Friday, September 21, 2012

more evidence that I'm a natural blond..

I went to the dollar store today to get some new glasses for my kitchen. I spare no expense when it comes to my home, clearly! The last ones I got were from Ikea, and they are nasty! No matter how many times I wash them, by hand or in the dishwasher, they always come out covered in a funky residue.  We have hard water. Hahd watah!  It's gross, and I would like to offer someone a glass of water (from our bubbler, duh), and not be horrified when I do.
So, I grabbed 10 of their best dollar glasses, a new pair of dollar sunglasses (since I had run over my other pair, mowing the lawn last week.) and cruised on over to the checkout, as I was in a hurry. The cashier, who looked about 13 but was most likely in her 30's, and whom did not have one strand of blond hair on her head,  asked me if I wanted to carry my glasses out. I just looked at her, and then said  "Um,  where would I put them?" She said I could put them in my bag.. to which I said "um..I don't think I can fit those in my bag..could you put them into one of those bags?" I asked, pointing to the bagging station in front of her. It was all very bizarre, and we were both awkward, and uncomfortable with the entire transaction. I was happy as hell to get out of there!
It wasn't until I was in my car, and the sun was blaring in my eyes, that I realized I had other glasses in my basket. SUN ones. She had asked me, or had to meant to ask me if I wanted to carry out my sunglasses  (although, the word "sun" never left her lips). Which, BTW, is a very important word in a situation where you are buying actual drinking glasses 10-1 over a pair of sunglasses! It's not that hard. jeesh!!!!!!!!!!!!

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