Monday, February 27, 2006

Here's my weekend..
1.) Went to breakfast on Saturday morning.. came home, layed on couch... for almost the entire day!!
2.) Moved upstairs to my own bed..and continued to lay down..
3.) Sunday.. didn't get dressed all day.. it felt great! A bit lazy, but whatever.. I'm allowed.. I did however, not lay down for most of the day..
4.) I made a decent lunch (my hubby's favorite- turkey meatloaf)
5.) Did a bunch of laundry, cleaned.. and then layed down..
6.) Watched my kids favorite t.v. show "America's Funniest Home Videos", from my bed.. all 4 of us climbed in and had a good laugh.. it would be so much funnier if that dork Tom Bergeron would just shut the hell up, but whatever, I guess he's better than Bob Saget...
7.) Did not go outside for a single minute.. but watched from the warmth of my kitchen as my boys made snow angels with their dad on the front lawn.. it was cute.. And that, was my weekend!! How exciting!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

God Hates Fags..

This is the website that I just checked out after reading an article about a pastor named Fred Phelps. It's so incredibly disgusting to me that this asshole is saying he is doing god's work.. As far as I can remember, they taught you in Sunday school, that God hates no one.. I'm hoping he's hating this Fred Phelps prick. He's got members of his church protesting military funerals, saying that it was God's punishment to kill our soldiers because America is a country that harbors homosexuals.. Oh good lord.. where do these fuckers come from?? The good news is, Fred is old.. like in his 70's.. the bad news.. his parrish, is made up of his entire extended family.. Looks like he'll have a person or two to carry on the hate torch when he keels over.. Other good news is that in counter protest, they have people guarding military funerals, when asked by the family. They call themselves the patriot guards riders, a group of bikers who will drown out the protesters by rallying for our troops. Good for them!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Car Safety

I don't know who I can blame this one on.. maybe the asshole that was waiting for my parking spot.. maybe it was the kids begging me to open their new Star Wars die cast tie fighter.. Maybe it was just me, in my prego-amnesia.. But it's not fun when you're more than half way home, in your loser cruiser, and you happen to glance back at your 2 year old and he's all stretched out with his feet up on the back of the seat in front of him.. My first thought, how the hell is he doing that?? Oh, right, cause I didn't strap him in! Duh. I absolutely hate when I do that, and unfortunately, this isn't the first time (and I'm suspecting, not the last)
When my oldest was 3 1/2 we had run out to do some errands. His brother was just a baby, and they shared the seat right behind me in our van. Imagine my surprise, as we're approaching our house, and I get tapped on the shoulder.. And there is my oldest son, whispering to me "Mom, you forgot to strap me in" He could have at least stayed in his seat to tell me this, no, he had to get up and stand right behind me. It was about a week later, and there he was again.. only a bit more frantic, and quite vocal "Mom, you did it again!!"
He became his own little advocate, and always made sure after that that he was strapped in. I know eventually that I'll get it right.. but man, some days my head is just going in so many different directions, that I'm surprised I've even remembered to bring them with me! I'm not so worried about what it's going to be like when the twins are born.. as I suspect I won't be going too many places with 4 kids.. not for quite a while anyway!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The sweetest thing..

I used to love Valentines Day.. I thought it was sooo romantic.. Before my husband and I were married, I used to do all sorts of sweet things.. I remember once over 10 years ago, I bought him 7 cards, and everyday a week before the holiday, I would hide one somewhere I knew he would find it.. I thought it was very sweet.. I guess he thought it was asinine, because when the actual holiday came, he didn't even spring for a card! That was a big disappointing fight let me tell you! But as the years went on, and it became obvious that my husband really wasn't going to get into the holiday, then I too lost any spark for it.. But this is the first year that my son has made me a homemade Valentine, and I must say, it totally makes up for all the lame years spent pissed off at my husband for doing nothing!
It's the absolute cutest card.. it's on heart shaped paper, and it's written in pencil. Here's how it's written
From W
I Love
And then he drew two pictures on the back, one of me when I was a kid, and then some other random stick figure. It made my heart melt.. cause I know how much he means it, and how excited he was to give it to me. He asked me to bring it to work so that I could look at it when I'm here.. awh.. So, it's taped up on the desk that I share with my sister.. for both of us to enjoy!

Friday, February 10, 2006

This may be Un-American of me..

but I am sooooo dreading the start of the olympics tonight.. I hate what it does to regularly scheduled programming, and that we're forced to hear about it for how long?? 2 weeks?? I don't even know where Torino is..jesus, I can't believe I just admitted that.. Is it in Italy? Ugh, I don't care.. it just means that I'm going to have to be turning off the tv even earlier than I already do cause nothing will be on! It's just like when someone really important dies, and you have to sit through all the news briefs about how fabulous they were.. I guess I'll be catching up on some rentals that I've been wanting to see.. I could care less how fast someone can skate, or how high some skier can jump.. And that's not un-American, that's just me being a girl tired of all the attention sports get!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I have to whine for a minute..

My husband has been offered to do some extra work at his school. I'm all up for extra money, but it also means extra time there.. and having to get a sitter 2 nights a week, so that I can be at my job by 5:30.. I suggested asking our neighbor.. she had mentioned wanting to do it during the fall when he was coaching.. but we didn't want to upset our parents, so we just juggled it between my MIL and my own mother.
It wouldn't be so bad, if my mom didn't get out of work at 2, and instead of going all the way home (about 15 minutes away..) she would just come over.. and hang for 3 hours.. It's a bit more than I can take.. Anyway, my MIL came over tonight, but she mentioned that her head felt like it was crawling.. um, ok.. Kind of wish I had gone over 911 a bit more closely with my 5 year old... but whatever, I'm sure she's fine!
My mom is coming over tomorrow so that my husband and I can go to the dr's. He is in fact coming with me. He hasn't missed an appt so far! He was there for all of my ob appt's with my first son, but none with the second.. I guess he's still waiting for someone to say "Hah! Twins? Just kidding! Good one huh?" I don't think that's going to happen.. Especially since I've been feeling both of them at different times. One of them is over to my left side, and must have it's little feet pressed against my side, and the other one is right under my belly button. I still can't imagine what it's going to feel like when they each weigh about 5 lbs..or 6! Jeez.. Oh, here's an interesting bit of conversation that my doctor promised we would have at my next appointment.. Birth Control! That will be interesting indeed! Considering our "pull and pray" method has failed us, I know she's thinking that one of us needs to be fixed.. Who do you think is getting that one done?? I can tell you for sure, it won't be me! I'm thinking that since I gave up my somewhat cute figure to house all these babies for all these years.. and that as supportive as he's been in the delivery room, it's still me, NOT him, having to push out these babies, and quite frankly, you lose any modesty you may have once had..and I don't see any stretch marks on him.. I therefore think that he can deal with a couple days of discomfort.. for the months and months of what I've endured.. am I right or what????

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My husband wants to move again.. so we're looking. There's a house just down the road that we're looking at on Saturday.. I'm a bit leary of moving practically across the street.. I don't want to be driving by my old house everyday, disagreeing with what the new tenants have done with the place.. but whatever. I think we could manage fine here.. I'm assuming he just needs to get this out of his system, and in a few weeks he'll be content where we are.
Last week I went to meet some of the other mom's from my son's class for drinks.. obviously I was only sipping ginger ale, minus the whiskey. It was actually a lot of fun. They were all very nice, and not the snotty types that I worried they would be. Actually, most of them are struggling just like the rest of us. The woman who organized it, the class parent, was pretty much a stitch. She lives in a huge house, with her two children and her husband, who she ripped apart every chance she got. One of the first things she asked me, was how old I was. I could care less about my age, at least at this point in my life.. but I think when she went around the entire table asking everyone their age, some of the older women, may have been a bit put out. But whatever.. the drinks were coming, and most of them won't remember anyone's age (except me, the only one not drinking!) It's been suggested that we do this once a month.. can't see that happening..but I'd go again.. At least I won't feel left out at the class parties, or sporting things..
So, I see my dr on Friday.. and we'll get to hear the heartbeats.. I thought my last appt. would be the last one my husband would go to (they had us wait quite a bit) But he wants to go to this one too. I swear I felt one of the babies move twice yesterday.. I know it's early, I was 21 weeks with my first, and 15 weeks with my second.. I'm just thinking that because there are 2 of them, that I'm going to be feeling it a lot earlier.. Oh, and I'm officially in my second trimester!! Yee friggin ha! The first is always the worst for me.. although we'll see how I feel this summer when I once again can't tie my own shoes, and when I have 2 babies waking me up in the middle of the night with their kicks and punches..
Well, my mother is due over I better put on a happy face, and practice being polite.. ugh, it's so hard!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I was tagged by McPolack.. haven't been tagged in a while.. and I feel just so damn special! ;) Haha.. ok, here we go..

4 Jobs I've had..
-chamber maid
-roofer (that job lasted about a month, it really sucked!!)
-merry maid
-patient coordinator on mobile MRI van (hardly worth the 7 bucks an hour I was making!)

4 Movies I could watch over and over again..
-Terms of Endearment- if I ever need a really good cry!
-East of Eden
-The Changling
-Finding Nemo (my favorite of my kids movies..which I watch over and over without much choice!)

4 places I've lived before
-Newmarket, NH
-Dover, NH
-Portsmouth, NH
-Stratham, NH (I've really gotten around, jeez..)

4 shows I love
-Arrested Development
-My name is Earl
-The Office

4 places I've vacationed before
-Puerto Escondido, Mexico
-St. John's
-The Bahama's
-San Diego

4 sites I visit daily
-most of the blogs that are listed here, and a whole bunch of others for the obits (I know..)
-wmur for the weather
-baby center.. for all the latest pregnancy news.. it's fascinating!

5 places I'd rather be..
-I'm at work, my only 1.5 hours of peace, I really can't think of any other place I'd rather be..
but ok..
-somewhere warm and tropical.. maybe Mexico!
-in a brand new 5 bedroom house that my husband and I owned..
-in a hot bath.. with a glass of wine and a pack of cigs.. mmmm...
-in a body that didn't feel bloated, constipated, and just plain huge with babies!

4 bloggers that I tag:
christhadasister, and finally..
contagious (if she ever blogs again :)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The building inspector showed up today!! I wasn't sure if I believed that he would or not.. but alas, at 9:30 this morning, I heard a knock on my door, and within 30 seconds, he was gone.. Now we can finally start to use the room.. The one thing he did say "Oh, you're not using it yet" Ugh.. Whatever.. My son was thrilled to come home from school today and head out to get some fixin's for his room.. blinds, a new lamp, and a very necessary Spongebob alarm clock! Hah, that was absolutely what he had to have! It's the ugliest thing I've ever seen, and is going to clash with my sweet little boy room that I've got going in my head, but I'll let him have at least one thing that he wants in his own room.. The rest is going to be my doing.. he's only 5... he can change it when he gives a shit.. right now he doesn't. It's going to be an interesting night with him way down the hall.. and his brother all alone in his room.. I'm thinking one of them will end up with the other one at some point.. we'll see!!

It's good to know people..

My mother in law's best friend works at the police station here in town. Which also happens to house all the other town offices. When she heard that we were still waiting for the building inspector, she got right on top of it. My mil's best friend called him up, and he's coming over today! Apparently the woman he has working for him, swears that she called and told me this.. course she didn't.. but whatever. I'm thrilled that he's finally coming over and that we can now start to use the room!! I guess if we ever need any tickets fixed, she can help us out there too!!