Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween..

This will be our first halloween in our new neighborhood. Normally, we go to my brother in law's neighborhood in a different town because walking with 4 kids in our old neighborhood would have been dangerous, no sidewalks, lots of traffic..   I can't wait. Blogless is coming, with her brood, and my sister too.. My above mentioned brother in law is coming too with his family.
The girls aren't going to be these flower garden gnomes. Turns out they didn't like them after they begged for them in the store. Can you tell by the smug, pissed off look?
So, instead, they are going to be the same thing they were last year. Thankfully they are low on the growth charts, and the outfits still fit. Fickle little girls!

Friday, October 23, 2009

My son had a field trip the other day, and the teachers asked us to pack them a snack in a labeled brown bag. This was the only brown bag I had.. how lucky were we that it was already labeled! ;)

Back to Boston...

Yesterday I took my son to get the pins taken out of his elbow. Another trip into Boston, and thankfully a trip home that did not take me 3 hours. I think I may have mastered leaving the city!!
My poor poor little boy.. can I say, he was so brave.. and so very good. I can't imagine what it must feel like to have a broken elbow, held together with pins, and a huge cast.. nor can I  imagine having the cast removed, having it xrayed and then having 2 large pins taken out with a pair of pliers. yes, pliers. He was however, a trooper, much like I expected. They didn't let him leave without the cast though, so he got a new one. Which means we are going back down again in a couple of weeks to finally have it gone for good. Oh, and btw, I won't be joining him on this trip, my husband is taking him. Really.
On the way home yesterday, my son told me that it didn't hurt when they took out the pins. It just tickled. When I asked him if that was why he screamed, he said yes. Cutie..

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

To Give.. Or Not To Give..

I got some beautiful Amy Butler fabric squares in the mail the other day (yes, the mailman loves me and just brings me random beautiful things..) um, yea, I "won" it on ebay.. so I made a bag.. It's really cute (or at least I think so..) I showed my sister the bag this morning, and she asked me who it was for.. Well, ME of course.. and then I got to thinking.. the holidays are rapidly (and sadly) I could give it to someone.. or I could just bask in it's beauty and call it my own.. what to do, what to do... anyway, here's a pic....
Did I mention it's reversible??

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Curtains..

My fabulous fabric arrived yesterday, and it was all I could do not to lock up the kids in their rooms and just sew away.. I did however, find the time between tantrums and hair pulling to cut the fabric and get it hemmed, and now they are hanging beautifully in my living room.. My husband came home last night and saw them hanging on the rods (all pinned up) and decided he didn't like them. I am convinced though that they will grow on him.. they are afterall beautiful, and handcrafted by yours truly.. Oh how I have missed being creative.. I say this everytime I sew, and then my crazy life spins me in a different direction. Anyway, here they are.. let me know what you think.. I could use a "hell yeah"!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Corn Maze '09

I had to work this Saturday. I gotta say, I hate it. It's stupid, and I can't agree with what I'm doing there.. People come with their lab slips, see me, where I enter them into the computer, and then they wait..again. I'm working in the lab part of the hospital, and I'm registering patients. I got there 10 minutes before my shift, to log onto my computer and get myself all set, but unfortunately, I couldn't remember the passcode for the employee entrance and had to file in with the rest of the schmoo's waiting to have their blood drawn. Which only made their wait a minute or two longer than had I gotten my shit together before they arrived.
Anyway, after my long stupid ass shift, of four hours, I came home to a very untidy house, and wanted to just go back to bed, and forget that this day had even started. Despite the phone call I had made on my one free second three hours into my stupid ass shift, asking if anything was needed at home before I got there.. Just milk.. not diapers, and milk, just milk. (I won't discuss too much about coming home to find the girls in pull ups because, yes in fact, we could have used some diapers..) so anyhoo, I had told my husband that I wanted to do something. I didn't just want to sit at home on our Saturday, and do nothing. Little did I know, that when I got home, I was going to have a huge back ache. One that I hadn't had since I was in my 20's, and in far better shape. A couple of tylenol later, I was feeling 100 times better and we set out, for some good old fashioned fun.
We went to a neighboring town, to a corn maze.. A huge maze, made of corn, in the shape of a skunk. This will be the 3rd year, we have gone, and the toughest one yet. I don't know if my husband's sense of direction was just not as polished as it usually is, but it took us longer than normal to get through, and we back tracked more than we ever did.. It was fun though, and despite a melt down from our 9 year old because we didn't buy him a 9 dollar stuffed skunk and only got him a pumpkin (which we carved today) everyone enjoyed the craze of the maze.. We finished off with a yummy Mexican meal, and a great visit with the in laws.. Life is good.. even if it starts with a crappy day of work.. at least it ended with fun family shin digs! Here's a pic or two..

Friday, October 09, 2009

I'm waiting for some fabric to be delivered so that I can make some new curtains for my living room. It took me hours on line to find the right material. I searched, and searched, and searched some more. I even tried a couple of local fabric stores, but found nothing that was affordable, or to my liking. My husband, the artiste, insisted that he "approve" whatever I finally decided on. There are days where I wish I had a man who didn't care about the decor of our home, but alas, I don't.
I finally found a beautiful fabric, one that we both agreed upon, and after measuring, I ordered up a bunch, and eagerly awaited the shipping confirmation. Of course the only email I got was one saying that they didn't have enough to ship to me, but would eventually. Oh that was so not good enough. I wanted to spend my weekend blissfully sewing away, so I got back on line and picked another fabric. Another beautiful one.. at least I thought it was. Unfortunately for my hubbers, it didn't pass his approval when I showed him later. I told him that I had ordered it anyway, but I don't think he believed me. Well, he will when he comes home one day with the gorgeous new curtains that I'll be making with this:

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Spazz Family..

It would appear, this is what we are recently.. here are the examples..
I'll go first.. yesterday in an attempt to try and get a brood of Jamaicians from calling me repeatedly (with the wrong number) and calling me all sorts of lovely names, I called the phone company and had my number changed. Two minutes after the lovely woman had cancelled my number, she told me that there were ways we could avoid getting these calls. Ok, so I decided to keep our number, but it was too late since she had already cancelled it. I would have to wait til it was switched, call back and try to get our old number back. So, for at least today, I have a new number, that no one has, and no one ever will. Hopefully no one breaks anything at school today!
Over the weekend, my youngest son, casted from his left shoulder to his wrist, knocked himself in the head with the very hard plaster cast.  Leaving a huge lump on his head in the same exact spot where he had gotten the last lump 2 months ago that left him with a concussion. Fortunately for the spazz family, he was fine, and only required a bit of ice and a firm talking to about trying to slow down a bit. This boy is the king of the spazz family.
Yesterday morning, as my kids were leaving for the bus, I noticed that my oldest son had put his pants on backwards. I'm not sure how he didn't notice that.. with two pockets in front and a zipper panel running down his ass.. but thankfully the queen spazz did notice and got him switched around just in time for the bus. And as far as my husband, I've been trying to come up with his spazz moment of the week.. but lucky for him, I couldn't think of one.. he did have a close call when he bought a wood stove on craigslist and didn't do any measuring beforehand, and thought briefly it might not fit. That would have been an expensive spazz moment, but it worked out fine.. I'm sure I'll have at least a few more before the week is out.. we always do!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Why Boston Sucks..

I took my youngest son, and his brother down to Boston on Friday to have some xrays taken, and to have his arm recast. I'm going to blow through this part, because really, this is more about me, than him.. so there. He's doing great, I saw the pins sticking out of his arm, and yes, it was gross.. but he did a tremendous job, and was very brave. I only took my oldest son because he had never been to the city, and quite frankly, the tears he had going before the bus came pulled at my heart strings long enough for me to tell him he could join us on what was promised to be a pretty lame trip to the city.
Ok, I'm past the stuff that isn't about me.. Now let me explain why I could never live in the city, and why I would  never want to.. First of all, the people. God, there are a lot of them. My oldest son wanted to know why there were so many people. Why are they all walking? Public transit is something we have VERY VERY little of here in NH.. which is what I explained. But why oh why are people so rude in the city?? Not sure I could answer that question.. but I tried.. For example after we were done with all my youngest had to have done, my oldest wanted a tour of the hospital. First of all, while it's a great hospital, there are 10 floors, and I wasn't about to tour all of them, in fact, I wanted to end this day and commence the dreaded journey home. However, my oldest was quite insistent that he at least more than just the second floor so fine, I dragged them both down to the basement, to the cafe. They picked out some unhealthy snack, and we got in line to pay. It was going smoothly, until some serious douche bag decided to cut the line. Right in front of my oldest son, who had no idea what to do, and begged me to do nothing.. which I did. She was an employee of the hospital, and I figured she must have an important surgery or meeting to attend. Unfortunately, she was only in a rush to grab a table by herself and eat her waffle fries. Son of a bitch. My son again begged me not to say anything as we waited for the elevator right by her table.Yea, like I would have said boo. I was quite surprised by my son's fear of confrontation.. I've never confronted anything!! good lord.
So we make our way to the loser cruiser, parked on the 5th floor of the parking garage, pay about an arm and a leg to get out, and  then proceed to get very very lost. ugh.. It did not help that my  phone rang during a very crucial decision making point in our trip (outbound to downtown, which really makes no sense what so ever!) from my husband to see how things turned out. Just great, I tell him, and then pretty much hang up on him, as I know I am about to get really lost!
Which of course I do.. In what should have taken an hour.. took almost 3. I never should have seen downtown Newton, or Waltham. But I did.. All the while, my oldest son is in the back seat griping about how this is the worst day of his life, and my youngest is complaining about how he REALLY HAS TO PEE , but of course won't pee in the burger king cup to his right.. ugh ugh ugh..
Finally, after almost 3 hours, I made it home. Not until I told  my oldest son that next time (and yes, there is a next time, in about 3 weeks when my youngest will have the pins removed) that he can stay home, and stopping on I-95 in some mad traffic, so that my youngest could stick his little wee out of the loser cruiser door to relieve himself.. I have already asked my husband to get the day off the next time we have to go.. of course he said no.. and of course he's going to have to change his mind, or I'll be grabbing a pair of needle nose pliers and pulling those damn pins out myself!