Saturday, March 31, 2007

Here's Something SUCKY...

Getting up at the ass crack of dawn after a sleepless night with two sick babies, to clean.. get everyone ready and out of the house to show it.. and then have the douche bag that requested to see it over sleep and miss the appointment... Grrr..

Friday, March 30, 2007


We have our first showing tomorrow!! Yea! I'm not expecting to sell it at the first showing, but at least someone has sparked some interest!! All that cleaning will need to be touched up..and with two kids sick today it could be tricky.. and of course my mom is actually busy (what?? NOW she's got a life??) well, good for her.. Friday nights are perfect for a couple drinks, some comet, some windex.. It'll be spotless come tomorrow morning! It's all good!

Monday, March 26, 2007

OK, who misses pictures of the babies??

I haven't posted any pictures of the girls recently.. so here's a couple.. I coudn't leave out the boys either.. Here they are giving their sister's some love..

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Noll, null, cero, latasi, reido, nolla, zero....

The number of people that showed up for our open house... in seven different languages.. FAHHHHHKKKKK!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Poor Poor Jesse..

I put a picture of Jesse Metcalf on my blog a while ago (something about him being in a dream of mine..) Anyway, since I did that, I get a bunch of hits to my blog from people googling his picture.. Well, ever since he entered rehab, that number has doubled! Poor Jesse.. Perhaps the expiration of his gig on Desperate Housewives has thrown him into the arms of the ever soothing, brain numbing, problem solving alcohol.. Another celebrity biting the detox dust.. Ahh.. so sad..

Come and look at my house.. I'm begging you..

I spoke with our realtor today.. "Don't be disappointed if no one shows up tomorrow to the open house.."
Um, how could I not be disappointed?? I have spent every breathing moment this week getting ready for it! It's been a huge undertaking! And I know.. "at least my house is clean.." But that's not the point!
We're going to see a house on Sunday, that I really really like.. it's going to be a bummer if not one person shows up to look at my house.. ugh...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I met with the special ed. team at my son's school today to go over the results of the evaluation my younger son had there.. He did great in the occupational therapy piece, which I thought he would. However, the speech therapist said his speech was in the 1st percentile.. meaning that 99% of children his age, speak better than him! I wasn't too shocked by this considering how little I understand him, and that he's almost 4.
They have decided to do an Individual Educational Plan (or IEP) for him. Most likely, they will get him speech therapy during the summer, and into pre school this fall. I meet with them again in April. I'm happy that this is finally being resolved.. now I'm freaking out because we just put our house on the market, and this school system has one of the best group of therapists around.. ugh.. a part of me wants to run outside and kick down the for sale sign.. but I also know he can get help elsewhere, as long as I'm constantly fighting for him..
Anyway, in other news.. we have yet to catch a leprechaun! If you can believe that.. and we've been setting that trap every night! My mother has been over my house everyday this week helping me get ready for our first open house.. this Saturday. Lots to clean.. lots to organize! It sucks.. and it's going to suck even more if no one shows up! And I know.. at least my house will be clean in case anyone wants to see it..but it's going to be sooooo hard keeping it clean with 4 kids!

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Leprechaun Trap..

Last week my son had a project to do for school. He had to make a leprechaun trap. I guess it's a big tradition at the school that the kids build a trap, and they spend a good part of the day trying to catch one. Sounds like good old fun.. So, anyway, in true college drop out fashion, we finished the project the morning it was due, we're setting such good examples huh? But we did get it done, and he was happy to bring it to school for all the fun.
He got home from school that day all excited about the day filled full of leprechaun hunting. The leprechaun had apparently come into my son's classroom while they were at lunch and "messed the place up" He threw papers on the floor, turned chairs over.. made a real mess, all the while looking for his pot of gold.. How cute is this? So, then my son tells me, that he wants to set up his leprechaun trap and try to catch one at home.. And someone, please tell me.. why am I such an idiot?? I had no idea that he in fact thought leprechauns were real.. I thought he was in on the hoax, and was just having fun.. So imagine the devastation in response to him wanting to catch a leprechaun when I say "But honey, you know they're not real right?" Long pause.. and then the tears come a pouring down.. Good lord.
So, another lie perpetuated.. and I'm full of apologies, "Of course they're real sweetie, I didn't understand what you said.." ugh! C'mon! Santa, the Easter Bunny, the mother fucking tooth fairy, and now leprechauns? Christ, he's never going to forgive me! Besides, I thought he would have been totally scared at the prospect of a tiny little man combing our house for gold!
It all ended fine though, he thought I had simply misunderstood what he said.. and after he stopped crying, we set up the trap, threw in the gold (a few pennies) and waited til the next morning to see if we had caught a leprechaun.. Of course considering the fact that I'm a college drop out, the trap was pretty lousy, and there was in fact no leprechaun in our trap the next morning.. I think my son was a bit relieved.. what was he going to do with a leprechaun???

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Open House..

My husband and I tend to do things in a rather irresponsible and irrational manner when we get something in our heads.. Take today for example.. maybe it wasn't the smartest thing in the world to go to an open house 30 minutes away, with all of our kids, the morning after a major snow storm.. It was still happening.. that's what the realtor told us.. but I guess the realtor's forgot to tell the guy with the plow.. We had to trudge up a very long driveway (and when I say up, I really mean it.. a house perched on a steep hill..) My husband stayed in the car, and the realtor who was parked at the end of the unplowed driveway walked up with me.. We were the only ones that showed up.. We're not getting that house.. At least we don't have to endure the entire weekend wondering if that was the house for us! We're a bunch of idiots!
We did make up all the time the boys had to spend in the car by taking them to lunch at Margarita's.. If you want to get your own half of a restaurant, here's the trick.. you must go around 2, when the lunch crowd has gone, and a few stragglers are still in the main dining area. You also have to have infant twins, and two other young boys.. And there you go! Your very own section of the restaurant. I wasn't insulted that the manager put us as far as possible from the other diners, in a part of the restaurant that was clearly not open for service..I didn't want to ruin anyone else's meal.. and for the record, my kids behaved remarkably! In fact, one of the waitresses came over and commented on how well behaved they all were! hah.. we could have joined the civilized dining room after all!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Vonage Still Sucks!

And I don't know why!!
I know other people have no issues with it.. and I've called the customer service line (which deserves its own blog entry) But nothing we've tried has helped.. It's still dropping calls all over the place! Having said that, I'm not going back to our regular phone service.. I'm just going to have to deal with the dropped calls. I have, however, started answering my phone like this "Vonage complaint line, can I help you?"

Another Blond Moment..

My husband and I are enjoying some peace and quiet this evening, having a couple drinks, when he reminded me of a blond moment I had a couple of weeks ago.. Here's how it went (and let me first say, I was totally distracted during this conversation, so as blond as it might seem, there really were a dozen things going on in my head- a very dangerous mix for a blond!)

He had just dropped off my oldest son at a birthday party..
"There were only about 4 boys there"
To which I so dumbly replied,
"Were the rest girls?"

Ok, there it is.. we both had a wonderful laugh at this ridiculous question.. hope it gives you all a laugh too!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

For Sale..

Spacious 2 bdrm, 1.5 bath, condex. Finished basement, deck, patio, wood stove, cathedral ceilings, sky light, attic, other room upstairs could be used as den (or another bedroom) recently painted (not this ugly brown..) New roof, new water tank, new well tank, hardwood throughout the downstairs, large professionally landscaped yard, outbuilding, and NO CONDO FEES!! Very charming.. someone please buy it.. also included: one 3 year old boy, almost potty trained!! ;)
I am already tired of dealing with trying to sell our place, trying to find a new one.. It's not going to be fun.. In the past two days, I've had 2 real estate brokers over to look at the place and come up with something for us. I haven't heard back from anyone yet. I don't think we'll go with any of them, a friend of ours is coming over on Sunday, and most likely, we'll go with her. I did like the woman who came over today. She just would not stop about how nice our place was, and how it would be so easy to show. Kiss ass. But I loved it!

We've gotten our good faith approval letter from a mortgage company (yeah!) And we have narrowed down the houses we think we can get.. and afford. I'm sure we won't be staying in our town.. looks like we'll be heading north a bit.. but we knew that going into it. You just get so much more house for your money.. As much as I love this area, we just can't get the space we need with the money we have. Oh well. My son said he'd be ok moving and going to a new school.. That is probably my biggest concern at this point, the kids and the schools. I should have a pool going on when we'll get cold feet and back out of this.. again!
Anyway, I'm off to do some more searching on line for homes.. But isn't this the cutest? Someone out there will want it right??

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I brought my son to see a pulmonologist yesterday. Something his dad was supposed to, but on Saturday I found out that he had forgotten to take the time off. Luckily, my mom was able to come over and stay with one of the twins and my youngest son, and I was off to Dartmouth hospital in Manchester, a place that I've unfortunately spent too much time at recently..
The doctor was very nice, and I felt comfortable with proceeding with treatment for what he thinks is asthma. We've gotten him yet another prescription for an inhaler , a stronger one, one with steroids, that he's going to use for a week. If it hasn't helped his cough significantly, then we'll do some more testing, maybe a cat scan on his sinuses.
My husband sent with me a list of questions to ask the doctor, which I did.. reluctantly, because unlike him, I don't think that his cough is caused by something dreadful. I don't think he's got some lung abscess or an immune deficiency problem. He's had a normal chest xray, and he's otherwise a very healthy boy. But the doctor was very nice about explaining to me why it's nothing serious (like cancer).
So, we'll see...
It's been a crazy past few days. We have a realtor coming over to look at our house tomorrow, so that has sent us into panic mode, with all the cleaning, and all the crap we have. My god, we own a lot of shit, and my kids do not need one more friggin toy! My mom came over and helped out with some of the cleaning.. but of course there's still more.
We looked at our first house on Saturday, or more like I looked at it. What a dump. It made me nervous about what type of house we're going to be able to afford. However, with my "excellent" credit (something I didn't have when we bought our first house) I might be helpful with getting a better rate.. we'll see! My husband was disappointed last night to find out that my credit was 45 points higher than his, and only rated as "good" credit!
I'm currently at work, wishing that I didn't have the sniffles..something I've been holding onto for the last few days. I'm tired of blowing my nose, and more tired of seeing the back of my husbands head during the night as he heads downstairs because I'm snoring so loud! Snoring just seems like something old men do.. not blond haired blue eye breast feeding moms! Ya know?? Ugh.. such is life though.. at least I'm getting the bed to myself (with a twin thrown in here and there!)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The husband is at band practice this afternoon.. even though I'm sick.. not puking sick, but head cold sick.. I asked him to stay home, and he just smiled at me.. I know he loves playing music, but c'mon! He asked me if I wanted him to quit... I don't. I want him to want to quit..but that ain't ever going to happen!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Sick, sick and some more sick..

I have been up to my eyeballs in sick kids for the past 10 or so days.. It has so sucked.. The babies have this horrible cough that does nothing but keep them awake all hours of the night. The boys are also coughing, more so for my oldest one.. and that is just freaking his dad right out because we've been battling his cough for almost 8 months now.. He sees a pulmonologist on Monday.. My youngest was out of commission for a few days, just sleeping on the couch, I must say, I enjoyed that tremendously! But he's back in full form, although the flu he had has only given him enough juice to last a few hours, which makes the rest of the day a living hell for me because nothing anyone does is ever good enough, and then it's whine city.. I miss that little boy asleep on my couch! I know how bad that is, but dang, it was a nice break from his usual antics!
In the middle of all of this, we've decided to start looking for a new house.. And I might be crazy, but we've decided to try to find a place with an in law apartment, or finished walk out basement for my mom. Why on earth would we do this? Because we need a bigger house, and she'll pay rent. It all boils down to money.. Well, one of the babies is now talking in her crib.. time to wipe some noses.. and get on with my day.. tgiff!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Ok, I know I'm just jealous.. but my husband and I are guessing the only reason that McDreamy is looking so fabulously happy, and well rested is because of all the McNanny's him and his wife can McHire.. Generally, I'm a big fan of the McHunkaburnin'love, but right now, after 3-4 hours of sleep, he looks like a big McDoofus! Grrr..

Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Little Miss!!

My niece just had her 2nd birthday.. here she is being sung to.. who loves this head band by the way? Olivia Newton John has some competition!

I'm Getting What I Pay For..

This is how I'm feeling toward Vonage.. We've had it about 6 weeks, and frankly, it's sucking...
I know some of it are user issues.. like the fact that half the time I can't my voice mail and I don't know why. But more importantly, for some reason whenever I get an important phone call, like from my sons school, the call inadvertently gets dropped. It's annoying me. Having said that, I don't intend on getting rid of it.. I guess for 14.99 a month I'll have to deal with all the drop calls and lousy reception..

Sunday, March 04, 2007

We picked up his new glasses today.. how handsome is he? He's been trying them on all day.. he only needs them for distance, but surprisingly, everything looks so much clearer!

Friday, March 02, 2007

WTF is this??

And why is it in my house?
Three of my four kids are sick.. runny noses, one with a fever. That's all I'm going to say about that.. you can only guess what fun it's been at my house.
I got my oldest son his glasses the other day.. Spongebob frames. Yup, that's right! Those were the only ones he would go for, and he got all shy about trying on any other ones. But don't think that they have Sponge-boob all over them. You would never know.. they just put some stickers on the lenses to attract the kids, there's also a small picture of him on the arm of the glasses that face your neck, so no one would ever see it. Anyhoo, he'll get those next week sometime.
My husband has been on vacation this week, which for some reason has left me useless. I don't know what it is about having him home, but I just can't seem to get anything done. I did get two naps in today with one of the sick girls.. that was nice, and something I never get to do! Yesterday my mother in law took the boys and I out to lunch. That was very nice.. the hubby stayed home with the girls, and we arrived back 2 hours later to a not so happy house.. Apparently lunch with his mother shouldn't take that long.. um, ok.. I'll make sure she hurries up next time.. she's only 76 for crying out loud! And when do I ever get to go out to lunch with just my boys??
Anyway, I don't really have much else of interest to post (like the above was interesting at all..) But it's Friday, and it's raining, instead of snow.. we have water in our basement (where my nephew lives) He called us at 5 from work to tell us that his work clothes were wet, and the basement must be leaking.. yup it is, but for once the fact that he's a total slob has worked in our favor because all of his clothes laying on the floor have soaked up the water.. Good boy!