Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kids and more kids..

It's vacation week at my house.. my husband and my oldest son are home all week. My oldest son asked me today if he could have a friend over.. why not? We already have 7 kids in the house including my sister's kids, so what's one more.
Well this only makes my 4 year old livid because he has been asking me for weeks to have a friend over, and I keep blowing him off. I told him he has to be 5 to have a friend over. If I wasn't so crazy busy with all the other children, it might be ok. And at 4, I'm not sure if the mom's at his school would just drop off the kid, or want to stay and have a "play date" and I'm just not up for that, with all that I have to do. My older son can just go outside, or in his room, it wouldn't be like I had another kid to watch..
So, I don't know what to do. The bugger did go outside and ask his dad though, after I had told him no. grr.. he's a sneaky one that boy! Oh, and my husband said "Sure!"

You might not want to go in there...

This is what I told my 4 year old the other day after leaving the bathroom. Of course no one listens to me, and he strolled right in.



"Did you spray the flowery air spray?"

"Yes I did.."

"Well, it didn't work!"


Monday, April 28, 2008

Paint and her left kidney..

We brought our daughter for her ultrasound today. That went swimmingly. Thankfully it was a very brief form of torture, and soon enough the tech sent us to the waiting room, where my daughter dried up her tears.. for the next round, which was only meeting with the doctor. However, seeing this man sent her into another fit of "I can't believe you are doing this to me" kind of rage, even though the man didn't even come close to her.

Anyway, she's fine. The hydronephrosis in her left kidney looks the same, which is good. They want her back in 2 years for one last look. She'll be almost 4 by then, so hopefully she'll handle that a little better.

We had all the kids with us, who I must say were really well behaved. We stopped at Target and bought some new curtains and a slipcover for our couch. All of which I'm not sure if I like. We had lunch at Chili's (one of the boys fav's) And then came home. It poured, which made getting in and out of the car very wet.

I hung up the curtains, and took them down almost as quick. They're uglier than the blue we painted that room. I went back to the paint store and got a much happier shade of orange. As soon as I get home from work, I'll be painting away again.

My husband is off to Portsmouth to see the band Filmschool. Ctales fiancee is opening up for them, and he's really looking forward to it. I wish I could go, but getting out on a Tuesday night is impossible.

My mom is in Canada this week for vacation. She can really use the r&r, and she most certainly deserves it.

Well, I'm at work, and blogging isn't the most productive thing I could be doing.. so later!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hey Sally!!

This is what I said to my husband before I snapped this photo Friday night.. It's a nick name that I have for him.. one he doesn't care for, but after 2 beers, this light weight should not be awake, never mind painting our living room.

But we did it. Friday night we painted 2 rooms, into the wee hours of the morning. I like the living room at night, not so much during the day.. The playroom needs new curtains and rugs, so I'm still not totally hating it. I was the one who got the final say in the colors, so if it's any one's fault that they are hideous, then it's mine.

Tomorrow we are heading to Manchester for our oldest twins follow up ultrasound. Her 12 month follow up for hydronephrosis (yea, she's 21 months old.. better late than never!) I am hoping to talk the husband into some shopping before hand.. it's vacation week and the only day that I won't have my sister's kids.. we should do something special! Anyway, I'm off to bed.. Good night!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's getting hot in heah..

Last night we went to the second grade musical at my son's school. All of the classes sang songs that related to Earth Day and how we can do our part to live on a greener planet.
Despite it being about a hundred degrees with both the girls planted on my lap, it was really funny. The funniest part was when one of the classes starting singing a song about Global Warming.. and the opening lyrics were "it's getting hot in here.." I seriously expected them to start ripping off their clothes and sing "let's take off all our clothes".. remember that song from a few years back?? I even shot a glance at my husband, who was probably thinking the same thing..
The night ended with the whole family getting ice cream at the shop at the end of our street.. A great way to commemorate Earth Day with 4 paper cups/ and 6 plastic spoons tossed in the trash.. we're just doing our part!

Spoils of the Tooth Fairy..

My son's tooth finally fell out. Yesterday morning at 4:30, I heard him calling for me. He looks so much different without that snaggle tooth hanging out between the 2 new ones. Handsome as ever of course!
He asked me what I thought the Tooth Fairy would bring him, I said it would probably be worth a 5 spot considering what his father and I had put him through. He seemed pleased with that.
Since the Tooth Fairy tends to spoil this boy, she decided to get him the newest webkin, the Chicken one. She got here last night at about 10, and soon after I went to bed, I heard my son calling for me. She had left a beautiful note, that Fairy has some really good handwriting! And the webkin next to him in his bed. He was elated!
Then this morning around 6, I could hear my youngest son crying from his bed. He couldn't believe that the Tooth Fairy didn't bring something for him. I guess he felt as though he was owed something for having to look at that tooth all these months. Yea, we all felt like that, but in a 4 year olds head, apparently it's worth getting a toy. The poor boy was totally snubbed. Which means his whining streak is going to continue into the weekend, or maybe until I break down and buy him a new one of his own. We'll see who has the greater will.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Carrots are good for you??

Has anyone seen Carrot Top lately? What the hell happened to that freak? Jesus! There is NOTHING funny about steroids, or a brow lift for that matter! I'm just sayin

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Picking out colors..

It was another beautiful day here in NH. I can't complain.. but of course I will! My youngest son has decided not to talk, but rather whine. He hasn't stopped doing it in about 2 days. It's driving me insane.

But that's life with my little boy. In other unrelated news, we have decided to do some painting at home. It only took a minute for me to decide that my husband and I are clearly going to butt heads on picking out the perfect color. It's hard to argue with the artist, and even harder to argue with the bitch. I'll let you all decide who is who.

He went to the paint store today and got a couple of samples. One of the color's is a blue. The shiniest ugliest cobalt blue I've ever seen. The other (for our living room) is green. Hemlock green. Another ugly disgusting color.

I don't know why I let him go to the store without me.. I guess I forgot that he picked out the last major color decision we had, the color of the house, which is a very 70's yellow (I call it the peanut butter cornflake) It's terrible.

So we'll see what becomes of our living room and sun room. We may just end up with large squares of paint in different colors for a while. I don't see a compromise on the horizon, but as usual, I will be the one who gives in first and will let him pick.. I do wish sometimes that he would just give me control of the decorating.. he can totally work the grill, and I can pick out colors of the house.. what's the problem with that?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth Day...

It came a day early for my youngest son. His school met at a local park today to clean it up a bit, plant some flowers, play some kickball and take a hike.
I enjoyed it all very much, talked with some of the mom's I know, and then almost died trying to push my girls in their double stroller up the "hill". It's not so much a hill, as it is a small mountain.. well, no, I guess it's not a mountain at all, but this "hill" kicked my ass! I would have had no problem at all if I wasn't pushing 40+ pounds of babies, and their stroller, along with all of our shit. It was exhausting. There was a mom walking with me though, that helped me out and pulled it from the front at some steep parts. We made it up a slope, everyone stopped in this clearing.. I sat down, grabbed some water, and then they started hiking again? ugh.. "We're not there yet?" I am so out of shape! There was a grandfather there, a really nice guy, who actually offered to push the girls up for me, but I claimed it was good for me, to get some exercise. I didn't want some poor older guy doing my grunt work. Honestly, I probably should have stayed at the bottom of the hill with the pregnant lady, and the woman with the other set of twins.. But if I had done that, my son never would have gone with out me. And once we were there, we had fun.
I have an idea that I'm going to be feeling this "fun" in the morning..

Saturday, April 19, 2008


This is just a very quick video (my camera ran out of memory) but this insanity went on for a good 10 minutes. I'm persisting through though, and one of these days, shoes won't make them loose their shit!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Good Neighbors..

The two neighborhood girls came over to play with my boys today. One we know very well, she's a regular at the house. The other one, not so well. We did go to high school with her dad, and he had the nickname "meanboy". So you can imagine.. I was upstairs this afternoon getting ready for work, when I hear her rhyming my youngest son's name with some not so nice words. A second later, I can hear my son crying, and heavy footsteps headed my way.
I asked her to stop calling him names, and then to please go outside because they were using my stairway as a tar mack.. I was just waiting for one of them to fall and start bleeding.. so please, take it outside.
A while later, the boys come in and ask if they can go on the neighbors trampoline, to which my husband and I answer in unison, NO! Those things are death made out of rubber, and no thank you, we don't have the co pay for the ER this week!
Moments later, my youngest son comes back inside and tells me that the unkind neighbor girl is being mean again, and calling him names, but he can't remember what. This is when we decide it's time for dinner, and to say goodbye.
My husband told me later, that when the neighbor child we "sort of" like saw the other one coming, she told the boys "you better run.. fast!"

Spring Has Sprung!!

At least it did today.. And I'm happy to report that my girls are now walking on the grass!!! Time to celebrate, and time to keep a good eye on them! Here's my lovely daughter enjoying the beautiful weather in our backyard...

Hi Mom..

I got a call at work from my mom tonight. She asked me what the name of my blog was. I wasn't aware that she knew I had a blog. But she does. So I gave her the name, and then quickly erased anything that might offend her.. hahaha just kidding.. so Hi Mom!!

Hanging With My Peeps!

Ctale, and Lnotes came to play today with their adorable girls.. I love having my girls over..We had Chinese (thank you ctale) and wine (thank you Lnotes).. and homemade mint Oreo ice cream (thank you me!) It was a great afternoon.. Lnotes left before I could snap a picture of her beautiful girl, but here is Miss S with my two..

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Animals of the human variety..

Here is my my darling, charming niece.. My kids didn't get the whole eating right from the bowl thing, since they've never seen her dogs eat before..
Yea, we're all set with the pet free household.. Seriously though, this girl cracks me up!!

Justice for the Nerds!

Finally, the one person in the top ten of American Idol that should have been sent packing weeks ago, got the boot. I can't say that I'll miss Little Miss Country a.k.a. Kristy Lee Cook.. not since Beatles week where she totally hacked a classic.. Too bad this didn't happen last week, I still miss my Aussie hottie..

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why I bother talking is beyond me.. no one listens anyway!

The past 2 days, my niece has been begging me to get into her brother's pack and play. I haven't let her because quite frankly, she's too big for it. This is what I turned around to in a split second after getting one of her brothers out of their car seat..

He just should not answer the phone!

My son's teacher just called me. It's an early release day and my son was claiming that he was supposed to go over to a friends house, but there was no note from me to say that he could. There's no note because I hadn't heard anything about this. So she had no choice but to send him home. I know he's going to be furious when he gets here, and the thing is, it's not my fault. Not one bit. I checked our caller id and there was his friends number, they called last night while I was at work, and I guess the pinhead who took the call forgot to relay the message to his wife, who does everything around here. Ugh. I've put a call into my husband at school, and tried calling the friends mom, but she's not home yet. The problem is that I can't bring him over, I've got all the kids today and not enough buckles in my loser cruiser.
I'm hoping the mom offers to come get him, they live about 1/2 a mile away, and she's very nice.. otherwise, I'm going to have 2 really pissed people here. I love it when my husband and I mesh as a team! I hardly feel single at all during those times!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes..

I know this isn't gourmet fair, but can someone please explain why it should make my kids cry when it's served to them? The girls loved it, but that's because "they don't know any better". But the boys sat at the table last night and cried with every bite we forced them to have. Another wonderful family dinner, full of threats "If you don't eat that, then you're not getting dessert" which btw were m&m ice cream sandwiches. Or "If you don't stop crying and eat your dinner, then I'M going to eat all of the dessert!"
It always ends the same way, we bargain with them "eat 4 more bites and you can have dessert"
And we wonder why they act this way??

His time of the month..

Is it possible for a 7 year old boy to be experiencing PMS? Because all weekend, my son has been such a grump. He went to 2 birthday parties, got a brand new webkin, and some pokemon cards, yet all he's done is whine and complain about anything and everything. I tried getting him out of his funk by making plans for his own birthday party coming in about a month, but he wouldn't have it. It just depressed him to talk about his own birthday, when the party he went to yesterday had no goodie bags. Good lord. I hope he gets his period soon, or just gets over all the injustices he feels that has been bestowed upon him.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Geeks are Pissed!!

And by that, I mean myself, and whoever else watches American Idol religiously (that would be my husband too) But come on people? Michael Johns?? The Aussie hottie with a decent enough voice to at least make it into the top 4 or 5.. but kicked off at 8? It's a travesty, and I might not watch ever again.. although you know I will.. I know I will, we all know I will. But now I won't get to look at that bubbly lipped, big bummed, cutie patoots anymore.. damn!! Paula and I cried in unison last night.. oh Michael..


My poor husband has been sick for over a week.. And I mean really sick, like he's had to blow his nose at least 4 times a day, and he coughs almost as much! And the pressure?? Can I just tell you how bad the pressure is? It's right behind his eyes.. it's just horrible. Oh, and the dry mouth, and having to breath through his mouth because his nose is stuffy. It's been torture for him. I don't know if he'll ever get better.. (now imagine me pulling out my hair, screaming, ok?)

Why are men such pathetic wimps? And I don't mean ALL men, more specifically, my husband. I'm about ready to smother him in his sleep, if I have to hear more about the "pressure" and the sinus infection he thinks he has (which btw, he doesn't) and if I see him lay down on the couch after I've had a gazillion kids in my care all day, because "work was rough, real rough" Because it's not usually a picnic at our place, but I've had to do it sicker than him, and come on buddy!!!!!! Give me a break!

Ok, I think I feel better.. Now let's all hope he feels better soon too.. poor bastard.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Tooth that Won't Fall Out..

Last night we convinced my oldest son to let us try and pull out a tooth. This tooth has been hanging on for dear life for months. Seriously, the other tooth has grown in behind it, much like the last tooth he lost. It's now perpendicular to the new one, and it was just time.
My husband was the "puller" and I was the videographer. He wrapped the dental floss around it, and right after my son said he had butterflies in his belly, he yanked, hard. Unfortunately, that tooth decided that it wasn't going anywhere, and in a split second we knew we had jumped the gun. It was the look of horror on my husband's face that I knew it had gone sour. Instead of pulling out the tooth, he had lodged the dental floss in his gums. So after the bleeding subsided, and I got the poor boy to calm down, I was able to untie it from his tooth, and remove it from the gum. It was gross, and painful for the little guy. His motivation for allowing us to do that was so that he could get the money from the tooth fairy, add it to his chore money and get a webkin tomorrow. I told him that I would front him the money from the tooth fairy, and he could pay me back. I also told him that after that fiasco, I bet the tooth fairy would kick in a little extra, maybe for some pokemon cards.. Oh, and the video, that I would have posted, was momentarily deleted by my daughter who got hold of the camera while I was trying to dislodge the dental floss. Nice. It was a great night!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Happy Easter (3 weeks later..)

My youngest son and his cousin were playing in his room today. Forever. I was enjoying the break from them, and getting a good rest on the couch. When I came to and went upstairs to check on them, I was almost knocked over by the disgusting smell coming from the room. At first I thought my niece had taken a huge power dump, but as it turns out, they had found the Easter baskets, and 2 REAL eggs that I hadn't disposed of. It wasn't enough that they just found them, but they had cracked them open too. Of course, why wouldn't they? The kids weren't bothered by the smell at all, and when my girls woke up from their nap about 1/2 hour later, as I opened their door, I smelled it again. I haven't been able to find any more eggs, but I'm having an Easter Egg Recovery mission later... ugh

Monday, April 07, 2008


My sister called me this morning, and was so pissed about how the pictures came out yesterday that she spoke to the manager at Sears and they are redoing them for free. Here's an example of the crap they did yesterday.. which I didn't think was so crappy until I got a better look at them.. and I think we should be holding our own twins.. right?? And maybe we shouldn't be sitting on the floor.. and maybe we shouldn't be looking so stupid..

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Weekend wrap-up..

Sundays are usually a bit depressing to me.. for some reason I still get that "going back to school on Monday" feeling, even though I haven't been to school in almost 2 decades.. still, I'm not a big fan.
Yesterday we brought the kids to my brother in laws for a birthday party. The kids had a great time, my husband was ready to go when he got there.. he's sick, and the poor baby (and I mean that in every literal and sarcastic way possible) just should have stayed home. I offered him that before we left, but for some reason he wanted to make us all miserable, and not let us forget for one minute that he was sick! So, there!
Today I took the girls for pictures. And not just random 20 month old pictures, but TWIN pictures. Meaning, I was in it, my sister, and her boys. Sounds like the perfect photo op right?? yea, except that the shitty photographer at Sears, was all like "OK, now, I want you to intertwine your arms, and spread your legs.." Um, are we taking a family photo or are you trying to get some pictures for the Internet?? After a flat refusal on the intertwining of our arms, and sucking it in as best we could, we got some ok pictures.
Then I ventured on up to Maine to visit a friend that I hadn't seen in a while. I had called her spur of the moment on the way to our "photo shoot" and asked her if she was free. She was, so I told her that I'd call on my way up. You can imagine my surprise when I get there, see her car in the driveway, find all the doors locked, and no one answering the door or the phone. I don't know what happened. I called her husband at work who said she was probably napping.. but I should go to the neighbors and get the key. Yea, right. All this with two toddlers who are pissed as it is because I've woken them up to stand on some ladies porch banging on her door. She called me a couple of hours later, but I'm too pissed to talk to her right now. Her and I have a bit of a history.. she's been a shitty friend, and I keep expecting her not to be. It's sort of both our faults!
So, that wraps up our weekend.. I'm already looking forward to next weekend..hopefully my husband will be cured of his cold.. and start doing some shit around here.. ugh..

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bathing 4 kids..

Here's how I do it.. All at once! It works now.. but I do understand we're on a time frame.. Oh, and are you lovin the yellow tub?? yea baby!

Shoo Shoo Blues..and other news...

My girls have been wearing baby moccasins since they could walk. They're called shoo shoo's or robeez.. They're great, and they love them dearly.

The only problem is that they will not wear regular shoes. I can't put on a pair of boots, or sneakers or cute little dressy shoes. They freak out, screaming and crying.. it's such fun! I haven't been too concerned because we haven't spent too much time outside in the past 5 months due to the horrible New England winter we've been having.

However, it was nice out today. Nice enough to put on a sweatshirt, and head outside. I let the girls wear their shoo shoo's because of course I have no choice. The minute I put them down, and they feel the earth under their feet, there's more freaking out. I swear, I don't know what scaredy cat gene my kids inherited, or from who, but wtf? They refused to walk on the dead grass. They refused to move anywhere, instead they just stood there and screamed. God help me.

Our venture outside lasted 20 seconds.. They ended up playing on the deck instead, they were more familiar with how that felt under their feet.

In other news.. I have a meeting at the school tomorrow to update my youngest son's IEP. I got a copy of the draft today, and he's made great strides since last fall. I gotta say, I'm so proud of him. He works so hard at his speech and he's so proud of the accomplishments he makes. One of the babies has mastered saying her older brothers name, but not the youngest of the boys, which has slightly broken his heart. I tried explaining to him how hard it is for her to say the "L" in his name, and he totally understood that. Such a smartie!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Time for the Soaps!

I have 5 kids in my care, 3 and under, and they have all been asleep for over an hour! I just had to post that... This NEVER happens! Oh, and my youngest is at school.. yee friggin ha!