks to bring them to Target to spend it. It actually came to the point, that when my husband reluctantly joined us in the car after everyone was in, I told him to go back inside.. I didn't want a grumpy gus ruining our fun. Of course he refused, and insisted that if he did in fact go back inside, he would pay for it the rest of the weekend. He really doesn't get it. I don't roll like that. But I guess he thinks I do.. whatever.
Anyway, this is the excitement that is my life. I can hear giggling from the other room (and I love it!) My niece is having the time of her life with her cousins. I love that they are growing up together.. I love that they are having so much fun doing something so small like just hanging out with each other.. For about an hour earlier, they were all crawling around on their hands and knees, pretending to be dogs. Sure, it was annoying (imagine a pack of dogs in your house, barking as loud as they could) but I did nothing to stop it. I quietly colored my hair, had a long hot shower (with the door open of course) and just reveled in their bliss..

Friday, February 05, 2010

Twins in the News.. yea right.

So, my twin story has been published.. well, sort of. Here I am thinking that the fact my identical twin sister and I, who have both given birth to identical twins ourselves, are in fact very special.
Well, I guess we are only special enough to get a letter from me to the editor asking about other id twins having their own id twins. Not even a mention of all the other cool facts that are involved here: Like how my sister and I are mirror twins (identical twins who are mirror images of each other, she's a lefty, had braces, wears glasses) Had boys.. That both our twins were born on the 22nd day of a month.. that her twins were due on Thanksgiving, while mine were conceived on the same holiday.. And that genetically, having identical twins is a fluke. It hasn't been linked to genetics.
But whatever. It's pretty cool anyway to see our twin pic in an actual magazine.. too bad I didn't know it has been in there since December, even though the editor of the magazine asked me if she could run the story, I should have wondered when she didn't respond to me if she would let me know when it was coming out.. whatev's.. Here's the link...