Saturday, May 29, 2010

Single Mom..

My husband went camping this weekend with a couple of friends.. and I am a single mother of 4 til he gets home on Monday.. I don't mind though, I'm glad that he's getting a weekend to fish, and canoe and just get the hell out of here!
I'll be having my own weekend in July, so the guilt about leaving him alone with our four kids is so not an issue.. He went with a childhood friend, and someone he only just met. They are going to be on the Saco River, a place which brings back really old, and really good memories for me. 20 years ago, after I graduated high school, I went there, with my best high school friends, who are in fact the same best friends I have now.
I'm jealous, and wish I could have been included.. but alas, someone has to watch the kids, and so here I am.. tomorrow, my sister is coming over for a sleepover with all her kids. We are all very excited. It's not often that I get to hang out with my twin for more than 10 minutes while she's dropping off her kids during the week..
And the weather has been beautiful, my sister doesn't know it yet, but she's going to be helping me mulch tomorrow.. that is after we get the mulch.. hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Deets..

What's better than getting to see your favorite band in a small venue? How about getting to meet them before the show? That's right.. I made a total ass out of myself, but got to meet my current obsession, and they were so sweet, and so nice to me. They have yet to make it big, so they can sit in a restaurant, and not worry about crazy fans bothering them..well, at least they could until they met me last night!
My husband and I were waiting in line to get in the club, when he nudged me and pointed in the other direction. Twenty feet away was the lead singer. About 2 seconds later, I was apologizing for bothering him, and telling him how much I loved their great it was..yada yada.. He was flattered, and thanked me, then I went on my way, back to line..completely out of my mind with excitement. About 2 minutes later, my husband nudged me again, and there in the restaurant above the club (where we had just finished eating) was the rest of the band. Son of a bitch. You couldn't have stopped me if you tried.. I'm sure they were horrified by this girl gushing about how much she loved them.. but they were so sweet, and someday I hope to recall the 5 minute conversation in it's entirety (it's currently floating around in my head with the rest of the events of last night..) Seriously, it was amazing.. I never thought I would have met them..
The show was great, but would have been better if there weren't so many people there.. it actually would have been WAY better if they had done a private show for me.. and of course my husband!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


My oldest son turned 10 last week. 10. How did that happen?
My youngest will be 7 this week.. I'm pretty sure I can account for his 7 years with all the whining and complaining.. but even still, 7! wow..
We had a birthday party for the boys this past weekend, and as usual, it rained. That was ok though, we still had a great time, and the boys were shown a lot of love from our wonderful friends and family. My oldest son got an ipod touch (and yes, he's probably too young for it, but he's responsible enough that I trust him to take good care of it) My youngest son got a guitar, amazingly that was what he wanted, even after his brother got his ipod. The little one was lucky enough though to get enough cash and gift cards to purchase his own ipod, even though my husband and I were not totally into it, and know that he's hardly responsible enough for the cheap walmart guitar we got him, but you know, it was his money, and we weren't up for the fight (good parenting huh? whatever..)
In other news, the addition is done. Except for a few things that my husband is in charge of finishing (our shower for one, he'll be tiling that at some point) But we love it. It came out so good, and our new bedroom is just beautiful.
This Friday night is our big night out! I can't wait.. we got a room in Boston, and we'll be seeing Mumford and Son's at the Middle East.. I can't wait!! My friends are so sick of my obession with this band, they are going to be even more sick of it when I am back from seeing them live... My husband told me that I am ruining this band for him with my non stop listening of their one and only cd. So, I've burned it onto my son's ipod and now listen to it in the privacy of my own ears.. there. suck. it. up. baby.
Here's a few pics..