Friday, January 30, 2009

Dumping It AFV style..

I posted this video on my blog last summer. The funniest kayak dump ever taken by my dear friend lnotes! Also known as the balancer of all things that float! Ctale had since uploaded it to America's Funniest Home Video's, and apparently they would like to use it on their show.. too funny.
AFV is my boys favorite show, and they were simply elated when they learned that the video ctale took was going to be on their show.. They also thought that we would all be going to the show, and be on t.v. Um, yea, I quickly explained that one away.. anyway, hope you watch it and laugh as hard as I do every time I see it!

I just want to move on with my life.. really I do!

And I would like to stop blogging about the sale of my house, and I'm sure the 3 people that read this silly blog would like the same thing!
We are officially under contract (for the 3rd time) and are awaiting word on whether or not the sellers of the house we want will accept our offer (again, for the 3rd time). This time is different, as there is another offer on the table. Son of a bitch. I woke up this morning to an email from my realtor saying that there would be a showing this morning, as well as another offer. My realtor advised me to write a letter to the seller's, basically begging them to choose us. Without sounding totally pathetic, I did, and my realtor added some final touches, and we have asked to have an answer by noon tomorrow. At this point, I would like to go to sleep until we know, then go back to sleep until all the inspections are done. That's not too much to ask is it? An anxiety induced coma??
Anyway, we shall wait and see.. as patiently as I can..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm off to the doctor's in a bit with one of my girls. She is covered in a very attractive red rash. She's on day 9 of amoxicillin, and 2 days free from a 3 day stint of diarrhea. It's been so much fun!

The assholes that put the offer in on our house have decided to "walk away" because they did not appreciate us bending over backwards for them by coming down $20K instead of $50K. Whatever. I still have a feeling they'll be back. They're insane if they don't.

We're getting more snow tomorrow.. I'm trying not to cry as it's only January and we have literally got no where to put it. This winter has been dragging on forever, and we're only in the first month of it. son of a bitch.

On a brighter note, my husband and I got out over the weekend for dinner.. alone. It was lovely. My nephew gave us a gift card for Christmas at the schwanky restaurant he works at. He reserved us a table, waited on us, and bought our drinks, appetizers and dessert. It was very generous of him, and great to see him doing what he does so well.

Ok, I gotta get my daughter prepped for the doctor's, a place where she completely dreads going. Another fun day!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


We got the offer this morning... for $50K less than asking. Which happens to also be less than the town has appraised it for, and less than what we paid for it 6 1/2 years ago. Mother fuckers.
Of course we said NO! With a huge insulting wtf.. now we're waiting to see if they take their heads out of their asses and come up with a reasonable offer.. I thought we were done with the crazies.. guess not!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'll believe it when I see it..

My realtor called me this afternoon. She got an email from the agent who brought back a couple for a second showing this past Monday. I guess we'll be getting an offer tomorrow.. I'm reluctant to get too excited, but naturally I can't help it.. I hope it's a good offer, and I hope they're going to be reasonable and will at the very least, negotiate.. Here we go, yet again..


My oldest twin has picked up the rather unsavory habit of biting. If she gets frustrated with her sister, which is a daily event for my 2 1/2 year old, then she will latch onto whatever body part is closest. This morning it was her face.. her cheek to be more exact. I'm not sure how to stop this behavior. I put her in a time out, but that seems to be lacking in impact. And I'm not sure that I want to bite her myself (that's some advice I've been given in the past.. just bite her back..) ugh.. what to do, what to do..
Here's a pic of my poor little girl..

Sunday, January 18, 2009


This past month has been the worst month in our house in years. It started off a couple days after Christmas, when my husband got sick. He's worst than any of the kids, or all of them combined. Then my youngest one got it, running a close second with his dad for not being all that gracious when sickness hits. Then I got it. The glue that holds this whole thing together.. of course I didn't get the "just go to bed" treatment that my husband got, but whatever.. I was quickly over what ailed me, and back to being the glue. Days later, my older son got it. And when I say "got it" I mean fever, puking, and shitting non stop.
A few days after that, I got something else. An ear infection. A grown woman getting an ear infection, something I hadn't experienced since childhood, and had no memory of. It pretty much blew chunks, and really, I've never felt pain like that before with the exception of child birth. After a day on the azithromycin, I was on the mend. However, 10 days later, when I still could not hear out of the infected ear, my doctor discovered it was still infected, so I'm on day 3 of augmentin. This had better work!
Thursday, my youngest twin woke up with a crusty eye, and we found out she had an ear infection as well. This morning, after getting no sleep last night with her sister, and driving her to the pediatrician's office in a blizzard, we found out that she had a double ear infection, conjunctivitis and a perforated ear drum. Nice. She is now on amoxocillin like her sister. Christ.
I've been a mad woman today, cleaning. We have a second showing tomorrow. This couple saw the house about a month ago, and have decided they want to see it again. I haven't been able to stop thinking about the medium that I met about 3 weeks ago, he said there would be disappointment before we moved (yes, there has been that) and he said we would be out of our house in 2 months.. that would put us in a new house by March.. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.. and I'm hoping the sick that has been brewing at our house for the past month, is moving on!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Farewell to Bush.. you douche!

I watched about 30 seconds of Bush's farewell speech tonight.. I mostly heard "this is so much better" and "that is so much better".. ugh.. what a putz..
My 8 year old came down stairs to say good night about 15 seconds into the speech. He asked when Obama was going to be the President. I told him next week, and he said that he sure hoped Obama would keep some of the same laws as Bush did.
When I asked him what laws he was worried would change, he answered simply "you know, like no littering"
What a relief it was for him to hear that just because a new President came into office, we would still have our laws. Our simple little laws that would help to keep our neighborhoods clean. I love the simplicity in which an 8 year old mind lives.. so refreshing!

Baby Alive..

My niece brought over her baby alive doll that she got for Christmas this year. I guess it pees and poops in it's diaper.. it's not enough that I have 4 other babies here that do the same thing. On the bright side, this baby isn't going to care when I don't feed it, change it or give it any attention.. It would be a sweet gig watching a bunch of baby alive dolls eh?

Monday, January 12, 2009

It's all about who you know..

We've been trying to "fix" all that is wrong with our house over the past week. I can't stress how important knowing people has become. My husband's brother in law came by last week and did a huge host of electrical things for us (including re-wiring the electric heat upstairs which we've never used because we've never needed to). Putting in 3 new smoke detectors (ours weren't up to code because they didn't have a batter back up.. who knew?) And some new grounded outlets in the kitchen, for free! He was here all day, and only charged us for the cost of supplies. Sweet!

We then had a plumber come out and give us an estimate on fixing a leak in our water softening system (that we have never used the entire 6 1/2 years that we've lived here.) Turns out the leak is not an easy, or inexpensive fix, and after paying this guy $60 to tell us this, he then gave us an estimate of $1600 for the fix. Again, we found a guy who my husbands brother knows and had done some work for us a few years ago. He's here now doing it for $1200. Luckily, our water softener also softens our neighbor's she'll have to pay for half. Unfortunately, she doesn't have the money right now and will have to pay us back. great.

We've still got some other minor fixes to take care of, but for the most part we are done. The owners of the house we want to buy have lowered their price. Only by $5,000, but still. I only hope to hear back from my realtor soon. The showing that we had on Friday went well. She loved it, course they all do.. This woman however has some volunteer position in the town she lives in, one that can help her career and open lots of doors for her. She found out that morning, that in order to maintain her appointment in that town, that she must also live there. Frick. I doubt someone is going to switch career paths to live here.. but who knows?? I'm still waiting for another showing for some guy that has been in touch with my realtor. More waiting.. it sucks!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Some good things.. and less whining..

Amidst all the crap going on with my house (which in the grand scheme of things means very little) I haven't posted any of the good things that have been whirling about. First of all, my dear friend Blogless is prego! She's about 16 weeks, and looking quite mahvelous! She would warn all of you not to drink the water at my house, because she is in fact having TWINS! What are the chances folks, really? But I am so happy for her, and hope that I can be as helpful to her as she has been with me. My good friend who was diagnosed with lung cancer a few months ago, finally got a "real" diagnosis, from doctor's who know what they are doing. On Monday, he had a major surgery that involved removing part of his lung, and several lymph nodes. They were told that he has sarcoidosis, an inflammatory disease, but not a deadly one. He'll be on meds for a while, but he's also going to be with his family for a lot longer than even they were thinking! yea for that!
And finally, my cousin delivered a healthy set of boy/girl twins on New Years Eve, 5 weeks early, but everyone is home, and everyone is doing well.
So, it's not all that bad.. there is so much good going on, and for a moment, I thought I would like to focus on that.. ahhh.. I feel so much better (oh, and a good piece of news on the home front, we have a showing tomorrow, and another one pending! yeeha!)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The House That Won't Sell.. a.k.a. MY HOUSE!!!

So once again, my hopes of moving my family into a bigger house has been dashed. Son of a bitch. The past few days have been like a living nightmare. First of all, we had our inspection here on Friday. We got news on Monday that the buyer didn't want anything fixed that was discovered in the report. Great! And secondly, she didn't want to have the septic inspected because she figured if it's not broken, why fix it. Great!
Then, the next day, Tuesday, I woke up with the worst ear pain I have ever experienced. After seeing my doctor and learning that I had a full blown ear infection, I was giving some antibiotics and sent on my way. I came home to my full house of kids and my mother, to learn that my realtor had called. I figured she had some news on the house we were trying to get, and the copy of the inspection that had been done 2 months ago. But soon I found out that the reason for her call was to tell me that the 37 year old buyer, had forwarded the inspection report to her mother in Florida, the same woman who had been a thorn in our side for over a month. We knew it was a matter of time before the smooth sailing would end, and the mother who was financing her daughter was again going to be a thorn in our side.
Turns out, the mother wasn't nearly as unreasonable as this woman's step father. He went through the 32 page inspection report, and insisted that we fix everything. Including things such as the lock on our slider, which works just fine, but is at the bottom of the door, and he wanted it on the top. He also went through it and added deductions which totaled well over what we were willing to drop our price to. For example, he wanted $1,000 off for an unfinished threshold in the basement. Something that would literally cost about $10 to fix. ugh..
When I saw this, I knew it was the end. The deal was slipping through our fingers. We tried in vain to appease them and had an electrician come out yesterday in an effort to fix some of things on their list. It didn't matter. They were done. This woman who is well into her adult life apparently has some issues with her parents. I should also mention that this woman has 3 children, all of whom she doesn't have custody of. I don't know what this says about her, but there are dynamics in that family that we were briefly sucked into. Mother fuckers.
So, we're back on the market, and because of the inspection we now have to disclose every stupid little thing that is wrong with our some what older home. frick. I'm trying to maintain a positive attitude, but what the fuck. I keep remembering what the medium told me. He said we would be out of this house in two months. On the bright side, there is a guy interested, and hopefully we'll have a showing this weekend. I'm just so tired of the roller coaster.. anyway, in my house today are 7 kids.. 4 of whom are ill. why am I blogging? I don't know..

Monday, January 05, 2009

Not a Curse Word..

My husband found a remembrance card in a coat pocket of his the other day. It was my grandmother's, from her funeral. I was reading it with my 5 year old on my lap, all the while he's asking who the man is on the front of the card. I told him it was Jesus. Quietly, he says "Mom, you just said a bad word.." Nice.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sale Pending..

This is now what is on our for sale sign in front of the house. We are pending.. Kind of like purgatory for the catholic folk.. We've been here before, and quite honestly, I'm doubting a move will even happen, but a part of me (the part that thinks positively) is thinking, that this is it. We are definitely moving.
So many things have happened to get us into this new place. Things that make me think this is meant to be. The fact that it was already pending with someone else.. the fact that they gave it up because of an inspection issue, which the seller has fixed. Seeing this place on line, and thinking no way would I live there, then being talked into seeing it by my realtor, and realizing the pictures didn't do it justice, and in fact this could be perfect for us. We are getting this for $84,000 less than the original asking price. Not bad. And even though we are selling our place for way less than we ever thought we would, we are no doubt making up for it on the buying end.
The previous house we almost got a year and a half ago, in another town, didn't go through because we were meant to move 2 miles down the road, and have the same great schools for our kids. The only downside, is that my boys will have to take different buses. Imagine the horror this is for them. They are quite adamant that they don't want to move. They don't like the new house- but mainly because it's empty, and there is no t.v. They aren't really understanding the concept of "moving" But they'll get it
I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much.. at least until all the inspections are done, and we have gotten every one's financing approved.. I can't help but daydream about what I'm going to do with the place.. how I'll decorate it.. It could be so nice.. It will be so nice! Eventually. So wish us luck, as we hopefully open a new chapter in our lives.. with a new house!