Sunday, September 16, 2012

Super duper dumb ass.

We do our grocery shopping every Sunday. This is a chore that my husband and I equally despise, and in order to make it fair, we alternate weekly. This Sunday, it was my husbands turn. Normally, when it's his turn, he gets up early, gives me about 2 minutes to get a list ready, and then he's off. I knew he would LOVE the list I made this week, especially when I woke up this morning and realized that Aunt flo had paid me a visit over night.
I've never understood what the big deal is when you ask a guy to buy you tampons, or other feminine products. It's not like the cashier is going to think that you're buying them for yourself. Try being a lady and going to the drug store, with only one reason.  Then try waiting patiently in line with your little box of super tampons (for the super time you're going to have that week) tucked under your arm, only to be waited on by the one cute guy who works there. He knows exactly what you've got going on down there.. it's uncomfortable, and awkward. It's different when you're doing your weekly shopping at the grocery store, and mixed in with all the crap you're buying, is a box of tampons. Oh, and it's also different if you happen to have a penis. No one is going to wonder if your uterus is doing it's monthly house cleaning.
I made my list this morning, here's part of it:
I thought he'd get a kick out it..and I also thought he'd come home with the right stuff.. but do you know what he came home with? Pads..Maxi Pads, as he later put it. When I was unloading the groceries, and asked "what's this?" He said "tampons, super ones" Um, no.. and then he realizes that he's in fact brought me home pads. Super ones. great! I'm sure he won't mind going back and getting me the right ones.. just as sure as I am that monkey are gonna come flying out of my ass!


Barbara said...

LOL that will teach him to READ the label closely! You crack me up woman.xoxo

Anonymous said...

Did he at least get you some steak, ya know, for all the blood loss?! :)

Christian Fernandes said...

yes, he did get me some steak! ironic since he doesn't eat red meat!!