Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My daughter had her ultrasound yesterday.. to follow up on her hydronephrosis.. She did really well, she laughed and smiled at the technician the whole time. It was pretty funny, and pretty out of character for her, but I was thrilled not to have to hold her down! Anyway, the results were great, the swelling in her left kidney has gone from severe to mild, and she doesn't need to be seen for another 6 months. Yea!
My oldest son follows up with his allergist tomorrow, an appointment my husband was going to take him to, but now he can't. That only means that me, my other son, and the twins are going to have to pick him up at school, haul ass over to Portsmouth, and try to listen to the doctor while taking care of my 4 kids at the same time. Not to mention all the times we'll be getting in and out of the car.. definitely the hardest part of any trip.
I got a letter today from the school informing me of an IEP meeting to assess my younger son's speech articulation issues. That's next week, and my husband and I are invited to attend. I went to one last year for my other son. It's a packed room let me tell you. But I don't want to miss a bunch of people sitting around talking about my son..
Oh, and lets not forget the youngest of all, my other twin.. The one who lets me go about my business, and will sit patiently in her exersaucer so that I can grab some laundry, or a snack for her brother.. the calm, seemingly independent of the duo.. Poor little thing, got stepped on this afternoon by her big brother (the younger of the boys..) He was being his very busy self and forgot where she was, and just stepped down on her. He thought he had stepped on her head, but it was only her leg. He kept saying sorry, and crying on and on. She was fine, and only cried for a second. I think he thought she was going to be mad at him. After I told him that she didn't know who had done it, he seemed a bit more relieved.
Never a dull moment..

Geography Lesson..

The other day, my oldest son wanted to play a game with me. He got a puzzle of the United States for Christmas and has spent a lot of time piecing it together. He can spell most of them and has done this for me on more than one occasion. This was a new game, one he made up. He had me hold up the states, with the printed side facing me, and he named ALL the states, just by seeing their shape! I thought this was amazing.. some of the states he couldn't pronounce, so he spelled them instead! Oh, and this includes all the provinces of Canada! And to think his kindergarten teacher thought there was something wrong with him last year!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Daughter of the Douche Bag..

One day last week, as I was getting my older son ready for the bus, I happened to look out my kitchen window, and see my neighbor's kid at the end of the driveway waiting for the bus. I wasn't too surprised to see her there, her mom's a bit of a douche bag in my opinion. This was the same kid that showed up almost every day last summer, without invitation or even a call to see if she could. Anyway, when my son and I got out there, she said her mom was too cold and didn't want to come out, so she told her to come to our stop. Um, ok.. But, who does that? Apparently a douche bag. The girl is only a first grader, same age as my son, and there is no way I would just send him to the neighbors house to catch the bus because it's too cold.. does this woman think it's easy for me to get outside, with 3 other kids in the house? That hasn't stopped me from getting my child to the bus stop. Anyway, I felt bad for the kid, and thought the mom was pretty pathetic.. Well, that was last week, on Wednesday.. and she's been out there every morning since! I feel like I should say something to her, I don't want her daughter to be my responsibility, and basically she is. However, this lady is a bit scary. She's one of those people that you try to avoid, in a nice way, but would never want to be on their bad side. She's a tough chick! Ugh.. but what an ass!

I love peanuts.. I love my peanuts..

This is a song that my 6 year old has made up and sang all weekend...If he sings it fast, or if you hear it from the other room.. yea, it sounds like "I love penis, I love my penis"..

I'm thinking of a number between.. (you know the commerical, right?)

For whatever reason, I decided to check out my credit report today. I've been paying back my school loan for a year now, which was the only thing left on my not so hot credit report.. at least it wasn't so hot 5 years ago when I last checked it. I couldn't even get a Fashion Bug credit card (not like I really wanted one, but they were offering 10% off to open one.. unfortunately I didn't get the 10% either) but today I scored an impressive 745! Which is deemed as "excellent credit" Hah! I don't want to brag, but wtf? How did that happen?? I guess time heals all huh?? Anyhoo, I promptly went on line and got myself an Old Navy credit card.. loaded up my shopping cart..thought twice, and then x'd out of it.. I guess because my credit seems to be in good shape doesn't mean I want to get it all shitty again.. it was a definite boost to my credit esteem! Finally after all these years of lousy credit, I seem to be on the right track! yee-ha!

Gender Confusion..

"Is that a man, mommy? Mommy? Is that a man? Is it mommy, is it a man?"

This is what my youngest was saying as he's running up behind me at Sears while this rather effeminate man was helping us find something. I could have died. Of course my son is extremely persistent, and wasn't letting this go unanswered, I was just kind of shooing him away as I followed the guy, telling him to shush. Luckily my husband who was walking behind me pushing the girls stroller, managed to get him to shut up by suggesting a game of "quiet" with his brother.
It's funny how most days I can't understand half of what comes out of his mouth, and then there are days when he is so crystal clear, it's scary!

Finger Painting..

Santa got my youngest finger paints this year.. I don't know what he was thinking.. he mustn't have realized that it was going to stain my kitchen table.. I bet next year he'll bring some nice crayons, or markers!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

What goes thump in the night??

Your baby.. if you're so tired that you let her fall asleep on your chest, on the couch at 1:30 in the morning, convinced that you'll only shut your eyes for a minute.. that is until 30 minutes later when you wake up to the sound of your child screaming, as she lays on the floor. And then forget about getting any sleep for the rest of the night because you will be sleeping with her, checking every 5 minutes to make sure she is still breathing.
I can't even express the guilt, and sheer terror I felt for letting this happen. Thankfully she was ok, but jeez, it did nothing but make me feel like a shitty parent. I'm hoping they sleep better tonight..

Friday, January 26, 2007

Sick Babies..Tax Returns.. and The Only Person I Know Who Has No Teeth

I spent my day today trying to function on 2 hours of sleep last night. It was not easy.. One of the twins is sick.. and spent all night crying, except for the few 20 minute intervals of sleep she did on my chest.. I brought her to the doctors today convinced that she had an ear infection.. which she didn't. But she did have some fluid in the ear she pulled on all night.. but no infection. My hope tonight is that I get so drunk, that I don't even hear her cry. Oh I'm so kidding.. but at this point I'm thinking that might be the only way I ever get any sleep. My husband didn't sleep great either, as he was in charge of the other baby, who much like her sister (and brothers for that matter) prefer me. I never thought being someones favorite person would require so much friggin work!
In other news.. I started to prepare our taxes for this past year.. If anyone out there wants a hefty refund, here's the key: Have a ton of kids, and marry a school teacher! Living at the poverty level ain't so bad!
Ahhh.. what else.. what else.. oh, my brother called me last night.. I just love talking it up with him. I can always assume that whatever he's telling me is a complete and total lie.. but it's always amusing to hear what he has to say.. He was looking for my mother's phone number, something he does on a regular basis. I asked him why he always has my number, but never hers.. Well duh, mine is in the phonebook, and her cell phone is not. I guess I never realized that he knew my married name, this guy does not retain much. He only talked to me for a couple of minutes, asked me how my kids were, of course he never asks how his own kids are, or how's the one that my husband and I raised since he was 12.. Why would he do that? Loser. At least he's looking the part of the white trash that he is without his teeth.. I guess he's telling people he was in a boating accident.. um, ok. He's also claiming to be interviewing for a job as department head at a Home Depot where he lives. I'm guessing that boating accident or not, they might want their department heads to have some teeth, at least the front ones... maybe??

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Creme horns..

I took the girls and my youngest to Walmart today, such fun getting everyone bundled up, out to the car, and all the way there listening to the girls scream, they absolutely hate the car..But I had to go.. I needed some essentials.. toothpaste for the boys, dish washing detergent, and mainly I just wanted to get out of my house before it caved in on me! So, we get to Walmart after the babies have finally cried themselves to sleep, go all over that stupid store trying to squeeze everything I need into the double stroller.. make it through all the people who stop to comment on the babies, bundle everyone back up, get back in the car, listen to them scream yet again, until we get home. Then have lunch, and realize that I have forgotten a bag at the store.. the important one.. the one with the toothpaste, and my very yummy dessert! Crap. I was more upset about that than anything, nothing like having a craving for some very bad food, and then not getting it! Oh, where is the instant gratification in that?? Of course there is no way that I'm driving back there, so I called my husband and left him a message at school to call me, thinking he could swing by on his way home from work. The weird thing is, he never called me back.. He always calls me back.. hmm.. this got me to thinking, and it dawned on me that we were now Vonage customers as of today, and my phone was still plugged into the wall.. Crap (again). Unfortunately, I am one of those people who can not do anything with any sort of cords, be it phone or cable or just plain electrical. I just can't seem to wrap my brain around it, and I know that I would screw something up. So, now my kids have no toothpaste, and they'll have to use ours (parish the thought!) And my dessert is sitting in the customer service section of Walmart (it was only creme horns, but damn I love those things!)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My husband and I drove to Manchester this morning to Dartmouth Medical Center for our daughter with hydronephrosis. We had been going to Childrens Hosptial in Boston, but our insurance didn't cover all of it, and the drive to Manchester is so much easier, and closer. Anyway, the doctor was nice enough, he showed us the ultrasound she had at Childrens, and explained it in gripping detail.. Then said, "Ok, we'll see you in a month or so for her ultrasound" He apparently wasn't aware that she was already due for an ultrasound, and that is in fact why we were there.. They couldn't squeeze her in either, not until later this afternoon, and we couldn't wait around for it. So, we're going back next week, and when I say "we" I mean me because my husband can't (or won't) get another day off of school. He actually felt guilty taking the time off.. he's really got a great work ethic, but come on, it's one day, and it's for your daughter!
Anyway, we went to the mall in Manchester because my husband didn't want to go right home. We walked around, got accosted by all sorts of people with good intentions, so that they could get a better look at the twins.. I swear, it's like people have never seen twins before! We live in an age where twins are not that big of a deal.. they're everywhere!
We got home to my mother who was watching my younger son. She found out today that she has to have surgery on her hand, the one she broke last week. Turns out that the spot where she broke it, basically severed the pinky finger from the rest of her hand. They're going to put a pin in it, and then remove it in 30 days. Bummer..
My son did something today that I think he did once before when he was under 2. He actually stuck his hand in his diaper, right into the shit he had just taken. I don't know what possessed him to do this, and my mom said he just came over to her with it all over his hands. I was being told this as we had walked through the door, and he's bent over touching the babies faces! My mom reassured me that he had washed his hands.. but yuck! Later, he came over to talk to me, and I'm thinking he must have pooped again because that's all I can smell. He vehemently denies this, and then I realize that the smell is coming from his head.. So, he must have stuck his little paws inside his diaper, and run his fingers through his hair. Good lord.. he'll get a good soaking tonight.. My husband thought it was pretty funny, and at dinner tonight he told my son that he likes what he's done with his hair.."are you washing it with something new?" Then I asked him if he was using a leave in dung conditioner?? It went over his head of course, but he was laughing along with the rest of us..
That pretty much wraps up my day.. I was so happy driving to work tonight.. ahhh.. there is nothing like getting out of my house some days.. If only for a little while..

Monday, January 22, 2007

What is 20 years old, sleeps all day, never lifts a finger to help around the house and thinks he was put on this earth to debate anything that comes out of my mouth? My nephew.. he's 20 today! Happy Birthday to the laziest, most arrogant, ungrateful, immature kid on the planet.. Why does he think he knows so much when he can't even pay his bills, or his rent, and is living in my basement working 15 hours a week?? I'm starting to think letting him move back in a month ago wasn't such a good idea.. ya think???

Lovie and Tony

Anyone who knows a Patriots fan, knows the pain they are feeling today. I didn't watch all of the game, exhaustion sent me to bed early. But I did get an update at about 11 pm when my husband came to bed.

It's not like the Patriots haven't won an awful lot over the past few years, so to see them lose in the playoffs wasn't that upsetting to me. I think fate is in play here.. with Lovie Smith from the Bears, and Tony Dungy from the Colts. I couldn't believe that the NFL has never seen an African American coach in the Super Bowl. Well, now they have two.. it's about time. Sorry to the Pat's fans, but history is being made here.. finally! And who wouldn't root for a big black guy named Lovie??

Saturday, January 20, 2007


My mom fell at work last night, and ended up breaking her hand, and her nose. She tripped on some netting in the garden dept (at the local home depot) and it just sent her to the floor. She landed on her right hand and her face.. She's in good spirits considering.. although when I saw her she was on some pretty good pain meds.. Anyway, here she is..

Friday, January 19, 2007

Brand New..

I was feeling like a change, so I got rid of the pink. This feels a bit more like me.. I wish I was a bit more savvy.. I'd like a new font.. that sounds simple, but I can't figure it out.. Anyone got any tips for me??

Tooth # 2 (not in #2)

My son lost his second tooth tonight during dinner, and unlike last time, I have the tooth, and the tooth fairy will be stopping by this evening with a bit of cash.. He was so proud of himself for not swallowing this tooth! And much like the first tooth he lost, the new one has grown up right behind it.. Nothing like taking your time with something!

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Here's my husband with the girls.. He really doesn't enjoy being photographed.. Nice smile though! Dork..

Picture day..

I finally cleaned up my camera and have some room for new pictures.. It's been a while since I posted any of the girls.. here they are..

I had some company today.. and got some pictures.. Here's Ctale and her 6 week old baby Miss S.. How great does mom look? And that baby?? I hear she can be quite a crab at times, but I don't believe it! I guess she likes to be out and about! Oh, and thank you Ctale for the yummy lunch (homemade mac and cheese w/whoopie pies for dessert..yum!!) I'll miss you when you go back to work!


In an attempt to try to get some sleep, my husband and I have decided to let the girls cry it out. Last night was the first night, and 1/2 hour later, they were snoozing away. They were such good sleepers about a month ago, and it seems like all of a sudden we have found ourselves in this terrible pattern of constant waking, and constant nursing. It wouldn't be so bad if it were just one baby, but with twins this sleep pattern gets exhausting.
It didn't stop with just one bout of crying last night. A few different times they woke up and cried.. it was excruciating to hear them and not do anything about it. I did go in a few times and just rub their back so that they would know I was there, and I think it was at 3 that my husband told me to get the one that was crying. So, we basically broke down and gave in. It's hard not to when all you want is sleep.
We'll try again tonight, and hopefully have more luck, and be more consistent. I put them down for their nap this morning, and they only cried for about 5 minutes. Maybe we're on our way to something good.. we'll see!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My son's 1st grade class spent a lot of last week learning about Martin Luther King jr. in preparation for the upcoming holiday. I thought this was great. It was amazing listening to my son tell me why the "blacks and whites" were kept separate, and to hear how he interpreted the history he was learning. He doesn't understand the depth of what went on, and I tried explaining how Dr. King was fighting for civil rights, and equality. I'm not sure how much went over his 6 year old head but I was really impressed with his teacher for starting that discussion at such an early age.

My son then went on to ask me "Mom, remember when I was a black?"
"Um, no."
"You know, that summer I went camping, and my skin was dark?"
"Oh, yes, I remember that, but you were tan.. from the sun. Being black or white is something that you're born with"
"Oh, like my brown eyes?"


This is what my husband called one of the twins this morning.. the one who sometimes looks like she's got a "wall eye" Nice. He felt immediately bad, like any decent parent would, but I did get a tiny giggle out of it.. Here's Wally about 3 months ago..

Monday, January 15, 2007


My nephew got dumped today by his girlfriend of 41/2 months. I totally feel for the kid, this was his first girlfriend, and he really was into her. What makes matters worse, is that she left him for her ex boyfriend.. someone that my nephew had met not too long ago, and who had promised my nephew that he was over her..yada yada (I have no idea how that subject came up..) but she had been with him for 3 years, and from what my nephew tells me, he treated her pretty shitty.. A week ago the ex took a bottle of sleeping pills, I guess because he missed her so bad. Nice. I really liked this girl too, and my nephew seemed really happy with her. Right now he's pissed, and I think he's afraid to be sad because with him, the sadness will be overwhelming. All he wants to do is beat the shit out of the ex.. a natural male reaction I guess, hopefully he'll rise above that though, and learn something in the process.. like that love can suck, and hurt more than anything. And that girls are going to come and go, but that it's not the end of the world.. even though it feels like it right now..
I haven't told my boys yet, it's not like someone died..but they really liked her and had been promised a trip to Chuck E. Cheese's when she came back from her winter break. That only means that I'm now going to have to take them to that dreadful, money absorbing germ filled establishment.. great. And one last thing, that I couldn't help but think of.. how am I going to ask for the rent money?? Like he's not feeling low enough.. I guess I'll just give it some time, and check back in on that subject in a week or two.. teen love sucks!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Poor Baby..

I spent 5 hours in the Emergency room last night with one of the twins. The one with hydronephrosis (fluid on one of her kidneys, she's had ultrasounds to check on it, and has no problems with it) She woke up from a nap yesterday afternoon with a fever, and no other symptoms. I called a nurse at the hospital to see what I could give her (I couldn't remember what the dose for a baby her age was) The nurse thought that paging the pediatrician on call was a good idea given her history. He thought I should bring her in, just to make sure that she didn't have some sort of infection going on in her kidney. After a needle stick and blood draw, and a very unpleasant catheter insertion, we were told that she most likely had just a viral infection, and sent home. Better be safe than sorry.. I hate that reasoning, but unfortunately I agree with it. It was horrible to see my little baby getting stuck with a needle, and then having 2 different nurses trying to get the catheter in her to do a urine test. I consider myself to be a pretty "weathered" parent, and shots and other necessary unpleasantries don't usually bother me. But she just lay there and sobbed.. and I could do nothing for her.. Ugh. It sucked.
She seems to be doing better today, although her fever keeps reappearing, but it's not as high as it was last night. And her sister hasn't shown any signs of a cold or a fever.. I'm praying it stays that way! One sick baby is enough!

You're going to pay for that after I kill you!

This is what my husband and I overheard our 6 year old telling his little brother.. kind of funny.. like getting "killed" wasn't payback enough!

Friday, January 12, 2007

My youngest son had his speech eval this week. It wasn't what I thought it was going to be, it was a re-screening to see if he's made progress since September. They're going to get in touch with me and follow up with another assessment, but the speech therapist who was doing the test thought he would definitely qualify for additional therapy. Now I have to wait. He loved being at the school, and looking through all the cupboards of toys. They have a great program there for kids with special needs. I mentioned to him about going back sometime without me, and he pretty much freaked out. I think he'll adjust ok eventually if he has to go, but he's definitely got some issues with leaving his mother.. what will I do without him at the house asking me every 30 seconds who my favorite character is in Dora the Explorer.. I'll cope..

I Love Fridays...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

My day at a glance...

There's not much new going on with me today, so I thought I might share a day in the life of me.. like anyone cares.. but someone did asked me recently what a day in my life was like.. well, here it is.. in an hourly format

7:00 am- wake up, either from a night on the couch, or, if I'm lucky from my own bed, depending on how the twins have slept. Shower if I have the time.. usually I don't.

7:01-8:00 am- make coffee, lunch for my son, breakfast for the boys (either pancakes, sausage or waffles, unless we're running late then it's cereal or a breakfast bar- occasionally a pop tart) Change the girls, get bottles ready for them. Get my 6 year old clothes, toothbrush and get him ready for school. Get myself dressed. Prop up bottles for the girls and get my son out for the bus.

8:01-10:00 am- walk the girls around til they fall asleep for their morning nap. Their naps last from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours (it's usually more like 30 minutes if I'm lucky..) They usually nap at different times, so when one goes down, that just means I only have to carry around one baby while I'm trying to unload the dishwasher, get in a load of laundry or do some much needed picking up around the house. Get my youngest son dressed, get his mid-morning snack (usually pretzels, he's very picky and if he had his way he'd be eating fruit snacks all day, so I look at pretzels as a battle I've won).

10:01-11:00 am-check my email.. if I can put the girls down for a minute.. fold more laundry- which always ends up sitting in baskets upstairs as I can never find the time to put any of it away. Put away some dishes, wash some bottles, change more diapers, nurse whichever baby wants to nurse (both of them do a bit of the boob, and a bit of the bottles.. too much info? sorry) Play games with my son, I spy, Chutes and Ladders, Transformers.. or his favorite "which one do you like" game (which he insists is not a game, but that one has gotten pretty old!)

11:01-12:00 pm- lunch. Chicken nuggets for the boy, and rice cereal and applesauce for the babies.. one baby likes this much more than the other, so much so that she gets very impatient if I take a second to give her sister a bite.. Do yet more laundry, and more cleaning (dishes from lunch/breakfast) Change more diapers, my son is still in them too, but he only gets a changing if he poops. Diapers are too expensive, and too absorbent to change them every time he pees.. it's also an attempt to potty train him.. it's not working..

12:01-1:00 pm- Nap time again for the girls.. usually. They're still not on a great nap schedule yet, but I'm usually walking around with them trying to get them to sleep.. or standing in front of my computer listening to the Chemical Brothers (this always makes them sleep) Then it's more house stuff.. one would think my house was spotless with all the cleaning I do, but it's far from it. It's all just upkeep.. it sucks. Anything more than the basic requires a babysitter.. ok.. let's see..

1:00-3:30 pm- I'm just combining hours here.. it's all the same shit, changing diapers, nursing, cleaning, playing with my son, answering a million questions that he has.. holding the babies.. burping, trying to feed myself, trying to pee on an occasion, trying not to scream (on occasion) By 3:30, I'm waiting for my son to get off the bus. If it's a nice day out, I'll strap the babies on and go outside to wait. If it's cold or rainy, I stay inside and wait by the front door and wave him in.. This is when I sometimes get a little break.. my son gets home and can finally entertain his younger brother, if they're not fighting. Some days my oldest son just wants to unwind without having to answer a bazillion questions from his brother.. can't say that I blame him..

4:00 ish- My husband returns from work, and one of the babies is handed over to him. I start dinner.. we eat around 4:30 (like a bunch of geriatric people) And I'm out of the house by 5 for work.. ahhhhhhhhh

5:30-7:00 pm- work. big deep breaths.. ahhhh (again)

7:10 pm- return from work.. Enter the chaos once again, but this time I feel much more refreshed.. everyone is happy to see me, and hugs are flying as I come through the door.. "mama, mama".. it's pretty nice.. From then on it's a bit of a mad dash to get everyone ready for bed.. my son finishes up his homework, I've already taken one of the babies from my husband. My youngest is trying his best to keep my attention on himself, usually by running up and down the hallway. Then it's off to baths, p.j.'s, brushing teeth, doing all the medicinal things with my oldest son, story time, and finally bed time for the boys by 8pm. The girls are much different, and usually are up til 9 or so.. Some nights they wake up after a couple hours, some nights it's every 1/2 hour.. some nights they sleep all the way through.. one never knows.. After the boys are in bed, I try to get things ready for the morning, finish up the dishes.. some nights I actually make lunch for my son because the mornings can be so crazy.. some nights I just plop down on the couch and nurse the babies.. and try to relax.. maybe watch a show or two.. and wonder where the day went..

So there it is.. A day in my shoes.. It varies of course, some days we go out, or people come over.. but it's pretty much the same day in and day out.. Quite exciting if I do say so myself! Oh, some days I actually get to pee without 3 of my 4 kids in the bathroom with me! That's worth mentioning.. :)

What do you call cheese that's not yours?

A 6 year old's joke.. pretty cute!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm taking my youngest son to the school tomorrow for his official, and in depth speech evaluation. Depending on what they say, he might get into the preschool there. That is my hope. His speech seems to have gone from bad to worse over the past few months, and it's becoming extremely frustrating for everyone, especially him. I spend most of my days with him, trying to figure out what he's just said, and man, does that piss him off. He totally knows when I don't understand him, there's no faking it.. he's a smart little man!
I think preschool would be great for him too, he needs some social activity.. it's getting kind of boring for him with me and the girls at home. Doing things that we used to do, like the library, playgrounds or just visiting with friends, has become impossible for me right now. I wish I could afford a private preschool, but with only one full time income and 4 kids.. that's just not possible either.. Anyway, here's to hoping that they'll give him the help he needs.. without me having to throw a fit and insist they do something! cha, like I'd ever do that.. I'm such a wimp...

It's the thought that counts..

Last night was a rough night with the girls, for me anyway. When my husband got up, I could see his sympathetic eyes, and had to milk it a bit.. I said I could really use some coffee.. he's not a coffee drinker, but offered to make me some. The one and only other time he did this for me, he did it almost perfect.. except that when he filled up the carafe, he just set it on the burner, and didn't pour it into the machine (duh) But again, it's the thought that counts.
So, this morning, as I'm sitting on the couch with the girls, walking him through the complicated steps of making coffee, I think he's definitely going to get it right this time. He asked how much water, I told him, and he says "I don't know if this is all going to fit in here" Sure it will, it's not even full. I had told him where to pour the water, right in the top.. not that difficult huh? Oh but my poor handy man, he can make a kitchen table, and lay a floor like a pro.. but coffee making is not his calling.. He poured the water right into the filter part of the coffee maker, all over the coffee.. And, no, there wasn't enough room for all that water.. and yes, it poured all over the burner and the counter.. Poor dum dum... but I love him for trying, and in fact after he cleaned up that mess, he tried again and got it right.. I must say, it's the best cup of coffee I've had in a long while..

Monday, January 08, 2007

The latest in the fight to get my oldest son to stop coughing. We have to rinse his nose out with a saline solution. I tried it, and loved it. It totally cleared out my sinuses. It feels weird.. there's nothing normal about squeezing fluid up one nostril, and wait for it to come out the other, especially for a 6 year old, who cries every night when we tell him it's time for the "Elephant Game"- this was what his doctor called it.. He's waiting for the weekend when I've promised him a gift of his choice.. I just want him to be better and to finally be rid of this cough.. Poor kid.. :(

High Speed..

We got cable Internet today. I feel like we won the lottery or something. I can't believe how long we went with dial up! My nephew installed it, and soon I'm going to be getting rid of our land line and getting vonage. This was how I convinced my husband to get cable Internet. We'll be paying about the same.. and I've heard good things about vonage, so why not?? I don't know why we haven't done this sooner!

Some of my handy man's work....

And here they are.. my brand new wood floors.. My husband installed them yesterday, he did a great job! I took the kids to Target, and he got busy! The only problem is that the babies are rolling, and rolling on wood floors is definitely a bit more abusive to their noggins.. they'll adjust I'm sure..

We've already had our first of many accidents on the wood floors when one of the babies puked all over it. My sons are learning quickly that running into that room with socks on is only going to land their butts on the floor! This may get them to slow down a bit, and keep us out of the ER for a spell.. we'll see!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Thursday, January 04, 2007

S.O.S. (different day)

I asked my nephew this morning if he had the rent.. "In a few weeks" was his rather irritated response
"Oh, you mean like in February?"
He's been in our house for less than a week, can't pay his rent yet, and is annoyed that I'm asking him.. I guess I thought that maybe all the money he got for Christmas would have helped him out financially, but I guess taking a week off from your part time job to go to Vermont and visit your girlfriend, isn't going to pay the bills... ugh..

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My husband is installing our new wood floor this weekend! I can't wait! The planks (which are fake laminate wood- but I totally don't care!) Are sitting in my house, acclimating, and expanding.. just waiting to get under my feet!!
We spent Saturday hunting down the ones we want.. and ending up going with some we found at Home Depot. The part that really drew us in was a 20% off coupon my mother had, and an extra 10% for opening a credit card.. cha-ching.. we really saved a butt load!
Anyway, our New Years wasn't what I thought it was going to be. We were supposed to go to a house party that my husbands band was playing at, but that got cancelled. We had a babysitter, and couldn't turn down a night out.. We ended up going to Portsmouth, with the rest of the state, had dinner at KNR's (formerly 43 degrees north) with two other couples, and then a party down the street. It was fun.. nice to get out! And of course New Years day was a long day- especially when my husband was gone for most of it at band practice.. but now everyone is back at school, and we're getting back to life as usual.. My nephew is moved in, but has been at his girlfriends house in Vermont the past week, I think he's coming home tomorrow.. then we'll be back to normal.. ok, gotta go and get some work done!