Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The New, and Improved Ford Fiesta..as cute as ever!

When I was a kid, there were many cars that came and went through my family. My earliest memory was the green pinto that my mom tooled us around in.  What I remember most about this car was how it always seemed to stale, in the middle of downtown. When I was nine(ish), I remember my aunt's Ford Fiesta. It was a turquoise bluish/green, small, and totally adorable. At that time my folks were driving a Ford Econoline van, which was HUGE, you could have fit 3 of the fiesta's in it. This particular aunt was my favorite, and even though she was only a few years younger than my mom, she seemed more like a sister to me.
I remember when she got rid of the car, in favor of a Chevette. It wasn't nearly as cute, and she later ended up regretting it. The fiesta got great gas mileage, almost 40 mpg. Much like the days we live in today, gas prices back then were also a concern. My aunt was a single mom, and needed something reliable, and something economical. She truly found that in the fiesta.
Moving forward almost 30 years, Ford has come out with the new and improved Ford Fiesta. Much like it's precedessor, it's economical, reliable, and adorable. If I wasn't chained to my loser cruiser, at least for another 12 years..then I would buy one of these in a heartbeat..for the mileage, and the dependability that comes with Ford.
Here's a Fiesta from the 80's..

And one from today..I'm not sure which I like better.. ;)

The newer model is a lot more aerodynamic in design, and offers drivers better fuel-efficiency. The older model might offer those of you that great feeling of nostalgia, which is fine, but for those of you who are a fan of the newer models. Then you can go ahead and take a look at your local ford dealership, or at Salt Lake City Ken Garff Ford dealers. Either way you look at it either Fusion is adorable.

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