Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I'm skeptical at best when it comes to psychics, or mediums. I've never been introduced to one, and I certainly have never payed one for their services. On Monday, a friend and I went to visit another friend who lost his father a couple of weeks ago. When I got to my friends place, there was a man there working on my friends computer. We were introduced, and he remained intent on fixing my friends computer. Meanwhile, my friends and I were enjoying a cocktail, catching up, and helping my other friend make lunch.
About an hour and a half later, the guy working on the computer had fixed it and was about to head out. It was then, that he asked me about my house. He asked me what was going on with it.. were we selling it?? This is when I was informed that he was a medium. He then proceeded to talk to me for about 20 minutes about all sorts of shit. Shit he shouldn't have known about. It was creepy, and exciting at the same time. He told me that my house was going to sell, and that we would be in our new place within the next two months. He also told me that there was a woman who walked with me.. my grandmother. He talked about her last 2 years with us, and how she wasn't herself, and that her disease had gripped her mind. He told me that she wanted me to know, that she wasn't like that anymore. He talked about how sad she was that there were 4 people close to her that she wished would communicate. I took this as my mother who has not communicated with her 3 siblings in almost 20 years. At one point he told me that she was sitting next to me on the couch, and put my arm around her. I know the power of suggestion is strong, but really, I felt her. I could almost smell her. It brought tears to my eyes. I miss her everyday, and have been thinking about her so much lately. If there is anyone that I would want walking with me, it's her!
He spoke of things that meant nothing to me. And I told him, I had no idea who he was talking about. He only asked that I keep an open mind, and remember what he was telling me.
It was surreal. There were so many things that he talked about, that no one would know. Not even my friends that I was with that day. The friend I had gone up with, was also skeptical, until he started talking about his family.. and started talking about things that we had talked about on our ride up to our friends house. it was fucked up!
Later that night, as I was trying to get my mind to shut down, I remembered something he had told me. He started talking about a woman named Jean, or Jeannie.. and how she had passed on, and she was someones mother. He also mentioned that she was a nurse.. I had no idea who he was talking about, nothing rang a bell.. until later. I remembered my brother in law. His mom was Jeannie, she was a nurse, and she had passed on many years ago. It gave me chills, and if it wasn't 10 o'clock when I remembered that, I would have called my sister and told her.
I am now a firm believer in this guy.. really, I am. I was sad that he had to leave, and couldn't have lunch with us. My friend informed me later that I had just gotten about 200 bucks worth of free readings.. nice!
Oh, and btw, the next day (yesterday) my house went under contract! I'm just sayin....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas is only one week away!! son of a bitch..

Losing power for almost 3 days, was really nothing.. nothing to a lot of people that just got their power back today. 7 days after the storm.
My minimal 3 days, threw me for a loop. It has gotten me all out of sync with my Christmas shopping. I am not psyched about that! I went out tonight and got a BUNCH of crap. Stocking stuffers, and whatnot. I still have a ton of shit left to buy.. and not a ton of time to do it in..
I have no stamps.. so I have not put my adorabley doctored Christmas picture in the mail. (And when I say "doctored", I mean the whole "red eye" fix.. you'll notice when you get the card!) If I don't have your mailing address, and you would like one.. let me know.. somehow I ended up with extra cards, and stamps! Over planning.. I'm really good at that!
Anyway, I have a living room littered in unfinished wrapping, so I must attend.. hope everyone is getting their shopping done!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Things that Suck When You Have No Electricity for 3 Days..

-having 4 children
-electricity with drawls, which also include gameboy, computer and t.v. with drawls
-having 4 kids.. did I mention that already??
-One of your only sources of light happens to be the headlamp your dorky husband wears. Turns out her doesn't like to share it. And loves to make shadows on the wall that scare the bee-jesus out of your already scaredy cat kids.
-peeing. In an already pissed in toilet, times 15..
-telling your husband that you have to crap, and that you're going to do so in a plastic bag. Being told that you're either going to dig a hole in the backyard, or drive 10 minutes to his parents, with the wake of a turtle head emerging, and suck it up.. I sucked it up.
-telling your kids over and over that this was what it was like in the olden days... seriously, they didn't want to hear it the first time.
-having no phone.. but being very grateful to your older sister who lends you an extra cell phone.. Thank you, thank you!!
-pretending that we're camping.. cooking meals on our wood stove loses it's impact and appeal when we're locked up inside our house and haven't spent the entire day swimming in a lake.
-learning that all neighboring towns have their power back. Really, we're happy for you, but wtf??
-realizing that we are so unprepared for an event like this. No cell phone. No ample stock of canned goods. No D batteries.

We are lucky that I spent my previous life collecting pretty scented candles.. which by the way gave me the worst sensory headache..

Our power came back on at 7:30 this morning. When I woke up to another day of a dark house, I wanted to cry.. My husband left to get us breakfast at dunkin donuts, and about 5 minutes after he left, the lights triumphantly came back on. I have never seen my kids so excited.. We must have cheered and clapped for a good 5 minutes. It was wonderful. We have all been left in awe of something that we take for granted everyday. How one such seemingly small thing, like electricity, rules our lives. Thank god for the wood stove, and thank god for remembering the words to many a Christmas carol.. I'm so thankful to have power again, and even more thankful that we all shit at my in laws!! ;)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


My 3 year old niece has given us all nicknames today.
I am tissue paper
She is silly girl
Twin A is kooky head
Twin B is ahhhhhhhhhhh
and my husband is Happy No Hair (since he shaved his head last night..)
She's got quite the imagination!!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

The latest on the house..

We were supposed to have an open house this past Sunday, but last Wednesday I emailed my realtor and asked if we could cancel. It had been a crazy week, and I just didn't see myself being able to get the house in shape to hold an open house, which honestly, I didn't think anyone would show up for. My realtor was great and made a few calls and got everything cancelled.
She then called me on Thursday and told me that someone wanted to see the house on Saturday, and she wanted to know if I could pull it off. I told her that I could.. and I did. I spent Thursday and Friday pretty much cleaning non stop (I did take a break on Friday and had ctale and another friend over for a play date) and they were gracious enough to pick up all the toys that the 4 girls had played with.
Saturday morning was a nightmare, more so for my husband who had to listen to me boss him around and my poor kids who I threatened within an inch of their life to please not drop any crumbs on our new brown carpet (not the best color choice with all these kids!)
We took off for the afternoon, did a little shopping and had some lunch, and returned to a message from our realtor saying that the woman who had come to see our house, loved it. She didn't want to get our hopes up, as we've had a few showings like that, but nevertheless that was the case.
I got an email from her later saying that the girl who came by to look at the house wanted her mother to see it. Her mom lives in Florida, and wasn't coming here until the 18th. However, apparently, she moved her flight to the 13th, and had requested a second showing. The first second showing.
Sunday afternoon, I got a call from my realtor, who had an offer in her hands. It was a sucky offer, so we counter offered. That was on Sunday. It's now Wednesday, and they have yet to respond. It's making me mental. They still want to see the house again on Saturday, so maybe then they'll make up their minds.. the waiting is killing me though.
We went back to the house we want last night, and brought my mom. She loved it, and I guess spent last night decorating it for us in her head (gee, I don't know where I get that from!) anyway, I'm hoping for an answer by Sunday at the latest.. frickin sucks!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Autumn's Purpose

Autumn does it every year.
Gold leaves whistle down from the turquoise sky.
Bronze leaves float down, looking like golden brown.
No one could ever count them all!
Leafless trees wait till they get more magnificent leaves.
Autumn has a gigantic job, and a holiday awaits.

This is a poem my 8 year old wrote. I was pretty impressed, as I usually am with this child. Thought I would share.. not bad for 8 huh??? Here's one more, then I promise I'm done!

Autumn means change.
My neighbor's dog circles around a colorful oak tree.
Owls whistle at a hunters' moon.
Everybody yells when they jump into a leaf pile.
Winter is coming!