Monday, March 31, 2008

My April Fool..

The last two April fools days I have told my husband that I was pregnant. He bought it both times. I'm not even going to try that one this year.. if I remember correctly, sex is required for a pregnancy and unless I'm the second coming of Mary, I couldn't ever make him buy that one!

So, this year, I'm trying to decide how to pull one over on him this year. It's between telling him that I met someone while he was gone, or telling him that some skank has filed a paternity suit against him. I know they're both really harsh, but that's why I love them! I'm leaning more towards the paternity thing.. I'll post on that later!

His plane is delayed tonight, so I'm going to have another night with the remote... big deal. Ok, I'm off to put the girly girls to bed..

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I guess I really don't do it all..

Having my husband absent from the daily running of our household the last 4 days, has given me a new appreciation for what I never realized he was even doing.

Like holding a crying baby, while I held the other.

Bringing in buttloads of wood and getting up at 2 a.m. to stoke the fire.

Doing homework with our oldest son (which turns out to be why I miss him the most..I'm REALLY bad at 2nd grade math.. I was actually shocked! I mean it's SECOND grade!)

Getting up at the crack of dawn with our oldest.

Brushing about a hundred teeth.

Making popcorn on Friday night.

Giving the boys their vitamins (which I just remembered I forgot to do!)

Getting the mail.

Taking out the trash.

Lots and lots of stuff. It's been busy, and I'm looking forward to him getting home tonight. I miss him.. Here's a video of the babies dancing to their Daddy's music.. they miss him so much, I never realized how devastated they would be.. It's not like I left.. haha. Hearing his music put them in a great mood though..

Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Have 4 Kids, and NO Band Aids..

At least I didn't until this morning. It's not like I just ran out or anything, I haven't had any in months. We don't buy them because the kids are scared of them. Yup, we're raising some pretty brave individuals over here!
However, it is kind of a crucial thing to have in a household this big. Someone is bound to step on the General Grievous action figure from Star Wars and bust open the bottom of her toe. And it's bound to bleed a little, and maybe even get on the floor. A well organized mother would have band aid after band aid on hand for this minor emergency.
But we're talking about me, and the fact that I have all my kids even dressed this morning is a miracle.
I did get the band aids though, and my toe is feeling much better, so thank you!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

When the Cat's Away.. the mouse has to do everything!

My husband is en route to New Mexico. He forgot his airborne, so I'm sure he's freaking out on the plane thinking about all those germs stewing in the cabin. Poor neurotic putz. And I mean that in the most loving way, I feel for him, and how worried he gets over things. But he's a big boy, he'll be fine.

He left for 4 nights, and packed everything he needed in a knapsack. Funny. On our over night trip a couple of weeks ago, I packed an entire suitcase! What if I didn't like the clothes I brought?? He's lucky not to be burdened with low self esteem!

I'm dreading our morning tomorrow. I hear we're getting snow, which could mean a delay or a cancellation. I would be fine with this. Mornings are insane, trying to get my oldest son on the bus, getting breakfast, starting the fire. It's much easier to do all this if we can all stay in our pajamas! Dressing 4 kids, and myself is not something I enjoy doing at 7 a.m.

Anyway, I'm planning on getting the kids to bed at a reasonable hour tonight, enjoying a nice glass of wine, finish up a sign that I'm making, and watch all the TLC and HGTV that I want! That is one lame ass plan, but I'm going to love every second of it!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

100.3 WHEB | The Rock Station

100.3 WHEB The Rock Station
Here's my husband and his band.. He's the second one from the left (yes, Osama Bin Laden's double!) Check out the guy in the wife beater.. ugh, what a douche!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Rocking out at the BBQ

My husband is leaving next week for 5 days to New Mexico. His band thing.. it started out as this huge deal.. 50,000 seat venue, Hannah Montana (remember??) And now, it would appear that they are playing at a barbecue! Yep, a frickin barbecue. Ok, first of all, whatever. I only found out about this because I saw the itinerary, not because he told me. And second, um, we have barbeque's here! Do you need to go to New Mexico to play at one?
I guess they are all feeling pretty duped right now, and they still aren't totally sure what to expect. I guess this barbecue is a pretty BIG one (good lord) and I know my husband is really looking forward to being with his buddies for a few days.. Although, I'm predicting right now, he'll wish he was home by the 2nd day. He's not much of a traveler, and all 5 of them are sharing a hotel room! Cozy! He's also the only one of the band that is married.. so I'm sure the other guys are going to be on skank patrol.. it should be pretty interesting to say the least! And no, I'm not worried.. not one bit!

Mmm.. steak..

Getting my kids to eat is a total pain in the ass. Unless of course it's deep fried or covered in chocolate. My husband made dinner last night. Turkey burgers. His version of a healthy meal, which is ironic because he continues to bitch at me constantly over the pop tarts and chicken nuggets I feed our 4 year old, but sees nothing wrong with giving him the leftover ground up bits of a turkey.. anyway the 4 year old hates hamburgers, or turkey burgers or any kind of burger you might try to feed him. He does however love steak, and pork chops. When I saw my husband serving up the burgers (minus the buns because none of my kids are big fans of bread..) I asked him what he was going to give the youngest one. He shrugged, and I said f* it, give him a turkey burger, and we'll tell him it's steak.
My son took one look at the cut up "steak" on his plate, and asked if it was a hamburger, to which I said "No, it's steak" He took one bite, then two, and before I knew it, he had finished his entire burger before anyone else! Now I have to figure out how to make fruits and veggies look like steak..

Thursday, March 20, 2008

My youngest son asked me the other morning while having a nice cuddle in bed, if he could have my bed when his father and I die. Sure. Why not.

Dressing Up is Fun to Do!!

A good friend of mine came to visit me the other day. It was nice to see him, it had been a while, since him and his wife live down in Mass. I had all the kids that day, and he had taken off the day from work because his job was stressing him out. I wasn't sure if hanging out with me and 6 kids under 4 was going to be less stressful, but he came to visit anyway.

He brought his camera, and got this great shot of my youngest son. I'm not sure where his desire to dress in women's clothing comes from... perhaps it feels good on his skin, although, he says he's dressing like a baby, and not a girl.. ok, they ARE baby clothes, but GIRL baby clothes.. Anyway, what a cutie! I love this outfit he's in here.. if you look closely, you'll see two bucks in the front pocket of the shirt!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Frickin Leprechauns!

My son built a leprechaun trap last year in first grade, and I almost blew it when I questioned their existence. I had no idea he really thought they existed. He was very upset, to say the least. This year, the second graders didn't do any traps, and I thought that we had escaped the farce. Until Monday night, when I discovered him in the kitchen making a trap. Good lord. It went fine, he made the trap, put some "gold" in it (a.k.a. pennies) and a cookie, in case the money wasn't enticing enough. So, imagine my surprise, at 5 the next morning, when I hear him crying, calling for me because he's afraid he may have caught one, and doesn't want to go downstairs and find one in his trap.

After telling him to go back to sleep, at least for another hour, I just brewed in my bed. Thinking that this is ridiculous! Seriously, I don't mind the whole Santa fabrication, or the tooth fairy.. but when leprechauns are waking me up in the wee hours, I start to get pissed.

Luckily, he didn't catch one.. Then last night, at bedtime, he asked me if I had thrown away the trap. I said that I would.. He was afraid that the leprechauns might come back and try to get his money, and the cookie (which had already been eaten by his little brother, who in my opinion is way scarier than a leprechaun) But I told him not to worry, that leprechauns only come out on St. Patty's day, and that they were now with their pot of gold at the end of some rainbow far away from here. I also added that they aren't scary, they are jolly old men who are just greedy, and want to be rich.. I thought this was enough.. but then 10 minutes later, I can hear him crying again, calling for me. He thinks that he spotted one. On his bureau. It was little and green, and it may have had claws. Well folks, that was enough for me. My mom thinks that I ruined something for him by telling him the truth, that imaginations are important for children.. Duh. I know that, but this is part of some adults imagination.. and when it starts making my 7 year old cry, then the jig is up! I'm not sure he totally believed me, when I told him that they aren't real. He seemed genuinely shaken up by thinking that he just saw one. But it did allow him to settle down, and get to sleep. He hasn't mentioned it at all today. I'm hoping he won't. I don't want him to start wondering about all the other "stories" we've fed him, like Santa and the Easter bunny, although he may be outed too as both my boys have expressed concern once again, about the life size rabbit roaming around our house.. it's never ending!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Good Morning NH is now River Life..

My brother in law has changed his domain name, It's now
Just in case anyone wondered where he went..

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I did the worst thing a mom could do. I forgot to do something that I had promised my son. He cried, and cried, and my husband just sat there and gloated. He loves it when I look bad! It takes the heat off of him.
I had told my oldest son that I would print something at work for him, because our printer is dead (has been for many many months). Last night it totally escaped my mind, and when I walked in the door empty handed, his heart broke. Tonight he made me a note reminding me what he wanted printed, and put it in my purse.
Here's the kicker. The website,, is restricted here at work. It must be all those filthy animals that they don't want us viewing. I called home and I'm letting my husband break the bad news. Hopefully he'll be done crying when I get home.. jeez..

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Air Time..

My husband woke me up last night at 11:30 so we could listen to his band on the radio. It was pretty cool.. A local radio station has been playing tracks from their demo this week on a show called "Local Licks"
The D.J. said he was going to play another track tonight, so if anyone is awake at 11:30, listen to 100.3 (wheb) maybe you'll hear them.. they're called Before the Crash.. And this makes him look cuter than any house cleaning or wood hauling ever could!! ;)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I told my husband he looked cute tonight. He commented that it was only because he was on his way to get wood for the stove, and had just swept the floor. Damn, I hate it when they're right!


4 really cute kids. The oldest boy practically takes care of himself, he loves to talk, mostly about webkinz or pokemon and has mastered the computer. The younger boy can be a bit of a whiner, but he's tough, and athletic. Going to make quite a manly man someday. The girls are adorable, love to pretend to cook, clean, fold laundry. They can also pull each other down to the ground by their hair, so they're tough. Only serious inquiries please, and please don't tell their dad as he is quite attached.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Another Birthday..

My older sister turned 40 today.. Jeez.. I told her she'll be 50 before she knows it, then she'll be dead..
I was the only one of us laughing.. Anyway, Happy Birthday..


We got our third cord of wood delivered today. We were down to the last few pieces of the 2nd cord, so when the "wood guy" called me back today, I was thrilled.
He actually calls himself that. The Wood Guy.. that's not the name of his business, but just how he addresses himself. "Hi, this is the Wood Guy.." Ok.. He's a nice guy, although the last time we got wood from him (which was actually the first time) he showed up to our house totally hammered. In his defense, he wasn't driving.. he doesn't have a license, I guess most hardcore alcoholics don't!
Today however, when my husband went outside to meet him, I guess he was sober. Good for him! Although considering he only delivered the wood an hour ago, and he's already cashed the check, I'm betting he's not out buying groceries! Anyway, the wood was dumped in a much more convenient location for us this time as there wasn't 10 inches of snow on the ground. That might make it easier for my husband to stack it. He didn't stack the last cord, and it sat under a tarp in our driveway, and we hauled it inside piece by piece.. it was a pain in the ass!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

River Life...

My brother in law has started a blog.. And my sister has finally updated hers..after a year.. But they now have a p.c. at home, so the kids are being neglected, and their blogs are getting a shine.. :)

Our Big Night Out..

Was fun.. and went by too quickly..
It started late, as my husband returned from work 2 hours later than he should have.. and since I had been packed and ready to go since noon, I was chomping at the bit to get out of the house when he got home. I gave him 5 minutes to get ready, he took 20 and we left..
We checked in, I gave him his gift (see below) he loved it, we got ready and met our friends for dinner.
All in all it was great, I wish we could have stayed for a week, but my mom was ready for a break, that was clear when she let our 7 year old call us at 8:15 the next morning.. yes, thank you.. Anyway, we're now back home, enjoying our kids, half of them are still sick.. I'm feeling better, getting over my cold, and thankfully the biggest baby in the house (yes, my husband) has not gotten it yet..

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Happy Birthday..

For my husband's birthday, I took photo's of all of his art work, and had them put into a hardcover book. He loved it, and it actually choked him up a bit.. It was lovely.. The website is and they do amazing work! Here are just a few samples of his incredible work..

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Experienced Toy Finder..

This is something that I can now officially put on my resume. (If I had one..) My kids think that because I clean the house (sometimes) that I know where every single random stupid toy is. Our house was referred to recently as the black hole of toys.. my brother in law told this to his daughter one day when he was picking her up at my house and she couldn't find the toy she had brought with her. He said if she wanted to keep a toy, then she shouldn't bring it to my house. I couldn't agree more. Our house is cluttered with toys, although really, I have them all hidden very well. Our coffee table is a chest.. of toys. Under a bench in our playroom, are two large wicker baskets, full of toys. In the living room is a hutch, displayed nicely with nick knacks on top, where it's visible, and full of board games, and more toys underneath, where it's not. The kids rooms are stacked with toy boxes, and baskets.. all stuffed with TOYS. Our basement has more or less become the graveyard for toys.. most of them, they don't play with, or are missing parts, or have just been snuck down there by my husband in an attempt to live as a minimalist. He really thinks we can do that, with 4 kids.. sure.

So, today when my oldest son was feeling a bit blue about not being able to find something, he said to me "I've been looking for this toy forever, and I'm going to look for it some more" Giving me the old "Help me Mom" look.. to which I reply "Ok, well, good luck with that" Not appreciated one bit, especially when my husband starts laughing.. and then I start laughing.. The poor boy.. Of course I end up looking for it.. He told me that the last time he saw it, it was on his brothers bed. So, we tear apart the bed, and pull it out, and look behind it.. and finally I ask him "when exactly was the last time you saw it?" "A few days after Christmas.." WTF? Sure, I'm looking for a toy that he saw on his brothers bed 2 months ago?? good lord. We ended up finding it in the play room in one of the wicker baskets, thank god.. I then told them that I had officially resigned as the resident toy finder, and if they don't want to lose their toys, they should really take better care of them. There. I'm sure that'll work!

I'm getting it..

The fun cold that has been spreading around my house is hitting me! This is soooooooooo not fair! I never get sick (hardly ever anyway) and it would appear that this time I am.
I'm going to be hitting the drug store this afternoon for anti cold remedies.. Worse case is that I'm going to be sick on Friday, and fighting my cold from the comfort of the hotel room, with no kids to care for.. I guess it could be worse..

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It's only Tuesday?????

I am literally counting down the days til Friday.. I can't wait to get out of here, and head over to the hotel. Turns out my husbands band isn't playing (I guess they over booked the entertainment and they got bumped) This suites me just fine as I was hoping to have some more time with just him.. oh, and we are having dinner with one of his band mates and his girlfriend, but I draw the line at going back to our room for a nightcap.
I am also so excited to give him his birthday gift, which I can't blog about yet, but it really is something he's going to love. I hope..
Well, my 4 year old is stretched out on the couch and just asked me to turn off all the lights, his head hurts.. The twin who has been sick is still in a funk, although she hasn't had a fever since yesterday.. She did get out of my bed around midnight, throw herself on the floor and have a full on temper tantrum, of some unknown origin.. maybe I was hogging the blanket. The other twin is still healthy, so am I.. I'm just begging the gods not to let her get sick, or me for that matter!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Mondays suck.

School vacation has come and gone.. it sucked. One of the twins was sick (and still is) with a fever all week. She's been glued to me for 6 straight days! It's been exhausting. Today my youngest came home from preschool with a fever, and I'm sure the other twin will be getting it any second now. It's just the kind of family we are.. we like to share!
Today I started getting back into my routine.. which I am totally sick of. I can't believe I have another 3-4 months of hauling my kid to school, and to his speech.. seriously, I don't know how I'm going to do it! It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to haul the babies with us, but since the law frowns on you leaving your children unattended at home, I really have no choice.
I decided to try and be productive while my son was at his speech appointment, so I drove to the next town over to get a copy of his birth certificate so that I can finally enroll him in kindergarten for next year. I got to the town hall, practically parked in a snow bank, got the babies out safely, despite being parked near a two lane road and having to maneuver through the snow. Got inside, and found out that they don't take debit cards (and of course I didn't have my check book with me). WTF? Who doesn't take debit cards?? Dunkin Donuts will, for my $2 coffee, and so will the drug store for my $3 prescription. But the town hall.... NOOOOO.. The town clerk told me that I could use the ATM across the street. Which would mean loading the babies back in the car, driving across the street, and then coming back and trying not to kill myself and the kids to get back inside. I guess I'll be registering him another day!
Other than that, I'm hanging on to Friday.. My husband and I are going away for the night, in honor of his birthday (and really, I just need a straight 8 hours!)