Monday, May 16, 2005

New baby in the house!!

Today I started watching my twin sister's 3 month old baby girl.. my hands are now officially full! Well, I can't say that, tomorrow is going to be the biggest challenge when I have my brother in laws daughter (yes, also my niece). She's 11 months old, and has proven to be very easy to care for. Although she started crawling not too long ago.. the days of her just sitting there are long gone! I must say though, I enjoyed being with my new niece today..she's such a sweetheart, and she's my twins daughter so I love her to death! It's a lot easier caring for kids that you geniunely love, and luckily I do!
My sister was at my house early (really early!! 6:40) Which might sound late for some people with kids, but not me! However, I'm adjusting.. I've got my coffee pot set to brew at 6:30 and it'll only be every other week at that ungodly hour. But I'd do just about anything for my twin, so getting up early to help her out is nothing. The poor girl though, showed up at my door in tears.
Which I expected, I remember going back to work after my first one was born. I shed more tears than I thought possible. Not so much with the second.. I think I was running for the door to get back to work! It's never easy leaving your baby the first day with someone else. You feel like you're going to miss so much and that they might get confused about who "mothers" them. Which is crazy, but it feels pretty real when you're in the moment.
I'm at work right now.. at my "job" which is kind of a joke in itself. I work for 1.5 hours a day (outside the home I should say..I work there too much, and there's never any overtime, or raises or glowing reviews!) I come here at 5:30pm and leave at 7 pm. It's a stay at home mom's wet dream let me tell you!! If women were to get wet dreams.. but I love it.. am I getting my point across?? It's just enough time for the kids to miss me, and for me to have some time alone. It's an office job in a hospital, answering phones and booking appts. Mostly dr's offices calling, but most offices are closed at 5, so I can usually just sit here and do nothing! And I'm totally alone!!!! It might be better than a wet dream!
My sister and her husband came to pick up their daughter after work. My kids love their uncle! My oldest ran right over and gave him a big hug when he got there.. he doesn't get to see him everyday so it's a big deal when he does. Later at dinner, my husband told my son that his feelings were hurt when he gave his uncle a hug, but hadn't given him a hug when he came home from work. That prompted my son to get right up and give his dad a hug.. it was sweet. Then a few moments later, when my 5 year old had given this some thought, told his dad that he didn't give him a hug because he didn't want to hurt his uncles feelings.. Kind of funny how he thought that up, and even more funny that his dad was home long before his uncle got there! My son did promise his dad a hug everyday after work, that made his night! Later, after his little brother is in bed, my husband has promised to show him his "Star Wars" collection.. yep, I married a dork! He's got a ton of toys still in their "original boxes." All stored away, not being played with.. maybe doubling their value before we they'll be worth ten bucks instead of five! I hope that my son forgets about it, and just goes to bed. It's going to be torture on me otherwise, he'll be begging me to open the box, so that he can just look at them again.. ugh, it has potential nightmare written all over it! Especially if my youngest gets wind of it.. he's even more relentless! Well here's to short term memory in 5 year olds.. and to Star Wars fans who play with the toys they buy!!


christhadasister said...

I know what you mean about toy collections that are kept in boxes. I've got this collection of grown up toys, still in their original packaging, that I'm waiting to play with...
(are these sites monitored? :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful baby!!! You must feel so lucky to be able to care for such a pretty girl!!!