Friday, February 27, 2009

Packing.. or Crying..

I'll be doing one or the other next Thursday.. The buyers of our house have to meet their deadline after the inspections and decide if they are going to move forward and actually purchase our house. They had their home inspection here on Wednesday, with a brand new inspector. He saw some things the other inspector did not see (nothing major) and didn't see some a couple of things the other inspector saw, like the bowed wall in our addition built by my husband. yay for a new set of eyes, that apparently don't see as well!!
Today they came by and did the appraisal. We decided we didn't want to know what the appraisal came in at, even though we weren't sure if the buyers would tell us anyway. We know that we are bending over, but so are the people we are buying our new house from. Our hopes are that they are going to see what the appraisal is, and know they are getting a great deal, and the final inspection (the septic) will mean little because they will have instant equity. That's my hope anyway.
I'm not getting much sleep these days. This morning I woke up at 5, and wondered if we're doing the right thing.. we're going to be taking on a more expensive mortgage, but we are also going to be moving out of a condo, on a busy street, to a single family home with more than one shower, in a great neighborhood.. I really have to keep telling myself that.. we are 6 people LIVING IN A CONDO!! And as nice as it is.. it's still a condo, and we are all growing out of it, pretty quick.
This has been years in the making too.. if this works out, it will be what is meant to be.. This house we are buying, was the first one we looked at, and what made us decide to put our house on the market.. It's in the same school district, which is HUGE! And we know people in the neighborhood already, which will make the "bus transition" for the boys much easier.. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that next week, when all is said and done, and we know a tiny bit more about the future of our family, I will in fact be freaking out because I have to pack an entire house, full of shit, instead of bawling about another house lost.. wish me luck, okay?? :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

What If..

I just spent the last couple of hours, wondering what if..
My 8 year old son went to a friends house today, someones house he has been too dozens of times..
Today when I dropped him off, we were met at the front door by his friend.. I said goodbye, and told him I would be back at 5.. When I came home, my husband told me that he thought they had guns in the house.. I said he could be right, but I also thought that they were very responsible, and would surely have them locked up out of the kids reach.
I got there at 5, to pick him up, and thought it was weird (to say the least) that not one of the parents came out to see me. I just stood in their dining room with my son and his friend while my son got his coat and his boots. All the while I am standing there, in their dining room, looking at their disaster of a house. I'm certainly not judging them on the shape of their house, even though you could not see the dining room table due to all the crap on it, or the kitchen counters for that matter. What did strike me was the gun on the dining room table. Just sitting there. I have no idea what kind of gun it was, and that didn't matter much to me. It was a gun, and two minutes before there had been 2 8 year old boys unsupervised with that gun. I also saw a cabinet in their dining room, flanked by two deer heads, full of guns. And not one visible lock on it.
When I got home, I told my husband what I had seen.. We then asked my son if his friend had ever played with any of the guns. He quietly told us that his friend did, but that they didn't have any ammunition in it. And that sometimes his friend would tease him with a gun, by pointing it at him and chasing him around the house. I can't tell you the horror I felt at that moment, I'm sure you can imagine. My husband told him right then, that today was the last day he would be playing at this boy's house. To make him understand why, I asked him to think about the "what ifs". What if this boy was playing with a gun that he thought had no bullets in it, when in fact it did, and what if he pointed it at him, and it accidentally went off. What if then.. He understood, and said he didn't want to imagine that. Neither did I...
Jesus. When I think about what could have happened.. and thank god, what didn't.. it just infuriates me. His friend is more than welcome to come over to here to play, but there's not a chance in hell he'll be going back there.. son of a bitch.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Paid For..

Well, after 6 years of payments, I am happy to announce that we are officially the owners of our very own LOSER CRUISER!! When I look back at the snowy, Presidents Day when we bought the van, with my oldest son being 2 1/2 and my second on the way.. I never would have thought that 6 years later, I would have 4 kids, and be totally trapped to a mini van.. FOREVER.. or what seems like forever.. my days of driving a cute little sedan, are not in my near future.. I am however, very happy to be saving close to $300 bucks a month.. and even though I refer to it as my "loser cruiser", at 36, I still look pretty cute in it! haha...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Home Inspections.. and My Husband the Skinhead..

So the couple we low balled came to an reasonable number, and we are officially under contract. Today we are going over to the new house for the home inspection. I can't wait to get in there and see it again.. it's been months since I last set foot on the property, I hope I still like it!
We are set to close on the 23rd of March, if all goes well with the inspections at our house.. if not, then we'll be out about a grand.. and will officially be the lamest home owners on the planet, and the third time will not be a charm. Son of a bitch. I can't even think about that right now.. I'm too busy moving myself in to the new house.. which is in the cutest neighborhood, a place where my boys will finally be able to ride their bikes (well, once we get them some and teach them how to ride it..) The home owners are trying to include a cat in the deal.. my boys are adamant that they do not want a cat.. I'll see what kind of cat it is today and if it's something I could live with, most likely not. I'm not a pet person, and cats smell.
Oh, and my husband surprised me yesterday when I came home from the grocery store with a completely shaved head. Down to the skull. I think it looks good. He called me today from school, to ask me why I didn't tell him that it looked terrible. Um, because it doesn't.. I guess some of the teachers at school voiced a not so positive opinion on his new doo.. poor guy. Here's a pic..

Her Favorite M&M...

Would appear to be the yellow one. Why else would she shove it up her nose? I didn't realize anything was up there until I saw a little yellow goo trickling down her nose.. followed by the brown chocolate. She managed to blow the rest of it out, and has yet to see what would happen if she put a red or blue one up there..

Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Low Balled Have Become the Low Ballers..

We are awaiting word if a divorced couple will accept our ridiculously low offer on their house. They actually countered offered, but we couldn't go any higher. Their house isn't even on the market, they had taken it off a month or so ago and were going to wait until the spring. Apparently the wife wants to sell it to us, and the husband (who is unemployed living in Florida) wants to get top dollar.
I can't blame them at all, and in fact, I'm pretty sure they would either have to be crazy or just desperate to accept our offer.. but only time will tell..
In other news, I'm bringing my 5 year old to the pediatrician's this morning. He was up all night with the worst sounding cough, and has a fever, which he has had on and off for several days now. I love bringing my kids to the dr's. So many germs. And they love us there too! It's always a weekend when we go. My kids just can't seem to get their sick in during regular business hours. ugh.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

So the house we wanted, and the only one in this town that we could afford, was sold over the weekend, to someone else.. Of course I'm hoping it falls apart..maybe they won't get financing, or maybe there are parents involved who are going to talk them out of it.. I have my fingers crossed tightly for their misfortune. I know, it's nice isn't it?
We had to tell the people interested in our house that the deal was off.. I wasn't so sad about that considering the fact that I thought they were total douches.. This has opened up our horizons a bit.. we are looking at a house in a neighboring town, the town both my husband and I grew up in. It would mean the boys would have to change schools, and honestly I don't know how psyched I am about doing that. Ctale told me it would be like taking off a band aid, painful at first, but quick to heal.. I think we are going to absolutely have to love this house in order for me to want to move. Really really love it..