Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Here's an update on the post I wrote and then later deleted about my husband and his band.. No, they are not going to be opening up for Hannah Montana.. god, that sounds sooo ridiculous! I guess the meathead/douchebag of the band was told this by one of the organizers as a total joke, and everyone fell for it.. They are still playing at a huge venue, with another band, but no one knows who.. no one was more disappointed than my son, who really thought my husband was the "coolest" to be sharing a stage with the teeny-bop queen!! Thankfully he's on vacation this week, and wasn't humiliated by sharing this with any of his classmates! jeez..

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Parents Night Out..

My husband has a birthday next Friday.. and a show with his band as well. I just booked a room in Portsmouth, and we are spending the night there. I can't wait! I have a very special birthday gift for him, which is not in any way sexual (dirty birds..) but I can't wait to give it to him.. I can't blog about it yet in case he stumbles across this.. But yea, a night out.. no kids, no driving, and a king size bed with a beautiful view of downtown Portsmouth!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Going outside is not always good for you..

It was in the 40's today, so this afternoon, I insisted that my boys get on their snow gear and go outside, and have some fun. My husband went out with them, and about 10 minutes later, I can hear my youngest son screaming. Great, I'm thinking his brother must have done some benign thing that has thrown him into a tantrum. That is until I see him at our slider with blood dripping down his arm.
He had been playing in the snow near a pile of crap that my husband has outside, and in the process he sliced his ring finger, right through his glove, on our old toilet. My husband had smashed it with a sledgehammer this fall, and put it in a box and just left it there. I'm not blaming him, I'm just saying.
So, after we mopped up the blood, and got his finger to stop bleeding, he asked for a cup of water. Warm water. Ok, he then placed his entire hand in the cup, to make it feel better. About 20 minutes later, when he finally decides to take his hand out of the cup, he freaks out because his hand is a big prune. I had to remind him what fingers and toes look like after being in water for a while (like how it looks after a bath)
Anyway, I guess we lucked out today because the cut wasn't bad enough for stitches.. While we were sitting on the kitchen floor with a paper towel trying to get it to stop bleeding, my son is wailing about not wanting to go to the doctor.. at that point I had no idea what the cut looked like because there was so much blood. I thought for a bit that we'd be taking him to the E.R. and there was no way they were going to be able to glue this one!
I worry about that boy.. He's always falling, or tripping, or cutting something open. He does know how to milk his injuries though.. when he asked for pretzels, I gave him some, and then for orange juice, and then goldfish, and when I told him he was going to have dinner soon, he freaked out and I just gave him some more goldfish.. My oldest son thought he would jump on that band wagon too, and started whining about how it wasn't fair that his brother was going to have goldfish for dinner, and I said that when he slices his finger open, he can have whatever he wants for his dinner.. After thinking about that for a minute he comes to me and says he doesn't think he'll ever slice open his finger, and for that reason it's not fair that he should have to eat dinner that isn't goldfish. ugh.. When I left for work, all four of them were sitting on the couch with their goldfish..

Friday, February 22, 2008

Bad Words..

My sister is a huge Howard Stern fan, and owner of a satelite radio. I'm guessing she won't be listening to it too much on the way to daycare since she heard her daughter chanting "Bababoui"

And just this morning at the gas station, while getting the pump she had been waiting for stolen by someone else, she heard herself echoed in her 3 year old when she yelled "Douchebag!"
Oh to be in the car for a minute without your kids.. at least there you can curse freely at those morons on the road.. but alas, there are few moments like those, so for you Christhadasister, watch your god damn mouth! jesus!
Would it just stop f*#@ing snowing already? jeez louise. Seriously, I was just starting to enjoy the look of the dead grass on my lawn, and now it's covered (again) by the white stuff. I'm just so tired of it. ugh...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

3 Things Guaranteed to Ruin Your Day..

1.) Getting word that your house isn't going to sell because the buyers financing didn't get approved..therefore seeing the house of your dreams drift away..
2.) Visiting your mom in the hospital, who is there for a blood clot in her lung (she's going to be fine, but it's nerve wracking none the less)
3.) Attending a wake of a 20 year old boy who died far too young..

I haven't cried like I did yesterday since I gave birth to my twins and couldn't help it.. I'm better today, but man, yesterday was NOT fun.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Here We Go Again..

We made an offer on a house yesterday. Ours isn't on the market, nor did we think we wanted to sell, but a few weeks ago, our neighbor called and said if we decided to sell our house again, to let her know because she was interested. That didn't do much for me, as I'm not about to take my kids out of their school in the middle of the year. However, on my way to their school on Friday, I drove by the house of the woman I used to babysit for many years ago, and saw she was selling it. Later that day, when I thought of it again, I looked it up on line to see what she was asking for it. Surprisingly, it's in our price range. I couldn't believe it, and all of a sudden the wheels started to turn. I tried frantically to get in touch with her to see what was up, why she was selling so cheap and so on. But I had no luck, as our town seemed to be having some phone issues on Friday. Anyway, on Saturday I called the realtor and he showed it to us about an hour later. I already knew what to expect, part of the reason it was so cheap was because it needs some cosmetic work, new carpets and such. She's an avid animal owner, and the pets have almost ruined the house. But nothing we couldn't fix. We made an offer right there. The house has only been on the market for a week, and already had some offers coming in.
My whole thought process at this point is that once she comes across my offer, she'll take it because it's me. I've known her for years.. her daughter was in my wedding! But later that day I learned that the reason the price is so low, is because the bank is trying to do a quick sale, and she's trying to avoid foreclosure. This made me feel a bit shitty.. I mean, if I was being foreclosed, I'm not sure how psyched I'd be for someone I knew to buy it. It also means, that the bank is going to decide who gets it, not her.. although at this point, we're in the lead as far as offers (at least that's what her realtor is telling us..) Anyway, it's still up in the air.. I called my neighbor, but she's in Florida for a few days.. I did manage to get a hold of her cell phone, but I haven't heard back from her yet. If it's meant to be, then it'll work out..
The funniest part of this whole thing, was seeing my boys at the showing FREAKING out because there was a dog upstairs (just sitting on the bed, totally harmless little boston terrier) and the nicest, fattest cat that we discovered in the basement. All the while, as we're writing up the offer, my oldest son is whispering "Mom, I don't want to buy this house.. I don't want to live here.." Poor thing.. He's ok with it now, once he realized that the animals wouldn't come with the house, and that he'd probably be on the same school bus as he is now.
So, I'm not getting my hopes up.. although honestly, I've already moved myself right in.. but I'm just going to see what happens.. We are still happy here, and not yet desperate!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My nephew called me yesterday with some sad news. His best friend from middle school, a boy that lived at our house during these years, passed away while studying abroad in Austrailia. I can't quite describe the sadness I feel, or the even grasp the sadness his parents must be feeling right now.. all I can think about is that time.. the time he spent at our house, brightening our days with his warm smile, and his wonderful sense of humor. He was the kind of kid that you would want your kids hanging out with. He brought endless fun to our house, and although they lost touch through their high school years, he still remained someone that my entire family was fond of..
A tragedy like this, when someone so young dies so young, generates a gratefulness for what you have.. and what you don't ever want to lose. I haven't been able to stop thinking about his parents.. they were both teachers at my old high school, and very well liked. He was their baby, the youngest of 4.. and far too young to leave them behind.

Monday, February 11, 2008

You can't always get what you want..

A tough lesson for my baby girl to learn.. She found my camera, brought it to me, and then freaked out when I took it away.. poor baby!

Shoe tying..

He's 7, and it's finally time to get him to tie his shoes.. Is that really old not to know how to do that?? I don't know, but I guess Tuesday is gym day, and he has told us that he either wants velcro shoes, or to learn to tie them himself.. I guess the teacher and aids are getting tired of doing it for him.. He got a lesson from his dad tonight, and went to bed with a book on tying shoes..

Black and Bluish..

Can you see the bruise? He fell out of a box (yes, out of a box) right into the corner of a chair. Thankfully the bruise is the worst of it, it doesn't hurt (anymore) and he has decided that boxes are for storing stuff, not for little boys to try to navigate around the house...


I avoided a messy situation with my 4 year old today. We were in the drop off line at school, and he frantically says he has to pee. I beg him to wait a couple of minutes til his teacher gets him out of the car, but I can tell by the sound of his voice that there will be no waiting. So rather than let him piss his pants, which would have been our only other option, I get him out of his carseat, pull down all the snow gear, and made him whiz off the side of the loser cruiser into the snowbank. I thought he would be a bit more modest, as there were about 20 cars in line with us, but he didn't blink.
Boys are so lucky that way, being able to just whip it out and go. I guess that's why I wanted to be a boy when I was his age, and made everyone call me Erik (I did, really!) Anyway, my girls and I had our 3 hours minus the 4 year old and head back to school to pick him up. You can imagine my surprise when I see his teacher approaching my car with the familiar plastic bag. The bag that you only get when your kid has pissed his pants! ugh. How? How did he have an accident? But that's ok. Of course I didn't make a big deal about it.. I don't want to traumatize the poor kid. He simply told me that he had to go again, but it was too late by the time he got to the bathroom. No big deal..

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Oh to be organized..

My husband and I talk about getting organized one of these days. We even bought a file cabinet once. It's got old utility bills in it and every owners manual from every appliance, big and small, that we own. Some of them we no longer own, but we've got the manuals, just in case!

I spent a good part of my morning looking for my youngest son's birth certificate and immunization record so that I can register him for kindergarten. Once I found out that it was time to register him, I immediately started getting my shit together to make sure he gets in. I am not missing the deadline for this child to be out of my hair for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week! I'm horrible, I know.. Anyway, of course I couldn't find half of what I was looking for.. I found my marriage license (I have no idea when that's going to come in handy, perhaps at the divorce.. I don't know) I found my birth certificate, laminated. I found the stumps to all my kids belly buttons (yea, ewww is right!) I found every card I've ever gotten.. almost. And yes, most of these things were in the filing cabinet (with the exception of the umbilical stumps). But no birth certificate, so apparently, I'm going to have to lug all my kids to town hall and cough up the 12 bucks and get a copy. Then, maybe I'll get some organizing done.. I have come to a point in my life where that old saying "Not enough hours in the day" is totally how I feel. At 10 pm, when I'm off to bed (actually, it's usually earlier) I am walking up the stairs, thinking of all that I still need to do.. but I don't. Nothing ever gets totally done.. the laundry gets folded and sits in baskets in our hallways for weeks. The sink is never quite empty. I get stuff half put away.. it's a relentless never ending chain of crap to be done. Oh, and the other day my husband said he wanted a dog! I guess because having 4 kids isn't enough work, why not just throw in a mutt that's going to shed all over our couch, and shit in our yard. Sounds like something we should take on! Good lord...