Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Lily's.. My Spaz.. My Nerd, and the bobsie twins..

I found in my new yard, what appears to be lily of the valley (my favorite plant). Which only convinces me more that we are where we are supposed to be.. in this new house of ours.
Everything is working out so well.. We have met all of our neighbor's, who have been so nice in welcoming us to the neighborhood.

My kids are loving our yard, and our paved driveway.. Earlier this week we got my 5 year old an early birthday present. A new bike. I'm sure we'll have a trip to the E.R. in our near future as he's driven it into the mailbox twice, into the loser cruiser more times than I can count, and off the driveway into our drainage ditch multiple times. And this is WITH training wheels! There's a reason his nickname is Spaz!

My oldest son has completed 2 more books in as many days. While his brother is outside trying not to ride his new wheels into something, he's in the house with his nose in a book. We went to Lowe's the other day, and an elderly couple chuckled as I firmly told him (again) that there was no reading in the parking lot! How many kids walk along a parking lot, totally engrossed in a book? As much as I love his enthusiasm with reading, there is a time and a place, right?

And what can I say about my girls?? Besides the fact that they are totally independent, and complete clingy to me at the same time. It's exhausting. They have become quite the little fashionista's. They produce more laundry than the rest of the family put together. I would say they go through 5 outfits a day, each. Not that they get them dirty (or very dirty) But they change constantly. One has to be in a dress, all the time. The other one prefers pants. When it was really hot earlier this week, they both wore dresses, but they insist on wearing socks. Pulled all the way up. Yea, this was a cute look. I came home from a meeting on Monday and my husband had them in matching pink Patriots sweatsuits. They looked ridiculous. But they loved them and as much as I begged, they would not change. It wouldn't have been so bad if only one of them was wearing it, but when they match.. ugh.. nothing like drawing attention to a really ugly outfit, twice!

Monday, April 27, 2009


This is my new word. I love it. I stole it from Nickelodeon's iCarly. And yes, that would make me the biggest nub of all...
My older sister laughed when I asked her to stop being such a nub when we were helping my mother move.
My boys think it's funny when I ask them to stop being such nubs. Yes, it's better than asking them to stop being such big pains in the asses (which btw, I have never called them-well, to their faces anyway).
And I think my husband prefers nub to tool.. but I haven't gotten an official opinion on that one. Anyway, if I call you a nub, it's only because you've deserved it, and most likely because I love you! Nub.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No Party.. not this weekend anyway..

Ok, so I'm a total idiot, and forgot that my mom is moving this weekend, so the "pahtay" will have to take place another weekend.. but it was turning out that most of my favorite people were busy anyway, so it's all good..
Tonight I am a single mom.. My husband and his band are playing in Boston tonight.. at Harper's Ferry.. sounds fun, and I'm sure he's having a great time.. as I sit here and try to color my hair (to remove my grays..) One important step that I might have missed was adding something to the coloring bottle.. it's only an oil, so I'm hoping that it's not that big of a deal, but I could end up with some weird colored hair, that is fried.. It's not like I don't have it up in a bun or a pony tail every day anyway, so really, who gives a shit? I don't know why I didn't notice when I was mixing it up, that there was something "extra" left over. I sort of thought it was the shampoo or something. Big duh..
Anyway, vacation is next week, and I'm looking forward to some help around here. Not that I think I'll really get it, but maybe I'll get a beautiful walkway to my front porch, or railings. Railings would be nice.. Ok, I gotta go, American Idol is about to boot 2 contestants, and my head is getting all tingly..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'm having our first party here at our new house this Saturday.. It's going to be close to 80 (so they say) and it's a perfect time to get everyone together and check out our new digs.. So, byob, and anything you want to throw on the grill!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Life goes on, while my blog just SUCKS IT!!

My poor poor blog.. I hardly have time for it anymore.. between the new house and the kids, and the new house.. ugh.. I barely have time to breath.. or so it seems..
Today I painted the cabinets in my kitchen island- black. They look amazing. That was a teensy weensy part of my day. Before that, I had the plumber back, someone who is quickly becoming a fixture in my new house.. He did some caulking and has hopefully fixed a leak that we have had since day one. Thankfully this was included in the huge bill we got from him last week.. My fears of having to insist that the work he did today would have to be part of what he did the last time he was here were put to rest when I said "gee, we found some rot in some of the logs outside on the house and now are paying for that to be fixed, is this going to be part of what wasn't fixed last time?" To which he replied "Oh, of course, I own a log cabin too, and they ain't cheap" Yes, we are now in a dying breed of log cabin owners, and how lucky are we to have found a plumber who lives in one too!!
This past week has had it's up's and downs.. the weather has been amazing! Today it was over 70! The rest of the week was beautiful too, and I actually have a tan! yay me! well, my face is tan, while the rest of me is it's regular pasty white..
I had a parent/teacher conference on the phone with my 8 year olds teacher today.. in between melt downs that the girls were having. I had tried to get in to see her personally, but life has been too hectic for that, so we had to settle for a phone call. I was still thrilled to hear from her, and learn that he is indeed a genius. Not that she came out and said that, but she did tell me that when they are doing writing in class, she often shares examples of his work with the other students as a model of what they should be doing. We also talked about his reading, and his comprehension. For Easter he got a book called "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" He read the whole book that day. His little brother was sure that he had beaten some sort of world record! She said when she met him at the beginning of the year, that she knew he was a diamond in the rough, and now, he is shining!
I would like to take credit for that. But I can't. This is his doing, and his doing alone. Any genius that boy has, he has created himself. I would like to think that I have provided him with his sensitive nature, and his willingness to adapt. But I'm not sure I can even take credit for that. I was so proud of him.. and that wasn't even all she said! I could go on and on..
Last night we went to Home Depot, to get some stuff for my kitchen project.. When we got back to the car, my husband thought we were missing a kid.. I said "oh, good, is it the whiny one?" Yea, he wasn't missing at all, in fact he was listening to the entire conversation and cried a good few minutes while I apologized the entire time. Sometimes I can be such a douche!
He's going to his first kindergarten birthday tomorrow.. it's his "best friend" (this week anyway) He's so excited about it! I've told him, that I'm dropping him off, then I'm picking him up. I will NOT be hanging out.. he seems ok with it.. we'll see!
Ok, I gotta get to bed.. the girls are fast asleep (in my bed.. yea, the whole crying it out thing didn't last.. twin number 1 puked all over the place, and now I've adopted the attitude that this won't last forever.. ugh.. I'm such a putz..) Nighty nights..

Monday, April 06, 2009

Second Place is The First Loser..

This is what my husband told my 8 year old this afternoon after coming in 2nd on Mario Kart. Wii are great parents huh?

Friday, April 03, 2009

Crying It Out....

I'm listening to my oldest daughter screaming in her crib.
Tonight is the first night that they have been put in their own beds. They are not liking it one bit. It is however, time. We've been in the new place almost 2 weeks, and they need to adjust to life in their own room. I'm downstairs, listening to her yell "mine". I don't know what she thinks is "hers" at the moment.. My husband is upstairs, listening to them while he tries to watch t.v.
A part of me wants to just run up and grab them both and bring them to bed with me. Thankfully, the bigger part of me is tired of sharing my queen sized bed, with two toddlers who toss and turn and kick me all night.. It's like a bandaid right? Painful at first, but fine soon after (right Hill?)
Ugh.. I'm off to see how the hubbers is doing.. nighty nights..