Tuesday, January 13, 2015


About 4 years ago, I decorated the exterior of my house for Christmas. Each year, it's gotten bigger, more lights, and a different theme. Last year, I strung up lights on the roof, in a chevron pattern. One year, I took upon a Patriotic theme. This was the year Obama got voted in and I was proud of our fellow Americans. My roof was lite up like our flag..This year, I took 7 downed trees from the woods behind my yard, strung them up with lights, and stuck those bitches in the ground (deep of course). I did some weird thing on my roof which at different times looked like a landing strip. It was not my favorite year, but I already have ideas for next year..if I decide to do it again..You see, this year, our town had a lighting competition. It was put together by some of the local Boy Scouts and our fire department, with proceeds going to a local charity. I paid the $25 entry fee, and they came by on the Saturday before Christmas to judge it. The following day they planned a live announcement at the fire station, and everyone was invited to attend. I won't say the turnout was huge..it wasn't. But they plan on doing it again next year, and I'm sure the turnout with be even better. I dragged my girls with me, and my husband laughed when I asked him if he wanted to go..he stresses out every year when day after day, he comes home to MORE lights..more electricity..he bought a solar panel to offset the bill. Stress about bills might kill him eventually.. I would have been more surprised when our name was called if one of the fire fighters didn't say, as I walked by him on my way in, "There's the winner" to one of his buddies. Duh. So, yup, I won. And what did I win? Bragging rights, our name on a plaque on display at the town hall (I think), drive by's, and a basket of Lindt chocolates. Oh, and pressure. Pressure to go bigger and brighter than last year..I might bow out when I'm on top, ya know? 

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