Friday, December 28, 2007

Let the insanity insue..

My sister is going back to work from her maternity leave in just over 2 weeks. Her 3 children are going to be coming to my house 3 days a week... Many people have been asking me how I am going to do this.. 2 sets of twins, under 2.. a 2 1/2 year old, and my 4 year old.. My response has been that I can pretty much do anything for 3 days a week.. and I think that people who know me, know that I can handle this.. or at least that's what I'm thinking.. I'll let you know if I've checked myself in anywhere! ;)

2 Years Ago Today..

I found out that I was pregnant with twins. I remember seeing the look on the doctor's face as she moved the ultrasound wand on my belly, a rather suspicious look.. and then when she said "Well, I see one.." And then the panic my husband was thrown into.. and the sheer excitement that I felt.. twins! Holy shit!

And here we are, 2 years later, countless nights with no sleep, hundreds and hundreds of diapers, what seems to be millions and millions of bottles of milk.. about a ton of spit up on and over my shoulder.. hours of crying, days of rocking and bouncing babies up and down.. I don't know how we survived.. but we have.
It won't be long when I'll be reminiscing about the girls being toddlers.. And all the great stories.. Like today when one of the girls pulled her sister down to the ground by her hair just to get the plastic spoon she was playing with. Or how this morning, I woke up with both of them in my bed and found one of them laying right on top of her sister. Just cuddling. They are sympathetic to each others pain as well. One was having a tantrum the other day for some unknown reason, and the other one went over and just put her arms around her and gave her a hug. Unfortunately this only incensed the twin having the tantrum, and she rejected her hug and basically body slammed her to the ground.. Yes, I have become a referee! I'm thankful to know that these times are so fleeting.. I can't imagine what my life is going to be like when these babies are no longer babies, and are instead 2 more kids in my family.. talking to me non stop!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lots of Wood..

We got a cord of wood delivered today. It's a lot of wood, and our wood stove is toasty and roaring! We're going to see how long this lasts us, then we might opt for the recycled cardboard logs, or possibly another option.
My husband spent almost 4 hours outside in the rain moving it from the driveway to the backyard. I felt terrible for him. Seeing him soaking wet with our wheel barrel going back and forth.. But then I looked around at our house, which looks like a toy store threw up in my living room, and my 2 baby girls who aren't finding any peace or joy this holiday season, and the 2 boys who are most certainly old enough to understand the concept of an indoor voice, but can't seem to apply it, and I thought.. lucky fucker!!
Oh well.. at least it's going to be warm and toasty and we can have that campfire feel all winter!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Now I can celebrate..

Christmas is over, my tree will be coming down shortly, and I won't have to wrap another present until next year! Yee ha!
The kids had a great holiday and my husband and I are trying to figure out where in our house we are going to fit all the stuff they got. Last year when people asked me what they wanted/needed, I told them clothes. Big mistake considering my then 3 year old was beside himself with every rectangular shaped box he got passed his way, which was many. This year, people just asked me what kind of toys he wanted, because there was no way they were going through that hell again. So, they both got a gazillion toys. Toys that their sisters just want to get into, explore and basically see if it'll fit into their mouths. The girls got toys too, but what do they want with a baby doll when their brothers have gameboys and cup stackers??
My husband and I just did stockings for each other this year. Although he cheated a bit and got me a digital picture frame, from the kids. In my stocking he stuffed it with socks, a candle, a book, a dunkin donuts gift card, mittens, shampoo, and a serrated knife (because we don't have one!) Hope everyone got what they wanted/needed.. or just didn't have!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Paper Cutter- It's genius!

You will never want to use scissors again while wrapping gifts. This dumb little thing is the handiest little gadget going. It's super easy to use, it just glides over the wrapping paper (like butter) it's safe, and you can let your kids play with it in between cuttings.. Although the last part isn't particularly recommended because then the kid will lose it, you'll spend 10 minutes trying to find it, resort back to scissors, only to find it 2 hours later tucked nicely under your fat ass.

Anyway, if you don't have one, get one!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Who Made Me?

My youngest son asked me this last night. I told him that his father and I did. Yes, but HOW?? Good lord.. Luckily, before I could defer this to my husband my oldest son chimes in "You used to be an egg, and then you hatched."
Ahh, thank you buddy! He totally bought it, and holy shit is my 7 year old going to have the surprise of his life when he finds out how that egg turned into a baby, and how mommy "hatched" it..

When your memory escapes you..

Here are just a few things that I've forgotten in the past few days:

-to get a gift that I had said that I would donate to a needy family (nice!)

-to call my son's dentist (the husband thinks that his loose front tooth isn't falling out quick enough..)

-to return the retakes for my youngest son's school pictures. The first ones were kind of cute, except that 1.) I had forgotten it was picture day and he was in this random t-shirt and shorts and 2.) the photographer had him posing on a rock, with his little leg bent, exposing the family jewels.. no one ever said that "Pedophile Portraits" were taking the pics..

-and finally, that Christmas is only 5 days away.. frick.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Wood Whore..

That's what I've become.. and not in the sense that would please my husband, but the wood burning whore. My older sister brought me some wood yesterday, and I've had a fire going ever since. We're about to run out though, and I feel like an addict needing to get a fix. I offered to run to the grocery store to buy a bundle of over priced campfire wood tonight to which my husband laughed and told me that I would get my wood, but probably not til the end of week, or sometime next week. It won't be in the budget til then..
I am loving the whole wood burning atmosphere having a stove going creates. I've lived her for over 5 years, and we've had a fire here and there, but for the majority of the time, I've honestly just wanted to get rid of it. Fear of chimney fires and children burning their extremities on it just made it seem foolish to even have one. However, some good friends let us borrow a gate, so the kids can't even get close to it. And I can totally rock it out when it comes to getting it going. I came home from work tonight and my husband was having a hard time getting it to burn.. I blew on it for like 20 seconds, repositioned it slightly, and there you go.. Wow, I really do sound like a whore! Haha!! Good night..

You've got to be kidding!

What is this child thinking? I mean, I know shit "happens" or whatever, but man.. It's sad, and pathetic.. and a total WTF situation.. I have no idea what I'm going to tell my kids when one of their favorite shows gets the boot. I wonder if this girl has any idea that her career, as well as her life are pretty much over..

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


What is it about this word that makes me throw up in my mouth just a little bit every time I hear it? My sister and I were trying to think of other words that have the same feeling when you hear them, but came up with nothing. I know they're out there, but nothing is worse than MOIST. ick..

Monday, December 17, 2007

Enviro Log..

Kind of sounds like something that might come out of ones ass, but it's not. It's 100% recycled wax cardboard, like cereal boxes, and other food type boxes. We got this over the weekend to burn in our wood stove, just in case we lost power.. and I gotta say, I loved it! It burned hot, and once you got past the initial waxy smell (that really didn't linger too long) then we were in heaven! I went back to get more today, but the store was out (effing home depot!) We've decided that with the cost of fuel these days to try and use our wood stove. I was afraid that it wouldn't heat the whole house, but it does.. and warmer than our furnace! It was nice to sit in our living room and not be bundled up in blankets!

Snowed In..

Yesterday was one of the suckiest days weather wise this year.. and it's not even technically Winter yet.. We made the best of being shut-ins all day with cookie making, homemade snow flakes (thanks for my husband for teaching my boys how to do don't suppose he was the one sweeping up all the scraps!) And this wonderful snowman that my youngest son so originally named "Frosty"

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What do ya think?

Tonight is my third night of being at home alone with all the chillen. My husband is at a gig tonight, last night it was soccer, and Monday night it was band practice. I'm going out with the girls Friday night.. I'm thinking I don't even have to come home at this point.. am I right folks or what??

Is it just me???

Or does anyone else want to throttle Rachel Ray? It could be the way she tries to be hip with her cute little acronyms, like e.v.o.o. (extra virgin olive oil) or the way she so wittingly says delish, or the way she exaggerates in the new dunkin donuts promos "I always have like a million pounds of this stuff" referring to, of course, their coffee.. well, No you don't! You suck, and I'm tired of seeing your stupid face on my t.v. My kids even know I can't stand her, although there is some confusion because we buy Ritz crackers with her picture on the box.. well, duh, if I could find a box without her picture that would be one thing. Anyway, I feel better, and I guess now I can go to bed!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Everyday News..

I like this girl. I don't know who she is, but she's funny.. Anyway, she's always got a nice comment for me, and I think her blog should be checked out! (Heidi, I hope you don't mind :)

Breakfast with my mother..

And my sister, and her twins, and my twins, and the non stop barrage of people commenting on how many kids we have.. And the echo of my mother's voice saying "They're all twins!" The last time my sister and I went to breakfast (at the same restaurant) nothing was said. I don't think anyone even noticed us. I don't know what changed this last time, maybe it was the fact that my sister's boys were out of their car seats. It must have been more obvious that there were more kids there than before.. But having my mom there to tell every person that glanced our way that my sister and I were twins, and that we each had a set of twins was a tad nerve wracking. Nothing like being shoved into the "spotlight" for lack of a better word, while trying to devour my eggs benedict and feed two toddlers at the same time. Some people just don't know what to say, after my mom's spiel, an older woman looked at me perplexed and said "So, are you two sisters?" It's just too much for some people to absorb. And of course we always run into someone we know at this restaurant, who just have to look us over for a good 30 seconds in disbelief. Yea, I know, we really are a freak show. And my poor younger son, and niece are sitting there wondering what the hell the big deal is? They're just a bunch of crying babies that have changed their lives forever. Why does anyone care??

Monday, December 10, 2007

My good nights of sleep come and go. One of the twins sleeps like a rock, for about 11 hours. The other one is up every other night, screaming at the top of her lungs until I go in and get her. The boys (especially the little one) have been doing great.. Until last night.. The first time I heard my youngest one crying for me, he wanted to change his underwear. Yes, that's right. He awoke me from a lovely slumber to tell me that he wanted to take off his tighty whitey's in favor of some boxers. Of course I just do it, because arguing with this one when he's not half asleep usually gets me no where, so I just got him changed, did the usual hugging, kissing, and going back and forth with "I love you" and "But I love you more" the entire way back to my own bed. Which I am only in for a moment, because the drama twin has heard all the commotion and has decided to dust off her vocal chords and try to wake up the entire street. So, she comes into our bed... all the while, my husband is fast asleep (or at least appearing that way..) Well, I'm not back into my dreams for 5 minutes when my youngest son starts crying again (he's 4 btw, a little old in my opinion for these pathetic outbursts.. but whatever..) So, I grab my pillow, as I know it's going to be much easier to just get into bed with him, and try to sleep there... which of course makes him smile ear to ear as he snuggles in.. Soooooo.. the longest night of my life continues when my oldest son (yes, the angel child) starts bawling in his bed on the top bunk.. WTF?? He thinks he's got a bloody nose, turns out it's just congestion and for some reason has begun to run. I get him a tissue, and tell him to blow. This only freaks him out, because blowing his nose is something he absolutely loathes doing. So, I tell him to lay back down, stop crying and go back to sleep.. 2 minutes later, little miss dq is awake down the hall in our bed, screeching because she has awoken, and not found her mommy right there.. Her daddy is right there, but of course he's still sleeping (bastard!) I run back to my own bed, which leaves my youngest son extremely upset, but I tell him I'll be right back, hoping that he'll just fall back to sleep and forget about me for a little while.

Well, he forgot about me for about 30 seconds and starts crying again.. this time, dear old Dad grabs his pillow and finally starts to help out. So, now I'm just getting ready for the best 3 hours left of the night, alone in my bed (with the exception on my little drama queen) when I hear the other twin start screaming.. OMG! Was it a full moon last night?? So, I let her cry for a minute or two, and she finally dozes back to sleep.. for a minute or two, and then she's at it again.. and when this baby cries, it's not so much a screeching like her sister, but a rolling of her r's.. She sounds just like Chewbacca when she cries.. Which makes listening to her amusing, but then it becomes just pitiful. So, she comes into bed with me too.. And there I am, at 3 in the morning, with 2 babies smooshed next to me, and a husband sleeping comfortably down the hall..

Sunday, December 09, 2007


Here are my sister's beautiful children.. I gotta say, we make some pretty cute kids! ;)

Friday, December 07, 2007

More Scary Shit at Preschool..

My poor poor youngest son. He just can't seem to get a break from everything dreadful. Today at school, an Elf, Mr. Bingles came to visit. His teacher had forewarned me, and had even talked to him about it last week. However, his little 4 year old brain had totally dismissed it, until this morning, while in the middle of my shower, he asks me if anyone is coming to his school today. I thought for sure he was testing me (yes, he's made me as paranoid as him) So I said, "yea, remember the Elf, Mr. Bingles?" And that was the end of my hot shower, my morning calm (yea, like there's ever any of that) And basically my patience.

He pretty much cried until I promised to get him a Happy Meal for dinner tonight. Then the rest of the morning was just a barrage of questions about what Mr. Bingles was going to look like, whether or not he had pointy ears, was he just in a costume, and so on and so on..

So, I get him to school, and he gets out of the car, and the teacher kind of gives me a look, like she knew exactly what was on his mind, and that was that. I leave, and for 3 hours, no one is asking me questions over and over, and the babies could care less about what the rest of their day would be like.

I went back to pick him up. I watched him from my car, and he looked really happy. He did look however, to be wearing someone else's clothes.. Hmmm... His teacher brought him over to the car, with a plastic bag in her hand. She's said he did great, he really enjoyed Mr. Bingles, and he even enjoyed the story that Mr. Bingles read. Then she says, as she's handing me the bag, "I think he might have been a little nervous.. he had an accident." Oh. I had no idea what kind of accident she was referring to (#1, or 2) so as we're driving home, I asked him about it. He said it was only pee, and he just forgot that he needed to go.. I don't know what to think sometimes.. about this little boy who so frequently tries my patience, and drives me insane. I would have thought that something like that, peeing in front of his peers, would send him over the edge. But apparently, it was no big deal, yea, he just forgot that he needed to pee. Good lord. At least he didn't lose his shit with Mr. Bingles, and perhaps we're one step closer to getting him over all that terrorizes him.. perhaps.

Christmas Lists..

My kids have written letter upon letter to Santa this year. My oldest son has them everywhere, some of them are long and lengthy, other's are just random questions, like "how are the reindeer doing?" or "are the elves working hard?". My youngest son is keeping it pretty simple, due to his inability to read or write and is just drawing pictures of what he wants. Mainly consisting of Christmas trees, snowmen and stars. Yes, this is what he wants.
Yesterday my oldest son told me that he wanted an ipod for Christmas. I told him that he could have one, if he could tell me what it was. Yea, he's not getting one.
I asked my mom the other day what she wanted for Christmas. Nothing. Of course. So, then I hypothetically asked her what she would want.. if I was to get her something, and she finally said underwear (I think we all know why she needs those) and duct tape (?) I have no idea where her need for that comes from, but it's been noted. And then last night, she called me and told me that if anyone wanted to really know what she wanted, it would be a bottle of Kahlua. I'm not sure I want to give my already depressed, out of work, on pain medication mom alcohol..but we'll see.. I got her a sweater already, maybe I'll just duct tape some undies and Kahlua to it..
Now I just have to finish up my dad (who the hell knows what he wants..) And then I might just be done.. I love Christmas..

The Elf on the Shelf..

My sister's mother in law, who is such a sweetheart, sent my kids an Elf on the Shelf.. It's this vintage looking little elf who sits at our house, and keeps tabs on them. Then each night, he reports to Santa on how they're behaving.. it's a helpful tool when they're running wild..

Each night, the elf returns, and sits in a different spot. The next morning, the boys wake up and look for him. Sounds like a nice little game right? Well, it would be except for the fact that since we got this thing last week, my youngest son has been the first one to find him, every morning. Which is really pissing off his older brother. Each morning all week, there have been some sort of melt downs and outburst because of who did or didn't see the stupid elf first. This morning, when they came screaming up the stairs waking up the babies, I told them that I was going to have to ask the elf to go back to the north pole.. if they couldn't find a way to have fun with it. We'll see how tomorrow morning goes, they might just wake up to find a note from that little elf saying he couldn't take the tantrums anymore and that he hopes they have fun with all that coal Santa's going to be bringing them!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Nothing much..

Things are getting back to normal at my house.. as normal as it can get anyway. My oldest son woke up early with a nose bleed. My youngest son woke up and said he was sick again (he does this when he knows he has pre school) And my girls woke up and had totally peed through their pajamas. Yet this is what I call normal.
We're nearing the holidays, and I'm mildly freaking out. A woman that saw a hand bag that I had made for my mother in law a few weeks ago has asked me to make her four of them for the holidays. I'm more than happy to do that, but she's currently in Phillie until next Friday, and wants to meet me before she commits to buying anything from me. I'm not sure what meeting me will do for her.. I sent her pictures of my work, and she saw the bag my mil had, so wtf? Just order some bags, and let's get on with our lives. I can't imagine having time to make 4 bags 10 days before Christmas, which I told her, but she said she might not want them until the spring. I suppose I should just be happy that anyone would want one of my bags.. but this is certainly not how I want to do it.. Then again, I guess I could tell her that.. I could say, sorry, I don't know you, and you're not about to come to my house with me and my children.. but that would require using something I don't have.. which is a backbone. Damn, I gotta get me one of those!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

At least my couch is clean (now)

I got home from work last night, sat down with my 4 year old who had crashed on the couch, only to be puked on moments later. What is it about being a mom that involves someone ALWAYS puking on you? And shouldn't I be seasoned enough in the mothering field that I know when it's coming? Ugh, one would think. But the silver lining to all that is that he was in bed really early (yeeha!) And it forced me to wash the sofa cushions, which were sooo disgusting.
His brother woke up this morning, wanting to stay home from school because he was convinced that he had "caught his brother's sick" And I was too cold, and maybe too tired to argue so he stayed home and neither of them got dressed today.. Luckily no one else has caught the "sick" and they are more than prepared for the viewing of Rudolph tonight at 8.
Oh, and I must mention the fact that I live with Mr. Obvious. My oldest son. As my 4 year old is upchucking dinner, and the water I had just made him drink (because his throat felt funny) My oldest son is screaming "He's puking, mom, he's throwing up everywhere!" Just what I want to hear as I'm literally trying to scoop up the vomit and keep the babies away at the same time.. Thanks for the update buddy, I wasn't sure what he was doing until you told me! oy..

Monday, December 03, 2007

Winter Wear..

It's not even officially winter yet, and today was our first snow storm, and snow day. And of course I brought the kids out and built snowmen, and snow forts, and then we laid down in the snow and made snow angels.. This was all followed by hot cocoa and warm brownie sundaes. Then we all snuggled up by the fire and read some poetry.. and then yes, pigs flew right through my house, followed by the monkies that came out of my ass! ;) It was more like pop tarts and cartoons.. and mom doing buttloads of laundry, and not one of my kids asking to go outside. Almost a perfect day!

The Hair on my Chinny Chin Chin..

I am no stranger to chin hair. I'll admit it. Ever since I had all those babies, and my girly hormones were compromised and partially replaced with some male ones. I always knew this was coming, we come from a long line of women with beards. It's so very attractive.. but whatever, I take care of it, and I never look like the cave woman that I am describing..
However, as much as I wish I could get rid of it forever (like with electrolysis or something) I'm not one of those people who could a.) afford it and b.) opt for it.. any "procedure" that really isn't necessary, really isn't for me. So, there are those days when yes, I have a bit of stubble (I hope my husband is reading this..jeez) Well, one of my babies has discovered this, and can't help but rub my chin like it was a genie in a bottle. I swear, anytime she's sitting on me she's got her hand up there searching around for something to rub. It is becoming her blankie of sorts. I saw her tonight sitting on my husbands lap, doing the same exact thing with his goatee! Nice. I bet she thought she had hit the mother load! Maybe electrolysis wouldn't be such a bad thing.. hmm...

What's the name of the bone in your wiener?

This was the question posed to me last night by my 7 year old during his bath. I tried explaining to him that there is no bone in your wiener, but since he's been learning about all the bones in the human body at school, he was quite convinced that there was in fact a name for the bone in his wiener.. (and can I just tell you how HARD it was for me not to name that bone- boner, just for a laugh.. but my better judgement luckily took over..) We finally agreed that the bone he must be thinking of was his pelvic bone, which is of course directly behind behind the wiener.. It was quite the amusing conversation, and I'm sure it wasn't lost on his brother who was soaking it all in.. now he too knows the name of the bone in (or near) his wiener!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


My poor semi-vegetarian husband decided to help his son finish up his very nutritious dinner of bagel bites.. I saw him grab one off his plate as I was heading out of the kitchen, thought nothing of it until about 2 seconds later when I hear him say "son of a bitch!" and then laughed quietly inside when I realized that the bagel bite was not the normal cheese variety that my son usually eats, but sausage and pepperoni. The only meat my husband will eat is chicken. He claims to be allergic to pork (something I've never quite believed, although I don't know why I don't believe it.. I guess my love of bacon makes me refuse to believe that any one's body could reject it..) But none the less, my poor pseudo vegetarian eating a tiny morsel of pork.. I hope his throat doesn't swell shut!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Twins and more twins..

My girls just love their new baby cousins.. the only challenge is making sure one of them doesn't get too close and give them a good "love whack" Here they are all cozy on the couch..

Tonight's T.V. Viewing..

My sister's sister-in-law is going to be on Law and Order SVU tonight.. She's an actress (duh) And is also one of Sarah Jessica Parker's nannies. I guess she's going to be one of the witnesses that gets interviewed.. I've been drinking tea all afternoon in an effort to be awake by 10, something I don't do very well and considering my day started at 5 a.m. it's going to be quite tough.
A Charlie Brown's Christmas is on tonight too, one of my kids holiday favorites, and my husband's too, so we're all going to be watching that, despite the boys 7:30 bedtime (I love bedtime at 7:30) But we have to forgo it for tonight since it doesn't start until 8. I wish they started Christmas shows earlier..but they don' we just suck it up! It always makes for a nice morning with me having to wake everyone up, and all the pissiness that we endure the following day.. can't wait..

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Here it is..

I've taken the Christmas card picture this year, and while no one wanted to sit still, or smile, I guess it came out ok.. Remember last years?? My, how they've grown!!

Ho Ho Ho

We put up our fake tree today.. it's going to be a long month keeping the girls away from it.. (Notice the lack of ornaments on the bottom of the tree?) Can I also say that I'm making huge progress in my control freak issues, and actually let the boys put up a huge amount of decorations this year! Not only that, but I let them put a bunch of homemade ones that they made today on the tree.. and it was as if they knew me so well that they put them all on the back of the tree! And I swear, I never said a word, I just smiled, and said "sure, put that paper gingerbread man on the tree..wherever you want!" Ahhh.. Anyway, Christmas in November at the xianfern household! yeeha!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Giving Thanks..

I guess I have a lot to be thankful for this year.. I'm thankful that it isn't last year, when the babies were in their neediest stage, and when they did most of their crying. I'm grateful for 4 healthy, happy and occasionally whiny and ungrateful children, my husband who has been rocking a lot this year, and actually getting even better looking because of it! hah! My extended family (mostly my twin sister) and my friends for being there for me, no matter what. I'm thankful that my best friends in the world are now all moms! Ctale, and Lnotes.. welcome! We've been waiting ;)
I can't forget to be grateful for the fact that I can now fit into many of my clothes that I couldn't this time last year (thank you south beach!) I'm grateful for internet shopping, as I'm completing my Christmas shopping without having stepped foot in one crazy hectic store yet this year! Thank you! And mostly, I'm grateful for any time that I get to see the back of my eyelids, or getting to wake up and wipe the drool off my face.. Sleep, the ever elusive, so badly wanted.. Thank you sleep! I love you!

Irish River Dancing..

My oldest son is a boy with many talents, some that only emerge on special occasions, like when company is over. My sis and her babies were over today, and we had the Wiggles playing (for her 2 1/2 year old- huge fan!) And he says "Why is my toe tapping to the music?" Like he couldn't understand why this catchy, infectious Wiggles song was making his body involuntarily move. And then he said "Is this a jig??" "yea.. I bet you could do the river dance to it" So, he gets up out of his chair, and his legs go flipping and flailing, and his body goes up and down. In a very serious manner, trying to get it just right. It was a most amazing effort, and friggin hysterical. I couldn't help comment under my breath to my sister how "yag backwards" it looked. (what is yag spelled backwards??) Anyway, I love that he just got up and did it. It was the cutest thing! And yes, it did look a little yag backwards! But we loved every second of it!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's Almost Over..

My weekend as a single mom is winding down and I'm happy to report that I only got puked on once, and diarrhea has only plagued 3 of us today (including me, sorry if this is too much info, but seriously, I don't care!) My husband didn't get back from his recording session til 10 last night, and was off again this morning at 8.. I don't expect him any sooner tonight. Every one's in bed though, and I thought that I would get to enjoy some Sunday night t.v. except that the god damn music awards are on, so it's either cartoons on fox, football or blogging.. Clearly you can see the choice I made!
The kids ate burger king tonight.. something we wouldn't have done with their dad home, but since he owes me BIG time I said fuck it, and got them their kids meals.. I'm sure this will be just great for the diarrhea!
I spoke with my mother today.. she's got company coming to stay with her for a few days.. my toothless brother. And when she says a few days, we all know it'll be a few months, or until he robs her blind and she has to call the cops to escort him away.. It never ends well with him. It's been 5 years since I saw him last, and I'm hoping that it's another 5 before I see him again. My oldest son didn't even know that I had a brother until he asked me if I knew anyone who had been to jail.
Anyway, I'm glad this is a short week for my husband, he'll be out early on Wednesday and I fully plan on taking advantage of the guilt he feels for leaving me with all of our children for an entire 48 hours.. for the most part.. He did get some time with our 4 year old last night when he woke up crying saying he was scared of something on his floor.. He ended up sleeping with him, and I ended up with both the babies in our bed.. Which I love! I never knew that I could sleep so uncomfortably across our bed! I'm just learning something new everyday!
Well, I'm off to see if HGTV has anything interesting on.. Good night! And thank god this weekend is over!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

How did I get here?

I might be totally naive, but I found my blog here.. I can't figure out why or how it is linked here.. any thoughts?? kreblog? Just cause you're the computer geek ;)

One Advantage to Having a Dirty Pile of Clothes Next to Your Bed..

When your 15 month old falls out of it in the middle of the night, lands on the pile, and doesn't even wake up! Kudos to my hubby for his filthy ways! :)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Table For Eight..

My sister, her daughter, her twins, myself, my youngest son, and my twins went to breakfast this morning.. I gotta say, when she called and invited me, it didn't sound all that appealing.. but it actually went really well. We got the biggest table there (surprise) Her boys were wonderful and slept through the entire meal.. my girls were great, and the two older ones were well behaved as well. This will make the first time that all us twins have gone out in public.. And much to my surprise, no one made any comments, or said "wow, you have your hands full" I was surprised.
After breakfast, I got to volunteer at my son's preschool. This was an exhausting experience. I don't know how his teachers do it. 3 of them with 17 four year olds! They really run an organized classroom though, and the kids have so much fun. My son was the most quiet I have ever seen him. I was shocked at what a different kid he is in this environment. And most pleased as well. He reminded me a lot of his big brother in the way he just sits back and takes it all in. He gets into some of it, but he's definitely cautious. He was really happy for me to be there, and share this with him. If anything it gave me a new understanding of him, and just what a great kid he is. I don't get to see that side of him too often.. when he's at home pile driving his brother, whining incessantly. It was nice.. ahhh.. And today is Friday, which I usually love.. the thought of maybe getting a nap (I really do live to take naps.. it's kind of scary) But not this weekend. My husband is going to be away recording a demo with his band.. so I'm a single mother of 4 this weekend.. Just what I always aspired to be.. I'm so proud! There is a silver lining though.. my girls are coming to hang out with me tomorrow, and see my sister's babies.. ctale, and blogless.. So, that's going to be a lot of fun.. Then on Sunday, the kids and I will hang out, and hopefully they'll all entertain each other and leave me be, maybe let me take a nap, or even watch a show on t.v. or maybe do some sewing.. hah! Right! That'll happen right after the monkeys fly out of my ass! Ok, gotta go.. Happy Friday!

"If you do that one more time, then I'm putting on the Spanish channel!"

This is just a taste of what parenting with my husband is like..

Thursday, November 15, 2007

This is a long one.. with a lot of whining..sorry

This entire month has been chock full of sick at my house. From my sick babies, with crusty pink eyes, to my sick 4 year old who can't seem to sleep a consecutive 10 minutes at night without calling me to his bed, right down to me.. who is only finding relief in NyQuil right before bed (I'm slowly getting addicted to that shit.. I should just save the money and do a shot of some liquor I already have in the house, but then I'd be drinking instead of self medicating- wait, isn't that the same thing.. ugh, whatever..)
So, the other night, my husband was at band practice, or a soccer game (honestly I can't keep up with his busy social calendar these days) Anyway, he was OUT. The boys have been put to bed and the girls are in the middle of their nightly routine, which includes finding room on my lap in their p.j.'s and sucking down a nice cold bottle of milk. Yum- Mee!!! We're just hanging out, I'm catching up on the celeb's with one of those stupid entertainment shows, when one of the twins starts coughing so hard that she barfs all over herself, me and the couch. Lovely. So, we all go into the bathroom where I do a quick change for both of us, clean up the couch and sit in another spot to let her very upset sister finish up her bottle so that I can put them to bed. Well, it's only about 10 seconds later when the "identical" twin starts hacking like her sister did only 5 minutes earlier.. and yes, of course, she pukes all over herself, me and the chair. Again, lovely. I'm running out of clothes for myself at this point, but then again, it's NOT ABOUT ME!
So, we change, again, I clean up the chair, and decide that letting them finish their bottles would just be my blondest moment ever, so instead they just hang, I make sure no one is going to do anymore vomiting (which they don't- well, the girls don't anyway) And they are off to bed..
Now it's 2 hours later, my NyQuil has taken effect.. and my brain has retired for the night.. until my 4 year old wakes up coughing, and crying for me. I run into his room, settle him down, and head back to bed. I swear, 2 minutes later, he's doing it again. It's really killing my NyQuil buzz people! After about the 5th time of running in, and realizing that he doesn't care if Santa doesn't bring him anything, I hear my husband return. I quickly tell him that it's his turn, and if I have to go in there again, I might just have to hurt him... I imagine this is when my husband looks at me lovingly and wonders how he got so lucky, but I don't care. I'm tired, sick, and I just want to get some sleep..
At about the 4th time of getting my husband to come in instead of me, I can hear the kid just wailing.. so I go in to see if my presence will shut him the hell up, and just as I enter the room, he barfs.. luckily not on me. But it's still barf, and there is of course still cleaning to be done..
The night ends up with my 4 year old in my bed, joined by one of his sisters later, and my husband comfy on the couch.. Now multiply this by the past 3 or 4 nights, and this is the pain I've been suffering.. Last night, I had both babies, and the boy in my bed.. It's no wonder I'm turning into a NyQuil addict!

How about a Drive thru for mom's with too many kids??

Seriously folks, with all the drive thru's we have, wouldn't it be nice if there was one available to the people who really needed it? Like me for instance.. 4 kids, 2 of whom are babies, and while they're walking at home, taking them to a grocery store and just plopping them out onto the pavement isn't an option yet. I'm just wishing that some really smart, innovative person would come with a drive thru grocery store.. just for small orders, like milk, or diapers.. Maybe you could order on line, or call it in. Then that way you wouldn't be forced to lug 2 babies into the store while trying to manage the other 2 (or even 1 if the older child is lucky enough to be of school age). And no, I didn't think of this before I accidentally got knocked up with the 3rd and 4th child. But c'mon.. I'm tired of running to the store, and then running in, and when I say running, pulease, a snail could do it quicker than me.. I'm just sayin'..
Man, do I need a nap!

Monday, November 12, 2007

My Weekend Reunion.. and this sucky cold!

I went to see my husbands band play this past weekend at a benefit show for a child with cystic fibrosis. They were really good, and I must say, the more I see them, the more I just love them. There were about 10 bands playing, and due to the "newness" of his band, they played 2nd (at about 5:30) Which makes for an early night (a benefit of having to get up in the morning with all your kids..)

My night at the bar was spent first listening to his band, and second by seeing someone that I knew from high school at every corner of the place. It was creepy, and fun at the same time. I saw a girl that I used to play soccer with, a cousin that I hadn't seen in years..who btw has 5 kids! Couldn't believe that, I thought I had the most in my family, but oh I was so wrong (yea! It felt good to see that someone else in my family might be viewed irresponsible, at least more so than me) Anyway, I also saw a former boyfriend of ctales, who claimed not to remember her at first (yea right..) I saw a guy I used to babysit for, dancing with a nurse who works at the same hospital I work at.. A brother of a guy that I graduated with, the lunch lady from my old high school (yes, it's getting worse) A husband of a girl that I also graduated with, and work with at the same hospital, who is in the middle of a divorce (surprise surprise) A former cheerleader from my high school.. Seriously, it was unreal..surreal, and just pretty fucked up. I felt like I had stepped back in time.. It's funny that I NEVER see these people around, and I only live 10 minutes up the road, in a different town, but a town that half of these people are from. Very weird.

So, I woke up the next morning with a hangover from hell, and the beginnings of "the cold" The stupid cold that has plagued my house now for about 2 weeks. I thought I was escaping it.. I thought that I was going to be one of the lucky ones. My husband is the only one who has not gotten it, and we are all praying he doesn't. There is nothing like a man with a cold! I could be dying, literally, and it wouldn't compare to the sore throat he's got, or the headache.. I believe it goes back to the old belief that women can handle pain, and men can't.. Like when my husband passed out getting a tattoo, just one more thing (like childbirth) that women can handle better than a man..

Friday, November 09, 2007

Kyle Chandler..Is He Yummy or What??

Is it me, or is this guy just about the cutest, yummiest thing on Friday nights? God I love this guy!

There's one or two douches on EBAY!!

Recently, I bought a couple of webkinz for my kids for Christmas.. on Ebay. I've always had good luck with Ebay, good honest people.. But this time.. hmm.. not so good.. I bought two highly sought after webkinz, for a bit more than I would have, and for a week now have patiently waited for them to come.. Well, the only thing that has come was in form of an email from ebay, saying the seller has logged an "unpaid dispute". Really??
I should have looked closer at this douche bags rating, as apparently he's not been the most honest of sellers, and from feedback that he has received, I guess some of his customers have said they never got what they paid for, or it took an eternity for them to get it.
So, right now, I risk getting negative feedback (which in the world of ebay is like the Scarlet letter) and of course not getting what I paid for the minute the auction ended (Oh, and btw, I totally have a receipt, and he's already collected his money..I'm not that naive!) Argh.. I can't tell you how this burns me.. Live and learn people.. Live and Learn! Fucker!

Spending money we don't have..

I love doing this! Especially when it ends up being spent on something that we really didn't need, that's just a kick in the face.. We took my son to the eye doctor today to make sure he wasn't going blind.. and of course he's not.. and of course we find out that 9 out of 10 screenings done in school are inaccurate, so the fact that his eyesight was supposedly deteriorating at an alarming rate, wasn't necessarily the case. AND, of course our insurance (like most insurances) only pays for one eye exam a year, even if you're married to a neurotic paranoid man like my husband.. yea, there's no co pay for that!
Basically, it cost us 95 big ones to find out that his eyes are fine, and there has been little change.. Which IS great, but damnh that's one expensive way to get my husband to relax..
Anyway, my husband and his band are playing out tonight, but I'll be home with my sick kids (btw, they are now ALL sick!) But my plan is to get some cleaning done while I enjoy a few drinks and maybe watch a movie, who am I kidding? There will most likely be no cleaning.. And then tomorrow we're going to have a bon fire to burn a tree that my husband cut down 2 years ago.. and I'm making a Halloween cake for my youngest son.. better late than never! ;) Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Four eyes?? How bout 6??

My oldest son, who has been wearing glasses since February had his vision screened again today at school. It was coincidental that I happened to be sitting outside of the nurses office today with the babies waiting for son # 2 to finish his speech therapy (don't we sound like one big labeled family full of issues??) Anyway, she saw me and told me that his vision had gone from 20/50 to 20/100. In only 9 months? Needless to say, I'm a bit concerned, although honestly, she didn't appear to be, so that made me feel a bit better. She was surprised that his vision with his glasses was still within the norm considering how much it's deteriorated. Of course this has sent my neurotic husband calling everyone he knows, including our pediatrician (who suggested we make another appointment with our opthamologist) and go on line trying to find out the worst case scenario (like if the kid is going blind.. or not) I on the other hand, am not worried (yet) what's the point? And in most cases, I don't get to worry because all the worrying is scooped up by my husband, and I am left to reassure him that it's going to be fine, and be the rock, and the glue that holds us all together.. a tiring, and surprisingly thankless position.

Anyway, he's fine.. he's going to be fine, he's just going to have to wear his glasses ALL the time. And someday, when he's older, and if he qualifies, we'll do the lasik thing, and that'll be that.

I can not wait to get to bed tonight.. My husband has started playing indoor soccer again- something I swore he'd be able to do again when the babies weren't quite so much work.. Alas here we are.. the babies are practically raising themselves at this point, much like the boys, so play on my love! Have fun.. I'll just be crying myself to sleep while you run around on fake grass and sweat stinky sweat.. oy vey!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Nothing like the love of a big brother..

How sweet is this??

Such a Drag..

My four year old gets the biggest kick out of wearing his sister's clothing.. I don't think it's a sign or anything, and if it is, so what.. but doesn't pink really bring out his beautiful hazel eyes?? ;)

Daylight Savings.. something else that can kiss my ass!!


Seriously, wtf?? I guess people without kids don't seem to notice, or care, but with the sun setting and rising at different times, it really fucks with naps and just bedtimes in general. And yes, the "extra" hour of sleep is nice, if in fact any of my kids wanted to "sleep in" But they're 7, 4, and 15 months x2, so NO, no one is taking advantage of the extra hour in the morning..

Anyway, time and sleep were the least of my concerns tonight.. My youngest twin burnt her little hand tonight.. on my convection toaster oven.. and why would she be anywhere near my convection oven?? Well, because her and her sister just LOVE to sit on my counter and hang out with me while I cook.. and while I always move my knife caddy, the dish soap and paper towels, the little stove tucked away in the corner of my counter is just not that movable.. And seriously, she only touched it for a split second, but that was all it took for a quarter sized burn to pop up, and cause her to cry for about an hour.. These are the times when I really want to pat myself on the back and high five my husband on my good parenting instincts. That maternal voice saying "Something bad is going to happen one of these days letting the babies up on the counter.." But I really thought it would have been one of the girls pushing off the other.. I'm not sure which is worse..

In other raising kids news.. My oldest son finally lost his 3rd tooth.. after it being loose for almost the entire summer (really, I'm not kidding) my husband talked him into letting us use dental floss and yanking it with the door.. however, at the last second, my husband just yanked the string without aid from the door, and it popped right out. Of course being a cashless household, and the tooth fairy not accepting debit, I had to run to the store and get a 5 spot (yes, for 1 tooth!) we are really setting the bar too high! But at least he didn't swallow the tooth like he did with the first.. do we remember what happened there??

Anyway, it must be midnight.. or at least that's what it feels like with this stupid ass time change.. so I'm off to bed.. Here's a pic of the babies having their last hoorah on the counter..

Friday, November 02, 2007


I can't even begin to express how happy I am that today is Friday.. even though this week has literally flown by, I'm still happy that the weekend is upon us, and my dear husband will be home so that maybe at some point this weekend I can get a nap! It's all about the sleep people!
My youngest son is sick, or at least he was last night.. Burdened with a terrible cough, one of those coughs that sound like it just hurts to breath. I spent the first part of the night in his bed, facing the wall so that he wasn't coughing right in my face.. Then we spent the rest of the night on the couch, with his little frame propped up on pillows.. that seemed to help a bit. Miraculously, the babies slept 12 hours straight (well, minus 15 minutes that one of them spent crying..but then stopped and passed out after realizing that no one was coming for her..poor baby!) This would have been a great night sleep for me, but alas, with 4 kids there is no such thing right now.. someday when they are all older..and not ridden with colds, or scared to death by a bad dream, or an unfamiliar sound, then Man! I am going to get some really good sleep!! At least that's my plan.. You gotta have a plan with 4 kids..something to look forward to! Even if it's something you might not get for years, it's still something!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Baby B is home!

Both of my sisters babies are home. We are so thankful and grateful that they are doing well. She is elated to have her twins with her, and is doing wonderfully (as I knew she would!) She also seems to have a pair of really calm and content babies, which is going to make her life sooo much easier. My girls required LOTS and LOTS of holding, and did LOTS and LOTS of crying.. It would seem as though her boys are the polar opposites! Thank god for that! I'm waiting to see them again, so I can get some pics of them together..they are of course total cuties! ;) duh!

Monday, October 29, 2007


Halloween is upon us again, and the boys are having mixed feelings.. Well, at least my 4 year old is. He is refusing to come trick or treating with us because he's afraid he might see something, or someone that will scare him.. And despite telling him that he's not going to get much candy waiting at his Grammies, he still won't budge.. But I suppose it's for the best.. after all, he wasn't a lot of fun last year cowering in the wagon his dad pulled, and at least this way, I might get some sleep in the upcoming week if he's not totally freaked out by all the kids he might see dressed up scary. He's a wreck because his brother is dressing up like a vampire.. Although my oldest son has decided to tone it down a bit because blogless and her girls are coming with us, and he doesn't want to scare them... so sweet, but to be honest, he's getting a little nervous about being a vampire after all the freaking out his little brother has done, he would hate to be scared of himself!
The girls are going as a bumble bee and a lady bug.. If I can get them in their costumes.. My husband usually dresses up as Darth Maul, but I think it'll be too scary for the babies.. and he did get a long black wig to go as a mullet wearing dork, but they are scared of that too! Gee, maybe they should stay at their Gram's too!!
My husband and his band had another show this past weekend. It was an outside one, at a barn.. a really stinky barn, in the rain. But it was actually fun. It was a Halloween party (which I loath btw) Seriously, I hate dressing up in costumes.. but I stole a costume idea that blogless had used about 10 years ago and went as my husbands worst nightmare.. It was merely me with a pillow stuffed under my sweater.. Yes, a pregnant me. It would have been my worst nightmare too.. in fact, it was a nightmare for a few people who saw me drinking with a very real, quite large prego belly! haha.. "you're not really pregnant are you??" idiots!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Baby Update...

It's been a crazy week. My sister went home yesterday, with only one of her boys. The younger one was transported the day before to a neonatal intensive care unit in another town. He's doing ok, but he was having a hard time breathing on his own, due to his prematurity (they were a month early, just like my girls) It was a very scary time for everyone, especially my sister. It's hard enough recovering from a c-section, but to add a sick baby to it is devastating. She's been up to see him both days that she's been home, and today he was doing really well. The dr's were finally able to take him off of the oxygen, and he was doing great breathing on his own. He also started to nurse, which is a great sign. It can be a tricky thing to breath, and suck at the same time, so he's showing determination, and getting healthier and stronger with his mom's milk. The doctors have been totally optimistic about him being ok, but that's hard to hear when he's got tubes coming out everywhere, and when you can't take him home with you. They aren't sure when he'll be able to come home, it could be a couple of days, or a couple of weeks. My sister is just going to be busy making the 45 minute trek to see him everyday, and bring him pumped milk, and just try to bond with him. Her other baby is doing great, nursing like a pro, and thankfully keeping her busy enough to take her mind off her other baby, if only for a minute.
So, it's all going to be fine. He's going to be home at some point, and all the worrying that they have done this past week is going to be replaced with the chaos involved of having 2 babies at once. I can't wait for that! Neither can she!

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Boys are HERE!!!!

My sister had her babies today, they are beautiful! I was lucky enough to stand outside the O.R. and videotape the c-section.. it was amazing! Here are a couple pics of my new nephews.. oh, and the stats.. twin A weighed in at 5 lbs. 1 oz. and twin B was 6 lbs. 3 oz. Everyone is doing well!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Twin's Twin Update..

My sister is 35 weeks pregnant with her twins! I can't believe she's almost done growing those babies! I must say, I've been so impressed with how well she's handled the whole pregnancy, with much more patience, and grace than I ever did, that's for sure!
I delivered my girls at 36 weeks, she knows that she could too, and I think she hopes she does! I really can't wait to meet my nephews.. I know they are going to be adorable.. I keep feeling all nervous for her.. and I know I shouldn't even write about this, but man, her world is going to turn upside down for a while. If someone had told me how it was going to be at the beginning, I surely wouldn't have believed it. And she probably won't either. You don't really understand it, until you're in the middle of it. You only hope that the days of their infancy, go by as quickly as the days of their gestation. And they will. My girls are almost 15 months! It's absolutely flown by! And while every day is usually filled with lots to do, and several meltdowns, you are so happy that they are at least out of that infancy stage.. in my opinion, that is the hardest part. But my sister is a unique individual, filled with such patience, and a maternal knack that makes the rest of us look unfit! Seriously, she's going to do great.. Man, I can't wait!!!!!!

Life in the Fast Lane (or Lame Lane, I'm not quite sure which!)

It feels as though I have no time, and not much to blog about lately. But if I stop for a second, and try to think, I guess I have one or two items worth mentioning..
My youngest son's speech therapist has upped his therapy from once to twice a week, no big deal except that the only day I didn't have to drive him anywhere, I'm now driving him to the school, for 30 minutes of speech..which essentially means I can't do anything, not in that amount of time.. no trip to the store, not even a decent walk (if the weather permits). So, instead I sat in the office with the girls, and chat with random people walking through. It's fun.
My oldest son came home sick on Monday with a belly ache. Awhh.. poor little guy. I had just dropped off his brother at school, brought the babies back inside, when I got the call. So, back to school I went, gathered him up, went back home for about a half hour, then headed over the the little ones school to be there for the fireman that was coming for a visit. This fireman visit had caused quite a bit of grief over the weekend. He DID NOT want to see him, or his truck, or his stupid dog! end quote.
I talked to the school principal that morning, and she told me it was closer to the end of the day and that I could always come in for it. Great, seriously, that is SO what I did not want to do. But he's my son, and I love his little whining ass, so I brought the babies, the kid with the belly ache, and we sat through the fireman's movie and presentation.. My youngest didn't even notice we were there until the end, but I know it made his day. He sat clinging the fireman's teddy bear, on the lap of one of his teachers. It was cute.
So, that was Monday.. yesterday was the speech thing, and today was pretty mild.. except that I was supposed to meet Lnotes at the library for baby lap sit, and I knew the girls were just not going to go for that (another long night, with yet more teeth) And had to call her cell phone about 5 minutes before the thing started and bail (sorry lnotes, one of these days I'll make it!!!)
Tonight I made a fabulous, healthy dinner, and then watched all four of my kids cry when I put it in front of them. I love that! Soon I found myself telling them that people are starving in other countries, even in our country, and that there are mom's who don't even make their kids dinner! So shut the 'f up and EAT!!!!!
I love dinner time.. The boys hate eating at the kitchen table. They want to eat in the living room, so they can watch t.v. I allow that on Friday and Saturday nights, but during the week, we're at the table. It's like I am trying to torture them! If you came into my house during dinner, you would think that I was slowly pulling each hair out of their head, or poking them in the eyes.. I can't wait til they're older, and maybe they'll thank me for at least trying.. trying to be a family, trying to get some quality time together, trying to talk.. Someday.. maybe.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Another Open House..

My husband and I went to my son's preschool open house last night. I gotta say, I love that school. I love that we get to send him there for free (thanks to his IEP) I love that no one there knows that (I think..) and why would I care if they did? I don't.
We got to see a bunch of art work that the kids have done, mingle with some of the parents who I had never met (oh, and if you know me, you know I did NO mingling whatsoever, it was more like a rush for the door afterwards..) Anyway, all the kids made self portraits, and we were supposed to guess which self portrait was our child's. I couldn't wait to get to the wall and check it out. The teachers had written at the bottom of the page a sentence or two on how the kids described themselves. We had quite a hard time finding our kid. Turns out he was the one whose favorite color is orange, and he likes to ride his purple bike in the backyard. Cute. I knew the orange part.. but a purple bike?? I haven't seen the purple bike yet.. I suppose it's tucked away at his imaginary friends house!
So all in all it was good.. it lasted an hour, and when you have been to more than one open house, the hour usually drags by pretty good.. The teachers were very enthusiastic, they did an impromptu rendition of "Little Ms. Moffet" using a parent from the audience. I only found that mildly bizarre. But at the end of their presentation they read us a story, and actual LONG story. A story that I would love to read to my kids at bedtime.. I'm not sure that it wasn't lost on the grown ups.. but whatever..
Oh, and I got to meet Johnny Appleseed, who apologized profusely for scaring my son.. She happens to be the director (or principal) of the school! I didn't know that! Pretty funny.. I told her he was getting over it, and that I've only lost a few hours of sleep!
Well, I'm off to finish up my work, and get home to 2 really crabby babies! One would think that with all the sleep they aren't getting during the night lately due to teeth and yeast, that they would just be passing out in their tracks.. but it is so not the case..they have gotten pretty good at walking (at least one of them has) and man, do they follow me everywhere! And when I'm heading out to work for my 2 hours a night, they are frantically running after me, screaming all the way! It's a great send off!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Poor Baby..

I suspected a couple of days ago that one of the twins may have thrush (a lovely yeast infection in your mouth.. yum) I could see some white patches along the inside of her lips, but she was actually in a great mood, and I know that can make a baby really crabby (my youngest son had it at 6 weeks and he cried for days!)

Anyway, she woke up this morning, with her tiny lips baring resemblance to Angelina Jolie.. we knew something was up.. I made the call to the pediatrician (who I love by the way) and he called in a prescription! Thank you for not making me drag all my kids to the doctors office, and expose them to god knows what..

So, I've got the meds, it's called nystatin.. and I have to swab it on the inside of her mouth 3 times a day.. you can tell by this picture, that she just loves it!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Kiss my Ass Johnny Appleseed!

My poor 4 year old.. traumatized by a "visitor" to his school on Monday. They had a special Harvest Day.. which included going in early, packing a lunch (pretty big deal, except the kid won't eat bread, so all he got was some juice, a gogurt, and goldfish..whatever..) The day breezed by with all sorts of fun stuff, ie pumpkin bowling, painting pumpkins, stuffing scarecrows.. and a visit from Johnny Appleseed.. which was more than my son could take. She (yes, a female Johnny..) was dressed in overalls, with a pot on her head and dirt from her head to her bare feet. It sounds pretty harmless, but when I picked him up, one of his teachers told me he was "visibly shaken" by their visitor. Great.. If this kid is visibly shaken from anything, that means he's going to be calling me into his bedroom 25 times for the next 3 nights because he just can't get that image out of his head. Both my boys are like that.. it's been a real treat let me tell you!

So, as I suspected he slept like shit the past couple of nights, and today, when I mentioned school, he freaked out! He cried and cried and was refusing to go.. ugh.. Now this is where I ended up feeling bad, I probably should have made him go, explained to him that Johnny Appleseeds was long gone, but instead, I start thinking about not having to pack up the girls (who btw had a horrible night sleep as well, due to the 3 molars they are each getting-at ONCE!!) And thinking of not interrupting their nap time to bring him in.. you see where I'm going with this?? It would be a perfect time to get them to nap, and get a wee bit of sleep on the sofa at the same time (and who'll watch the 4 year old? that's what the t.v. is for! Duh!) So, that's what we opted on.. He's promised me that he'll go back on Friday.. however, he doesn't know that his big brother is off that day, and won't it suck not to get to stay home and play with him! Oh, but he'll go! That's for sure!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Off to K-Fed..

I don't know why I care.. but something about seeing Britney Spears spin out of control and lose these little boys just makes my heart ache ever so slightly. Maybe this is what it's going to take.. Dumb ass! I mean really.. ugh!!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

My Little Boy..

Today I got to my youngest son's school early and got to watch him on the playground from my car. It was such a nice moment. To get to see him playing with other kids, getting along so well (I thought that by this point I would have had some sort of phone call from his teacher saying that he had assaulted someone, or something) But clearly, he's doing really well there. He loves it, and he's always so excited about going. He brings his little knapsack with him (from the movie Cars...) which is about as big as a fanny pack (you couldn't even get a lunchbox in it!) But he wears it so proudly! It's always empty.. but if his big brother is bringing a knapsack, then by god, so will he! Oh, and it's actually called a "back pack!" jeez, my kids don't know what the hell a "knapsack" is!

Anyway, it was a brief moment where from afar I could really enjoy this wonderful little boy.. He certainly can be a handful at times, but as he gets older, a sweet, sensitive boy is slowly emerging.. Of course that pissed off little punk ass is still there, but his edges are smoothing out a bit!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Off the Market.. Officially..

Here's some guy taking down the for sale sign in front of our house.. So, it's official.. even though our realtor never took the "pending" status off of any of the websites, we are now done! It's kind of a crappy picture, but it was the best I could do from my kitchen window..

Outdoor plumbing...

We got a new toilet (about 2 months ago..) and my husband has yet to get any further than our back deck with the old one.. We're having a party next Saturday.. I'm guessing he might want to use it as extra seating! Nice..

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Own Life Party!!

I went to Portland today with my sister, her daughter, my mom, my nephew, and my girls to see her 3D ultrasound. It was truly amazing! The boys are adorable of course, and to get to see what they look like was even more amazing! They look just like their big sister! I can't wait to meet them! It won't be long now, my sister is 30 weeks, and scheduled for a c-section on Nov. 15th.. But she could go earlier than that.. if she's anything like her twin, then I think we'll meet them in late October..
On a sadder note, my husband and I attended a wake of a childhood figure in his life. A father of someone he grew up, someone who lived down the street from his parents. I didn't know him all that well, the only time I ever really saw him was on Halloween. Every year, we take our kids to their grandparents neighborhood, and do the rounds. This guy was always dressed up, always getting really into it. His wife always invited us in, and gave the kids each some candy, a dollar and a pencil. They always look forward to going there. He was only 65.
Going to the wake, I realized, yet again, that I NEVER want to be waked. I seriously find it gruesome. I don't understand the point of it. Everyone standing around commenting on how "good he looks" Folks, he's dead! No one ever looks good dead! My husband was quite adamant about not wanting any of that either, but he went as far to say that he doesn't even want a memorial. Nothing. Of course if he dies before me, you can bet your arse that I'm going to have one hell of party in his honor. That's just going to be part of my grieving process. And that's just what I want as well. A huge party.. all my friends and family getting together talking about what a great person I was (what else would they say at a time like that??) Of course the one thing that bums me out is that I won't be there to witness it.. A student at my husbands school has a father that is dying. Recently that had what they called a "life party". Celebrating with him, while he was still here. I like that idea.. However, how many of us know when our time has come? Ok, this is bumming me out.. time to enjoy the peace and quiet that rarely comes with having 4 kids..

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Intermittent Exotropia

This is what my girls have been diagnosed with by the pediatric opthamologist that I took them to see this morning. This is a good diagnosis, as it means they will not have to have any surgery, or wear any glasses. Basically, as they get older the problem will hopefully fix itself through easy eye exercises..

It's funny that both of the twins are afflicted with this, and both on opposite eyes.. They may be mirror twins like my sister and I! This is what they look like after a nap, or first thing in the morning.. However, this cute kid is not mine..

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Bucket Olympics..

Here's a great way to kill a half hour before bed time.. The "Bucket Olympics".. The kids had a blast and were all exhausted by the end of it..

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Hoax I Pulled Off..

So, my last entry was a total lie (except for the part about John Edwards) I wasn't getting my nails done, the whole thing was a smoke screen to try and surprise my sister for her baby shower. It totally worked! We got to our destination, and even as we saw 2 of our good friends just getting there, she still didn't know what was going on! It was great! Finally, I got her! This will be the 3rd shower I've had for her, and the first time that she was surprised! That felt better than anything..

She got a ton of wonderful gifts from our very generous friends and family. A co worker of ours hosted it, which was so nice and I'll be forever grateful for her hospitality.. I missed the house party with John Edwards, but it was worth it to be there with my sister, and enjoy an afternoon with all my friends..

She only has about 9 weeks to go, if she goes that long. I can't wait to meet my nephews! And to share the whole twin thing with them too!

Friday, September 07, 2007

The Pedicure, and Presidential Hopeful..

I must say, I'm getting used to my youngest son being away at preschool.. sure, I miss him (am I fooling anyone??) hah! Of course when I pick him up, I go on and on about how much I missed him, and how proud I am of him- which of course I am.. but it takes a bit longer than 3 hours every other day for me to miss anything!
So, I feel like I'm living in the lap of luxury right now.. except for the 13 month old twins playing by my feet, but seriously, without the 4 year old, it's like cake walk, and anyone who knows that boy will agree!
I feel as though I need more pampering though.. so tomorrow my sister and a couple of co workers and I are going for a pedicure. Yes, I'm going to let someone touch my feet! Despite the wave of nausea that flows over me at the mere thought, I'm going to face my fear, and hopefully not vomit on the nice woman doing my nails.. good lord! I'm going to need a few drinks for this one! But anyway, tomorrow after getting my nails done, I'm going to a house party to meet John Edwards. Yea! I've been a fan of his for some time, and I'm really looking forward to getting to shake that mans hand! And his wife too! I will surely blog about that later.. right now I have a couple of babies requesting some attention..

Thursday, September 06, 2007

So the high tea was lamer than lame, the idea of me "networking" to find someone to carpool with was a ridiculous thought, even more ridiculous because all these women stay at home and are in love with driving their Lincoln navigators. Oh well.. My dessert was a huge hit, NOT. It wasn't even sliced into, but not because it didn't look scrumptious, but because no one there ate anything! Including me because I am much more of a follower than a leader and wasn't about to start scarfing down their hor devours when everyone was sitting around drinking their water. Ugh.. But at least I went, I did my mom duty for my little guy, and then got the hell out of there, leaving behind my dessert for the hostess's husband to share with his fantasy football groupies who were coming later that day..
My son did great at his first day of preschool, I picked him up, rushed back to my house to get my second grader off the bus, and listened to my youngest son complain about all the injustices he encountered on the play ground.. so many for such a short period of time! This is definitely going to get interesting!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

High Tea..

Today is the big tea party for the parents in my son's class.. Can't wait.. I'd be doing better if I was a little drunk, ;) but since I'm not I'm hoping that the dessert I made will help break the ice a bit.. Here it is.. too bad that I can't eat any of it (yea, the diet.. ugh) It's a chocolate mousse cake.. made w/lady fingers (which by the way were incredibly difficult to find, but 3 stores later, I lucked out!)

Me and my girls..

I just had my youngest son snap this picture of me and the girls.. Since my loving husband isn't into taking pictures.. anyway, here's proof that despite the absence of me in any pictures, I actually did exist! Oh and can you tell by the mildly annoyed look on my face that I'm just about to tell my son (again) that he has to HOLD DOWN THE BUTTON FOR MORE THAN 1 SECOND!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

NH Forts..

I've never been a huge fan of forts, I mean, I could care less about how our forefathers protected our coast, I know.. very unpatriotic, again- I don't care.. but when you have four kids, a limited budget, and nothing else to do.. they're actually pretty fun.. We went to two on Saturday...

Here are my boys in one of the towers..

And here's where I spent my time.. on the ground with the babies. But it was still fun, lots of sun, fresh air and some ever important memories for my boys!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


My oldest son started 2nd grade today, successfully.. Here he is all ready to go!
He came home exhausted, and a bit crabby.. but he was in bed nice and early, and looking forward to another day at school..

My youngest son and I went to meet his preschool teachers today.. Here he is, all set with back pack. I had no idea what he put in the back pack until we got to school, and he showed his teachers. He had about 10 Happy Meal toys.. I wasn't quite so mortified when I realized that 2 of the 3 teachers had kids with the same toys.. I was just glad that I wasn't the only parent in the room who lets their kids eat that shit!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Last Day of Summer Vacation..

This is what I told my oldest son this morning when he woke up. I can't believe another school year is about to start. 2nd grade too, when he did he get so big??
I'm so blessed though, to have such a thoughtful and caring son. He is so excited about going back to school. This is an emotion that I'm not even close to understanding. The only memories I have of summer ending and the first day back at school, was dread. Total and udder dread. I'm so glad that he hasn't inherited that neurosis from me.. Instead he's all about the positive, and the fun. Such a sweet boy..
My youngest son, I am quite pleased to report, starts pre school next week! Grace be to the Gods (or whatever that phrase is..) I am seriously looking forward to starting the schooling chapter on that boy! It's going to be so good for him. I am, however, a bit nervous about how his teachers and classmates are going to understand what he's saying. He's barely intelligible (so says his IEP) so I called the school yesterday, per the advice of every ones advocate- blogless (love you dear!!) to ask them how they were going to handle communicating with him, since his translator (a.k.a. my oldest son) has plans of his own this fall and won't be accompanying his little brother to pre school. They invited me in to meet with his teacher and go over what they do. Which apparently is a lot of journaling to try and get a better understanding of his phonetic sounds.
Anyway, I've got to pack lunch for my big boy, and get to bed.. Oh, and did I mention.. we have a second showing on our house tomorrow.. ugh. Yea, I thought we were taking it off the market too.. whatever.. I'm sure I'll have plenty to post on that later!

Note To Self..

Next time I let the babies crawl around naked, make sure to tell my 4 year old, that it's NOT ok to for him to touch them, like they touch themselves.. How would he know? He sees them with a smile and thinks he should try to make them smile too.. jeez louise! Not to worry, we did have a nice long talk about private parts, and how it's never ok to touch someone else's.. He got it.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Boys vs. Girls..

Having raised two baby boys from infancy to ages 4 and 7, there have been only a few major differences in baby boys and baby girls.. The obvious being the whole gender, penis and vagina thing.. Which totally relates to the second HUGE difference.. Discovering ones "fun parts"
Now, my boys never did the whole "wow, look what I found" thing, and basically kept it in their pants. My girls however.. well, they have found their fun parts, and man do they enjoy exploring that region! Any time I change a diaper, their hands are down there in a flash. They have even gotten pretty good at taking off their diaper when they're bored, just to cop a feel. It's pretty funny, and of course totally normal.
Sometimes I don't even know they're doing it. Like the other day for example, when the girls and I were laying on the floor, having their bottles, and my husband happened by said "NICE!" I looked, and one of the twins, was laying down, knees bent with her diaper off, holding her bottle with one hand, and exploring herself with the other.. Nice indeed!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Good Parenting..

I bought Yahtzee a month or so ago for the girls camping trip with ctale and blogless.. Since then, I have become quite good at playing by myself.. Occasionally, my husband will play with me, but only in exchange for a back rub.. I've been teaching my 7 year old to play as well, and he's getting pretty good. But every so often, I just feel like playing by myself.. lame, but whatever, sometimes a simple distraction from all the chaos involved with have 4 kids is much needed..

So, here is where I discovered one of the babies during my game of Yahtzee.. In the hutch (directly behind where I was sitting I might add..) where we keep the games. I think if the other one could have squeezed in, she would have!

Friday, August 24, 2007

A Good Friday :)

It was a mommy/baby/whining 4 year old day at my house this afternoon. Lnotes and BBK of Kreblog came over, and Ctale, and her precious Miss S were there as well. It was so nice to see my girly friends.. ones I've had since high school.. We had lunch, and wine, and some more wine (or at least I had some more wine) and coffee.. it was so nice.. I swear, we have the cutest kids EVER! And that's not just me.. they really are adorable! So, I'm here at work, feeling a tad hungover.. wishing that everyday could be mommy/baby minus the whining 4 year old day!

Little Ponies wearing sneakers..

I stole this from another blog.. it's pretty funny.. check it out

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Girls..

They are getting so big! One of them had what appeared to be their first nightmare last night.. That was fun.. I'm looking forward to the day when they can find comfort in each other.. I remember many a nights when I was a kid, crawling into my sisters bed to sleep after a bad dream.. I look forward to seeing that special twin bond blossom.. There is something very unique about a twin relationship.. They did after all begin their tiny lives as one..


I made my 7 year old toast this morning.. this is the faith that boy has in my cooking abilities..

"You don't have to burn that do you??"

Nice.. come on, I can do toast!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The babies are getting so smart! They know where their noses are.. If you ask one of them where her nose is.. she sticks her finger right up it! Sometimes she pushes it up so far that her eyes start to water.. She's going to be my over achiever! :)

Gammator and the Digital Natives..

My husband has his own (solo) music thing going.. He put this up on my space.. I love it! The first song he used to play to my belly when I was pregnant for the first time.. when I had time to just sit around and listen to him compose music.. Anyway, have a listen.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tea Party..

I got an invitation to a tea party today. Yes, a tea party.. It came from a parent at my youngest sons new preschool, someone I've never met. It's a get to know one another thing.. In a swanky neighborhood down the street from me. I'm not sure I'm going to go.. First, I don't drink tea (sure I know there will probably be other things besides tea, duh) second, homes that I could fit my cute little condex in four times are intimidating.. and people with the money it takes to own one of those homes intimidate me as well. This may stem back to my late teens, early twenties where I spent my summers cleaning for rich people, in their big houses..I always despised their good fortune.. I know, envy sucks..
Anyway, I'm guessing I'll muster up the courage and go.. for my boy. I'm also hoping to find someone who would like to car pool with me. We'll see.. Lots of new things are heading our way.. should be interesting (to say the least!)

Monday, August 20, 2007

The yard sale wasn't a total bust.. however, we did manage to unload more shit when we put it on the curb for free (surprise surprise) We made enough money to take the family out to breakfast Sunday morning.. so about 40 bucks.. totally worth all the time and effort! Hah!
The night of the yard sale was spent with me juggling the 4 kids, while my darling husband slept soundly.. oh, and btw, he never did go the ER Friday night, and miraculously woke up Saturday morning feeling tip top. For some reason all 4 of my kids slept like shit Sat. night. My four year old was the worst. His first wake up was so that he could change his perfectly clean, perfectly dry underwear.. I have no idea why, but I did it without asking questions.. it's definitely not worth arguing with that one in the middle of the night.. Anyway, it proceeded from there, with constant "MOM" or babies screaming.. I haven't had a night like that in ages!
Anyway, we spent yesterday at a memorial service for a great uncle I don't remember.. It was held at the same place my husband and I were married.. I tried being all nostalgic with the boys, telling them how this is where it all started.. yada yada.. they didn't care.. they were more interested in sliding on their knees on the very shiny dance floor. Yes, this place was not a church, but a ballroom.. very romantic! Anyway, I was happy to see other kids there, my dad insisted there would be some there.. as I was a bit nervous about bringing 4 kids to a memorial service.. but it was definitely more of a party atmosphere than a funeral.. which I guess is what my great uncle would have wanted. Not that I personally know that, because I didn't even know what the man looked like! I think my dad wanted to show off his twin daughters, his twin grandbabies, and the twin boys on the way.. There was a moment during the service when we were ALL introduced.. and the whole "twin" thing, got a collective gasp.. I love when we turn up the freak factor! jeez..
All in all, it was a decent weekend.. I'm happy that the yard sale is over, and happier still that the kids slept much better last night!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Yard Sale..

We are having a yard sale tomorrow.. I hate yard sales..I hate going to them, and I hate having them even more.. so, why are we having a yard sale? Well, when we thought we had sold our house, and were moving, we decided we would gather up some of our shit, try to sell it, and maybe make some money that we could put toward the movers, then whatever we didn't sell, we would just toss in the dumpster we were planning on getting..
So here we are, the day of what was to be our closing, and we have a bunch of "stuff" that we've put into boxes, that now either need to be sold, or tossed.. So, since we're poor, and since the boys have been quite excited about the prospect of making a little money of their own, we are set to go.. btw, the boys have gathered up bits and pieces of toys, and games that are missing most of the parts, or that they got free in Happy Meals.. nice.
Here is what I hate most about having a yard sale: Strangers rummaging through your shit, saying that it's in fact shit. I know, why do you think I tossed it out on my lawn for you idiots?? If it wasn't shit, it would be in my house! Or, people trying to offer you 10 cents instead of a quarter for that random plate. C'mon.. But then, there's all the work you have to do getting ready for it.. which I have done none of, like pricing stuff, and bringing it out of the basement. Ugh. If I wasn't on this stupid diet (that I haven't mentioned) then I would be buying the biggest bottle of wine I could find, and try to get it all done as I chug a lug. But since I'm trying to be good, and shed a few pounds that I so unwillingly gained, then I guess I'll try to do it while sipping on my 15th bottle of water.. ugh.. this is going to be such a fun weekend! Oh, and my husband is quite sure he's dying (or at least afflicted with some sort of nasty infection that is causing him to blow green and orange snot- nice!) So, he'll be off to the ER when I am home from work.. so I'll be doing all this yard sale stuff alone, oh, and getting 4 kids to bed.. ugh. Screw the diet.. I'm really gonna need a drink!