Sunday, April 25, 2010


I wrote this back in January, and came across it in my draft folder. I guess why I'm posting it is because I so don't feel like this anymore.. the sun has been shining, and we're moving into the part of the year that I love the most..spring and bare this in mind as you read..

Someone recently asked me what my plans were for the week. My answer?  "to get through it"
This is how overwhelmingly tired I am with my life right now. Not tired of it, but tired because of it. Having 5 kids in my care, for 3 days a week, in the middle of a cold winter, is making me a tad cranky. Not to mention what it's doing to the kids. My girls are at the center of the storm (so to speak) by their incredibly demanding behaviors, which for whatever reason, I haven't been able to get a handle on. It makes me feel like a horrible mother, and a terrible caregiver. I realize I'm having a pity party for myself, but the beauty of the blog is for me to say whatever I want.. so there..
I know my sister is going to read this, and feel bad. I don't want her to. I love her kids! With all my heart. I love my kids as well.. but man, there are days when I long for the boring single life I once had over a decade ago. And don't say it, I wouldn't change a thing! I really wouldn't.. It is what it is.. and even though it's sucking right now, I know eventually the skies will turn blue, and the sun will shine.. and god dammit, these kids are going to get the hell outside and stop trying to kill me slowly with all the whining!

I Just Farted in My Mouth...

This is a new declaration that my girls are constantly making. For some reason, they couldn't seem to remember the word burp. They now know it, but it doesn't get quite the laugh like this statement does.
Today, they were at the computer watching Miranda Cosgrove video's on youtube (totally appropriate for a couple of 3 year olds right?) when I walked by and got a wiff of somebody's business. I asked them who pooped. They both denied anything foul in their diaper, and then the oldest twin chimed in "That was just my burp"

oh, and on a side note, if anyone out there is wondering why they are both in diapers (because one of them had almost mastered the potty) It's because a couple of weeks ago, they both got sick, with vomit and the dreaded diarrhea, and the poor little girl who was almost trained, got freaked out by all of the shit coming out of her, and refused to put on underwear after that.. it's a work in progress..

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My poor pathetic blog.. really, I should just give it up.. I used to be able to blog at work, but for over a year now has been blocked. It leaves me no time at all to sit and fill in the blanks.
Lots going on.. mainly construction wise. We are almost done! Today my husband and I brought our bed upstairs, and tonight I will spend my first night in it. Unfortunately, my girls room is not ready for them to start sleeping in, so they will spend at least tonight with me. I say at least tonight, and know it will probably be a week or two.. I'm hopeful though..
In other more interesting news, my youngest son was in a play this week. The 3 Piggy Opera. My oldest son was in it as well when he was in first grade 3 years ago.. It was great. I was so proud of him. It's hard to believe that the same little boy who in pre school wouldn't look at anyone in the eye because he was so shy, stood on stage, pretending to strum a guitar, in front of 100 people. The same little boy whose teacher told me this past week at the parent teacher conference, that he is excelling beyond her expectations. She also told me that he's a model student, he's kind and considerate, and very well behaved. After confirming that we were in fact speaking about the same kid, I felt so proud of him, and very relieved. This boys greatest pleasure is making the rest of his family want to punch him straight in the face. Thankfully, he has more self control in school than he does at home.
Anyway, I'm writing as the kids watch America's Funniest Home Video's.. it's almost over, and since my husband has band practice tonight, it's all me for the dreaded bedtime routine.. Here's a pic of my cutie pie after the play..

Thursday, April 01, 2010


We got more rain here the other night. Lots of it. Thankfully, we had already ripped up the carpet in our basement, so we only had to wet vac the concrete.. My husband I were up all night, taking turns napping to try and keep up with the water. We did it, but man, yesterday was a nightmare. After hauling about 300 gallons of water outside, my back was killing me, and the times where I layed down to sleep I couldn't because it was so loud with the wet vacs going..
Last night, I came home from work shortly after 7, so excited about going to bed. Of course nothing ever happens the way you want it to, or expect it to. I wasn't even in the driveway, and I can see my older son in the window waving me in.. It was only after I walked in the door that I could smell the puke, and see my husband in a state of total disbelief. My youngest daughter started puking shortly after I left, and my youngest son started right before I got home. He was on the toilet covered in his own poo and vomit with the shower running for him.
 My oldest daughter was in bed with me and her twin sister and abruptly sat up and vomitted all over me, and the bed. Three out of four, puking. Another sleepless night. My oldest is the only one who hasn't come down with it. Before he left for school today, he made me take his tempature, just to be sure that he wasn't running a fever (even though he felt totally fine). My husband stayed up with my younger son, who got it the worst, but seems to be totally fine today, in fact he's gone to Home Depot with our contractor. Hopefully it will be a puke and crap free trip! At least for my contractor's sake.. but it's not like he didn't know what the kid had been can't step into my house and not be almost knocked over by the smell of puke. I'm currently on my 3rd load of laundry.. I woke up this morning, and had no towels. Not one. We also have the guys who are going to be staining our house here taping up the windows. It's going to be a puke sauna once the sun hits it! Nice..
Anyway, I'm off to get some more laundry done, and try to ignore the stomach pains I've been feeling for the past couple of hours..I'm sure it's just having to smell all this stink, and not the actual stomach bug. I never get sick. I don't.. and if I do..I'm  pretty much totally screwed.. hopefully my husband won't get it either..nothing worse than a man with the flu (or at least my man!)