Friday, October 28, 2005


My sister and I went to my son's Halloween Parade at school this morning.. It was so cute! He was a blue power ranger.. We got the costume about a month ago, and as soon as we got the suit home, he tried it on, and I discovered that the zipper was broken. I told him that we would have to return it, and that he couldn't wear it. This of course did not go over well, since he'd been waiting "all his life" to be a power ranger.. ugh. So, ok, I tear off the tags, admit defeat, and understand that it's now going to be my responsibility to fix it. Which I did. I bought some velcro, the kind that sticks.. well, that lasted about 2 minutes. Especially after my youngest found them, and tore them off and was using them as bandaids. Anwyay, no problem, I've still got like 3 weeks to fix it.. I'm a bit of a seamstress.. somewhat crafty. I can fix this stupid costume.
Ok, here's how I fixed it at 7:15 this morning.. Duct tape! Yea, that's right. I'm not sure when I'm going to learn my lesson about procrastination and parenting, but it hasn't sunk in yet. Poor kid. I duct taped him all up the back (on the inside of the suit) and then a strip on the outside. In my defense, it did actually look like part of his costume. But he couldn't stop touching it. He was so afraid it was just going to unravel (he does not yet understand the strength and the sheer brilliant ability of duct tape.. but don't worry, he will!) During the parade, when he was walking around the halls of the school, in a single line with the rest of the kindergartners, for all the parents and upper classmates to see, there he was, holding his butt, making sure he didn't fall apart. Ahhh.. I know the feeling..

Thursday, October 27, 2005


I totally lost my cool this afternoon in my kitchen. I was busily preparing dinner (as any good wife/mother does :) when I saw it.. A FLY! Jesus, I thought, if my kid sees that, it's going to drive him over the edge. Especially with all my talk about how bugs are dead, it's too cold, yada yada. So, with my killer instinct in check, I quickly slammed my hand down on the counter, and knew before I even hit it, that it wasn't going anywhere.. apparently, if the bugs aren't dead by this time of year, then they are pretty damn close to it. I'm thinking maybe that bug was on a suicide mission, just sitting on my counter like that! Now, this is where it gets a little gross.. bug juice was ALL over my hand, yuck, I know! I think some of it's innards may have flown across the counter into my dinner, but whatever, a little bug guts never hurt anyone, right?? Unless it's carrying EEE or something.. jesus, I hadn't even thought of that. Anyway, the point is, my son was spared another life altering moment.. and tonight he will sleep just fine in his bed lathered in bug spray!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Christmas in October..

I ordered an mp3 player for my husband for Christmas. It was delivered tonight, and signed for by him! I hate that! I should have had it delivered elsewhere, but I was thinking that since I'm home all day, that it would just come when I'm home.. damn! Instead it arrives during the only 1.5 hours of the day that I'm not home! And those guys never knock, usually it just gets dropped on our porch and I'll find it on my way in. Oh well, I called him a minute ago, and told him to just open it, and Merry Christmas.. 2 friggin months early!

Monday, October 24, 2005

My Scardey Cat..

I've mentioned before how my 5 year old is terrified of many a things. Bugs, blowing his nose, going to the bathroom by himself.. to mention a few. It's come to a point where it's effecting many aspects of his young life. I've refused to go into the bathroom to "watch him pee" so he's gotten his 2 year old brother to stand guard against anything that might want to snip off his pecker, or pinch him in the bum (we've got some paint peeling off of a light fixture and it happens to resemble a spider..good lord!) Anyway, the night time has become a bit of a nightmare for my husband and I (but mostly for me since he seems to sleep through most of my nighttime jollies) Early, and I mean very early, Saturday morning, my oldest son woke up crying because he was cold. He had gone to bed in his boxers and a tshirt. It wouldn't have been quite so chilly for him if he didn't refuse to get under the covers, but he absolutely would not put the blankets on him. He's deathly afraid that a bug might sneak in under his covers and get him. Even though I've told him that all the bugs are dead this time of year, and that a bug would have a much better chance of getting him while he's just laying out there in the open. He didn't believe me when I told him that bugs were dumb, and couldn't find their way under his blanket. Anyway, there I was at 4am dressing him in sweat pants, and socks, bundling him up good, cursing myself for not doing this before he had gone to bed. Of course his little brother is awake, and won't go back to sleep until I get him water, and then hold his hand by the side of his bed.. which I do. But my oldest son is still whining because he's still cold! And he's still refusing to get under the covers, even though I've checked and double checked for bugs. We all ended up in my 2 year olds twin bed.. all mushed together like a bunch of friggin sardines. That is until about 6 am when my youngest decides that it's time to go downstairs, and that we're done sleeping..
So, here's how I've fixed this problem. Bug spray. I soaked his bed in it, and he's now convinced that he can cover up! Thank god! Oh, and he blowed his nose this morning, and I didn't have to bribe him with anything! Now, that's progress!! :)

Friday, October 21, 2005

In an effort to get my great big butt, not so big, and maybe sort of great, I've given up coffee. I've heard that caffeine will slow down your metabolism, and the rest of your systems. It's all part of a larger plan to try and eat healthier, exercise, yada yada. But the headaches have been murder. I was never a coffee drinker, I sometimes had tea, and occasionally would get a coffee from Dunkin Donuts, as a treat. But last year, I was hosting a baby shower for a friend, a brunch, so I went out and bought a coffee maker. Since then I've been brewing it everyday, enjoying at least 3 wonderful cups... looking forward to it every morning.. setting it to brew the night before so that I could wake up to that wonderful smell.. hmm... I never realized how it was going to effect me, not having it anymore! Detoxing from coffee is not fun either with 3 kids that are 2 and under! I took plenty of advil this week!
I must say though, it's gotten much better. The sharp pain in my temple is now replaced with a dull ache.. And I've lost 3 pounds! So, yee ha! But I still miss my coffee!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I started a diet this morning.. I don't normally do "diets" but when my 5 year old passed me in the hall this morning, patted my ass and sang "butt butt, great big butt" I knew it was time to do something..

Monday, October 17, 2005

Santa.. the big fat lie

Using Santa as a stronghold with my oldest son, has proven beneficial over the years. All year long.. Santa's watching. A friend of mine told my son about the "Santa Birdy" It's a bird, that can see anything my son does, and reports back to Santa. This has also been useful, even though my son hates birds, and I think the mere thought of some bird working for Santa watching his every move may give him the he-be's, but it's still kept him on his toes.
This year, as the holiday approaches, my husband and I have been using Santa a lot! Unfortunately, this has seemed to backfire a bit. Every little thing my son does, is followed by "am I still going to get presents?" He's now become obsessed with being good, and always worrying when he's not. It's gotten to the point that I tell him if he doesn't stop asking about whether or not he's getting presents, then he won't. And that Santa really despises whining, and the constant bugging of his parents!
I guess we're only asking for trouble even telling him this huge lie about Santa anyway. I really do hate lying like that, even though it's for some great big fun thing. He's only going to be hugely disappointed (as I was) when he finds out that there is no Santa, and his parents have just been snowballing him about the whole thing. It's a rather shitty thing to do to a kid.. I'm hoping the fun of it all will out weigh the lies and deceit.. I forgave my parents afterall..

100th Post!!!

I felt as though this was worth mentioning! My 100th post! 100 entries, that I have relentlessly unleashed onto my blog reading community.. In honor of this, I thought I would suggest having another blog n brew soon.. Anyone up for it?? anyone, anyone??

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Smokey Bones..

My family and I went to Smokey Bones in Portsmouth tonight. That's quite the crazy place! First, it's a very masculine restaurant. They have wood everywhere, big ole logs of wood over the bar, the entire interior is like a huge log cabin. If that's not enough for the man in you, they then have about 30 t.v.'s, and a sound box at every table, for every t.v. My boys loved that, being t.v. junkies. My husband also enjoyed this part... why wouldn't he? Every damn t.v. had sports on it. Baseball, football, racing, golf. Am I missing one?? Jeez, how about a re-run of Friends for the ladies? Or a good episode of Designed to Sell? Would it kill them to throw on something for us? I guess that would only lead to fights over the sound box, it's bad enough when us women are at home trying to get our hands on the remote, I suppose the management of Smokey Bones didn't want the men and women jumping over the tables trying to get their hands on the sound box.
The funniest part, was when an elderly couple was being seated at the table behind us, and the host tried to explain the sound box to them. They said they weren't going to watch t.v. They were romantics.. Awh.. how sweet.. and romantic, to take your wife to a wilderness sports bar! I'm sure the guy knew that he didn't need sound to see what was happening on the football game!

Thursday, October 13, 2005


I've recently discovered eBay. I know it's been out there for years, but I've never tried it before. I must say, I'm hooked. Well, not hooked in a bad way, I'm still in control of it. My mom and older sister have a "history" with eBay.. Something about "winning" things that just turned them on to it, until they had no more money. I'm different though (seriously) I've been doing xmas shopping on it, it's like one big yard sale to me, only the stuff is nicer. I'll be careful..
I've been doing my xmas shopping on line for years now, it's so much easier than going out.. the crowds.. the driving.. blah blah, it's really the way to go.. anyway, I'm off to check on a bid.. :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Tagged.. again :)

Contagious tagged me.. I had to look up my 23rd post, 5th line, and reflect.. It happened to be about my son, and his first day of orientation for kindergarten. It's funny now to look back at that, and to see my intrepidation, and his total ease. He just left me there, while some old lady took his hand and led him down the hallway to his class. And I stood there, feeling lost and alone, everything that I thought he would be feeling. He was as ready as I never was at his age. I remember being scared to death, and clinging to my mother's leg while my twin sister wailed at her other one. I couldn't see past my own experience and see that he may love it.
I'm so glad that he does. To complete my reflection, it seems as though my son is the same little boy he was at the first day of orientation last June, as he was on his first day back in August. He's an incredible kid, who was ready to spread his wings, and get the hell out of my nest!! ;)
I tag whoever has at least 23 posts!

Sunday, October 09, 2005


My nephew has had his first run in with the authorities (well, the first that I know about) One of his 4 roommates at school, was served a search warrant after the cops had been tipped off to the fact that he was selling marijuana out of their dorm room. In the middle of the search, they found beer under my nephews bed, and of course he was arrested as well. I got a letter from the judicial department at UNH (didn't even know that department existed.) He's got a court date in November, and he's meeting with one of the lawyers at the school to try and get out of the hefty fine. He thinks that because the search warrant was for his roommate, that maybe he can get off on a technicality. Hmm.. sounds a little too good to be true, but good luck with that! He's home this long holiday weekend, working! Just in case! As far as the roommate selling pot out of the room, I guess he's getting kicked out, and will most likely do some jail time (according to my nephew of course) I just hope that he can stay on track at school, and not mess up his entire future. It's hard to explain anything to a teenager, they do after all, know everything already!
Here's what a night out in Maine can cost you:
1.) Take out at a friends house $0, they graciously payed for our delicious meal..
2.) Beer at a local bar $15. This was what my husband spent when he went out with our friend, and left me and his wife at the house to do some much needed catching up.
3.) Doing 64 in a 45- $185. No shit. They are not messing around when it comes to speeding! This has been the most expensive night in quite some time! Oh, and I was NOT driving! Hah! My poor lead footed husband!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Knocked up..

Ewww.. I was already grossed out by the whole Tom-Kat thing.. but now they've taken it one step past the gross factor, and his seed has impregnated the poor girl! What the hell is that girl thinking? Did she have such a huge crush on him in the 5th grade that she's now allowing that creep to knock her up?? I was never a huge fan of hers anyway, and god knows I've always disliked that pompous ass, but now.. good lord! Is he trying to prove to the world that he is in fact a man, not just some over zealous chump.. Jumping up on Oprah's couch, telling Matt Lauer that he knows about psychiatry, that he's done his homework.. Let's not even talk about his movies. I'm sorry, I can't say that there's anything of his that I loved, maybe I liked him in Born on the Fourth of July, but that was a decade ago.. He's just so creepy!
Let's just hope that the mother of his child, god forbid, doesn't get the baby blues, or post partom depression.. we know she'll be doing yoga and reading L.Ron Hubbard to try and fix it.. jeez! I hate Tom Cruise!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I am SO happy to have the internet back at work. I don't know what happened, or why they've given it back (I have this vague feeling that it was some sort of set up, and now they're watching our every move on line.. good thing I haven't visited my favorite beastiality sights lately! hah!)
Today I did nothing but babysit.. and do some more babysitting. I haven't seen my husband for more than 20 minutes in over a week (or so it feels..) I'm treading on thin ice even mentioning his name, but what the hell.. I miss him, and blogging about him makes me feel in some weird way, closer to him. Last night it was my turn to put the kids to bed (we have to sit on the floor in between their beds til they fall asleep- yes, we're in control!) Anyway, when I came down stairs about 20 minutes later, he was passed out on the couch. I was hoping to talk maybe get a chance to talk, or at least be awake in the same room for a bit. Oh well. It'll be nice when his schedule's not so hectic.
There's a new Ikea store opening in Stoughton Mass soon. Can't wait! I'm so taking the back seats out of the loser cruiser and heading south as soon as it opens (November 9th) I'm going to have a new master bedroom to decorate soon!! Oh, my hubby's going to love that!!

Monday, October 03, 2005

I have commanded respect, and damn, I think I got it! The housekeeper just left (read the previous entry before this one so as to keep it all straight) I told her what was what, and she kept thanking me for telling her about the cost of the bag, before making it. And how kind and thoughtful it was of me!
It didn't at all turn out like I thought it would, I told her that I would still give her a deal and that she could have the bag for $35.. she said she'd think about it.. whatever, I could care less if she buys it, at least I stood up for myself and said something and didn't let myself get taken advantage of! After all, self respect is priceless.. am I right people??
I'm at work, awaiting the arrival of the housekeeper, coming to collect her bag..that I haven't made for her.. ugh.. I'm a tad nervous.. I can hear her out there vacuuming.. I know she's coming. I've written an itemized list on a scrap of paper of what it'll cost me for the bag ($27). I initially had told her it would be $25. This was before she added on all these "extras" (snaps, hidden pockets..)
I'm hoping the note I wrote for her will bridge our language barrier, and make her see that I have no problem making her the bag, but if I only sell it for $25, then I'm screwing myself, and man are there going to be some pissed off people out there.. at me, for not having a backbone!