Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas with the Nielsons.. sort of.

A couple of weeks ago, I sent away one of my favorite handmade bags.. in hopes that Stephanie Nielson, and her husband Christian would review it on their blog the nie nie diaglogues (which btw is a nationally read blog.. this woman was on Oprah for crying outloud!!)  All week they have been showcasing some of their favorite homemade gifts that readers all over the country had sent in. They recieved hundreds of gifts, and couldn't put all of them on their blog..
My cute little bag did not get a review, but at the end of her final post today, there was a list of other "cool, creative, homemade" sites (let's call them honorable mentions..) and my little store at etsy was on it! I was beyond excited! I was mostly flattered because all week as I checked her blog, and saw all of the beautiful creations being sent in, I thought for sure, that I was out of my league, and my cute little bag, was not worth a nod, or a mention, never mind a link to my store!
It made my day.. quite possibly my month!!