Friday, July 31, 2009

I talked to my husband tonight.. He's now moved onto selling pizza.. and I guess it's a lot of work.. There are a ton of bands, but unfortunately he's not hearing much because the 3 stages are competing with each other.. bummer. I miss him.
Today was insane. I only had my kids, which on a normal day would be a breeze, but the 6 year old didn't get his 10 hours last night, and spent a good part of today crying.. which makes me tense, which makes the rest of them tense too.. I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow.. praying for it really!
Still loving the laptop. man, what did I do without it? There are, I've discovered, a few drawbacks to having one.. first, when I used to go downstairs to get on the computer, most times I was alone.. in the quiet seldom used playroom.. it was a sanctuary.. second, the boys are so excited about our new computer, that they are fighting with me and each other for time on it. It's annoying.. but as I type here alone, on my quite comfy couch, long after the kids have gone to bed, I am loving it again..
I will hopefully have more time for my poor, lame little blog.. and be able to update my facebook status with more ease (you can see here that I've got my priorities in order!!) So here's to my husband returning safely.. my laptop surviving the greasy hands of my boys, and that my middle son (aka Jan Brady) gets his 10 hours tonight!

To the Graduate..

I found this post that I never finished.. there are so many like them on my blog.. time is just not my friend these days!

My youngest son graduated from Kindergarten today.. this is a letter to him....

Dear sweetie
I saw you at school today. I watched from a distance, in a crowded room as you joined your classmates and sang to all the parents. I watched how nervous you were at first, and then how you settled into it.
I remembered the day you were born. How tired your dad and I were after a long night of labor with you. You were a vision of cuteness, with your blond hair, and your daddy's nose. Shortly after you were born, your big brother came in to meet you. This was one of the happiest moments of my life.. completing our family (or so I thought.. yes, twin girls were a surprise to say the least!)
I watched you today, such a big boy with all your friends surrounding you, and I wondered where the past 6 years of my life had gone, of your life.. how did you get so grown up already?
It reminded me of how quickly time passes.. and how I wish I could just freeze it, and remain here for a bit longer.. a place where life seems less complicated.. where all my kids still think I rock, and where kissing your mom goodbye is still ok.
Of course I know that can't happen, so I focus on the future and wonder what kind of wonderful things you are going to accomplish.. and what kind of trouble you are going to get into (cause I know there is going to be some trouble that you will get into!) And I look forward to it..I hope that you challenge everything in life, the way you have challenged me. Always asking why, and always striving for more.. You are truly special that way! I love you buddy!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

We Got a Cat!!!!

And my mother came with it!
Last week my mom moved in with us. She's going to be here on a temporary basis, for a few months. I was apprehensive at first, who wouldn't be? But it's going really well so far. She's been a huge help to us with the kids, and they are completely psyched that she's here.. and her cat is going over pretty well too.. only one of the girls has an issue with it, but she's slowly getting over it and not screaming nearly as loud when she sees it.
In other news, I finally got a laptop! I am soooo happy not to have my old piece o'shit p.c. in the lower level of my house, requiring me to drag down all the kids when I wanted to check my email, or do a little blogging.. At this precise moment, I'm sitting on the floor in my bedroom, while the girls yak to each other, trying to fall asleep (oh yea, they aren't sleeping in their own beds yet! yet.. jesus they're 3!!) Small steps people!
My husband left this morning to work a concession stand at the All Points West Music Festival in New Jersey.. He'll be home in 4 days, and will have hopefully made some decent money. He called me tonight to inform me that his duty will be making, and selling coffee.. Poor schmuck. Let's try and remember the last time he made coffee, and how that turned out.. Oh I wish I could be there for that!!
I do miss him already though, much to my surprise. (I'm always surprised when I miss him, usually he's too busy making me crazy) Well, I gotta go.. my girls are far too intrigued with my new "t.v." to actually go to sleep.. it's been a long day.. but thankfully it's almost over!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Girls..

Every year, on this day, I am taken back to the night my girls were born.. I think about how excited I was when my doctor told me at 36 weeks, that I was 3cm. dilated and my c-section would be within the next hour. How happy I was that the pregnancy with my twins would soon be over. I had no idea what was in store for me in the next several months. At that point, I could only focus on not being pregnant anymore.
It's been a long, wonderful, exhausting 3 years and I wouldn't trade it for anything. It was a beautiful thing this morning, to see my younger twin wish her sister a Happy Birthday.. and to see them open up their presents.
I'm thankful that I get to see them grow up like my sister and I grew up.. as best friends.. even if there is an occasional knock down dirty cat fight, or a time when they can't stand each other, I know those moments are fleeting, and that no matter what, they will always have each other..

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Camping on the fourth was fun.. a lot of work, and while the rain didn't come down in buckets all weekend, it certainly could have been warmer.. But who am I to complain. The kids had a great time with all of their cousins and friends. The girls wanted to go home pretty much the same day we got there, but eventually settled in. No one lacerated anything (yay!) And there were no bear sitings like last year.. Here's a couple of pics..

The bigger kids putting on a play..

The girls with their cousins..

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

July 1st

Today was the first day of July, and sadly, we had warmer days in May. The tan I once had is gone, and the garden I was once so proud of is limp and choking on all the rain. It's truly depressing. We are heading north for our annual camping trip in 2 days, and I had better see some better weather, or I am going to lose my shit.
Last weekend we did get a full 12 hour reprieve from the dreary weather, and just enough time to open up our pop up and camp in the backyard, after all it was National Camp Out in Your Backyard Day, and who are we to miss a National holiday.. in case you've never heard of this, I hadn't either, it was my husband who told me about it, and I had to google it because I really didn't believe him. We had fun anyway, and it was a good chance to open up the camper and make sure that we didn't have a family of mice residing in it.. unlike my sister who opened her pop up to find dead baby mice and holes in the canvas.. nice.
Anyway, enough about the rain, and the mice.. I am truly excited about getting a vacation! My sister is on vacation next week which means no babysitting for me! Yay!! I love her children, but man, are they exhausting! Her boys, who are 20 months old are on the go non stop, and in to EVERYTHING!! One of them got his finger stuck in the pantry door, which has caused him to get a staph infection, and lose the nail on his middle finger.. the other one fell out of my camper the other day, and they both are constantly racing to my kitchen table to try and swing on the chandelier. Sounds like a joke, but it's not!
I had them today, and I have them tomorrow.. time for me to get some sleep.. I also have to pack 4 kids for a 3 night camping trip, and hope that maybe my lovely husband will pitch in at some point.. yea right.. I'll see monkey's fly out of my ass before that happens!!