Wednesday, April 26, 2006


What could be more bonding than a father and his sons fishing? Not too much I suppose. But what can ruin the entire time? An over protective mother who is freaking out any time the hook comes near her babies. It was ridiculous. I should have stayed home. My 5 year old loved it, and my youngest only wanted to cast his off and see the little bobbin float in the water. It took me a while, but I realized I would relax a lot more if I at least took the hook off of his pole. He is after all only 2 (3 weeks shy of 3, but still!!) Duh. Anyway, no one caught anything, although I think if I had had more patience with the whole thing, then maybe we could have stayed longer. However, my youngest was whining to go home. The only good thing about it was getting to watch the ranger stock the pond. The boys loved that.
Anyway, my idea of a family day (which was the purpose of this little fishing trip) was to at least get some lunch. I may not be much into fishing, but I certainly love to eat! Especially now when my belly is happily getting huge, and sucking it in is no longer an option! So we decided to go to Friendly's. We had sworn off that place a while ago because the service usually sucks, and the place is usually filthy. But we had gone not to long ago, and it was actually enjoyable, and we didn't have to wait an eternity for our food. Well, I guess we should have stuck with our gut instinct. After getting our table, my husband took my oldest to the bathroom to wash his hands. The first thing he doesn't see, but can smell as he walks into the bathroom, is vomit. Someone had puked all over the floor, and neglected to clean it, or tell the management. My husband stepped right into it. This set him off. I can see where it would, but he wanted to leave. I'm not the type of person that can order drinks, get the kids coats off, start coloring, then just leave. He had lost his appetite.. but he reluctantly stayed, and we ate. Of course the food was just ok, but it's Friendlys for christ sake!!
Anyway, I'm now at work, wishing my bed was over in the corner so that I could curl up into it and sleep for 16 weeks or so.. since that's not happening, I get to go home, put the boys to bed, and hang out by myself and watch American Idol.. I hope they get rid of that Pickler girl..she may be a dumb hick from the south but even that's getting old! My husband is going out with a friend that is visiting from Colorado.. I won't mind the peace, quiet and control of the remote!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The first casualty of the bug season..

A bug flew into my house today, and got the boys into a frenzy. We couldn't tell what it was, but my husband went after it like it may have been carrying triple E. He swatted at it with his hat, protecting his kids from this unwanted visitor from the outside.. he chased it around the room, looking somewhat ridiculous, but he got it. Thank the lord that he got it! Who knows what that little lady bug would have done to our kids.. :(

Monday, April 24, 2006

And on the 5th day..God created a monster..

I have been my youngest son's nurse for the past 5 days.. and I'm so tired of it! It's one of those scenarios you would see on a sitcom, where the sick person gets a bell, and of course they over do ringing it for the most inane thing..yada yada. Well, this is the same scenario, except that my son has no bell, just an extremely loud scream.. usually indicating he needs a sip of water, or has peed and needs his diaper changed.. The poor little kid is struggling to get better, he hasn't had a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea in 2 days, but his body is wiped out. Last night was the first time since last Wednesday that he ate anything, and the first time that he ventured off of the couch. His little legs were so wobbly, that he couldn't even walk over to his toys, he had to crawl. Then 2 minutes later, he cried for me to come get him. This has been the sickest he's ever been..
I'm so tired.. but I don't think the rest of us are going to get it. At least that's what I'm praying for. My husbands been pretty vigilant spraying the lysol everywhere the boys been. I think we would have gotten it by now if we were going to get it..
Anyway, this post recaps my weekend. I didn't see the outside until last night when I ventured out to the store for a pregnancy craving.. hot fudge sundae.. yum! My husband has recently read or heard or seen.. that what you eat when you're pregnant influences what your kids are going to like when they are out of the womb. Hmm.. too bad he's not carrying them, cause there's no way that I'm giving up red meat, chocolate, and every other wonderful disgustingly bad food for you. I definitely try to balance out my diet, I eat fruit, and veggies. In fact, my entire first trimester I craved only salads.. now I'm just craving some shit that I shouldn't be eating, and won't be eating when they're here and I'm nursing them. But for now, ice cream and hot fudge sound pretty damn good to me!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

My youngest son is sick with a stomach flu. The worst of the flu's.. for the person sick with it, and the person caring for the person sick with it. Especially if that sick person is a 3 year old who typically has a pretty pissed off personality, and you add vomiting and diarrhea to it, and you may just want to let that kid puke all over himself.. Screw you if you won't puke in the bucket I'm providing..
ugh.. ok, that's pretty bad, but at this point, that's just how I've been feeling. The poor little guy has been throwing up since last night around 9. Every 2 hours (or less) he was up heaving away. The whole time saying, "Me not sick" Ok buddy, but you still need to aim your vomit in this bucket.. He slept most of the day today, thankfully because he got no sleep last night (much like his mother!) I spent a good portion of my day washing up from last night... sheets, blankets, towels, floors.. everything covered in vomit.. The couch, oh I can't forget the couch.. I had just washed the pillow covers 2 days ago (not an easy feat let me tell you!) This is becoming a gross post, sorry.. but I've been up to my elbows in bodily fluids for almost 24 hours..
My husband slept on the sleeping bag in my son's room, I know that he was awoken every 2 hours when I was bringing him to the bathroom (trying to save my bedroom carpet from another burst of puke) My husband was helpful this morning, when I asked him to make my oldest son's lunch, who hasn't caught this lovely flu, but most definitely will. Before all this, my youngest is sitting next to me on the couch, and my bucket is in the kitchen.. dumb dumb.. I recognize he's about to puke again, and all I could do was cup my hands under his mouth and hope to catch some of it. And what is my ever so helpful husband doing? Standing about 2 feet away eating his breakfast.. looking at me. Um, hello? Want to grab the bucket please????? He did come to the rescue in time.. so I won't give him any more shit. He's home with them now as I work my 1.5 hours.. hopefully no one's puking. My little one was eating a cracker when I left, his first consumption since yesterday.. I'm just praying that he keeps it down.. I'm running out of sheets, and towels.. I ran out of patience at about 2am.. can anyone tell??

Ace.. Why do I hate you??

The latest casualty of my favorite show.. Ace Young.. a hunk of burning love who had a shitty voice, and a hippy haircut. I've been cheering for the past several weeks as he's been constantly in the bottom three, and sighing unsatisfied when he made it through to yet another week. Well, last night, he got the ax! And I was thrilled! Finally some justice on American Idol!
Then I started thinking about why I despised the poor sap so much. I think part of it is that to me, he had this attitude that he was a cutie, and there was no way he was going to be voted off. Not to mention the fact that after every song, he starred at the camera with his arm stretched out, and his hand shaking like an epileptic. What's that about?? It was a creepy stare, and his attempt to "reach" the audience was lame. I think if I was 12, I would have been in love, and totally devastated that he was leaving.. However, I couldn't be happier that next week I won't have to see that perfect smile, and hear him ask the guest musician to "mix up their song" like he did with Queen. Cheers to Brian May for telling him that he's not changing his song for anyone! Ahh.. I feel so much better..

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

This is pathetic!!

I think I've said before that when putting my youngest son to bed, my husband or myself lay on the floor next to him until he's asleep. It's a total pain in the arse, but it works. Last night was my turn. I'm in a bit of rush because I can't miss my American Idol (I probably deserve what I had coming, just for that!) Anyway, my son falls asleep instantly as it's been another long day with no nap. Good news for me, as I can hear the tv downstairs starting the pitiful theme to my show. But what happens? I get stuck. My big ole belly carrying two babies, has decided to throw my back out and not allow me to get up! How pathetic is that?? After a few minutes of trying to find a position to roll onto without the excruciating pain, I start banging on the floor with my fists, hoping that my husband who is directly underneath me will come and help my sorry ass up. This doesn't work however, and I'm still stuck on the floor, feeling like some sort of bug that has flipped over and can't get itself up.
After several more minutes, I finally manage to pull my huge belly and it's contents out of it's prone position. When I got downstairs, and ask my husband if he heard me banging on the floor, he said sure, he thought I was doing that so he would turn down the tv.. ugh!!!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

My little genius!!

Our meeting with the special ed. dept at my sons school went great. He's basically a genius, and will be attending college in the fall! Wow, we had no idea... haha.. But it really did go very well, and my husband and I both felt good in their assessment. Which is to say that he has no learning disability present at this point. That he's in fact average, and often above average in many areas. That's not to say that he isn't a little bit below average in other areas (he can't catch a ball for shit, and his upper body strength is poor) That wasn't surprising.. But it's something we can work on at home with him, and certainly isn't prohibiting him from learning. Nor is his speech articulation concerns. He's got some significant delays there, but nothing that even makes him eligible for speech at the school. Which is good, but it also leaves us in a bit of a pickle since our insurance didn't cover his last round of speech and we're still paying that off. I understand though that we could most likely find a place that has a sliding scale fee. We'll work something out.
I'm just relieved that his teacher was basically wrong. I don't fault her for being cautious, I appreciate her concern, and I'm glad that we know a bit more about what's going on with him. It was nice to hear all these people who we barely knew telling us what a nice, sweet boy he was. I'm sure they can't say that about all the kids they see, so we were pleased that he was on his best behavior..
We have another meeting on Wednesday with his teacher-this is the official parent/teacher conference. I'm guessing she's going to have a bit to say about whether she thinks he moves onto first grade or not.. I really think she's going to want to keep him back, I'm not sure how I feel about that. I know he could benefit from it, but how much? It might bore him to be in kindergarten again next year when he's going to be so much more advanced than the other kids. We have a lot of thinking to do about that I guess... who knows, maybe she won't even suggest it.. I can't wait til my youngest son goes to school.. it's going to be an entire different ball game with him! They won't worry about his upper body strength when he's giving another student his right hook! I'll be wishing my only concern with him was speech and special ed! yikes..


We took the boys to an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. A good friend of mine who works for a local radio station putting on the event, was dressed up as the Easter Bunny. My oldest son loved it, hugged her a couple times (having no idea who it was) My youngest son cried every time she came near. Never the less, they still had fun, and got a bit of candy. My oldest son even won an mp3 cd player! That made the whole trip worth it! Especially the fact that the "specially priced breakfast buffet" ended up costing us a fortune!
We spent Easter Sunday at my in laws. It was very nice, good food.. good company. We did another egg hunt for the boys there. We used real eggs this time, ones that we had dyed, painted and stickered on Saturday. I only did a dozen, otherwise it's a big waste of eggs seeing as how no one will eat them anyway. They each found equal amounts, and half of them ended up being crushed when my oldest tripped and landed on his bag of eggs.. even though they were destined for the trash, this devastated my son. He's such a sensitive boy!
Now we're gearing up for the next big "holiday" which happens to be their birthdays! I've got a lot of planning to do in that department! My oldest son wants to invite all 17 of his classmates (we live in a condex by the way..) we'll see how that works out...

Friday, April 14, 2006

Special Ed Eval..

This coming Monday my husband and I are going in to my son's school to go over his evaluation with the special ed. dept. I've been anxiously awaiting this, nervous, but confident. Today they sent home a copy of his evalutation.. which led me to believe that I need some special ed cause I could hardly understand it. I tried not to rush through the 15 page report, eager to get to the part where they would just sum it up. Instead I read through (and re-read) the entire thing. I get the impression (as did my husband when he read it later) That my son is just where he should be. He's got a few deficits as far as his upper body strength, and articulation issues with his speech. But as far as how he's learning, and whether he actually is, it looks quite clear that he is.
He's officially reading now too. I'm not sure if his teacher knows this, but she will on Monday at our meeting. He's gotten quite good at Dr. Suess books, and other first reader books. I'm so proud of him. At bedtime, he's reading to us now! It's hard to believe.. but I know in my heart that he's going to be fine. Being shy, and reserved is not an indication of a learning disability, not for him anyway. I'm now looking forward to our meeting even more.. although they didn't say in their evaluation what exactly their impression was, or what they planned on doing, so I'm not going in with any expectations, just with more hope that he's going to be fine..

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'm awake.. I wasn't sleeping!!

Have you ever been so tired, that your eyes hurt? That's how I've been waking up everyday this week. Despite getting an average 8 hours a night, I've been waking up exhausted. I promise that I'm going to stop complaining about this, but wtf? I know, I know, I'm pregnant with twins, but jeez.. when the hell do I get a break? Never, I suppose. Today was just like the rest of the week, except that instead of trying to get anything done, I gave up and layed down on the couch. My youngest son loves to climb up there with me and cuddle, he'll jump down every so often and grab a toy, or just run off a little bit of his boredom, but he's been great. Very much what I need him to be right now.
I guess it was about 10:30 this morning, that he came over and woke me up. I didn't know what he wanted til a second later when I heard the second knock on the door. I knew it was the plumber that we had coming over, but it's never fun to answer the door when your pony tail is barely in, and the indentation of the pillow is still on your face. Luckily the plumber was only there briefly, and I could resume my position on the couch.. Course my son was getting hungry, so after making him some lunch, and got myself some leftovers, it was back to the couch. It must have been a couple hours later, when I hear my son (who is laying next to me) giggle. I open my eyes, and there's my mother. Ugh.. We spent the entire day yesterday together, watching my niece. Why she felt like she had to stop in again is beyond me. "Gee, I wish I knew when you were sleeping" How about we just assume that I'm always going to be sleeping.. or how about you call first???? Whatever.. she came bearing gifts (a coffee cake muffin) so I let her off the hook. Hah! Like I'd say anything anyway..
I just seem to be getting busted so often while I'm asleep on the couch.. I can't help it though! I can't wait to not be pregnant anymore. I'm so convinced that caring for twins is going to be so much easier than growing them! We'll see.. ok, I've done my complaining.. ahhh, I feel so much more tired than I did when I started.. ;) I'll be leaving work soon, a place I usually love coming to, but if I thought I could get away with it, I'd lay my head down right here on my desk. I'd just be afraid of being woken up by the 7am shift coming in tomorrow!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Half Doctor..

Ok, so I feel a bit mean calling him that, he was a very nice, very professional guy, who was definitely a cutie (in a very All-American way like blogless had told me). He did 2 adjustments on my spine, which were the creepiest thing I've ever experienced, yet at the same time, totally pain free, and are already making my back feel better. He explained in very easy to understand detail everything that he was doing. He was a totally down to earth guy.. I go again next week, to see if the adjustments have worked. He seems to think that my headaches are from anemia. Which is what blogless suggested as well.. She should be a nurse or something! :) I'm seeing a nurse practioner at my ob's office today for a work up.. I just ate a big steak.. for the iron..(oh, and for the yummy goodness of red meat!!) and I'm hoping that by tonight I know what the hell is going on with my head!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I'm going to a chiropractor tomorrow. My first ever visit with one. I've always kind of looked at them as 1/2 dr's. Not really dr's, but still they have the title, went to school..blah blah.. But I'm up for anything at this point, and it has been highly recommended by my good friend blogless, who I trust would only give me good advice. I'm seeing the same guy that she saw when she was pregnant with her first, and suffering similar back pain. This is what I'm dreading (besides the obvious- which would be that the guy totally screws up and paralyzes me.. but that's far fetched I know) But it's farting, that's what scares me. And more so because I understand he's quite easy on the eyes.. Who cares if you fart in front of some ugly old guy?? But this is what happened to blogless. A pregnant woman's bowels is a tricky thing when they're pregnant.. and quite frankly, gas has not been something I can control too well as of late. Anyway, if he makes my back feel better, and I escape without so much as a peep from down below, then all is good.. If he makes me feel better, and I happen to rip the noxious gas, then so be it. Even if he's a 1/2 dr. I'm sure he's witnessed the pleasantries of the human body! Right??

Now that's scary!

Last night, I awoke to my husband screaming (like a little girl) It scared the piss out of me! It took me a second to realize what was going on, but apparently my oldest son had become scared and was coming in for a bit of comfort. My husband happens to be on the side of the bed right by the door, and was awoken by the sound of my son coming in, and apparently it freaked him out. My poor little boy ran as fast as he could around the bed to my side, with his little knees up high in the air, arms flailing, screaming the whole way.. We're both calling his name, telling him it's ok, but he's just freaking out. Who wouldn't? Of course this woke up my youngest who followed soon after his brother.. another night with the entire family in the bed.. Thankfully, my husband didn't hang out too long and eventually ended up in his son's bed.. I swear, it's never a dull moment at my house! Jeez..
btw, this picture is not my husband..although there are striking similarities..

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Reality Check..

There's a lot of stuff you can do when you're 5 months pregnant with one baby. Going to IKEA and walking around for 3-4 hours is definitely one of them. Coming home and assembling your new kitchen chairs is another. However, as it turns out, this should not be something you do when you are pregnant with two. I found this out the hard way... I felt totally fine, right up until bed time.. that's when the back pain started, and the headache soon followed.
I had a routine OB appt. scheduled the next day, which was good, because by the time it was my turn to be seen, I was feeling light headed, and had been having these weird cramps. This isn't something your doctor wants to hear, but she cautiously put me on bed rest for last night, and at least the rest of today. I called out sick to work, and cancelled my baby sitting duties for today. She was afraid that I may have been having contractions because of over doing it the previous day. Great. Even though I'm 5 months along, my uterus thinks were's somewhere closer to 7.. so it doesn't want all this activity.. Luckily, laying down for most of today, and last night has seemed to make the cramping stop, or at least lessen. It was definitely a wake up call to me, that I'm not going to be able to keep up to my normal rigorous pace anymore. I'm going to have to depend a lot more on my husband, family and friends. Which I have an incredibly hard time doing. My mom came over after work today and folded some laundry and took care of the boys. It was really hard for me not to just get up and do it. But I'm trying. I am at work right now, but only because I thought this would be the most relaxing place for me right now. Last night by 7, I was wishing I had gone in.. it was just too crazy at my house. But now as I'm getting ready to leave, I'm going to be happy to get home and lay back down..
My sister has found a neighbor down the street who is going to start watching my niece next week until she can get her into daycare in June. I know it's the best thing, I know that I need to take it easy, and caring for a 13 month old is definitely not going to allow that.. but it makes me sad that someone else is going to be watching her.. I'm going to miss her a lot, and my sister had better bring her by my couch often! Life is already starting to change with the upcoming birth of these girls.. I hope I can handle it!

Monday, April 03, 2006


Well, I finally did it! After waiting about 5 years or so to go, I finally made the trip to the rather new IKEA in Stoughton. I wasn't sure what to expect, since my mom and my sister had been and found it rather overwhelming, and came home with very little. I went with the renound shopaholic Blogless in her dad's loser cruiser, and we were set to go.
We had breakfast when we first got there.. it was decent for .$99- scrambled eggs, bacon and homefries.. yumm.. Then we hit the store. Holy shit, it's huge! But I wasn't at all overwhelmed (at first) just thrilled.. I felt as though I had found the store that I was always looking for! We hit the kids IKEA first, where I got new plates and cups, and each of the boys a hamper. I also got them an easel (which I've wanted for about 3 years). Then we just cruised all over the place, and loaded up our carts. I was only there for a book shelf for my youngest son's room, and some new glasses.. I ended up leaving with a bit more than that.. Blogless had what seemed to be about as much as me, but she spent more than double what I did.. Her husbands going to be thrilled when he gets that credit card bill ;) My husband called me when we were having an early dinner, to find out if I was ever coming home.. I don't know what I was thinking, going out for 8 hours in one day.. It's not like he does that every Mon-Fri!! Course he was even more pissed when I showed up with the bookshelf, and 4 new kitchen chairs, frames, a new lamp, new canisters..and so on. But here's the thing, I didn't spend an extravagant amount of money, and I never do this.. I never go out and go shopping with a friend.. I never get a break from being a mom, and I never get to just indulge a bit.. I know, we've got twins coming.. but don't don't worry, I got something for them too!! ;)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Bugs...Here again..

My family and I were out in the back yard briefly last night. My oldest son was practicing baseball with his dad, and my youngest was hanging out by the sandbox. It was so beautiful out.. the trees are starting to bud, and the grass is getting greener. Spring is my favorite time of year, it's so nice to be able to go outside, without a coat, and just breath in the fresh air.
Unfortunately, along with the nice weather come bugs.. I thought it was too early for anything alive to be flying around in the air, but you soon learn when you have a child as afraid of bugs as my 5 year old, that they're here already. I guess we had been out for a half hour or so before he spotted one.. but that ended our fun outside. Even though I tried spraying the bug spray, and promising him that they wouldn't dare come near him, that was it. He was already freaked, and we had to go inside. The worse part is, he's totally freaking out his little brother. My youngest son who would on most days probably take his light saber to one in full attack mode, sees his big brother and idol having a panic attack, and he follows suite. My oldest is almost 6.. I'm hoping that the upcoming months prove to be a growing experience for him... that he'll be able to get over his fear, and just have some fun!