Monday, March 19, 2007

The Leprechaun Trap..

Last week my son had a project to do for school. He had to make a leprechaun trap. I guess it's a big tradition at the school that the kids build a trap, and they spend a good part of the day trying to catch one. Sounds like good old fun.. So, anyway, in true college drop out fashion, we finished the project the morning it was due, we're setting such good examples huh? But we did get it done, and he was happy to bring it to school for all the fun.
He got home from school that day all excited about the day filled full of leprechaun hunting. The leprechaun had apparently come into my son's classroom while they were at lunch and "messed the place up" He threw papers on the floor, turned chairs over.. made a real mess, all the while looking for his pot of gold.. How cute is this? So, then my son tells me, that he wants to set up his leprechaun trap and try to catch one at home.. And someone, please tell me.. why am I such an idiot?? I had no idea that he in fact thought leprechauns were real.. I thought he was in on the hoax, and was just having fun.. So imagine the devastation in response to him wanting to catch a leprechaun when I say "But honey, you know they're not real right?" Long pause.. and then the tears come a pouring down.. Good lord.
So, another lie perpetuated.. and I'm full of apologies, "Of course they're real sweetie, I didn't understand what you said.." ugh! C'mon! Santa, the Easter Bunny, the mother fucking tooth fairy, and now leprechauns? Christ, he's never going to forgive me! Besides, I thought he would have been totally scared at the prospect of a tiny little man combing our house for gold!
It all ended fine though, he thought I had simply misunderstood what he said.. and after he stopped crying, we set up the trap, threw in the gold (a few pennies) and waited til the next morning to see if we had caught a leprechaun.. Of course considering the fact that I'm a college drop out, the trap was pretty lousy, and there was in fact no leprechaun in our trap the next morning.. I think my son was a bit relieved.. what was he going to do with a leprechaun???


christhadasister said...

Wouldn't he follow the leprechaun to his pot of gold? Duh!

Daniel said...

Holy crap, this post was great! Just what I needed while scouring the Googles for ideas of non-crappy Leprechaun Traps that my daughter was assigned to make.

K said...

So you don't know me and I don't know you but from one mom to're hilarious!! I was also scouring for ideas for this Leprechaun Trap thing (because my daughter is a bit type of me of course!) and well I had to take a moment and crack up. Even the vanity url for you blog cracks me up "whatthefriggincrist"...that's how I feel every day and I only have 2 kids!!

God bless you for being brave enough to take on 4 kiddos!! Best of luck on all your other kid adventures ;)