Monday, April 30, 2007

Everyone is back in school, and my youngest son, the twins and I are getting back into our regular routine.. I must say, while I love the help I get from my husband, I get so much more accomplished when he's working. I haven't quite figured out why.
So, my oldest son came back from school today in a fabulous mood, excited about being back in class. Their class is doing a play in a couple of weeks "The 3 Piggy Opera" It should be pretty funny. His birthday is this coming Saturday.. he's having 3 friends over, and we're getting them pizza.. nothing too big this year.. He initially wanted to invite his entire class to Chuck E. Cheese's.. but we said no.. and being only 6, he was ok with that. He's such an easy kid..
My husband gets to take a child to work this week! How exciting for me! He's taking my youngest son in for the day.. He seems pretty excited about it (my son that is!) I'm not sure how thrilled my husband is about having him there all day.. he can be pretty demanding. He's already told me to be ready to come get him if I need to.. but I think they'll both do great! It's going to be a nice break for me to! Too bad it wasn't "take ALL of your kids to work day!" That would be a little slice of heaven for me!!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

We took the kids to the Children's Museum today in Porstmouth. This was the high light of my son's vacation, and he'd been waiting all week to go. It was great, and very crowded. The girls were only interested in me holding them, and my youngest son didn't want to explore anything on his own. He's really quite introverted when you get him in a group of people. My oldest son was running all over the place, soaking it all in. They have a slide there that if you're not careful could knock you out cold.. he loved it!

When we were home later, and my oldest son had gotten tired of playing with the toy we got him at the gift shop, he came over to me, and told me that he didn't think he had a very good day.. and when I asked him why, he said he didn't know, but that he felt like he was going to cry. And then he cried... My husband told him that was the let down of the day he was feeling.. all week waiting for that one thing.. doing it, and then wondering what's next. I hugged him, and we played 2 games of chutes and ladders, and 3 games of connect four.. That made him feel a lot better. I was so impressed with his honesty, and touched by his sensitivity. He's such a sweet boy.. I hope he embraces that as he gets older.. his ability to be sensitive. It's such a nice quality in a man.. and one can never start too early to establish that in boys!

The Red Tide..

I should have had my uterus removed when I had my c-section with the twins.. I had forgotten what it was like to have aunt flo come knocking on a monthly basis.. it's been about 18 months since I mounted the cotton pony.. but alas, I ride again.. And I friggin hate it! I don't think any woman loves getting her period.. but I had really forgotten all about it.. since I'm still nursing the girls, I thought I would get another month or two free from my good friend flo.. but no such luck. She's back, and she's making up for lost time! My husband and I were talking about this very thing the other day, and I jokingly said that I would never get my period again because I had my tubes tied, and he said "oh, that's right.." and he believed me. So little the men know about how the female body works.. Anyway, here's to a couple drinks tonight (it's Friday after all) and knocking back a few advil! Yee ha!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My sister in law had a baby about a month ago. I've only seen him once in the hospital, and felt horrible for not getting over to see him again.. but having four kids can make life a tad hectic, and of course they have all had some sort of fever, runny nose, cough or virus for the past month, so I didn't want to come spreading our family germs. Well, today, we all loaded up in the loser cruiser, and headed to visit. It was time.
I made her new baby an adorable little quilt, one that will hopefully be more of a keepsake than anything.. I know it's not really practical to bundle up a baby in a quilt, but they can always say "see what auntie xianfern made for you.. awhhh.." Anyway, on the way over there, I was holding the quilt, making sure I hadn't missed any lose threads, just tidying it up a bit. And like the idiot that I am, I see a string just dangling there, and since my van did not come equipped with a pair of scissors.. I just tugged on it. Well, tugged a bit too hard I guess because it completely pulled one of the pieces apart, leaving a gaping hole exposing the inside of the quilt. Ugh. So, he won't be getting my quilt til I can fix it, and get it back over there.. maybe by his first birthday. Jeez..
It was still nice to visit with them. They hadn't seen the babies since Christmas and were impressed how good they were. I have to say, I was impressed too. They just sat there and smiled at everyone, and occasionally picked up a toy.. of course the minute we get back in the car, they commence screaming til we get home, and refuse to be put down until I left for work.. this is why I love my job so much.. no one there needs me to hold them, or kiss any boo-boo.. or break up a fight.. ahh.. it's just me and the quiet hum of my computer...

Monday, April 23, 2007

Phone Flirting..

Here's something that amused me tonight. I'm at work, and I get my one phone call for the night, and it's this 20 something guy calling to book some therapy for his hand. So, I'm doing my job, getting the usual info that I need to, i.e. address, insurance, social security, and this boy is totally flirting with me! It's cracking me up, because seriously, it's been sooo long since anyone has flirted with me, and on the phone of all places! He sounds like a bit of a player too, of course he must be to just flirt with any old lady on the phone! I should have been flattered, but I was only amused. When I asked his marital status (for registration info!), he said "well, that depends on what yours is" Hah! Like if I was single then he would have been too! Listen buddy, I have 4 kids.. married or not, I still popped out four kids! That's what I should have said.. instead of "yea, right"
Regardless, I got the therapy booked for his hand.. wished him luck (I know he must miss the use of his right hand! doh!) and got on with my quiet time here at work...

Friday, April 20, 2007

Ctale came to visit today with Miss S.. It was so nice to see them.. I can't wait for our girls to play together.. Miss S is such a cutie! Here's a few pics of the kiddo's..
Here's Miss S smiling big for the camera.. check out those cheeks!!

There's my drama queen on the left.. and little miss mellow on the right... and Miss S wondering what the hell all that fussing is about!

If you look closely, I think the twin on the right is actually flipping me off!

How happy does Miss S look being with my handsome boys?? ;)

Crying it out..

The girls have decided that they are not, ever, going to just go to bed, without a fit of crying.. I can hear them right now, at least one of them.. and she is not giving up.. I hate this! We have been doing this now for over 2 months, and it is not working! Why can't they just lay down in their cribs, understand that it's bed time, and leave it at that? Why must they torture us with their horrible cries? I should say torture me, because my husband thinks if they are going to be fussy and crying, they might as well be in their cribs doing it.. ugh.. poor little babies..

F@#%ing Idiot..

Someone please remind me why our youth does such stupid things? Take for instance my nephew.. He's been living in our basement now since December, when he could no longer afford to live on his own. Since then, he's gotten his old job back, at the fancy restaurant, doing part time pastry chef, and part time bar back. It's good money.. He now can do things that he couldn't before. He's been paying his rent on time for the past 2 months, recently had a pioneer cd player installed in his car, and spent countless money on other incidentals. So, today I find out that he's purchased a motorcycle! And he didn't save up his money, since he's making so much of it, instead he went out and got another loan, all by himself this time, and has it parked at my sisters house up north.
He told me that he wanted to get one a few weeks ago. I told him my thoughts, I didn't think it would be a wise decision to get another loan (this will make the third one he'll be paying on) and if he really wanted one, he should save his money and buy it outright. Not to mention the fact that he's 20 years old, living in my basement and he already has a vehicle! I could see if he needed transportation, and this was an inexpensive way of getting one, but this is a toy.. he's got absolutely no need for it..Of course I also told him that they're dangerous, blah blah, oh, and that we didn't have room for him to park it at our house. He said my sister had already told him that he could park it at her house.. (btw, she DID not tell him that as I found out today) I also told him that he was an adult, and could do as he wants.. but shit, I didn't think he'd really get it!
The ironic thing is that just as I was being told by my sister this morning that he was the proud owner of death on wheels, the student loan department called looking for him because he hadn't paid his bill yet.. he's on his own with this one.. we're all just hoping that when he goes for his license, he won't pass.. hate to have no faith in the kid, but wtf?

Rock on you old fogies..

My husband and his band actually have a gig! They don't even have a name yet, and they only have 3 songs, but it's not until July so they time to get their shit together.. I wish people who knew him could have seen the smile on his face when he got the news.. it was pretty cute how excited he was about it.. So, I'm hoping that a lot of people show up, and that they don't suck! I don't think I mentioned this, but obviously they found a singer.. who happens to be an ex-boyfriend of mine..the one I dumped when I met my future husband!! Ahh... such a small small world.. and kind of creepy if you ask me!


Never open an email from your perverted brother in law titled "Camel Toe" when your 3 year old is sitting right next to you. He's going to get an early talk about "boobies" and paginas!

Thursday, April 19, 2007


I am soooo screwed! Here's one of the babies just about crawling.. the days of them sitting quietly on the floor are numbered.. oh well, I'm very proud of them anyway, even if it means I'll be chasing them all over the place..

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My husband was out of school today due to the flooding. He's hardly worked this week, and I think he's getting a bit tired of being home with the wife and kiddo's.. poor schmuck!
My youngest son is having his first speech therapy appointment tomorrow, from the comfort of our own home.. It's going to be interesting to see how she is going to keep his attention for an hour. I'm hoping the girls will nap, and things can be rather calm.. but I doubt it! It's a hell of a lot easier than having to pack everyone into the car and go somewhere, so I'll just suck it up, clean my house, and hope it all goes well.
We finally got some teeth in.. well, one of the babies did.. she got two this morning.. she's been a bit cranky, and I've been loading her up with tylenol, but I think we're in the clear with her for a while.. Now it's on to her sister. She's been the mild mannered one lately, but that's all going to change as her teeth rupture up through her little gums.. 4o teeth! That's what I'm going to look forward to! ugh..
Anyway, I'm hoping that the rain stops, and my husband can get back to work.. it's going to be a long week otherwise.. he's home on vacation all of next week.. yee ha!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Max and Screwby..

My son is watching this as I type.. It's about 2 bunnies, who seem to live by themselves. Occasionally their grandmother pops in, but for the most part it's about this 7 year old bunny named Ruby (or Screwby as I like to call her cause this dumb bunny is really getting screwed!), taking care of her mischievous little brother Max who is 2.

I don't know what it is about this show, but it drives me insane, and makes me wish my kids were still into Barney!

Max is a punk.. of course he's only 2, and has no real parental supervision.. but most 2 year olds can be a bit of a handful anyway.. But this poor little girl, who just wants to be a kid, is always interrupting what little joy she has to give Max a bath, or make his breakfast, or put him to bed.. If I was Ruby, I'd want to know when my parents were coming back, and why child protective services hasn't come to save me by now??
I don't know why I care.. man do I need to get out!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I had my final meeting today with the special ed team at our school. It went really well. I have to say, I absolutely love the people there. They have been so accommodating, and even though it's been a lengthy process, the outcome is what's important. Starting next week, until the end of the school year, they are going to do speech therapy with him once a week, with a therapist that I really like. Then starting in July, they are going to do speech 4 times a week, and the therapist is going to come to my house!

Starting in the fall, they have enrolled him into a very good pre school just down the street from me, and will continue with the speech therapy, once a week, unless they think he requires more. The best part is, they pay for it! The school he'll be attending was one that I had inquired about for my oldest son, but couldn't afford. This is going to be so good for him! This totally makes me not want to move.. but whatever happens, he'll have his IEP, so we can just start over somewhere else.. doesn't that sound fun! Whatever.. the important thing is that all the testing is over.. all the meetings are done, and finally, he's going to get the help he so desperately needs! Yee-ha!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Carol Brady called, and she wants her hair doo back!!

Here is my little niece.. what a cutie pie she is! Her hair has taken on the 70's fashioning of a young Carol Brady.. the wispy mullet.. A little while ago, she had what I called the "Frank Barone" from Everybody Loves Raymond.. hardly any hair, especially right above her ears.. Anyway, she's gorgeous, and is going to make such a great big sister to her twin babies!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

We found the house we want to buy today.. in Madbury.. It's totally 70's, the people who live there chain smoke, and have made the walls a dirty gray. The carpet is totally outdated, probably original. It needs a total makeover, but it has square footage, an in law apartment, and plenty of room.. So, now we have to think, and think and think.. and of course sell our house.. I'm really excited about the prospect of living in Madbury, as the schools are really good..not to mention I'd be a lot closer to my sister.. and her new twins on the way!!! I'm also a bit nervous of having to do so much work.. but the price is right, and that is basically what it comes down to..
We have had two showings here in the past two days.. haven't heard back on either of them yet.. but maybe we'll get into a bidding war.. (yea right!) But at least people are interested.. and damn, my house is clean!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Living in Kazakhstan..

I made the mistake of suggesting to my husband last weekend that we should rent Borat. My mistake wasn't watching the movie, I loved it! My mistake was not realizing that my husband was going to spend this entire week doing his best Borat impressions, non stop! It's funny, but like most things in life.. it's getting OLD!
BTW, my husband bares a striking resemblance to Borat.. especially in this photo!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Holy Shit Part Duex..

Anyone who has read my blog, may or may not remember my post when I revealed that I was pregnant with twins.. Fittingly titled "Holy Shit"
Well, here's the conclusion to that.. the sequel..
My twin sister is pregnant!! yea! Very exciting.. I can't wait for her to have another baby! She found out a couple of weeks ago, and had been sitting on the news until she had her first doctor's appointment, and got to see the heartbeat. I've been giving her endless shit, for quite a while, that she was going to have twins too, and live the same sleepless nightmare as me! Haha.. Well, last Friday, she had her first ultrasound.. with the same o.b. who delivered my girls.. and lo and behold.. two babies!! Although there was some skepticism on the dr's part because she could only see one heart beat. She had my sister come back yesterday and do another ultrasound to confirm that in fact there were two babies in there!
The ultrasound determined that there were two, and they are identical!! I am so excited for her to be having twins.. None of our friends know.. not yet! But she's given me the great honor of posting this for them to see!! Holy shit huh??

Monday, April 02, 2007

To the where??

I was watching the Today Show this morning, and they had on Beyonce. I don't know the name of the song she was singing, since I'm too old to be a fan of hers.. but the catchy chorus was "to the left, to the left" And she kept moving her hand to the right.. to the right.. And I kept thinking, wtf, wtf?? does she know her left from her right? Good lord.. someone get that girl a tutor!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fool..

My poor poor husband.. when will he learn?? 2 years ago, on April Fool's Day (before we had 4 children) I told him that I was pregnant, and even provided him with a positive pregnancy test. (I'm a bit of a pack rat and have all my positive tests) Anyway, I didn't let it go too long, as long as I could not laugh, and let him in on the joke.. Haha..
Well, I thought the days of fooling him like that were long gone, especially since after the girls were born, we cut off any chance of me getting pregnant again (if you catch my tubaligation drift) Anyhoo, being in desperate need of a laugh lately (with most of my kids ill) I decided to try it again.. So, this morning, I told him that I thought I was pregnant, that I just felt like it..yada yada.. And much to my surprise, he's buying it! I figured for sure he wouldn't fall for it again, and it is the first of April.. Poor guy, I guess that's what happens when you prey on someones biggest fear.. So, I told him I was going upstairs to take the test.. and he's freaking out! I can hardly keep a straight face! I come downstairs 3 minutes later (hehe) and I'm pretending to be all sniffly, and say "it's a good thing we're moving" And show him the positive pregnancy test, to which he just throws his head back, and walks away.. But that was it. I didn't let him go any longer, mainly because I couldn't keep from laughing..
And so he fell for it again.. My husband is a bit of a prankster, so to get him like that feels oh so good! It felt even better when I saw the relief come over his face. In an instant I had given him his life back, a life that he might not always be thankful for.. but this morning, I think he might have been, just a little..