Friday, December 29, 2006


I spent most of my day cleaning out the boys bedroom, trying to make more room for all the loot they got on Christmas. I successfully loaded 2 large bags of trash (old toys) and now have enough room for the new stuff.. when I say successfully, I mean without their knowledge. What good is a toy that they don't remember they have? Or that is broken right? They would have probably had a heart attack if they had seen all the shit getting tossed. They won't even miss it though.. It feels so good to get rid of it.. My husband was busy downstairs purging things of ours, mostly mail, and other junk we don't need. He had a fire going in the chiminea outside with all the old mail. It made him smell like he'd been at a campfire, and that smelled really good to me!


Last night, I went out to Cafe Mirabelle with a good friend of mine. She used to waitress there, and this gave us the star treatment! First we got the best table in the house (aka the romantic table..) Then we got mussels, my favorite appetizer of all time.. and they weren't even on the menu.. (I did get a mussel with some shell in it.. yuck, but I ever so discreetly spit it out into my napkin, haven't had to spit out food in a while, but anyway..) For dinner I got the roasted pork tenderloin, and it was delicious! My friend got the salmon, also very yummy! Dessert was wonderful as well, and the best part.... the restaurant picked up the tab! Nothing like a fancy, expensive dinner for free!! We only had to leave a tip (which unfortunately means I owe my friend some $ since I was planning on paying with credit and had no cash on me, typical)
It was a good night, not only because the meal was free, but because I got to hang out with my very dear friend, who I don't get to see enough!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Thank God that's over!

I love the holidays, but man, are they a lot of work.. and adding 2 new babies to the festivities is simply exhausting! But they have come and gone, and my house has not yet broken at the seams from all the new stuff the kids got.
Christmas eve was spent at my house.. There were about 15 of us.. My brother in law cooked- and as always, there was way too much food, but it was absolutely delicious.. I've been enjoying all the leftovers since then! The kids got to open their presents after dinner, and then the adults did a Yankee swap. I ended up getting a new DVD player from the swap (my mom always brings something that she got at her work Xmas party, last year it was a vacuum- which I won briefly, but my father traded for some dumb wind chime..) Anyway, the opening of the gifts was literally a heart breaking experience for my 3 year old. My family had asked me what the boys needed.. well, they needed clothes.. so that's what they got. My son was freaking out every time he got a rectangular box.. crying! He ended up with one toy, and about 10 outfits.. Obviously I hadn't thought about how opening pants, and shirts would make him mental. Especially after all the hype about the "Christmas party" Poor thing.. and poor everyone else who had to listen to his whining!
The girls were less than thrilled too, only their issue was with all the people suddenly in their home. They screamed for a good 15 minutes or so, and soon everyone realized that looking at them was not an option. Anyway, a couple of my sister's friends came over later, and stayed til about midnight, it was a lot of fun.. The girl my sister invited spilled an entire glass of red wine on my carpet. She felt horrible.. I was psyched.. I just kept thinking one stain closer to wood floors!! And btw, we went looking at some today, so it looks like I'll have my wood floors soon!! I'm going to have to thank her for her clumsy spill! :)
Christmas day was spent at my in-laws, where I dreaded how the girls were going to react to yet another huge group of people that they don't know. Surprisingly, they did really well. I'm guessing it was because all those strangers weren't in their home, on their turf. My 3 year old finally understood the type of box clothes came in, and just brushed them aside. My oldest son was great, and very thankful for everything he got, even the clothes!
My husband is off all week (yea!!) This morning he cleaned up the basement, and my nephew moved back in.. He's off to Vermont for the week to see his girlfriend.. it's going to be very strange having him back.. but the rent money will come in handy!
So, we have officially called an end to the Christmas season.. we took down the decorations yesterday (I know, bah hum bug huh?) But we seriously needed the room with my nephew coming back, and with all the new toys to put away. I'm now looking forward to New Years Eve, we actually have plans (first time in years!) My husband has been playing in a band for a month or so, and the drummers having a party at his house. Should be interesting, I haven't met the guys that he plays with (aww, the guys he plays with, it's like he's 5!) But I'm looking forward to a night out.. :)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

My kids hate vegetables, like any other kid on the planet. Tonight at dinner, I made them hot dogs and brocolli. Nice combo huh? But I knew they would eat the hot dog, and Santa would make them eat the brocolli.. It worked, and all through dinner between the whines from my youngest son, and the threats to call Santa, my husband kept hollering "chopping brocolli" from an SNL skit.. He's a mental case..
I miss sewing. I miss being creative, and having an outlet that I love. It's been especially hard since it's one of the only things that really relaxes me.
I found out recently, that the girls like sewing about as much as I do! In fact, this bag here was something I made the other day.. while they sat on my lap (for part of it) and napped for the other parts. I was thrilled that I could do it, and that I finally have that outlet again. I won't be doing too many projects, but this was for my son's teacher.. a nice thank you for being such a great teacher.. however, I found out they only wanted gifts for the classroom, and this cute little bag probably wouldn't fit into that criteria.. so.. now I have a new bag! Ahh, Merry Christmas to me!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Charlotte's Web..

I'm reading the boys their first chapter book.. Charlotte's Web.. They love it (well, the oldest one does), and can't wait to see the new movie that's in the theaters.. We read one chapter a night, there are something like 22 chapters, and we're on 7.. it'll be out on video before we finish it..but that's ok. I try to hide my excitement when we come to a rare chapter that's only 3 pages long.. it's not easy reading with an infant (or 2) in your lap!

Block Rockin Beats..

I don't know what it is about techno.. but my daughters love it.. It must be the repetitive beats or the way I bounce them around to it, but since they were born they have really taken to it. Their favorite is The Chemical Brother's album, Exit Planet Dust.. If they are having a fit of screaming (which they do at least once daily) It all stops the minute they hear the first song on that cd. It literally shuts them right up.. and usually puts them right to sleep.. but only if it's really loud.. The last time I left my mom with them, I had the cd ready to go.. and of course it worked.. funny little girls!
Here are my sweet baby girls.. looking all festive for their first Christmas.. I'm not sure I'll be taking them out with those "Little House on the Prairie" hats.. but I thought it was at least photo worthy!! I have to say, they are pretty damn cute.. I never thought I would like to dress girls girly, but after 6 years of dressing boys, it's nice to add some color.. and a flower or heart here and there!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"Hello, xianfern?"
"This is the school nurse, and your son has just thrown up"
"Oh, does he have a fever?"
"I haven't taken his temp"
"You need to come get him"
"OH, I'll be right there.."

Poor kid.. on his way to the nurses office yesterday because he had a headache, he blew chunks all over the floor in front of his old kindergarten class.. He didn't have a fever, and in fact he was totally fine in about an hour after he got home. Luckily no one else at my house has gotten it, if there was anything to get. He was back in school today, only because there was this really fun thing that he absolutely couldn't miss, and because he was "totally fine" Ok, I just kept my fingers crossed that I didn't get another phone call.. it ain't easy packing up 2 infants and a toddler and rushing across town to get a kid who's puking!

Friday, December 15, 2006

I'm not that weird..

I was tagged by McPolack to list 6 weird things about me.. I'm afraid they won't be nearly as weird as what she's listed (pretty funny!!) But here's what I came up with:

1.) I have 4 kids. That is weird in 2006 (maybe it's more crazy, I don't know..)

2.) When I was 10, I used to get dressed up to watch the Dukes of Hazard. I mean, I dolled it up! Did my hair, put on my best duds.. and would pretend that Daisy Duke was not the prettiest girl in the room!!

3.) I have a thing for my children's snot.. I don't know why, I understand some of you out there might think this is totally gross, but I can't help it. My oldest son has these huge nostrils, and until recently, I used to love to take a tissue and just go on up there.. If anyone in my family sees snot in the babies noses, they know they had better come get mommy, and that that's my thing.. god, what's wrong with me??

4.) When I was 5, I made everyone call me Eric. I desperately wanted to be a boy.. I remember asking someone at a birthday party how I would go about getting one of those pea-knuckle things.. I think I really just wanted to pee standing up.

5.) I once quit a job I was working at on a Friday by just walking out. I returned on Monday and pretended like nothing happened. My sister and I were 19 and both employed at the same place (chamber maids at a hotel). I guess we thought about it over the weekend and decided that it wasn't necessarily the wisest thing to do. That may not be weird either, maybe just stupid.. there's a fine line though huh??

6.) When my sister and I were in the 6th grade, we joined a new school. We had recently learned how to do the alphabet in sign language. As a way to deal with our nerves, we signed constantly, with our hands by our sides. We looked like a couple of morons. The girls thought we were weird, but the boys thought we might make a good date! With all the hand action going on..

That's the best I got.. Not all that weird.. but in the spirit of being tagged, I guess I'll pass it along to Ctale, (when she's got a minute away from her new baby girl!!), christhadasister (who is way weirder than me!) and Lnotes.. haven't heard from her in a while! :)

Scratch Test..

I took my son to the allergy specialist today. They did a pft (pulmonary function test) and a scratch test.. Among other physical things (like listening to his lungs, looking in his eyes, mouth, etc) I had been dreading the scratch test the most, and hadn't at all prepared my son for this. He's the type of kid that doesn't need time to worry about things. It's better if you just spring it on him. I was like that as a child too. He panicked for a minute, but then I was able to distract him with stories from my childhood while they scratched away. He did a great job, and I was so proud of him.

The cough he's had for the last 5 months is not allergy related. This doctor thinks that he has a chronic sinus infection that the last round of anti biotics didn't clear it up. So he's trying another anti biotic, a stronger one, along with some nasal spray. We have to go back in 3 weeks and see how he's doing.. it looks like getting my wood floors might have to wait.. since that nasty carpet isn't making him sick.. Oh well.. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that whatever is going on is going to clear up after this round of medication.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Night Out..

Even though I still feel like crappioca, I'm still keeping the plans that my husband and I made 2 weeks ago. We've been invited to a Christmas party by a coworker of my husbands. She's a first grade teacher at his school, and a part time real estate agent. She's helped us out a lot in the past when we were flipping back and forth about selling our place. I was happy to find out that we were invited..I believe only the "cool kids" got an invite.. Finally! I'm popular!
My mom conveniently has the day off, so she'll be over to watch the kids.. I emailed the hostess and asked her what I could bring.. her response, "just one of the babies!" Ok, was she kidding?? I never replied, but I certainly hope that she doesn't seriously think that I'm going to be bringing a baby with me.. I did mention in the email that I was really looking forward to getting out, as a couple.. Not as a trio! Hope she understands when I show up tomorrow night with a crock pot of meatballs, and no baby!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Everyone except for my husband is sick.. The boys, the babies, and me.. what fun! I haven't had to call out of work (cause staying at home is way harder than coming to work) and my oldest only missed one day from school this week, he didn't want to get any of his classmates sick (how thoughtful, and, gee, I never would have thought of that when I was a kid..)
Anyway, I think we're on the mend, and I hope that being sick now means we won't be sick on Christmas! Speaking of Christmas.. I was hoping that I would be able to skip it this year (with the recent births and all).. but alas the kids are still counting on Santa to come down our very narrow chimney, through our wood stove, and into our living room.. I've finished all the shopping I can do on line, and now I have a few things to get at stores.. ick, I have really gotten into the on line shopping the past few years, I don't know why anyone would even consider going into a mall in 2006, what with the internet and all the wonderful options out there..but now all the packages are in my basement, waiting to be wrapped.. which my mom is coming over to do tomorrow.. It's unbelievable what little I can get done with twin babies! Well, not that unbelievable I guess, but it still shocks me on the occasion.
I spoke with my nephew the other day.. Looks like he's coming back home. One of his two roommates moved out over the weekend. He decided to take a semester off and bailed. The other guy wants to move into another there's my nephew kind of left in the lurch. After talking to my husband, we decided he could move back into our basement (as long as he paid rent- there has to be something in it for us!) So it looks like that's the plan. I could tell he was relieved, seeing as how he didn't have the money for next semesters rent (you have to pay it in advance, and it's really expensive). We'll see how I'm feeling about this in a few months when the smell of his dirty room is lingering it's way upstairs! But for right now I'm happy that he's coming home, and I hope that he's going to stick to the plans he's making (going to trade school to be an electrician..) He does have a habit of telling me what I want to hear, but he's got a girlfriend now, a really nice one, and I think he wants to do well for her.. If not for himself right?

Friday, December 08, 2006

Tonight is the annual viewing of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer at my house.. The boys are very excited about this.. They bring down their pillows, and blankets and we make a cozy bed on the floor. We own the DVD, and watched it last week, but it's just not the same as seeing it on t.v.
The commercials are when the boys can run around the room and get some of their excitement out, or get another snack (popcorn and hot chocolate are required..) That wraps up my night..
Tomorrow I'm going to visit Ctale in the hospital where she gave birth to her perfect baby girl last night.. I can't wait to meet her! When I talked to her today, and asked her how she was feeling, she said like a mack truck had driven through her ass.. I remember that feeling!!

My mom stopped by today.. she's lost 8 pounds on her diarrhea diet.. This would be why she hasn't called the doctor about it. That and the fact she doesn't want any bad news before Christmas.. so she'll just delay any treatment that might be critical until then. I wish she cared more about herself than that..

My son came home from school today and wanted to play out in the newly fallen snow, which ended up being just a dusting. They had a 2 hour delay this morning, and didn't get to go out for recess because it was too cold. After begging me for about 2 minutes (that was all I could take) I let them go out.. bundled them up good, and sent them out the back door. They made snow angels in the grassy snow.. and came back in when the neighbor's dog was let out.. about 5 minutes later. They're going to be sad when it's in the 50's over the weekend and that lame amount of snow is gone.. If they only knew how much they were going to get sick of the white stuff later!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

During dinner tonight, my husband thought my 6 year old had bruises under his eye. Upon further inspection, I realized that they weren't bruises, but dirt that had been smudged from crying.. When I asked him if he had cried at school today, he said in a very matter of fact way "Yea, Nick told me I couldn't talk, and I told him that he wasn't the boss of me, and that made me cry" Aww, it broke my heart.. My husband asked who this Nick kid was (of course I already knew who Nick was) and my son replied "My friend."
I love how kids at this age manage their relationships. It's all so simple. You cry when you're upset, someone says sorry (which Nick did) And then it's done. I wish life could be so easy all the time!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Here come my hardwood floors..

Well, maybe.. My oldest son is going to an allergist next week because the medication he was previously on for asthma isn't working.. I brought him back to the doctor's today and they did a chest xray, which came back negative, thank goodness. Now they think that he might just have allergies. In which case I'm going to insist to my husband that we get rid of the nasty carpet in our living room, and put down hardwood. In my opinion, not only is carpet rather ugly to look at, especially when you have 4 kids dropping food on it, spitting up on it, or just running around on it, but it's also just a breeding ground for all sorts nasty shit, from the above mentioned trauma it recieves.
Anyway, I'm hoping the specialist is going to be able to find out what is causing my son to have this cough for the past 5 months, and just maybe, get me some new floors!

Monday, December 04, 2006

When I was pregnant with the twins, my boys each claimed one of the girls as their own. My older son shows affection for both of them, and loves them pretty much equally. My 3 year old, however, will only pay attention to his "own" baby, and really snubs the other one. He even gets upset if my older son tries talking to "his" baby.

Well, since the babies look so much alike, he rarely knows who my husband or I are holding. Last night, my husband was holding one of the twins, and my youngest was kissing her, and holding her hand.. and then asked who she was.. when he found out that it was his brother's baby, he put his hands on his hips, scrunched up his little face and said "Damn it!" It was pretty funny.. I've been trying to explain that the babies are actually MINE, and that they are in fact his sisters, both of them! But he doesn't want to hear that.. he's only interested in "his" baby.. But like most things with him, I'm sure it'll pass, and he'll eventually accept the other twin too.. We'll just chalk it up to a phase.. another phase..

Better her than me...

This is what I overheard some crotchedy old cashier saying to a customer at my local grocery store.. One of the babies decided to start screaming at the checkout.. I know a crying baby isn't the most beautiful sound in the world, but c'mon, couldn't she have said it a bit lower?? I mean, cut me some slack!!

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoe..

My oldest son was teaching his brother how to play rock, paper scissors. He concluded the lesson by telling him that there was no "shoe" but you had to say it anyway.. Shoe, shoot.. same difference, right??

Friday, December 01, 2006

I keep having this recurring dream, and lately it's given me such a sense of peace that I look forward to sleeping.. like I don't anyway with two infants.. but you see what I'm saying. Anyway, it always takes place at my grandmother's house, where I spent much time in my youth, and she is always there. She died almost 6 years ago, and I miss her a lot. She was a huge influence to me growing up, and was more of a mom to me at times than my own mother was. In my dreams, she's always just kind of there.. I mean, the dream isn't always the same, sometimes there are other people in it, but mainly, she's just there.. not necessarily doing anything, or even saying anything. She's just there.. like I wish she was right now.

When my sister and I were born, she took care of us while my mom worked 2 jobs. We would be at her house until it was bed time, and she would drive us both home and put us to bed.. my dad would take care of my older brother and sister.. it would have been too much for him to deal with 4 kids. Men didn't do that back then I guess. I'm lucky.. thinking now of my own husband home with our 4 children while I work..

The dreams with my grandmother in it sometimes make me sad, and I wish she could have met all of my kids.. She did meet my first, and that brought her much joy. He was only 8 months old when she passed away, and only knows her from my stories. I think about how happy she would have been to meet my twins.. since she knows the work involved in raising two babies at once.. Somewhere she knows.. I'm sure of it.. I think that's why she shows up so much in my dreams.. she's telling me that she's still here for me, and that she loves me.. My sister and I were her favorite, and what speaks volumes about the kind of woman she was, is that every one of her grandchildren would have said the same thing (but we REALLY were her favorite!!:)
This picture is of her and her mom.. she's on the left..