Wednesday, August 29, 2007


My oldest son started 2nd grade today, successfully.. Here he is all ready to go!
He came home exhausted, and a bit crabby.. but he was in bed nice and early, and looking forward to another day at school..

My youngest son and I went to meet his preschool teachers today.. Here he is, all set with back pack. I had no idea what he put in the back pack until we got to school, and he showed his teachers. He had about 10 Happy Meal toys.. I wasn't quite so mortified when I realized that 2 of the 3 teachers had kids with the same toys.. I was just glad that I wasn't the only parent in the room who lets their kids eat that shit!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Last Day of Summer Vacation..

This is what I told my oldest son this morning when he woke up. I can't believe another school year is about to start. 2nd grade too, when he did he get so big??
I'm so blessed though, to have such a thoughtful and caring son. He is so excited about going back to school. This is an emotion that I'm not even close to understanding. The only memories I have of summer ending and the first day back at school, was dread. Total and udder dread. I'm so glad that he hasn't inherited that neurosis from me.. Instead he's all about the positive, and the fun. Such a sweet boy..
My youngest son, I am quite pleased to report, starts pre school next week! Grace be to the Gods (or whatever that phrase is..) I am seriously looking forward to starting the schooling chapter on that boy! It's going to be so good for him. I am, however, a bit nervous about how his teachers and classmates are going to understand what he's saying. He's barely intelligible (so says his IEP) so I called the school yesterday, per the advice of every ones advocate- blogless (love you dear!!) to ask them how they were going to handle communicating with him, since his translator (a.k.a. my oldest son) has plans of his own this fall and won't be accompanying his little brother to pre school. They invited me in to meet with his teacher and go over what they do. Which apparently is a lot of journaling to try and get a better understanding of his phonetic sounds.
Anyway, I've got to pack lunch for my big boy, and get to bed.. Oh, and did I mention.. we have a second showing on our house tomorrow.. ugh. Yea, I thought we were taking it off the market too.. whatever.. I'm sure I'll have plenty to post on that later!

Note To Self..

Next time I let the babies crawl around naked, make sure to tell my 4 year old, that it's NOT ok to for him to touch them, like they touch themselves.. How would he know? He sees them with a smile and thinks he should try to make them smile too.. jeez louise! Not to worry, we did have a nice long talk about private parts, and how it's never ok to touch someone else's.. He got it.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Boys vs. Girls..

Having raised two baby boys from infancy to ages 4 and 7, there have been only a few major differences in baby boys and baby girls.. The obvious being the whole gender, penis and vagina thing.. Which totally relates to the second HUGE difference.. Discovering ones "fun parts"
Now, my boys never did the whole "wow, look what I found" thing, and basically kept it in their pants. My girls however.. well, they have found their fun parts, and man do they enjoy exploring that region! Any time I change a diaper, their hands are down there in a flash. They have even gotten pretty good at taking off their diaper when they're bored, just to cop a feel. It's pretty funny, and of course totally normal.
Sometimes I don't even know they're doing it. Like the other day for example, when the girls and I were laying on the floor, having their bottles, and my husband happened by said "NICE!" I looked, and one of the twins, was laying down, knees bent with her diaper off, holding her bottle with one hand, and exploring herself with the other.. Nice indeed!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Good Parenting..

I bought Yahtzee a month or so ago for the girls camping trip with ctale and blogless.. Since then, I have become quite good at playing by myself.. Occasionally, my husband will play with me, but only in exchange for a back rub.. I've been teaching my 7 year old to play as well, and he's getting pretty good. But every so often, I just feel like playing by myself.. lame, but whatever, sometimes a simple distraction from all the chaos involved with have 4 kids is much needed..

So, here is where I discovered one of the babies during my game of Yahtzee.. In the hutch (directly behind where I was sitting I might add..) where we keep the games. I think if the other one could have squeezed in, she would have!

Friday, August 24, 2007

A Good Friday :)

It was a mommy/baby/whining 4 year old day at my house this afternoon. Lnotes and BBK of Kreblog came over, and Ctale, and her precious Miss S were there as well. It was so nice to see my girly friends.. ones I've had since high school.. We had lunch, and wine, and some more wine (or at least I had some more wine) and coffee.. it was so nice.. I swear, we have the cutest kids EVER! And that's not just me.. they really are adorable! So, I'm here at work, feeling a tad hungover.. wishing that everyday could be mommy/baby minus the whining 4 year old day!

Little Ponies wearing sneakers..

I stole this from another blog.. it's pretty funny.. check it out

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Girls..

They are getting so big! One of them had what appeared to be their first nightmare last night.. That was fun.. I'm looking forward to the day when they can find comfort in each other.. I remember many a nights when I was a kid, crawling into my sisters bed to sleep after a bad dream.. I look forward to seeing that special twin bond blossom.. There is something very unique about a twin relationship.. They did after all begin their tiny lives as one..


I made my 7 year old toast this morning.. this is the faith that boy has in my cooking abilities..

"You don't have to burn that do you??"

Nice.. come on, I can do toast!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The babies are getting so smart! They know where their noses are.. If you ask one of them where her nose is.. she sticks her finger right up it! Sometimes she pushes it up so far that her eyes start to water.. She's going to be my over achiever! :)

Gammator and the Digital Natives..

My husband has his own (solo) music thing going.. He put this up on my space.. I love it! The first song he used to play to my belly when I was pregnant for the first time.. when I had time to just sit around and listen to him compose music.. Anyway, have a listen.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tea Party..

I got an invitation to a tea party today. Yes, a tea party.. It came from a parent at my youngest sons new preschool, someone I've never met. It's a get to know one another thing.. In a swanky neighborhood down the street from me. I'm not sure I'm going to go.. First, I don't drink tea (sure I know there will probably be other things besides tea, duh) second, homes that I could fit my cute little condex in four times are intimidating.. and people with the money it takes to own one of those homes intimidate me as well. This may stem back to my late teens, early twenties where I spent my summers cleaning for rich people, in their big houses..I always despised their good fortune.. I know, envy sucks..
Anyway, I'm guessing I'll muster up the courage and go.. for my boy. I'm also hoping to find someone who would like to car pool with me. We'll see.. Lots of new things are heading our way.. should be interesting (to say the least!)

Monday, August 20, 2007

The yard sale wasn't a total bust.. however, we did manage to unload more shit when we put it on the curb for free (surprise surprise) We made enough money to take the family out to breakfast Sunday morning.. so about 40 bucks.. totally worth all the time and effort! Hah!
The night of the yard sale was spent with me juggling the 4 kids, while my darling husband slept soundly.. oh, and btw, he never did go the ER Friday night, and miraculously woke up Saturday morning feeling tip top. For some reason all 4 of my kids slept like shit Sat. night. My four year old was the worst. His first wake up was so that he could change his perfectly clean, perfectly dry underwear.. I have no idea why, but I did it without asking questions.. it's definitely not worth arguing with that one in the middle of the night.. Anyway, it proceeded from there, with constant "MOM" or babies screaming.. I haven't had a night like that in ages!
Anyway, we spent yesterday at a memorial service for a great uncle I don't remember.. It was held at the same place my husband and I were married.. I tried being all nostalgic with the boys, telling them how this is where it all started.. yada yada.. they didn't care.. they were more interested in sliding on their knees on the very shiny dance floor. Yes, this place was not a church, but a ballroom.. very romantic! Anyway, I was happy to see other kids there, my dad insisted there would be some there.. as I was a bit nervous about bringing 4 kids to a memorial service.. but it was definitely more of a party atmosphere than a funeral.. which I guess is what my great uncle would have wanted. Not that I personally know that, because I didn't even know what the man looked like! I think my dad wanted to show off his twin daughters, his twin grandbabies, and the twin boys on the way.. There was a moment during the service when we were ALL introduced.. and the whole "twin" thing, got a collective gasp.. I love when we turn up the freak factor! jeez..
All in all, it was a decent weekend.. I'm happy that the yard sale is over, and happier still that the kids slept much better last night!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Yard Sale..

We are having a yard sale tomorrow.. I hate yard sales..I hate going to them, and I hate having them even more.. so, why are we having a yard sale? Well, when we thought we had sold our house, and were moving, we decided we would gather up some of our shit, try to sell it, and maybe make some money that we could put toward the movers, then whatever we didn't sell, we would just toss in the dumpster we were planning on getting..
So here we are, the day of what was to be our closing, and we have a bunch of "stuff" that we've put into boxes, that now either need to be sold, or tossed.. So, since we're poor, and since the boys have been quite excited about the prospect of making a little money of their own, we are set to go.. btw, the boys have gathered up bits and pieces of toys, and games that are missing most of the parts, or that they got free in Happy Meals.. nice.
Here is what I hate most about having a yard sale: Strangers rummaging through your shit, saying that it's in fact shit. I know, why do you think I tossed it out on my lawn for you idiots?? If it wasn't shit, it would be in my house! Or, people trying to offer you 10 cents instead of a quarter for that random plate. C'mon.. But then, there's all the work you have to do getting ready for it.. which I have done none of, like pricing stuff, and bringing it out of the basement. Ugh. If I wasn't on this stupid diet (that I haven't mentioned) then I would be buying the biggest bottle of wine I could find, and try to get it all done as I chug a lug. But since I'm trying to be good, and shed a few pounds that I so unwillingly gained, then I guess I'll try to do it while sipping on my 15th bottle of water.. ugh.. this is going to be such a fun weekend! Oh, and my husband is quite sure he's dying (or at least afflicted with some sort of nasty infection that is causing him to blow green and orange snot- nice!) So, he'll be off to the ER when I am home from work.. so I'll be doing all this yard sale stuff alone, oh, and getting 4 kids to bed.. ugh. Screw the diet.. I'm really gonna need a drink!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another Anniversary..

For my husband and I..9 years today! My parents were married for 9 years.. I beat my mom's record!!! That was her longest marriage (her other 2 only lasted a few years combined..) Congrats to ME!!!!! And yes, I am being a smart ass here.. It's my way of blocking out the pain from all those divorces.. (seriously, just kidding!) Here's my wedding pic (again) And what a pretty bride huh?? Yes, I used to be attractive! haha..

Last Day..

Tomorrow is my last full day of work.. My husband returns to school next week, so I'm all done getting out of the house for 8 hours at a time.. yes, this IS depressing.. I've been trying to think about what my life is going to be like in 2 short weeks, when my son goes back to school (the 2nd grade, holy shit, when did he grow up??) And my youngest is going to be starting pre school the following week.. which means a lot of driving (no, the short bus WILL NOT pick him up..) meetings with teachers, volunteering (what little volunteering I do anyway..) packing lunches, doing homework, getting everyone in bed at a reasonable hour.. just a lot of insanity that comes when the school year starts, when my husband goes back to work, and when it all depends on me, pretty much anyway..
My husband is thrilled to be going back to school (he hasn't officially said this, but every so often I catch him just smiling.. for no apparent reason) I don't blame him.. I think I'll have a lot more interesting blog posts in a month or so.. with the little one starting pre-school, oh I can only imagine the stories that are going to spew from that experience! It should be good.. make sure to tune in! ;)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I was telling a male co worker of mine today about the stripper at my bachelorette party some 9 years ago.. I forwarded him this picture.. and the insensitive 25 year old said "Wow, did you used to be attractive?" jesus.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Our lovely little weekend...

We had our 3rd annual camping trip with my husband's family this past weekend. It was a lot of fun, and I wish we could have gone for a longer time.. I didn't make it last year as I was about to give birth to the twins, and my son loves to remind me every time he can, how I cried when they called me at home.. yes, I was a bit emotional and sad to be missing out on our family trip.. But I didn't miss it this year.. although the twins did.. My mom stayed home with them, as they are too young yet to enjoy camping.. not to mention the amount of work it would have been having them with us! I did miss them (just a little, seriously, just a bit) But man, we are paying for it now.. they were soooo clingy today, I couldn't leave their sight for a minute without them having a total meltdown. Payback for leaving them behind!
So, anyway, the boys had a great time. Their older cousin (she's 10) was there with another friend. The boys adore her. Their younger cousin was there too, she's 3, and her brother, the newest member of our family, who is almost 5 months old. I got an extra treat in that blogless was there with her family, so I got to hang out with them too... On a pretty funny note, something that would happen to only blogless... she was returning home today with her girls, and her very fancy, wonderful pop up tent, when approaching her house, coming up a hill, she heard a snap, and looked in the rear view.. there goes her camper, right down the hill! Into her neighbor's driveway, stopping nicely on a tree stump, and luckily not in their house! I don't know how the tow guy got it out, but I'm looking forward to that story as well!
Anyhoo, I'm now at work, and should probably be doing some workly things.. Oh, and I've decided that my husband and I need a new mattress. I can sleep on the ground in an air mattress or in my youngest sons twin bed (which I had to do last night because the older one on the top bunk had nightmare and freaked out) but I am rather comfortable on all those surfaces
but when I get into my own bed, my back ends up killing me.. Ugh.. Of course I'll NEVER get a new mattress.. $$$$ unless someone gives me one.. Ok, gotta go!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ok, I'm not crazy..

There is nothing like getting a diagnosis and realizing that you're not nuts, that in fact it's a MEDICAL condition!! I do indeed have hypothyroidism.. which means I'll have to take a small white pill FOREVER! And honestly, I'm ok with that.. my mom has it too, and I guess it's more hereditary than anything.. so there ya go.. I'm not crazy, I'm just off balance (thanks Mom and your f'd up genes) and here's to a pill that just might help me lose the weight I've been steadily gaining.. yee ha!

10 lbs. of sugar in a 5 lb. bag..

This is how I'm feeling today (and yesterday..) I still haven't found out about my lab work and my thyroid.. I'm seriously hoping that I've got a problem, and some pill is going to help regulate it, and let me drop the weight I've gained.. I don't want to buy new clothes that fit me better, and my sister has all my maternity clothes (not that I would dare put them on again.. I would rather walk around naked, although NO ONE would want to see that! Trust me..)
ugh.. I suppose this huge bag of candy sitting next to me isn't helping.. or the huge bowl of potato salad that I had for lunch.. I loathe my love handles right now, and the twin skin that my girls gave me.. I know having a little belly is supposed to be sexy (right ctale?) but this old flappy thing is just gross.. ok, I've abused myself enough.. time for a kit kat! ;)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Wart vs. Cancer..

I love having a good friend in nursing school.. that way, she can tell you to check things out with your doctor.. like this weird lumpy thing on your eyelid, that's been there for months, and doing harm to no one (except for the poor folks to have to look at it and wonder what the hell it is..) Ctale thought it was zit, and that I should just pop it.. blogless advised against this, and since she is practically a doctor, I went with what she said.. I also called my doctor and went to see her today.
I first have to say that I love my doctor. I've been going to see her for 10 years now, and even though she's moved to another town, about 25 minutes away from my house (which is located about 5 minutes from a gazillion other doctors) I have stayed with her because she knows me, and it's worth the trip. So, as I'm waiting in her office, thinking the last time I had been there was in May for my cankle, I start getting a little panicked. Mainly because the first thing they do is weigh you.. I hate that! I'm one of those people who only weigh themselves first thing in the morning, before breakfast, and after a good crap.. so anyway, off go the flip flops (yes, they must weigh a good pound or so.. right?) and I've gained 12 pounds! WTF? In 3 short months? Ok, I know I had put on a couple of pounds, but 12? But whatever. I wait, and finally she comes in.. always happy to see me, always remembering every detail of my life.. how are the babies, how is your ankle.. is your husband on vacation this summer.. everything.. so I always ask her how she is.. the last time I saw her she was gearing up for a trip back to her homestead in Montreal with her mom and sister.. How was your trip? This is when I find out that during her trip she discovered that her mom has inoperable lung cancer, and how frustrating it is to be a doctor and not be able to save your own mother... and here I am with my 12 extra pounds, and some zit like looking thing on my eye.. but nonetheless, she is there for me, and doesn't ever forget that... So, she looks at my eye.. under the light.. commends me on my patience as she pulls and prodes at my eyelid.. then says.. "Well, I don't think it's cancer.." Um, ok. Cancer? "but let's send you to a dermatologist" She's leading more towards a wart.. lovely.. anyway, she's also concerned about my fabulous weight gain.. and then we start talking, and yes I am tired a lot, even though the girls are sleeping solidly through the night.. and no, I haven't changed my diet and yes, I do think I'm relatively active.. with 4 kids..yes.. so she thinks I might have hypothyroidism, I'm having blood drawn tomorrow.. My mother also has this affliction, which isn't a big deal, they just put you on a pill for the rest of your life.. I can live with that.. but this stupid thing on my eyelid.. I have to wait til October to get it looked at.. Unless it spreads.. maybe then they'll squeeze me in! Ahhhhhhh....

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I have felt like I'm in a bit of funk the past couple of days.. perhaps it's because I went camping this past weekend with ctale and blogless, totally free of children and husbands.. and had a fabulous time.. the weather was great, blogless cooked some really amazing food, I kicked ctales ass in uno and Yahtzee (although I think she did beat me maybe once or twice..) and we had many many cocktails and couldn't get over the fact that we were in our mid 30's.. mainly because we're still smoking hot and the guy in the campsite next to ours couldn't help but come over and try to rescue us on more than one occasion. His name was Roy, although I honestly have no idea what his family or friends call him, or what his mother named him, but to me he looked like a Roy.. ctale only glared at him while he wasn't looking, and blogless kept talking about our husbands who were "on their way to the campground.." I could have gone the weekend without hearing his story of how a bear had just been spotted at the campground, getting into someones cooler for their kielbasa.. It's always the kielbasa.. but seriously, that did put somewhat of a damper on our nightly walk, which ended up being more of a run because I was so scared. Not a trait that I am used to having.. it was weird. And no doubt annoying because our leisurely stroll ended up with me insisting that even though ctale was short, that I knew she could move faster.. and that blogless had better not start screaming if we did in fact see a bear.. I should have stayed back with Roy.. Anyway, it was fun.. really fun.. and now I'm home, and while I love being home, and my kids are the best.. I still wish that things like this happened more than once every 4 years! It had better! Ok girls?? :)

Here are the girls after I kicked their ass in Uno!