Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Rhyming Game..

My son has his speech eval last week. My husband went with him, and one of the only tid bits he had to report was when the therapist played a rhyming game with him... She asked him what rhymed with Duck.. What would you SAY rhymed with duck?? Of course, that's what he said too! I think she may need to work on her list of words for the kiddo's to rhyme.. Oh, and he didn't learn that word from me.. he's just very bright and was going down the alphabet.. K?

My great big boy..

I've expressed my views on the family bed before, and I'm totally against it. Especially after doing it with both my boys. The hardest part is getting them to go to their own bed. What kid would want to after sleeping with his parents for a couple of years? Of course, you know it's not going to be cool when the kids 10 years old and having friends over.. "Um, you can take my bed cause I sleep with my parents" Hello? I thought it was wonderful, when they were babies, and I couldn't bare to be away from them for a second.. but when they become toddlers, and won't allow your husband to sleep in his bed with his wife.. then you got some problems!
We've hit a milestone in our house.. Tonight will be the 5th night that my youngest son will have spent in his own bed, and I must say that I feel like I've won the war of the worlds! Every night it's gotten easier, and slowly he's learning that he no longer sleeps with mommy. We got him a Star Wars blanket (which was way too much money, and didn't include the sheets.. my mistake, but what the hell??) I've spent each night at bedtime in his room, right next to his bed, ignoring him. He finally gives in and lays down. If he doesn't, then I tell him he's going to sit in the naughty chair (a bench downstairs that he sits in when he's been bad- inspired by the Super Nanny- it totally works!) I've made a huge deal about what a big boy he is, and how proud I am of him. My next goal with him is to get him off the boob! Or "bobby" as he calls it.. thank god he can't pronounce that one!! I figure I'll take that one a little slower though.. no sense in totally crushing his world right now.. then we'll have the pacifier.. ahh, but one vice at a time huh?

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I want to scream!! My nephew lives with my husband and I and has since he was 12.. he's now 18. He just graduated from high school a week ago. We're all very proud of him. He got into UNH, which was a miracle.. considering that his grades weren't less than great. All I've ever wanted him to do was to try hard, and do the best that he could do. It's what every parent (or pseudo parent in my case) would want from their child. This is not a stupid kid we're talking about. In fact, he's quite smart.. well, book smart anyway. I'm not sure how much common sense he's got, but he's no dummy. Ok, well actually he is. Or at least that's how I'm feeling at this very moment. We got a letter today from UNH saying that he was UNaccepted. Yep, that's right.. all the excitement and pride that he got into a college, is gone.. and what's worse is that he's in the Bahamas with some church group rebuilding a house (I know, sounds lovely.. but damn I wish he was here so that I could tear him a new one!) I guess failing 3 classes in the last quarter of your senior year is frowned on.. duh.
The story of how my nephew ended up living with us is a long one, and at this moment I don't care to get into it. I'm just going to say that when you raise someone else's kid, there is so much more pressure on you to do it right. It's not even pressure that anyone puts on you, it's the pressure that you put on yourself. It's like when you borrow something from someone. You make sure that you take good care of it, and don't damage it in any way. Eventually you return it, and isn't everyone just so happy that you didn't destroy it. I know that my nephew is not something I've borrowed, or anything that will even be returned (which is probably the saddest part of his whole story..there is no one to return him to.. no one caring if he comes back damaged or not) I just feel like somehow I've failed. I know this isn't about me, it's his life, he's 18 and will have to suffer the consequences. On the other hand, he's living in my house.. and damn it's been nice with him in the Bahamas!!!
Can I scream now????

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Slip and Slide...

It's an incredibly hot day here in the Northeast (again). I thought the little pool the boys had wasn't enough fun in the yard, so on a trip to Walmart this afternoon I got them the classic "Slip and Slide". They were so excited to try it out, but they weren't exactly sure how to use it. Being the fabulous mother that I am (cha) I decided that I would show them how it's done.. This may be more of a control thing on my part as it was driving me nuts watching them just slide down on their knees. Anyway, I got a good running start, and dove onto the slide head first. Yea, not very smart. I thought at first that I might have broken my sternum, and maybe even caused some sort of brain damage.. although clearly that was present before I took a spin on the slide. But I had to sit, and seriously thought that I was going to have to get my neighbor to call me an ambulance! Course I'm fine.. just felt like a total dork, still do in fact..
Here's my point.. don't ever do something that you could do when you were 12, at 33!! Duh!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I want to miss him..

My husbands last day of school was today. More time at home, more time with me, more time to annoy!!! No.. now, I shouldn't say that.. but it's pretty true. He usually works during the summer, landscaping. Unfortunately, the man he's worked for in the past, has no work for him this summer. This has left my husband in a bit of a lurch as to what he should do with his time. He told me a while ago that he would like to take the summer off and paint.. no, not paint the house or anything like that, but paint paintings. He's a very talented artist, and has created some of the most beautiful pieces of art that I've ever seen. Sometimes I take my friends out to our shed and show them off.. He refuses to hang any of them in the house.. what would that say about him??
I know that his art is important to him, and I wish he could just take off 10 weeks or so to paint. But we're not growing money in our yard, and I'm making minimum wage babysitting, so he can pretty much forget taking off all that time. He's got a couple side jobs lined up on his own, but that's only going to take up a week or two.
I do at times enjoy him being home 24-7, but most days it's just too much for us. We're the type of couple that works best when we're not glued at the hip. We both know that, and I'm pretty sure that's not the worst thing in the world. I believe a good healthy relationship involves some time apart.. let's say 8 hours a day or so.. it's worked for us! He went an entire winter without working once before we were married.. ugh! I could have killed him. He spent his time home using my video camera to make short movies using his old G.I. Joe dolls (oops, sorry, I mean his action figures..) and watching the weather channel. That was a long time ago though, and I know that his priorities have changed.. Anyone out there need a good landscaper?? Please..

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Mommy's little helper...

I have finally found what I was looking for to get the rest I need, and not be completely stressed out 95% of the time.. And it doesn't come out of a bottle, or in a pill. It's actually a 12 year old boy.. my nephew! He spent the last two days at my house, helping me out with all the kids! I must say, it was wonderful, and the stress level that I normally feel was dramatically decreased. The only problem is that he's going back to school in the fall, and already I'm dreading it, and wondering what I'm going to do!!
Most people wouldn't think of a 12 year old boy being very helpful. I know it must sound insane to even think of it. But he was amazing! If he wasn't playing with the kids, then he was cleaning.. no kidding, he cleaned my entire house, and even took out the trash, and this was all without me asking him! Folks, that's more than my husband does! Today I spent about 40 minutes on the phone! Now, people with kids know that that NEVER happens, not right in the middle of the day anyway. But he was taking care of everything!
I wish I could have given him a million bucks today, that was what it felt like he deserved. In fact when I asked him what he would like to be paid (since his mom and I had arranged this to be his first "job") he said that a dollar would be fine because he's had so much fun getting to hang out with his cousins! Is this kid for real or what?? So, I gave him 2.. just kidding. I gave him enough that he actually said it was too much.. (it was only $35 for 2 days.. hardly too much!) But he was so grateful, that after I paid him, he kept asking me if there was anything else that he could do for me! How cute is that??
He'll be back next Tuesday.. I miss him already!!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Party girl..

Is there anything better than getting drunk (really drunk, but not puking drunk) at a family function?? I don't think so! That's what I did yesterday afternoon at a graduation party for 4 of my nieces and nephews. It was perfect, my husband had one beer.. and I had the rest! Hah! The reason family outings are so fun is because no matter how drunk you get, someone is always there to take care of your kids. Someone they know, and someone you trust (hopefully, unless you have one of those creepy families with a suspicious uncle or something) And I have no problem with letting someone else entertain them for a few hours. There were a ton of cousins that the boys were playing with, so I could have been totally sober and still not have had to do any parenting! I feel no guilt for kicking back a bit!
Whats even better is when you wake up the next morning feeling like you got the best night sleep ever! No hang over, nothing! I guess passing out will do that for you!!
Here's to still being a party girl! Even with 2 kids in tow, and doing it at your in-laws place! Hah, it's not quite the keggers I used to go to.. but I guess that's life in your 30's!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

He's going to be fine.. so am I..

Today was a success! My oldest son loved his school.. he made a bunch of new friends (all of whose names he can't remember) and his teacher was really nice- course he can't remember her name either! The important thing is that he didn't even care when I left, he really didn't even notice. Amid the chaos of the kids being dropped off, an older woman (who I'm assuming was a teacher) took his hand and walked him down the hall. I just sort of followed sheepishly, waiting for some big good bye.. a hug, something, anything.. But they rounded the corner to the classroom, and that was it. He was gone, and I was left there in disbelief! My big boy was essentially on his own, from me anyway.
My younger son got home and ran inside calling his brothers name.. love the 2 year old memory! But he was ok that he wasn't there. He got to play with whatever he wanted, with no one to tell him otherwise. And I got to sit down for a few minutes with 2 children who couldn't ask me who my favorite star wars characters were, or what time it was every 2 minutes.
I couldn't wait til 11 though, to go get him! He was so happy to see us and tell me about his new school (which he pronounces "cool") I'm relieved that he liked it, and even more thrilled that he's looking forward to going back tomorrow for one more day!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Off to school..almost

My computer at home has died.. so I'm no longer able to get on line at home.. which totally sucks! It's my only way of communicating with the outside world.. I guess I could call someone..but who the hell does that anymore?? And anyone that I would want to call works.. yada yada.. luckily I have some mom friends who take my calls and listen to my rantings.
Tomorrow my oldest son has orientation for kindergarten.. I woke up this morning with a stomach ache! How am I going to let him go in September?? He told me this morning that he didn't know if he wanted to go tomorrow, that he might miss me! God I love that child!!
He's going to be there for 2 hours tomorrow and the following day. The teachers and other staff members try to get a feel for the kids and try to figure out where to place them all. I'm sure he's going to have fun, he loves other kids.. but ugh.. it's making me sick just thinking about it! I'll put on a totally strong face though.. for him.. jeez, it's only orientation.. I gotta get a grip!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Yoda returns..

This should be an addendum to my poop story, but I thought this one deserved it's own spot in my blog.. The other day my oldest son went to the potty, spent his usual 15 minutes working up a good poop, then called me in to "help" him wipe.. and when I say help, I mean do it myself cause he's not at all into doing this particular chore by himself. Anyway, when he got off the toilet, I noted out loud, that his poop was a funky green color. After a brief thought, I said it must have been the box of star wars fruit snacks him and his brother had shared the other day. I had no idea how this was going to translate to my son, but so innocently he replied "yea, it must have been yoda in my poop"

Monday, June 06, 2005

Shut that hog up!!!!!!!!!!!

He was almost asleep. He needed a nap so bad.. it was hot in our room, but I haven't dug out our fans yet.. it was just 50 degrees the other day.. so I opened the window, knowing that the passing cars might make it a bit noisy, but damn, it was hot. Just as he's about to doze off, I hear it. It's about a mile away, but the noise steadily gets louder, and louder, and you know as soon as it rounds the corner near your house, it's going to let out one last huge bang from it's exhaust, and completely wake up your child.. for the rest of the day! Of course it doesn't end there.. you're going to hear it for another few minutes as it cruises down the street waking up the rest of the neighboring nappers.
Why do some motorcycles have the legal right to be so god damned loud?? I once owned a car in high school that lost it's muffler. I didn't get away with driving that bad boy around, you could hear me coming a mile away.. just like those assholes on their bikes. I was pulled over and ticketed more than once.. So, why then do we have to listen to those bikes driving through our neighborhoods all summer long?? I seriously don't get it. And why do they have to be so loud?? Is it cool in hog land?? It's totally annoying to me. I think those motorcycle punks would be annoyed too if they had to hang out with my youngest son after a day with no nap!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

If I were gay..

I'd marry Carla.. my new "stylist". I had my hair fixed today.. and I must say it's never looked this good! It's not like it's theoretical physics or anything, all I really needed was a flat iron (who knew??) And that terrible hormonal age induced wave is gone! Not to mention the fact that my new idol massaged my scalp, and worked wonders.. all for 35 bucks! Ahh.. I never thought my hair could ever look like it did when I was 20, but it does! I learned a valuable lesson through all this, well a couple.. one, never let your girlfriends cut your hair when you've been drinking, especially if they've been drinking too. And second, Supercuts is the McDonald's of haircutting.. they get you in and out fast, but leave you unsatisfied and kind of bummed you went there in the first place..

Friday, June 03, 2005

Straight to hell.. I'm sure!

Am I going to burn in hell because I'm not sure there's a god? Or because the only reason I tell my son that dead people go to heaven is because it's easier than telling him I'm not sure what happens, but I have a feeling that's just it, and when you're dead you're dead? You just rot in the ground with the bugs?? I guess if I truly felt that way, I wouldn't be worried about hell.. but I am.. and I'm not sure if that's my religious upbringing.. I have been to every church possible.. except for the Jevohah's and the Mormon church. I was baptized twice, once as a born again, my least favorite of the churches..freaky, they totally submerged me in a lake, and their services were like 2 hours long! And then once when I was an infant in a catholic church. As a teenager we became Methodists, my mother was always looking for something she liked better, she just never seemed to feel comfortable anywhere.. I remember when I was 15, my mom took me to our church to meet with these people that spoke tongues (whatever the hell that means) But I did it too, but I was totally faking it. It was like music coming out of my mouth.. it was kind of cool.. But in the same respect, it was creepy.. all that lying in God's house.
The thing is, I find it much more believable that God was kind of a story.. maybe made up by some other mom who was confronted by her own children about the harsh reality of death. It's much easier, as I've discovered to just tell your kids that you go to this wonderful place.. yada yada than to tell them that when you die, that's it..
Oh, and I don't want any comments.. unless of course you agree with me. ;) I respect everyone's opinion, and their faith.. I'm more or less just getting this off my chest.. K?

New Doo coming soon!

I have an actual hair appointment tomorrow morning.. at a "salon" NOT at Supersluts, I mean Supercuts.. I'm praying they can fix this terrible mess my hair has been all week! I love my girls, but man.. they can not cut hair!