Thursday, September 29, 2005

Little Brown Nuggets..

I wasn't here for this, but I thought it was blog worthy! My mom came over to watch the boys tonight while I worked. My youngest son apparently needed a new diaper. My mom was about to change him, when he did something he's never done before. He stuck his hand down his diaper, and pulled out his poo! Little brown nuggets of poo! He's been on this independent streak lately, and maybe he thought he'd take care of the poo himself, thank you! I don't know.. but that's one "first" that I was ok about missing! Let's just hope it's a last too!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ring..ring.. "hello", "ah yes, xianfern please" "This is" "Oh, you have a mans name" (yes, I get this a lot.. it's a drawback of having a unisex name) And then I'm thinking, who the fuck is this?? It was the ho calling.. My son's kindergarten teacher.. Ok, strange way to start off a conversation, but whatever.. So, hi ho, what do you want?? She's calling me to tell me that my son is going to come home tomorrow with paperwork telling me that he's going to be put into title one. I'm not sure exactly what this means, but man, is my hubby (oops, forgot I'm not supposed to blog about him) going to freak, and think we've failed again.
I guess my son is behind in pre-reading. Pre-reading? In kindergarten.. ok. So, I'm trying to soak this all in, and understand what ho is telling me, but I'm confused. Apparently when my son is asked a question during their reading time, he looks to his peers for an answer.. hmm. sounds like a problem to me. This is the same boy, who when asked at dr. visits how he is, has to look to me first before he answers. This isn't because he's behind, but because he has a tendency to be shy, and not have a huge amount of confidence. He's only been in school for 3 weeks, and they've determined that he's behind. She told me that the people assessing him thought that phonetically he's not where he should be, and that he doesn't know the sounds of the alphabet. But he does!! He's known them since he was 3!!
I'm going to go on with it, and see how it plays out. I'm so worried that they're going to want to code him, if being in title one isn't being coded already.. I don't know. My husband is going to talk to the title one person at his school tomorrow. He took the news much better than I thought.. but I'm freaking out!

Micromanaging at it's worst..

Last night I went into work, excited to be able to have an hour and a half to myself.. to browse the internet, check my hotmail.. maybe post an entry.. What I usually do when I'm there. However, when I logged onto my pc last night, and tried going to hotmail, I got a window that said it was an unauthorized site, and I couldn't get to it. That happened with every site I tried. I immediately asked a co-worker what the @#$% was going on, and she told me that we no longer have internet access, except for a couple of work related sites that we need in order to perform our jobs.
C'mon! It's not like these people I work with are out there checking out porn sites, or trying to pick up underage kids. We're just checking our other email accounts, maybe reading the paper on line, totally harmless stuff. Not to mention the fact that it's not at all effecting the way we perform our jobs, we're doing them just fine, it's only on down time or on breaks that we may surf the web.
I'm just wondering what they think taking this away from us is going to solve. It's certainly not good for our morale, what should we do when we're just sitting there, and the phones aren't ringing, and we've made every possible phone call we can?? And I hate to complain, but I pretty much have nothing to do now for my 1.5 hours there. I guess I could just enjoy the peace and quiet and stare blankly at my computer screen.. ugh.. oh, and since Christhadasister (my twin) has no computer at home (I know, I know.. they don't even have a microwave!) She won't be able to keep up her blog. Or do anything else on the internet. This could however, be a good thing, and force her to think about getting a computer.. I mean, we're not living in the stone ages ya know?
It's funny that we all had our reviews recently.. Mine was great, and from what hear, everyone else's was too. I don't think anyone was told they were spending too much time on the internet.. I'm hoping that whatever they've done to make the rest of the internet world inaccessible is going to be a costly headache, and that they'll decide they have some good employees who only want the option to be informed.. and maybe entertained every so often! Right??

Monday, September 26, 2005

This past weekend, my kids and I went to Walmart- I was making up for missing my son's first field trip by taking him to get his Halloween Costume (which, by the way, he's been wearing since he got it!) Anyway, we were in some random aisle when I saw an elderly woman, with the biggest growth on her face (in her mouth actually) that I've ever seen. It was protruding from her lips, it was black, and quite frankly, it looked just gross. So, I hurried out the aisle afraid of what my 5 year old might say..
Later, we get to the checkout. Of course it's rather packed, being a Saturday and all. So we find a checkout that's only got one other person in it, and are followed by another shopper ready to check out. Well, who is the person ahead of us in line? Yup, the growth on her gums lady. Of course she sees my oldest son's costume, looks right at him and says "What are you going to be for Halloween" And as these words are slipping past this tumorous thing in her mouth, I look at my son, who is just starring at her with his mouth hanging open. He didn't hear a word she said, and all he could do was say "what's that in her mouth mom? Is that her teeth?" Of course I was horrified, and had to look away.. the poor lady looked away as well, and I told him to shush.. What could I do?? Then of course he wouldn't let it go.. Mr. no attention span has finally decided that he's not going to let up til he gets an answer.. I finally convinced him to stop asking, and changed the subject.
The fact was, I didn't know what it was, and what was I going to do? Ask her? "Excuse me, my son wants to know what's up with that thing in your mouth" The great thing about children is that they're so honest, and so innocent. It's unfortunate that that honesty, and pure curiosity can also be so mortifying..

Hindsight is blinding..

Last night I went to Kittens. It's a gentleman's club in Salisbury.. It was ladies night.. yea! They had the Men in Motion there.. ooh-la-la.. Ok, before you all start thinking that I was actually there to look at these well waxed manicured/pedicured men, let me finish.. I was coaxed by a friend of mine to sell my purses there. I had to spend $50 for a table, set up 2 hours before the stupid thing started. And hang out in a bar at a strip club. I don't know why I didn't think this was a good idea in the first place (hindsight is always so clear!) But my friend thought for sure that I'd sell a ton of bags, and it would all be worth my while. Oh, and my friend was going to be there with me, so we could laugh at all the people! Except, that my friend ended up blowing me off, leaving me to fend for myself. I only sold one bag, for $25. So, basically I ended up paying to hang out in some seedy bar, with a bunch of horny middle aged women.
There were other vendor's there, one selling jewelry, and two tables selling sex toys and lingerie. I was the first table they saw when they entered the room, and everyone commented on how cute my bags were.. "oh, are these handmade??" yup. And then, like a mirage in the desert, they see the table behind me, and they're gone! I guess it could have been a success for me if I were selling dildo's and edible underwear. Apparently, women who go to strip clubs, are more likely to buy shit like that, then a cute handbag! Hmm.. go figure!!
So, here's what I learned...strip clubs are gross- even on ladies night, the women there are more likely to buy a vibrator than a hand bag, and last but not least, I've got a great product, but women who go somewhere to put singles in a guys g-string, aren't buying it!

Saturday, September 24, 2005


This is my last entry that will ever involve, discuss or mention my husband. He's asked that I not "blog" about him. And I respect that, however, I did tell him I would have to post this.. since it's going to look strange not to ever mention this rather important, huge part of my life ever again.
Last night, he asked me what I would say if he wanted to read my blog. I knew right then, that he already did. It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't recently posted a not so nice one about him. Although when I wrote it I was feeling a bit burned by him, and upset. I guess I really didn't think of how it would make him feel if he had read it, but he's been so against reading it, I never thought that he would. But.. in my defense, I don't think my husband is unattractive without his goatee. In fact I can honestly say that my husband is more attractive to me today than he was the first day we met. It was just seeing him without it, and how much different it made his features look. I wondered in my somewhat jealous state, if the object of his lust would notice too.
So, Bob was right.. I shouldn't have counted on him not reading it forever..

Friday, September 23, 2005

Last night was Open House for the parents at my sons school. I'm happy to report that his teacher, although still wearing a dress that was far too tight, and heels that were far too high, she at least wasn't wearing a mini skirt.
It was informative, yet boring at the same time. His teacher seems very nice, and I loved her philosophy on teaching, which is to make it as fun as possible for the kids, and kind of trick them into learning.. by making it fun.
The kids had each done a self portrait and hung it on the wall. It was the parents job to try and guess which one belonged to our child. I guessed correctly the first time (what a good mom!! haha) My husband picked out the worst drawing (the one that was drawn in one color and looked like a pig) and thought that belonged to us. He left open house feeling (again) that we'd failed as parents. I wish he could see that just because the kid can't draw a perfect circle, or write his name as well as some of the other kids, doesn't mean he's going to be behind. We have a meeting in November to go over how he's adjusting to life at school. That's going to be where he shines.. I hope that'll give my husband some faith that our son is not behind, and that he's right where he should be!

My Little Gutter Mouth

My youngest son turned 2 in May.. therefore, his language is not quite understandable, yet. However, sometimes he says things so clear, that it amazes me, and sometimes shocks me.
He's able to say, "I love you" my favorite of course, "stop" although it sounds like dop. And "don't hit me" which he says all the time, especially when I check his diaper or try to change his clothes.. that's going to be fun when we're out in public!
Yesterday, in one of his tirades, I think I must have been telling him to put his light saber down, and stop hitting his brother. He walked over to me in a very serious way, pointed at me and said "You're a bit" hmm.. I seriously have no idea where he would have learned such a thing. It's not something that anyone gets called around here, and thankfully his abilities to articulate his sounds are such that he couldn't pronounce the "ch" at the end of that awful word.. But regardless, all I could do was laugh, and try not to let him see me doing it. What am I going to do with that boy??

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Yesterday my son had his very first field trip to Applecrest. I got the note a couple of weeks ago, and saw a rather modest list of parent chaperones. It was a crazy day for me, with 3 kids.. and there was just no way I could chaperone. He was fine with it, despite what my mom kept saying. She asked if she could go.. which I said no to. I would like to accompany him for the first time, even if it's not going to be the first trip for him. I mean come on.. I'm the mom here, right??
So, he had a great time yesterday, and brought home a bunch of apples (which he refuses to eat..) Last night, however, right before bedtime, he starts sobbing uncontrollably. When I asked him what was wrong, he asks me in this quivering voice, why I didn't go on the field trip with him. It broke my heart.. I told him that I couldn't have brought all the babies with me, to which he responded that I could have because I had a car seat for everyone. ugh.. more heart break.. I asked him if everyone else had a parent there, and he said yes.. I'm not sure if that's a hundred percent true.. I'm not sure if he just wasn't over tired, started thinking about his day without me there.. I'm not sure. The only thing I was sure of is that I felt like a total ass! Who misses their kids first field trip? And why didn't I give it more thought, and try to rearrange my schedule?? Am I so against anything my mother says to me, that I was just doing it to prove her wrong.. that he'd be ok without me going?? Ugh!
I've promised him that I'll be there for the next field trip, no matter what. I hate making promises like that.. not that I'm afraid that I'll break them, but because a promise to your kid like that is always an attempt at making up for something.. something I thought was reserved for kids of divorce.. but I guess it's reserved for domestic goddesses too.. I'm such an idiot!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

As serious as a heart attack

When my brother was 6, he got run over by a car. He was fine. When he was 14, a tree fell on him. He was also fine. When he was 17 he broke his neck in a car accident. Again, he was fine. When he was 33 he tried offing himself.. no luck, and he was fine. Yesterday he had a heart attack (he's 38 now) Yes, he's fine.
He needs to change some things about his lifestyle.. e.g. the 2 pack a day cigarette habit, the endless booze, and the numerous drugs. We never thought he would live as long as he has.. he's defied all odds, and the poor schmuck is still with us!
I'm sorry for the lack of compassion here.. I try.. but when you have a brother like mine, it's never surprising, or shocking.. merely another chapter in his rather pathetic life. I have no love for him, except for the whole yea he's my brother thing. But unlike how I feel about my mom, where I can say anything I want about her, but nobody else better had.. You can say all you want about him. And please feel free.. He's probably the biggest loser I know, in fact he definitely is. The only good thing he's ever done is to know that he could never be father to the 8 or 9 children he's brought into this world. I'll give him some credit for that. But that's it!
So, as he recovers in his hospital bed, wondering if anyone cares that he's there, I hope he knows I could care less! I know.. I know.. that's very harsh. However, I say that with no regret, and with much reason. Sometimes the world would be a better place without certain people in it!

Monday, September 19, 2005

This weekend my family and I were at the grocery store, when we ran into a co-worker of my husbands.. This cute little blonde thing, whose face became redder and redder during our first conversation.. hmm.. So, later in the store, I can see my husband over by the frozen foods, grinning.. I swear, he's got a bit of a crush on this woman. She's a first grade teacher, and she's 21. Now, anyone that knows my husband knows that he would never cheat, for the simple fact that no one is going to try to crack that shell. And I just think he's got too much character (I know, setting myself up for a devastating surprise.. right?? NO!!) Anyway, I do completely trust him, but I'm not stupid enough to think that he's not going to look at other women and think "hmm..she's a cutie" So, whatever. I'm not worried. I was however, annoyed because from that point on, he was kissing my ass.. which he never does. But he suggested having a barbecue, maybe getting a movie.. all these things that I like to do, and he never does. So, I'm thinking, he's feeling guilty for something.. but not for anything more than just fantasies.. (He'd soooo kill me for writing this! Good thing he refuses to read my blog!) I think what really ticked me off, is that he was so obvious, but wouldn't fess to anything.. I'm not an idiot, and I've known him for 14 years.. I can tell when his brain has moved south.. below his belt!
The funny thing (funny to me anyway) is that over the weekend, we went to see his parents, and they told him that he should shave his goatee.. I love his goatee, and he said he did too. Well, this morning, he came downstairs, and it was no more! He had this fresh clean face, that looked so different to me.. you know? When you've been looking at facial hair, then it's gone. Their face looks so different. My first thought, was he did it because I said I liked it, and his parents didn't.. They won. Then I thought, fine, go to school, and show that 21 year old that you have a big nose and no lips!! Hah!


I can barely recognize my son's voice these days. He's got some serious snot up his nose, and he refuses to blow it. This is my oldest son.. yes, my youngest has no problem blowing his nose, in fact today in the car he decided just to blow it.. as I'm driving, with nothing to catch whatever may come on out. He just blew. Of course this was upsetting to him, considering he then had boogers all over his face, and all I had was a wet wipe.
My oldest son on the other hand, has a meltdown if we even mention blowing his nose. It's like he's suffered some sort of trauma, and can't even think about it. It's ridiculous. Sometimes during his outbursts, his nose just runs, and the problem is pretty much solved. The last time we made him blow his nose, we had to bribe him with a toy. Of course, the next time we told him to blow it, he asked us what we were getting him. Hah! right!
So, I can't think of any way to get him to just do it. I mean, it's just blowing his nose! I try to be sympathetic to all of his neurotic tendencies.. the fear of bugs, animals, and anything else that may drive him over the edge.. But this one, I just don't get..

Friday, September 16, 2005

Revenge is Sweet..

Yes folks, this is where Contagious sleeps.. although I'm not sure how well she'll be doing that tonight! The cat with the glowing eyes will no doubt protect her from those nasty snakes!
So here you go Contagious.. my payback.. it wasn't easy taking my niece in her carseat, and my youngest up those narrow stairs.. but I'll do anything for a friend! ;)
Oh, and sleep tight..
Now, that wasn't too scary was it??

Thursday, September 15, 2005


I've mentioned before the housekeeper at work. I love her dearly, she's quite sweet, but I've also discovered, she's very cheap. She commented on a bag I had made, and when I told her that I was selling them, she was interested in seeing some more. She didn't like the fabric of the bags I showed her, and she wanted one to match her shoes.. um, ok.
So tonight I dragged in every piece of fabric I own (since she didn't want to just bring me a shoe) in a huge (and quite heavy) garbage bag. It was pouring when I left for work, otherwise I may have chosen just to carry them in my already made bags, instead of looking like I was bringing trash to work.. whatever..
So, we start discussing price, I'm charging her $25, for one of my "medium" size bags. In my opinion, a good deal, K? So, she starts telling me what she wants in her bag.. she wants 4 magnetic snaps (they cost anywhere between 2 and 4 bucks- depending on where you buy them) A secret compartment in the bottom of the bag where she can hide her money. Cause no one that steals her purse is going to find that! A bambo handle, that's another $5. And she picks out some silk fabric that I've got in my stash that cost me $10 a yard. Ok, let's do the math here.. It's going to cost me about $27 in materials alone! I am basically bending over and letting her have her way! I know this is more my fault than hers, since my backbone seems to have escaped me. But the worse part of this is that she actually said that I have to be careful not to over charge people! I'm guessing she thinks thats what's happening to her. It's funny that her English can be so poor, yet when it came to the nitty gritty, she had no problem speaking her mind.. I wish I did!!

That Guy...

My youngest has discovered how to listen to our answering machine on a remote playback. He has completely become obsessed with the voice recorder. The guy who says "Sunday, 12:05 pm" He wants to talk to him all the time. So he's always saying "that guy", which means he wants to listen to his voice. And when he's on the phone with "that guy" he says "hi guy" which actually sounds like "hi eye" It's very cute... he's got some redeeming qualities! :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Blog and Brewed.. I mean Screwed..

I'm finally recovering from a night of drinking at the blog n brew.. It was a lot of fun, and I must say everyone there was great. Even if Contagious thinks we're a bunch of dorks (which I guess we kind of are!!) Yesterday was a nightmare, long day with 3 children, who didn't understand that "mommy was hungover" And of course I got no sympathy from my husband.. So, I was basically screwed all day.
I found out that You Who is a neighbor, in fact I saw him on my way to my mailbox (with 2 of the 3 kids in tow). I had a great conversation with Mrs. Rants- she's fabulous and really should have her own blog. Seacoast Perspective was hysterical! Of course Kreblog told the funniest story ever about a fox.. which I can't believe I'd never heard (or never retained in case I did hear.. It happened back in '97 and I'm not relying on my brain to remember anything from the '90's) Lnotes checked out my bags, that I just happened to have with me.. And I got to meet 4kidsmomanddad, who had to bail to help out his daughter..very sweet!
I did a lot of whispering- about my plan to get my revenge on Contagious.. it's going to be good!
I'm looking forward to doing it again.. maybe next time we could do it on a weekend.. hmm..

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My son missed his first day of kindergarten yesterday, and has brought home the first of what I'm assuming will be many colds.. Our decision to keep him home didn't phase him, he was happy to get to spend a day pampered by his mom, and to hang out in front of the t.v.
I'm hoping that he doesn't pass this along to his little brother.. he's already a nightmare, and if you add a cold to it.. you can only imagine! As I type, he's screaming at me to get him some water.. which I've done twice already- in 2 different cups. Apparently he wants a new cup.. I can't wait til this one is in school.. I hate to say that about my own child.. but man, he's a handful! I'm guessing that we're going to have more than one parent-teacher conference in regards to his behavior.. but maybe he'll grow out of this stage, and turn into the sweet child that he is when he's sleeping.. hah!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Honey Bee'd

How do you make a kid more terrified of bugs than he already is? How about asking him to turn off the outside faucet behind a bunch of bushes, and wake up some very pissed off hornet.. that in turn stings him right in his cheek. All the while he's flailing his arms, and stomping his feet, not knowing the cause of the pain on his face, and not knowing how to get rid of it.
He doesn't bat it away, he just flails and screams! Awh, my poor honey bee!! He's now refusing to go outside, EVER AGAIN!
I was at the mall the other day (yuck) and I entered to win a Lexus.. why not?? My nephew that was with me encouraged me to do so, otherwise I wouldn't have.. I never win anything.
Last night, I got a phone call.. from the marketing people who do the drawing. Apparently my ticket was drawn, in the preliminary drawing. How exciting.. whatever. So, the guy is "verifying" my information-name address etc. Then he comes to our income, and rants off a bunch of different brackets and asks which one we fall into. So I tell him. He says "Are you sure?" Yup.. Not thinking anything of it. I then ask him how many preliminary tickets are drawn to go onto the "big drawing" and he goes on to tell me that I don't qualify because I'm too low on the income bracket. What?? I guess we don't make enough to qualify for a free car! How f'd up is that??

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Here's an addendum to Shut that Hog Up.. Not only are motorcycles annoying in the way they always seem to wake my sleeping kids up, but they also scare the piss out of babies. I was just outside with my youngest, and my 15 month old niece enjoying the beautiful sunshine.. when a ridiculously loud pair of bikes came roaring down the road. This put my niece in a panic. She was only 10 feet away from me, but she wobbled over to me as fast as her little sausage legs could take her, looking absolutely horrified the whole way. It was all she could to gain her composure enough to make it to my waiting arms. I don't get it.. why are they allowed to pollute our air like that with that awful noise??

Are you happy now?

A recent post by Contagious and how her brother in law sort of proposed, made me think of my own proposal.. It was my 25th birthday, and I had been with my then boyfriend for 6 years. He knew that I was getting impatient, and wanted a ring soon. I knew he would save it for some occasion, and would never just do it on any old day.. so when the previous Christmas came and went and all he got me was a pair of doc martens, and a coat, I was on alert for every holiday that passed.. Valentines came and went.. Easter (no ring) And then my birthday in June.
He woke me up at 6:15 before he was about to go to work to give me my birthday present. I was waiting eagerly in our room.. and he came in with a huge, heavy box.. I thought this was going to be Christmas all over again, more shoes.. another coat, but inside the box, was a pile of books and another box, a smaller one! I knew this was it! I opened it, and there was this beautiful antique white gold engagement ring.. I was a flutter! Before I could react, or say anything, my then boyfriend, looked at me and calmy said "Are you happy now?" Not, "will you marry me?" Or any cliche crap like that.. Just "are you happy now?" And you know, I was! I didn't care that he'd just ruined that wonderful moment, or that this story would be retold til the day he died, and that he in fact would have to live with the regret of not making that moment more special- which he does. But I was just happy that he'd finally agreed to marry me! I was afterall, quite a catch! ;)

Monday, September 05, 2005

Shameless Plug..

Well, maybe I have a bit of shame for this, but whatever.. being a stay at home mom, part time employee, and wife of a teacher, I gotta do what I can.. I've started my own little business of bag making.. Yes, this is how much like my grandmother I've become (but she was awesome, so I guess it could be worse!)
If anyone knows of where I could sell these, please let me know.. of course if anyone is interested in purchasing one.. haha.. let me know too! Oh, and if anyone knows anything about web pages, I think that might be a good place to start! Oh, and one more thing.. I am having a "bag party" at some point.. so for all you Christmas shoppers this could be a great gift for that special someone.. :) So, to all my friends/co-workers/ aquitances... you're all coming!!! I'm so lame.. I know.. I'm a sucky salesperson too.. but the bags are adorable! ;)

Carpet Flick

Yesterday I came home from an afternoon of shopping to find my mother in law had given me the new Swiffer Carpet Flick. Her and I had been talking about it the previous day, and I mentioned that I was going to get one. I was thrilled that she had gotten me one, who knows when I would have done so.. especially since I found out that they're upwards of fifty bucks! My kids were more excited than me though, they've been dragging the thing around all day, and making messes just to clean it up.
I too am loving the carpet flick. I've never been a fan of anything swiffer, I just never found them to work very well. But the "flick" is great! It's not like the Magic Eraser or anything, but if you have a carpet, with kids, it's perfect. There's nothing more annoying than having to drag out your vacuum 3 times a day to get a few crumbs by the coffee table.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Here's what I'm worried about today...

I thought it would be good for me to write down a few things that I'm worried about.. today..
I'm worried that my nephew is going to drink himself home. He called this afternoon and talked to my husband. My hubby thought he was drunk.. great!
I'm worried that if he comes home, I'll have to kill him...
I'm worried that this ho that's teaching my son is going to say he's got speech problems, which I know he does, but if he starts to stutter it's only because she dresses like a skank, and he can't believe his eyes!
I'm worried that gas is going to kill our savings account, and we'll be using our electric heat all winter (we're lucky to have both.. unfortunately it might be cheaper to use the electric!)
I'm also worried that I won't know what to do with myself when my children grow up.. I'm sure other people worry about crap like that, right??

I'm IT!

Lnotes tagged me a couple weeks ago, and since I'm having a little down time here it goes...

1.) 10 years ago.. I was living in an apartment with my sister and my boyfriend, wondering when my boyfriend was going to propose. I had 2 crappy jobs, and lots of free time.. I remember being bored a lot though..something I haven't felt in over 5 years!

2.) 5 years ago I was just going back to work after my maternity leave.. still adjusting to life with a baby..

3.) 1 year ago I was settling into a new babysitting gig, with my niece who was 3 months old. My husband was just finishing up the work he was doing on our porch..

4.) Yesterday I brought my son to his first day of kindergarten.. Months ago, I thought I'd be a wreck, but now I'm looking forward to next week when he goes back!! Only because he's looking forward to it too, and jeesh, it's so much easier with one less child! Who knew??

5.) Today felt like a Friday..even though it's Thursday. I didn't have my niece, and my husband was home from school. I showered.. and I plan on having more than one drink tonight!

6.) I imagine I'll be a tad hungover, but I have no real plans..

7.) 5 snacks I enjoy.. cookies, candy, popcorn, crackers, oh, and grapes.. (had to have one healthy snack in there!)

8.) 5 bands that I know lyrics to.. The Beatles, David Grey, Led Zepplin, Radiohead, and of course my favorite.. The Wiggles!!

9.) 5 things I'd do with a $100,000,000... buy a really big house, in the town I live in.. buy my mom a house, my sisters, all my friends, new cars for everyone, and plenty of vacation homes. Not to mention college educations for all my nieces, nephews, friends kids etc..

10.) 5 locations I'd like to runaway to.. I honestly like where I am, but I'd runaway to these places for a little while.. Mexico, Australia, England, Africa, and Hawaii

11.) 5 bad habits I have.. well, I can't think of too many here.. haha.. how about my closet smoking.. guess I just outted myself there.. whatever.. Forgetting to put the wash in the dryer on hot humid days and it gets all smelly and I have to rewash it. yea, that's, eating too much.. retelling stories, I usually start them with "did I tell you this already?" And giving my husband grief.. at least that's what he'd say is a bad habit of mine!

12.) 5 Things I like doing.. ok, this is going to make me sound so grannyish.. but quilting, making bags, making signs, kissing my kids, and cuddling with my boys in the morning..

13.) 5 things I would never wear.. a bikini (sorry boys, but I'm doing you a favor!), daisy dukes.. ick, I think they look gross on anyone.. fur, thongs, and mini skirts..

14.) 5 shows I like.. Arrested Development, Lost, House, American Idol (no, I'm not at all ashamed!) and Scrubs.

15.) 5 movies I like.. Big Fish, The Life Aquatic, Harold and Maude, Caddy Shack, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High

16.) 5 famous people I'd like to meet.. Oprah (of course), Zach Braff (cause he's such a cutie pie!), James Dean (I know he's dead, but I had a huge thing for him in high school.. it didn't say these people had to be alive), Tom Brokaw- I just think he's a cutie too, and he seems so genuine.. and finally, I guess I'd want to meet Tom Cruise. I think he's the biggest dick going, and I'd just like the chance to tell him so!

17.) 5 biggest joys at the moment.. my kids (that counts for 2, K?) my husband, my niece, and just life in general..

18.) 5 favorite toys.. oh, that's easy, Darth Vader voice changer, Clone Trooper action figure, Anakin Skywalker phase to Darth Vader action figures, Elefun, and the Wiggles guitar.

19.) 5 people to tag.. I'm retagging, because some of these people haven't done it yet.. here goes.. christhadasister, sherbert, ezili, 4 kids mom and dad, and contagious!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

My son loves his school, and actually wants to go back! I was thrilled. I missed him today, but I must say I enjoyed the extra time with my younger son. He seemed to have this new independence, and wasn't nearly as clingy as he usually is.
The bus ride proved to be a lot of fun for him. He took a few minutes to get off the bus because he had to get his back pack on. During this waiting I realized that I knew his bus driver.. yet another person from my past! She's my
ex-boyfriends sister in law. I don't think she recognized me, it's been over 15 years since I last saw her. But when I did see her last, she had a hook for a hand! I'm sure she must have some prosthetic by now, or maybe not.. maybe the hook is just fine for driving.. Hmm.
Anyway, my youngest son just about had a nervous breakdown when his brother got home. I'm guessing he thought maybe we'd gotten rid of his older brother like we did his cousin.. And how upsetting that must have been to have him return! Poor little guy!

Ho Hum...

My son's teacher was still dressed like a ho.. On the first day.. maybe she's just dressing up because it's just that, the first day, and she wants to look smashing for all of her new five year old students.. There were 2 mom's in my son's class that I went to high school with (very small, scary world we live in) And one of them commented on how her son couldn't keep his eyes off her ankle bracelet. He'd never met anyone wearing that before. She meant he'd never met a ho! Regardless of her attire, I've been hearing a lot of positive things about her. As long as she's a good teacher, than I don't care so much about what she's wearing.. I just find it odd that she'd dress so inappropriate for her age, and her profession.. Whatever.. He'll be home in a few hours. I miss him, but he was so excited about going, and could have cared less about me not being with him. And his brother is doing surprisingly well today. I thought he'd be a wreck, missing his brother, but he appears to be just fine. In fact, he's been playing like crazy with all of his brother's toys! Getting it all in while he can!