Friday, October 31, 2008

Screwed by Wood.. and not in a good way!

I found a guy on facebook that I went to high school with. He was advertising 2 cords of wood for $395, delivered. I got in touch with him, and told him that I wanted his wood! That is after all, a great deal. He came today with a friend, and delivered the first cord. I gave him a check, made out to his friend, and they went on their way to get the other cord. About an hour later, I got a call from him saying he thought there was a miscommunication, and that it was actually $395 for one cord. Um, yea, I guess there was a MAJOR miscommunication. I had specifically asked him over the phone if the price was for both cords, to which he replied yes. When I told him that over the phone today, he denied that, and said that he had told me it was only for one. ugh.
I told him that I didn't want the other cord, as I could not afford almost 800 bucks for two cords of wood. I paid $250 last year for a cord, and I know the prices have gone up, but really? I mean we had a conversation about it, and his ad said "2 cords, $395, delivered"
I had to make that call to my husband of course, the one where it inevitably becomes my fault, even though clearly it was not. I went back to this guy's facebook page to see the ad he had put up, but mysteriously, it had been deleted. what a douche!
I did make a couple of calls and found some wood for $350 a cord, so his price wasn't that far off. I had no idea the prices had gone up so much. But the point is, this guy totally lied to me, and I bought it. frick.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Daddy and his girls..

My girls love their daddy. Not having a very close relationship with my dad makes me appreciate my husband and the bond he has with his daughters.. They simply adore him, and the feeling is clearly mutual. Cuties..

The Kiddo's..

Thought it was time for a twin pic.. The boys are almost as big as the girls..

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Week..

Oh what a crazy fun filled week I've had.. let's see.. I'm feeling better (thank you) The cold has settled nicely in my chest, so I'm only wheezing, but not blowing my nose nearly as much. We got turned down by the owners of the house we want, I can't say as I blame them, I would never accept an offer with a contingency in this market, but I had fun decorating my new house in my head.. it's still on the market, so the chance is still there that one day we can buy it (although the chance is slim to none, it's a chance nonetheless!) Yesterday I got so wrapped up in facebook, that I totally missed getting my oldest son off the bus, something that has NEVER happened to me, and hopefully never will. I will add though (as a lame attempt to defend myself) the bus was a good 5-7 minutes early.. I'm just sayin.. Anyway, I expected to see a tearful distraught boy get off the bus when I met it at his school, but he was actually fine. Thank god. I don't think I've ever gotten out of my house as quickly as I did yesterday, with 3 of my 4 kids in tow. I actually beat the bus back to school! Yeah me.. ok, so anyway, today I went to Heidi's for a play date, with Lnotes (Ctale was too snot ridden to join us). It was so much fun, and really, the mellowest play date I've ever been to. The 4 girls there, ranging from 16 months to 2 1/2 all played so well together.. although they really just played around each other, and I don't know how Heidi has managed to raise such a sweet girl (not that she isn't capable) But how many 2 1/2 year olds do you know that don't freak out when someone else is playing with all their toys?? Really. I've never witnessed that before. She is an angel! And I'm sure Heidi is thinking "Sure, but you should have seen her after you left!" and normally I would believe that sure, she's probably the devil with her cute little doggie shirt, and adorable blond hair, but I don't buy it! She's precious!
Anyway, I'm off to put my girls to bed, and enjoy a night alone (the hubbers is practicing tonight..) then tomorrow we're going to finish the soccer season (finally) and hopefully have a nice relaxing afternoon, with a nap for me! :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm sick. I have been for the last couple of days. Nothing that requires me to take time off from my work, or that gets my husband to stay home and help me. Although I'm pretty sure that being hospitalized would be the only way that would ever happen.
Today my oldest son is home. He got a headache last night, and still has it. No one else is sick, which quite frankly shocks me. I still plan on going to the play date on Friay that was rescheduled from last Friday at Heidi's.. as long as I can find someone to get my youngest son off the bus, and that we remain relatively healthy the rest of the week.
In other news, it has officially been one week since we put our offer in on the house we want. And... we have heard NOTHING! The nerve.. but I'm pretty over it.. I've had a week to get all pissed, and it pretty much does nothing for me.
And lastly, my beautiful nephews are 1 today!! I can't believe that a year has passed already.. Currently, as I type, I have one crawling over my legs, and the other one emptying our movie drawer.. They have been so easy to take care of (in comparison to my own twins) And I look forward to another year getting to watch them grow! Happy Birthday Boys! them grow! Happy Birthday Boys!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

More on the birthday..

Last night, my sisters and I took my mom out to dinner at the Holy Grail in Epping. It was pretty good, despite the hour wait.. we got a waitress that my twin and I knew from our days in Newmarket. The owner used to work with my husband, teaching social studies. And his wife, who was the hostess, was an o.b. nurse that helped deliver 3 out of my 4 children, and all of my sister's kids.. It was like being at home really, except that we were in different positions!
The best part was giving my mom her birthday cards. I gave her mine first.. just a card, something I had picked up 10 minutes prior to our get together.. A very nice, sweet card about what a great mom she is, and how much I loved her.. yada yada.. this was followed by my twin sister giving her the card she had gotten, earlier in the day, at a different store. It was the same exact card. There are thousands of cards out there. Thousands. Yet we picked the same exact one. It has to be more than a twin thing.. pretty funny if you ask me!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

We celebrated my mom's 60th birthday today.. I made her a cake.. here it is.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I ended up having to pick up my son yesterday at school, and bring him to the dentist to have his teeth checked. The nurse thought he may have chipped them, but he didn't. And the cut on his chin was only a scratch, and luckily the little boy who tripped over him, didn't fall on him, because this "little" boy is a moose! And now I'm home with my girls, my niece and my nephew, and it would appear that one of my girls is a bit under the weather, all this the day before we are supposed to go visit Heidi for a play date.. I'm hoping that we can still make it! I'll keep you posted Heidi!
Last night we put an offer in on the house we want (not that we want it as bad as the house with the elevator.. but we want it nonetheless. We should hopefully hear later today if it's accepted. I have little hope that we'll actually move, especially since we've had no interest in our place since we lowered the price. When will I learn?? At least my house is clean! ugh, I'm so tired of saying, and hearing that!
Ok, gotta go.. 2 sets of twins are calling!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's shaping up to be a great week!

So I now know why I'm thoroughly exhausted, despite being the parent to four children. I had my blood drawn to check my thyroid, and my levels are even higher than they were back in June when my doctor increased my meds. So, they are increasing them again, and I'll have it checked again in 6 weeks. Kind of sucks that I have to wait 6 weeks, but what can I do. At least I know it's not just me being lazy.. there's actually a medical issue.. ugh.. great.
Tonight my realtor is coming over and we are going to make an offer on a house. We lowered the price of our house, and are hoping the owners of the vacant house we want will accept our contingency offer. We'll see. Just one more thing to keep me awake at night, despite how exhausted I am. This is really turning out to be a lovely post! Really uplifting! To top it off, the nurse at my sons school just called and apparently he took a digger and scratched up his chin, and may have loosened some of his lower teeth (the grown up ones!) When she first said my son had fallen, I thought for sure it was my youngest one (he's the klutz in the family and frequent flyer at the ER) But no, it was my sensitive 8 year old, who fought back the tears, and surprisingly didn't ask to go home. The nurse is going to call me back in a bit, she's going to recheck his teeth in hopes that the bleeding will have subsided. jeez..

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


My realtor called me this morning, and the cool house with the elevator that I really really wanted, closed yesterday..and it closed for less than we would have offered.
That's ok though. I'm not going to cry about it (not anymore anyway) I've decided that we'll be here forever, in our cozy little home.. with one shower, and 3 really small bedrooms. This did prompt me to go on line and buy a subscription for 3 months worth of lottery tickets, as this is the only way we're going to be able to afford something in this ridiculously expensive town.
Well, I'm off to take care of all the kids..something that has been exhausting me, mentally and physically lately. The change in seasons always bums me out, and it's no different this year. I find the cool crisp weather just annoying. I'm not even enjoying my fall clothes, and I usually do. Of course they are the same fall clothes that I've been putting on for years now. Time for a new wardrobe! Unlikely though as every cent we get that doesn't go towards bills or the kids, is going into savings so that maybe one day, if we get an offer on our house, we'll look good for the bank. No one cares if I look good for the kids I watch! ugh..

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I am up to my eyeballs in soccer. Or so it feels. My youngest son is still kicking ass on the kindergarten team, and scores most of their goals. It's a riot to watch, and this has been so good for his self esteem. The only drawback is that his games are on Saturday mornings at 8. It's early, and cold! The girls have fun, but the oldest one insisted last weekend that she wasn't going to wear her shoes, her jacket, or her shirt. So I had one half naked 2 year old on my hands, and a bunch of parents looking my way, wondering what the hell I was thinking. I was merely doing them a favor by not making her put her clothes back on until she was ready, to avoid an ugly scene on the sidelines. It didn't take her long to decide that being half dressed wasn't such a great idea.
Later that morning it was my 8 year olds turn to play. Being in the third grade changes things slightly. They practice once a week, and instead of playing other teams from his school, they play other schools. They are still only 8 years old, so the accuracy in which they play is still up and coming. In my opinion, it's still supposed to be fun, and not so competitive. Unfortunately, my son's coach doesn't see it the same way.. She is clearly there to win, even if it means that she's only going to play the "better" players. And it also means that when the goalie lets 6 balls by him, she's going to throw her arms up in frustration and yell "what's going on??" to him.
Having said that.. my little boy is not one of the more skilled players. He is clearly there for the fun of it, which sadly is lacking. When he gets on the field he plays "around" the other players. He never once touches the ball, and when he runs, he gets his left arm swinging like a windmill. It's pretty amusing to watch.
My son was on the field for less than 10 minutes of the entire 40 minute game. Most of the other players were on for at least half, and there were some who played the whole game. I understand that at an older level, you wouldn't put in the "windmill kid" for a lot of playing time. But these kids are 8 years old. They should all play an equal amount of time. This is the age where we want to encourage them to love the sport. To see where they can go within their own limits. And to give them time to learn and practice their skills.
I'm not sure if my son will want to play next year. Thankfully he has no clue that he's being benched. He just has fun, playing with his teammates on the sideline, having a munchkin or two.
My husband emailed his coach later that day, and asked her what her philosophy on coaching was. He never heard back from her. He coaches middle school kids, and tries to give everyone an equal amount of time on the field, as much as he can anyway.
It's disappointing that my son got stuck with this crappy coach.. can I just add (on a more judgmental note) This woman has got the mullet from hell, and wears pink warm up pants! Or shorts, with tube socks pulled up to her knees! A total fashion disaster.. there, now I feel better!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Curse You!!

This is what I decided should be said after someone has just sneezed all over your kid! Bless You is just too nice.. why bless someone when they have probably just gotten your kid sick, and therefore your entire family. So curse you snot nosed little boy. Curse you..