Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Here are my two power rangers, my cute little bunny (a suit borrowed from a sister in law) and some random red fleece snowsuit hand me down, because we're too poor to get another halloween costume for a baby that won't ever wear it again (and when I say too poor, I mean too cheap, and when I say we, I mean my husband..)
Anyway, Trick or Treating was a huge success, considering what a disaster it could have been. The girls slept the entire time, and my boys got a ton of candy.. which brings me to the worst part of this holiday.. the candy, and how much they are allowed to eat of it.. I've pretty much spent most of my morning telling my 3 year old that he could not have another piece of candy.. to which he replies, "buuuuttttt me hungry.." Ugh.. I've made a million suggestions on what he could eat instead (my last one being a poop covered sundae with cheese- he didn't laugh a bit!) I can't wait til his brother gets home from school and goes right for the candy bag! I've already weeded out the really good stuff anyway! haha

Monday, October 23, 2006

This is my god son (on the right) with my boys.. He's only 2! My youngest (who is 3 1/2) used to have a hard time sharing with him.. Not anymore!

"This isn't the beer talking, but you look really good"

This is what my husband said to me on Friday night.. after his second beer, while I was changing one of the babies.. this is as close to a compliment as he gets, and it usually takes at least one beer to get it!
This past weekend my oldest son was up during the night coughing. He sounded terrible, and of course it was messing with the sleep that my husband and I so rarely get with 2 babies. It wasn't until this weekend, that we really started thinking about this cough.. this is the first time that we've had to be up with him, so I suppose we've just gotten used to hearing it. I've been saying that he's fine, if he wasn't he'd have a fever. I called his dr's today, and when I said that he's been sick for about 3 months (sounds good huh?) the nurse said they wanted to see him. No shit. We hadn't even put it together that it had been that long. We are seriously in one big fog at home and I guess we're lucky that the boys are getting fed and bathed and some attention every so often.. ugh.. what a couple of losers!
His doctor thinks he's got a sinus infection and we're starting him on antibiotics... he should be better in a few days.. He's such a trooper though, and has no idea how bad I feel that it's gone on this long.. I'll get the hang of this some day..right?

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Most people don't throw their own birthday parties, right? I mean, if you're a kid, your parents do, but then as you grow older, it turns into cake and maybe dinner with friends. If you have a romantic spouse, or even a thoughtful one, maybe they'll surprise you with a party or a nice dinner.. jewelry, whatever. Well, a good friend of mine turned 35 today. He's a friend of mine from high school who currently lives in Vermont. I don't get to see him much, but when I do, it's always a lot of fun, and usually requires a couple of days to recover from.
I called him this morning with birthday wishes, thinking that his birthday would probably just be another day for him, not much going on.. yada yada.. Well, I should have known! He's throwing himself a party tonight, at a club he rented with the d.j. he hired! He passed out flyers to this "event" and in order to get in, you must bring him a scratch ticket! He could potentially be rich at the end of this party! It's brilliant!!
Happy Birthday Tahdster!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Here he is, my banged up little boy! The cut looks worse today.. only because he fell down the stairs last night and split it open again.. I didn't bring him to the ER, although I'm sure we could have.. I don't want to start looking suspicious! Jeez, they probably already think we're beating him! He's just going to have to ride this one out.. I'm hoping it won't scar too badly..

Friday, October 13, 2006

Quality time in the Emergency Room..

I got some alone time with my youngest son today.. it's hard finding time spend with all my kids individually, but my little one has found the perfect way to get me to himself for an afternoon.. It's called a trip to the Emergency room! That boy is sooo proned to accidents it's ridiculous! This will be the third time in his three years of life that someone in that ER has had to either glue or stitch his head shut! I'm starting to worry about brain damage at this point, jeez!
He was playing a game today after lunch, one that included him running, jumping onto a pillow on the floor and kind of launching himself off of it. The girls were both napping, and I was about to try to get a snooze in myself. That lasted about 10 seconds when I heard a thud, turned around to see his mouth wide open (about to scream) and blood dripping down his face. He had fallen face first into our entertainment center. I called his dad, then my mother in law. She came right over to watch one of the girls, and I took my son and the baby and headed to the hospital. My husband met me there, and took the baby home after we decided that having a 3 month old in the waiting room of an emergency room was stupid. Anyway, we were there a total of 4 hours, and my son was a trooper through the whole thing. They glued it this time (thank god) And he got to take home the coolest set of latex gloves blown up to look like a chicken ever! Thanks to his mom! He's now home, like nothing ever happened, racing around the house.. jumping off the furniture.. ugh.. it won't be the last visit we have with that one!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Work Work Work..

I've gone back to work.. it's a nice break.. but it's weird just sitting here typing, I feel like I should be nursing a baby, or doing laundry, dishes, getting someone a snack.. ahhh.. it's like freedom! My husband has been getting help from my mom the last two nights. He hasn't been alone with the girls yet (with the exception of last Friday when I was gone 10 minutes to run to the store) I'm sure he's going to do fine, it's only for an hour and a half. They are getting easier and aren't requiring quite as much holding as they did before. They slept through the night last night- they've been doing this a bit. It's amazing how getting a few hours of consecutive sleep makes such a huge difference!
But alas my 1.5 hours is up, and it's time to return back to my life.. my 4 kids.. and my frazzled husband!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Jack Me

These are the words I found on a piece of paper that my son was writing on. He was making a list of all the kids in his class, when he was interrupted and only spelled the first two letters of Jack's last name.. Pretty funny to see that on your coffee table in first graders handwriting!!


The word 'back' was one of my son's spelling words. This is the sentence my husband told him to use the word in..