Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tonight I'm having dinner with the girls.. There are 6 of us that take each other out on our birthdays to the restaurant of their choice. Tonight it's Lnote's turn.. she's the first of us born in 72 to take the big plunge into another year older.. And she's always brave..and does it with total grace! Tonight we're eating at Lindbergh's..Yum!! I have something "pink and shiney" for Lnotes (that's what she said she wanted..) Hope she likes it!
The roofers are here today.. finishing up. It makes it quite difficult for naps.. but I plan on taking a ride in a few and getting the kids to take a good car nap! Crap.. I just remembered.. I can't leave until the building inspector comes. He told my husband yesterday that he would definitely be here today to do the final inspection of our new room. Ugh.. this guy has been saying he'd be over for more than a week! And we can't do anything in the room til he gets here..putz. Well, I guess I'm going to hang out here.. again!!!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Anyone seen my toothbrush??

I don't know what is wrong with me sometimes.. Last night, my youngest son, who had not napped all day, and really needed one..was whining about his batman toothbrush, and how he couldn't find it, and could I please help him.. so naturally I dragged my ass off the couch, and looked high and low for that friggin toothbrush, and of course could not find it anywhere.. So, much time passes, and he's still whining about the toothbrush.. and I mean, I've looked everywhere for this stupid thing, if I didn't know better I would have sworn that the house had swallowed it up.. Anyway, I'm basically at my wits end. When he gets something in his mind, he's relentless and doesn't give up easy, like many 2 year olds. But I've basically had it after over an hour of his whining, and my searching. He comes into the kitchen, where I'm starting to get dinner ready, and he sees me and asks me yet again, where his batman toothbrush is.. This is where my wonderful motherly instincts kicked in.. the part of me that is screaming "sure, have another 2 babies, you can handle it!" And this is what I said "I don't know where your toothbrush is, but when I find it, I'm going to shove it up your ASS!" To which he sniffles, and says "ok" and walks away, and leaves me to my business.. Do you think this should be added to my parenting do overs?? gee, I don't know.. he never mentioned the toothbrush again.. I can hear child and family services at my door.. gotta go..

Thursday, January 19, 2006

First cold of the new year..didn't I resolve not to let my kids get those??

Both my boys have been sick the past two days.. My oldest one has it the worst. Throwing up and plenty of diarrhea. Fun stuff! Let me tell you, there's nothing like waking up at 2 in the morning to a kid hurling all over the bathroom. Luckily he made it there.. Oh wait, there is something worse.. when he has to sleep with you (and when they're sick, I don't mind..) until they start shitting in my bed.. And here's how lazy I am at 3 am after being awake for 2 nights in a row.. throwing a towel down on the wet spot, and waiting til morning to change it. Ok, I know that's really gross..but my youngest was still asleep (in my bed of course), and I'd rather wake the dead than him, so we all suffered through some nasty bodily scents til daybreak.
I don't have my niece today, I called my sister early and told her that we were all ill. I'm feeling better this afternoon, I think my problem was lack of sleep... I don't want my niece to get sick either.. Anyway, I'm hoping that tonight goes a little better and we have no more crapping in the bed, throwing up all over the bathroom, and plenty of uninterrupted sleep..


I've mentioned before our housekeeper at work. She's a lovely woman, her English could use a bit of work, but whatever. She knows about my impending pregnancy, as most people who look at me do.. I'm starting to get quite the belly. Anyway, I heard her come in to our office 2 nights ago, and she always kind of sings my name "xianfern" But then the other night, she kept singing.. "is getting FAT" Huh? I just sort of looked at her, stunned, and said "gee, thanks" But then she starts laughing and comes over to rub my belly. ugh. She then says "oh, I just tease you xianfern" Ok, so that's that. Until last night (the following night) she comes in singing my name again, and continues singing that I'm getting chubby. Ok, I know she's not intentionally trying to hurt my feelings, but who does that?? Would you say that to someone that had put on a couple of pounds over the holidays? NO, of course not. Then why does she think it's ok to say that to an extremely sensitive, hormonal pregnant lady?? Whatever. Like I said, I know she means no harm, but man, let it go! jeez..

Friday, January 13, 2006

Know what sucks?

The first trimester of pregnancy with twins! Ok, it's not that bad, or it could be worse. I'm amongst the fortunate women who don't suffer from morning sickness, although I've been feeling a tad queasy lately if I do too much. But the exhaustion, and fatigue is nothing I've ever experienced. I know it's different when you're growing 2 babies, but jeez, I never imagined that one could get so tired, doing almost nothing. I can sleep for 10 hours (yea, right) and then wake up totally exhausted. It's all I can do to make my son's lunch in the morning.. and taking care of my niece has proven to be the only thing that keeps me off the couch. It's ok though, I know it's going to get better.. I look forward to the weekends when my husband is home, and I can lay on the couch in my p.j.'s all day!
Today I did more than I've done in two weeks. I went and ran some errands, took my niece to see her mother at work (and to show off her new walking abilities..I've never seen a baby so determined to just walk, it's amazing, and totally adorable!) I have another ultrasound today, and I'll meet with my o.b. after that. I'm sure that's why I'm not lounging on the couch right now.. I can't wait to get another view of the babies, and get to see that they're doing ok.. Anyway, my mother in law is coming over to watch the boys, so I have to do a bit more cleaning before she gets here... she raised 6 kids, and her house was spotless.. oh, the pressures on!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Knock Knock..

I had some company today, in the form of 2 Jehovah Witness's. This one girl has been coming to my house for at least 2 years, just to drop off literature. She's never imposing, and she never asks me if she can come in and talk.. I don't know why I don't tell her that I'm just not interested, and that the thought of selling religion door to door makes me want to hurl, but for some reason, I just can't seem to tell her that. She seems very nice, and I've often thought that I would love to invite her in, for some coffee.. maybe chat about our kids (she has a boy who shares names with my youngest) Although, I know if I invite her in, then we're not going to be chatting about our kids, it's going to be about God, and even God knows that I don't want to go there.. anyway, I gotta stop answering my door.. it's either some irate dry wall guy who speaks no English, or god's messengers! jeez.

Monday, January 02, 2006

It feels like time is moving in slow motion.. ever since last Tuesday anyway when we found out that we're having twins. I'm still somewhat in a state of shock.. my husband is too, I guess. He's been trying to find us a place to move to.. I told him that I would miss him, but I don't plan on moving.. we'll do just fine where we are. He just needs to realize that.. he will, eventually. My oldest son is beside himself with the news. We had told him that I was pregnant a couple days before we had the ultrasound, and he was thrilled with that news. During one of his baths, he started counting him, his brother and my belly, and said "I can't believe you're going to have 3 children!" He's not said anything about the fact that I'm now going to have 4.. he's just in shock like the rest of us!
It's amazing how consuming a pregnancy can be.. It always was with the boys.. thinking forward to meeting them, wondering how you were going to do it.. there's always some self doubt when you're going to have a baby.. But let me tell you, the thought of twins, yikes.. that's a scary one! I've thought about everything except how we're going to do it. I know we will, things are just going to be incredibly different! Everything we do nowadays is followed by "Well, we won't be able to do this when the babies are born" Like going out to breakfast with the boys, or getting a night out after they're born. My husband's convinced that no one is going to want to babysit.. Probably not, but there will be an occasion, I'm sure, that someone will offer it up, and we can find some time alone.. Both our folks are local.. they're going to jump at the chance.. well, maybe not jump.. but these aren't things that I'm worried about at this point.. I've been reading a lot about twins.. I'm not quite the wealth of knowledge on the subject that I thought I was. Being a twin, and having twins are apparently two totally different things! Hmm.. Anyway, I'm sure everything will work out just fine.. it usually does!