Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day..

Today is Father's Day, and my husband has chosen to spend his day with his band, recording another cd. I would have serious opposition to this if it were not Father's Day..but since it is, he can have the day the way he wants it. So be it if it's away from his family..can't say I blame him, my idea of a perfect Mother's Day would be far away from the duties of mother hood, and hanging with my besties.. hope he's having fun.
I sent my own father a card in the mail. I'm gearing up to give him a call at some point, but I haven't found the time yet today. My sister actually stopped in yesterday and hand delivered a card and gave him a plant she had initially bought for her own house. He was happy with the pop in, and glad to see his grandchildren. As well as his daughter. My sister and I have joked over the years that finding a father's day card for a dad that was mostly absent our entire lives is difficult. You can't really get the one that says you were always there for me, because he wasn't. And you don't want to get the one about him sitting on his ass with the t.v. remote because who knows if that is what he does.. I certainly don't. Those geniuses that create cards really need to have a section for "I guess you did the best you could, but even that still sucked". I always get the one that says "thanks for what you do" period. And if he can figure out what he's done, then yay! Card problem solved. I wish I didn't have "daddy issues", but I do.. we all have our shit I guess..
So, in other news.. non related to dads.. it is finally summer vacation. My boys had their last day on Thursday, and on Friday my mom, older sister, nephew and I took all the kids to the beach. They loved it of course, and it was a really good time. I'm only mildly dreading what I'm going to do with these kids the rest of the 7 year old is already bored out of his mind, and it's only just begun. My oldest son is content watching video's on his ipod, and the girls are basically just beating the shit out of each other. It's going to be a long summer!
We're going camping on the 4th with my husbands family, I can't wait for that. Two weeks after that, I'm camping with my girlfriends, now that I really can't wait for! No kids, husbands.. does that sound like heaven or what?
Anyway, I've got some kids to deal with, and my husbands favorite dinner to cook.. oh, and if you get a second you should check out the review his band got.. for fathers day I framed the article.. He loved it!