Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Holy Shit!!!!!!

I've been sitting on some news for a few weeks now..dying to blog about it, but keeping it quiet.. until now!! My husband and I are going to be having another baby!! It was a surprise- one of our Friday fun nights kind of back fired.. and here we are.. But wait, there's more, this isn't why I'm calling this blog entry holy shit.. I'm calling it that because ever since yesterday, when I had my first official dr's appointment, that's all I've been able to say.. She did an ultrasound.. and lo and behold, there were two tiny little babies in there!! Say it with me folks HOLY SHIT!! I'm having twins! It's been surreal ever since then.. I got no sleep last night because I just kept waiting to wake up from this very bizarre dream I was having.. I'm not awake yet!! My husband had to sit down when he saw the two babies in my belly.. "I'm a teacher..I don't know how we're going to do this" Meanwhile, I'm laughing, and holy shit is just racing through my mind.. I thought 3 kids would be insane, but manageable..but 4?? And twins?? Jesus! I have no baby clothes, I got rid of all of them because we were done having babies.. no maternity clothes.. Ugh.. but amidst all the chaos of finding out that I'm going to puff up like a balloon, and have to push out 2 (not 1, but 2) babies, I'm really excited. I am afterall, a twin.. so I look forward to watching my own set of twins grow, and hope that they have the same special bond that I have with my own twin.. My husband is excited too, I keep seeing him with a glowing smile on his face.. and I totally agree with him when he said yesterday, that there had better be at least one girl in there!! We'll find out in the up coming months.. It's going to be a long ass winter/spring and summer.. I'm due in August, so I'm still early- I know I should probably wait til I'm a little further along to be blabbing about this, but I am just not one of those people that can keep my mouth shut.. so here's to a healthy pregnancy, a fabulous, pain free delivery, and at least one girl! :)

Friday, December 23, 2005

My boys got an early Christmas present last night.. in the form of vomiting and diarrhea. Fun, Fun!! I had just gotten home from work last night, with a happy meal for each of them.. it was about 2 minutes later that my youngest son was standing next to me complaining about what I thought was him biting his tongue, when he just let loose.. It's been a long time since I've seen that much puke! And it went everywhere! It was coming out of his nose, and he was freaking out. It's one of those moments that you wish you could have reacted faster to, but time was not our side last night. The poor kid just wanted his mommy to hold him, and I'm thinking no way buddy, these are dry clean only pants.. but of course I pick him up, and try to catch the next wave of puke as it goes everywhere. My husband was oblivious to what was going on.. even though I was yelling to him in the next room that I needed help.. he finally did come to our rescue, and wiped up most of the vomit. I expected my son would want to just sit on my lap til bed time, but oh no.. not this kid! He was off like a rocket after that, like nothing had happened. Luckily he slept pretty good, and has seemed fine since then.
So, I guess I could stop at the puke story, but I did mention I must continue. That was what my oldest son was plagued with last night.. all night. He kept waking up telling me that his belly hurt. My husband and I took turns taking him to the toilet, where he dumped more watery poop than I thought possible (I'm sorry to be so gross..but I wouldn't want to sugar coat it for ya, it was nasty!) There were only two times when he didn't quite make it, and we needed to change his underwear. His poor little bum is very sore today.. from all that poopin'. I even put diaper cream on him, so that it would give him some relief (which it did) But he was all worried that someone from school might see him, and know that he's wearing diaper cream for babies! I assured him that wouldn't happen.
Needless to say, I'm exhausted today.. My husband is out doing his Christmas shopping, and I've been cooking for our Xmas eve dinner here tomorrow night. I just called him though, and told him that I need a nap! He'll rush right home (I'm sure!)
Anyway, the boys appear to be fine now, as they are throwing toys at each other in the living room. I'm glad that this came last night, and not when they were waiting for Santa..

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My nephews new plan (as of 1pm today) The Coast Guard.. or maybe another facet of the military.. fine with me. I agree with Bob when he said it's not the best time to be joining the military, but it could be just what this kid needs. He couldn't do any worse than his father did at his age when he joined the army. He went awol, eventually returned (after pickpocketing some old lady in Florida went sour) and was eventually let out for medical reasons- not sure what kind of medical issues he had at that point.. but whatever.. I still think he'd do better than his dad! So, let's hope something happens here.. something inspires him.. He's at least trying to figure it all out.. I guess..

Monday, December 19, 2005

Home again

My nephew is home.. yee friggin hah! His homecoming was sweetened when we found out that he didn't pass ANY of his classes.. nor did he go to any of his finals.. Why would he? He would have had to get a 90 to even pass the class! Ugh... So, all his shit's home (which smells like a boy who doesn't do laundry, or care all that much about hygiene) He's already pissed us off to no end.. dishes in the sink.. using our cars- leaving trash in them.. My husband had to search his room this morning for his car keys. I then discovered this morning, that he's been reading my emails.. hmmm.. I had one opened, that I hadn't opened, and no one else in the house had either. So, when he finally reappeared from a sleepover this afternoon, I asked him if he would please respect my privacy, and not open my emails... he denied doing it at first, then fessed up.. I don't know what that boys problem is.. but he's going to drive us crazy. My husband's given him 6 months to get his shit together, get focused, or get the hell out. He's paying rent (which I'm sure he's not happy about) But you know, we've done so much for this kid, and all he does is throw it back in our faces.. When we found out that he had gotten suspended, we had a talk about what he needed to do next. Figure out his financial aid situation, meet with his advisor, and check out the local community college about taking some classes this winter so that if he wanted to transfer he could. And of course I begged him to try to make the most of the last few weeks, and really buckle down. Sure, no problem. He was on board.. so I thought. He didn't do any of it! Nothing.. I know he's still a kid, I know that he's immature, and still trying to find his way.. but this is ridiculous! Anyone out there want a roommate??

Friday, December 16, 2005

Love Dad..

I got a Christmas card today from a sister of mine that I met when I was 16.. Yes, I didn't know she existed until I met her at my dad's wedding. Like watching your father marry someone besides your mom isn't awkward enough, let's add a half sister you never knew about! Hmm.. I can't tell you how strange it is to walk into a room, and see someone (who does not happen to be your twin) that looks a lot like you.. She's 2 years older than my sister and I. And in my father's defense, he didn't know she existed either, until she turned 18. It's typical of my father to decide that his wedding would be a perfect time to introduce his new daughter. Why would the other ones mind?? I mean, he was already marrying a woman who had a 7 year old daughter who called him daddy, why would we mind one more??
Anyway, she was very nice, although I think she felt way more awkward than any of us! This was how her new dad was introducing her to her "new family" at his friggin wedding..Weird. She's married now, and has 3 kids. They live in Northern NH. She's been to all of our wedding/baby showers, and things like that. My dad's tried to develop a relationship with her as well, although I think she was in for a bit of a surprise there.. he's not exactly the fatherly type. He lives about 10 minutes up the street from me, and I only see him a few times a year. That's just the way it's always been, I'm assuming it's the way he wants it. Whatever. I've hoped to develop some sort of relationship with her, but it's hard to do that when so much time has passed.. ya know??
Anyway, it reminded me that I've got to send her a card too! damn!
This is worth noting too.. the woman my dad married, he divorced. She like country and he liked rock n roll (isn't that why every marriage breaks up??) He's since then given up on ever marrying again, which is fine with me.. But his sour attitude about marriage spilled over onto my wedding gift.. This is good! He gave my husband and I a rock.. it was actually quite beautiful (for a rock- and yes, this was my wedding gift!!), it has our names carved into it, with our anniversary date, and "ALWAYS" under it.. It's something you would put in your garden (or basement-whatever) But then, you flip over the rock, and it simply says "Oh Well" How harsh is that?? Anyway, what am I to expect from a man who was an hour late to walk me down the aisle?? yup, he was! good lord..

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

We ended up taking my youngest son to the ER last week, and they glued his head back together.. It ended up being a bigger hole than we thought, and couldn't deny it any longer. Luckily, he was on his best behavior and sucked it up like the little man that he is.
As for the hole in my roof.. hmm... well, it only leaked moderately after last Friday's snow storm, and it only caused some minor damage to the ceiling in our upstairs hallway.. and one of our closets, which of course happened to be housing all the kids xmas gifts.. but nothing was damaged.. It's getting very cold outside, and not so warm inside.. Rain is due by the end of this week, and we still have no walls, or a roof in our new room.. it's freaking me out a little!
I must say that today was one of the longest days of my life.. my two nieces are both teething, both refusing to sleep, and both wanting to be held constantly. It would be fine if I came equipped with an extra set of arms (like Mr. Potato Head..wouldn't that be great??) Lets just say that I spent a lot of time sitting on the floor, trying to make room for everyone on my lap!
This is my last week without my nephew back living with us.. having to borrow our cars, messing up the house.. driving me generally insane... I can't seem to get in touch with him either, which is driving me insane as well. He won't return my calls, or my emails.. I just love how responsible he is!
I'm looking forward to the holidays.. and getting a wonderful gift or two from my husband.. :) I found a receipt from Dick's Sporting Goods (my favorite store- NOT) but I only saw one thing on it (I wasn't snooping, it was just sitting on the kitchen table, and I stopped reading it when I realized it wasn't mine..) but it would appear that he got me an air mattress.. I guess so he won't be uncomfortable during all those nights when I kick him out of bed.. haha, no, I'm sure it's for when we go camping.. I was bitching last summer about wanting one.. And I have no idea what else he could get me at Dicks..but I'll soon find out! I requested some new pj's and an electric blanket (with dual controls) I'm so tired of being cold! And he hates them.. something about cancer.. well, speaking of xmas, I got some last minute on line shopping to do..

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Last Easter my youngest son had his first set of stiches, 3 right above his eyebrow. Today, he almost got his second. We opted on butterfly band aids instead.. but the funny thing about this gash, is that it starts at the very beginning of the old scar, but goes straight up.. he basically has an "L" on his forhead.. poor chump!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

There's a huge hole in my roof. We're paying for it to be there.. and someday it'll be our new master bedroom (I shouldn't say "master", that makes it sound big.. and it's going to be rather small) But it's still going to give us some extra room none the less! However, at this very moment, it's just a big hole.. and it's getting a bit drafty in our house. We've been promised some walls before the impending snow storm on Friday.. but walls don't worry me so much as a roof! Aw well, it'll all be worth it someday.. we'll just throw another jacket on.. and bundle the boys up good..

Saturday, December 03, 2005

That was a blonde moment

I guess I panicked a little bit in my last post.. as it turns out, there's actually something called a bid retraction on ebay, specifically for typographical errors. Imagine that, a billion dollar corporation having something like that! I can be such a tool!

Friday, December 02, 2005


I am so f'ing screwed.. I was bidding for some stupid ass xmas oranments on ebay (after having a few beers) and some how I bid $110 for Rudolph ornaments (for my husband) and put my maximum bid at $520. I don't know how I did this, or how to fix it. Are there any ebayer's out there to help me?? I'm sooooo fucked!!! This is not how I expected ebay would ruin my life.. but I think it just did................

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Potty talks...

I was in the bathroom last night with my oldest son waiting for him to finish his business (he's back to not being able to go unless there is someone in there, and his little brother was busy) Anyway, to pass the time he starts asking me about how babies are made.. well, not so much as how they're made, but how they come out of your belly. I was trying to let him draw his own conclusions, since he's only 5. I don't think he's quite ready for the nitty gritty of it all. I'm always amazed by the minds of such young children. This is what he's assuming.. You go to the hospital, the parents pick out a baby that looks good and grown, and they put it in your belly. Exactly! So, I think we're done.. but noooo.. He then asks me how does the baby get out.. hmm.. So, I kind of tell him. We've had a talk about how girls and boys are different, how boys have a penis, and girls have a vagina (pagina, remember??) I tell him that the baby comes out of a woman's vagina.. "what's that??" apparently his memory is even worse than his mothers.. But then he says "oh, is that your pee pee?" "yes" hoping this is it.. Of course he starts thinking, and says rather horrified, "they cut off your pee pee??" Ugh.. No, and then I promise to tell him all about babies when he's 10.. yikes.